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"[Jewish feminist Andrea Dworkin] tells the history of the making of Israel and draws parallels between
the Jews and women. Her sections are (often relentlessly)
comparative -- the chapter titles make this absolutely clear: Pogroms/Rapes; The State/The Family; Hate Literature/Pornography ... The Holocaust is put side by side with the systematic oppression of women ... Women are metaphorical Jews. Men are the Nazis."
N. Gerrard,
All Men Are Nazis,
The Observer [London], June 18, 2000, p. 11

"Something extraordinary is happening in American society ... American life is increasingly characterized by the plaintive insistence, I am a victim ... The mantra of the victims is the same: I am not responsible; it's not my fault ... The ethos of victimization has an endless capacity not only for exculpating one's self from blame, washing away responsibility ... but also for projecting guilt onto others ... The new culture reflects a readiness not merely to feel sorry for oneself but to wield one's resentment as weapons of social advantage ... The route to moral superiority and premier griping rights can be gained more efficiently through being a victim ... [SYKES, p. 11] ... Tragically, a victim's rage that is redirected from the oppressor toward rival victim groups ultimately turns against the victim himself. For self-hatred is the final destination of any attempt to yoke one's sense of identity and power to one's weaknesses, deficiencies, and perceived victimization."
Charles Sykes,
A Nation of Victims. The Decay of the American Character, St. Martin's Press, NY

"A major characteristic of American Zionist ideology is its acceptance of the concept that has become known as 'cultural pluralism' ... This philosophy ... has typified American Zionist thought since the early twentieth century ... True, the focus of Zionist interest has been on building an autonomous Jewish community in Palestine. But the successful development of the Jewish community in America and its constructive relationship with the pluralistic society at large have always loomed large in American Zionist thought and deed. Living in democratic and pluralistic America, Zionists looked for a general American rationale for creating the Jewish state against many heavy odds."
Allon Gal,
The Mission Motif in American Zionism, American Jewish History, June 1986,
p. 20]

Judge Rules Against Driver Who Wanted 'Irish' on Plates.
The Barre Montpelier Times Argus
[Vermont] May 13, 2001.
A Jewish judge decides it's illegal to have license plates that say "Irish."
(Outrageously, in profound irony, his own personal license plate -- representing his initials -- says "MIK,"a term that can be interpreted as a slur against the Irish).

Heavy Petting. 2001
This book review, which endorses bestiality at an online sex site, by Jewish professor Peter Singer of Princeton University, made national news. The Washington Times noted that, for this article, "Mr. Singer and his employer, Princeton University, have taken top honors in the fourth annual Polly Awards, bestowed by the Wilmington, Del.-based Intercollegiate Studies Institute for outrageous examples of political correctness on the nation's campuses." [Washington Times, April 2, 2001] The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette noted that Singer "is a Princeton professor of bioethics who wants to know when the sexual revolution is gonna start revolting again. He's ready to get it on with the animal kingdom ... He was brought to Princeton with much fanfare by that university's president, Harvey Shapiro, who also happens to head up the President's National Bioethics Advisory Committee. Yep, these guys are shaping national policy. Ethical policy." [Editorial; April 8, 2001]

The ADL Pushes 'Tolerance?' Why I am Leaving After 25 Years,
by Carl Pearlstein. Jewish World Review. June 4, 2001
"The program for changing hearts and minds, A World of Difference, was created in 1985 [by the Anti-Defamation League] to change prejudiced feelings through 'sensitivity training.' It is reportedly very successful, highly commended, and widely used by governmental agencies and many companies. Unfortunately, my exposure to the program at a leadership conference indicated that teaching the values of diversity, multiculturalism, and cultural relativism resulted in denigrating the values and achievements of Western civilization and the desirability of a common American identity. There is now a nationwide industry of multicultural activists teaching various "sensitivity" programs which increase awareness of racial identity, and result in racial separation and racial hostility."

Abe Foxman: Disgrace to My Religion, by Monty Warner
Front Page magazine, August 21, 2001
"Today we have our very own national Jewish basketball mom. Just as shrill, just as petulant, just as obnoxious, and useless to boot. Our advocate, armed with a $50 million annual budget to ensure the meanies never get us, is Abraham Foxman. Foxman heads the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a once proud, worthy and worthwhile protector of Jews and their faith. Under Foxman's brand of leadership, the ADL has devolved into an opportunistic, intolerant, grief-grubbing stench – a "rights" group for any and all who wish to feel offended ... For years now, despite numerous unflattering (and under-the-radar) news stories about his complicity in various scandals too numerous and squalid to confine to this space, Abraham Foxman has held himself and been held forth by others as one of the chief national political voices of Jewish people. His misuse of and/or recklessness with ADL funds (see Henry Lyons), his whorish behavior in the Marc Rich pardon, and his general odor in defending such cosmopolitan thuggery; to say nothing of self-righteous condemnations of what he arbitrarily decides to be someone else's "intolerance," is brought to the public's attention almost weekly. Last year, during the presidential election, Foxman, using extreme examples, pulled incendiary comments off the Web to imply that anyone that didn't want Joe Lieberman on the national ticket was probably anti-Semitic. Well, in some cases that's entirely possible. It's also possible that they simply thought Joe Lieberman was a putz."

Livingston's Capitalism Remark Wrong Say Jews.
Independent [Great Britain], April 12, 2000
"Ken Livingstone came under attack from Britain's Jewish community yesterday after he suggested that global capitalism had caused more deaths than Hitler. The Board of Deputies of British Jews described the remarks as 'offensive' while Labour and Tory opponents said they proved Mr Livingstone was unfit to become mayor of London. Mr Livingstone said economists had estimated that in any year since 1981, up to 20 million people had died because governments cut back on health schemesto pay debts. 'Every year the international financial system kills more people than World War Two. But at least Hitler was mad, you know?' The comparison provoked an angry reaction from the Board of Deputies of British Jews."

Love Thy Neighbor. Detroit Free Press, June 30, 2001
"Some versions of the Bible may be teaching Christian kids to mistrust Jews, says a new campaign by a national interfaith group aimed at removing anti-Jewish phrases from children's Bibles ... The effort by the Philadelphia-based American Interfaith Institute targets Bible publishers nationwide, including three in Grand Rapids: Zondervan, Eerdmans and Baker Book House. 'Our sole motive in this is to help rebuild bridges between Christians and Jews," said Irvin Borowsky, the institute's [Jewish] founder. 'And we are concentrating on Bibles for children, because we have to start by making sure that we aren't teaching our young people to hate their neighbors. Hatred violates the basic concepts that Jesus preached.' The campaign is sparking a larger debate over the way the world's all-time best-seller, the Christian version of the Bible, treats Judaism. The effort has drawn fire from a leading activist in evangelical Christianity, Texas-based writer Marvin Olasky [a Jewish convert to Chrsitianity], who helped inspire President George W. Bush's 'compassionate conservatism.' Recently, Olasky attacked the idea of revising children's Bibles, calling it a misguided attempt at political correctness. If publishers agree to alter the Bible's ancient references to Jesus' Jewish critics, they would be violating a longstanding practice in Bible translation, he wrote in World, a Christian magazine he edits. At the core of the debate is the dangerous, ages-old claim that Jews killed Jesus." CONTEXT:"According to the Talmud," notes Israeli human rights activist activist Israel Shahak, "Jesus was executed by a proper rabbinical court for idolatry, inciting other Jews to idolatry, and contempt of rabbinical authority. All classical Jewish sources which mention his execution are quite happy to take responsibility for it. In the Talmudic account the Romans are not even mentioned." [SHAHAK, I., 2000 Years of Jewish Religion] According to the millennia-old Jewish book about Jesus -- Tol'doth Yeshu, Jewish professor Joseph Klausner notes that "the sages of Israel recognized [Jesus] and arrested him. They took and hanged him on the eve of Passover." [KLAUSNER, p. 54] "Jesus," notes the 1997 Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion, "was arrested as a potential revolutionary and executed (by crucifixion) by order of the Roman procurator Pontius Pilate, probably at the instigation of Jewish circles who feared the Roman reaction to messianic agitation." [WERBLOWSKY, Z., p. 368: Werblowsky is an Israeli]

Hillary Pushes for Jewish Red Cross. World Net Daily, March 15, 2001
"After a meeting with Jewish lobbyists and activists, Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York stated that she will attempt to influence the Bush administration toward helping an Israeli humanitarian aid society attain increased influence and full voting membership in the International Red Cross, despite a controversy over religious symbols. Because its relief organization Magen David Adom uses the Star of David as its emblem, Israel has been denied membership in the international aid organization. To change that and gain admittance, the 189 nations that signed the Geneva Convention on the rules of war would have to approve the Star of David as a neutral emblem, like the Red Cross and Red Crescent that currently are accepted internationally ... 'The Red Cross International has refused to grant voting rights to Magen David Adom because they will not allow the cross to replace the Star of David as its logo,' said Ilsa Putterman, who is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and runs several refugee camps in the Scandinavian nation. 'We serve many Muslims,' she explained. 'Many Islamic people have come to Denmark. They hate Christians and Christianity. They call us the 'Crusaders.' Can you imagine how the sight of the Star of David would inflame them?'"

Jews Soothe Tensions Over Slave Reparations.
JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency), August 15, 2001
"As Jewish activists scramble to block an effort to resurrect the 'Zionism is Racism' canard, they also are working to defuse potential problems with the black community over the issue of slavery reparations. In the run-up to the U.N. World Conference Against Racism, slated to begin Aug. 31 in Durban, South Africa, attention has focused on the Arab campaign to single out Israel as a racist state perpetrating a holocaust against the Palestinian people. In response, pro-Israel advocates have enlisted as many allies as they can find — including America's mainstream black leadership. Lost in the shuffle, however, has been the cause celebre of some black leaders: forcing the U.N. conference to address the legacy of slavery, even holding the Western powers accountable for their historic role in the slave trade. That has placed American Jewish activists in an awkward position."

School Bans Mother's Day After Gay Plea.
Electronic Telegraph
[London], May 9, 2001

"Mother's Day and Father's Day have been banned in one of New York's leading primary schools. The aim is to protect the feelings of children brought up by gay parents. The Rodeph Sholom Day School sent its children home last Friday with notes to their parents ... The Rodeph Sholom school is affiliated with a reform Jewish synagogue. The ban was requested by a gay man who adopted a child with his lover."

Christians a 'Hate Group, by Mannix Porterfield,
The Register Herald
[West Virginia], September 2, 2001
"Even though lawmakers twice in as many years have repulsed efforts to graft 'sexual orientation' into West Virginia's so-called hate crime statute, Paul Sheridan covers this controversial aspect in his classrooms. His teaching manual, crafted by former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno partly with his input, by definition is 'aimed at a law enforcement audience.' Much of the manual prepared by President Bill Clinton's attorney general, already used to indoctrinate an untold number of law enforcement agencies in this state, has stirred disquiet in the ranks of the West Virginia Family Foundation, an affiliate of the American Family Association. Led by Kevin McCoy of Charleston, the state group finds sections of the curricula especially disturbing and perceives in them a sinister undercurrent. Ultimately, he suggests, it could be employed to muzzle men of the cloth. Under 'hate group ideology' identification, for instance, it is written, 'Homophobia recently has been added to their agenda.' 'There goes 95 percent of West Virginians,' McCoy said last week in an interview. 'I believe, by and large, the majority of West Virginians oppose the homosexuality of our society, our state. Unless the senior assistant attorney general would like to give us a different definition of what homophobia means, my contention is this applies to anybody who has a problem with homosexuality.' The same section identifies some hate-mongers as those who 'blame the federal government, an international Jewish conspiracy or communism for most of this country's problems.' What disturbs McCoy and people like him most is the next sentence: 'Some groups include apocalyptic Christianity in their ideology and believe we are in, or approaching, a period of violence and social turmoil which will precede the Second Coming of Christ'" Unless Reno and Sheridan can show otherwise, McCoy takes this to mean anyone with a literal interpretation of the Bible, especially in regard to scriptures on prophecy, is part and parcel of a hate group ... Why did Reno use as part of her brain trust the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the Human Rights Campaign, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the National Association of Attorneys General and National District Attorneys Association? Yet another paragraph in the Reno curricula states, 'Organized hate groups focus on issues of concern to middle America as a method for cloaking and marketing their hate philosophy (i.e., 'government interference, cheating.') Under motivation, the manual says hate crime offenders feel led by 'a higher order,' and, in parenthesis as examples, God is grouped with Adolf Hitler and the Imperial Wizard."

Inmate Can Sue Ohio Over Grooming
Washington Post, December 10, 2001
"Ohio can be sued for cutting the beard of a Jewish inmate. The Supreme Court refused on Monday to intervene and block the trial. Ohio leaders argued that the case could provoke thousands of lawsuits. In prisons around the country inmates are forced to follow grooming rules intended to control contraband and gang activity. Courts have generally sided with authorities in rules fights. But in this case an appeals court said Hbrandon Lee Flagner, a Hasidic Jew, has a legitimate case that he was wronged by officials who twice cut his beard and sideburns. Justices refused to take Ohio's appeal in the case that pits public safety against an individual's freedom of religion. Flagner claims he is not a security risk and has a First Amendment right to follow his religious beliefs and traditions, including letting his facial hair grow. Twenty states joined Ohio in urging the Supreme Court to consider the case. Attorneys for those states said if exemptions are allowed 'the ability of prison officials to maintain security will inevitably falter, thereby placing the safety and welfare of prison staff, inmates, and the general public at risk.'"

The Abolition of Christmas, by Pat Buchanon,
World Net Daily, December 21, 2001
"Why did the Kensington Taliban expel St. Nick? Says the mayor: 'Because two families felt that they would be uncomfortable with Santa Claus being a part of the event.' Ebeneezer Scrooge felt the same way. Now this may not be in the Christmas spirit, but it needs to be said – as writer Tom Piatak says it so well in Chronicles. The spirit that seeks to purge Santa, and has already purged Christ from Christmas, is not a spirit of tolerance, but a spirit of 'hatred, resentment and envy.' And why should a tiny few who resent Christmas prevail in America over the great joyous majority who love it? ... But why, then, are we not free to do [celebrate Christmas in public]? Why may we not celebrate, as we did for 200 years, the birth of our Savior, the day God became man to open up for us the gates of heaven and bring mankind the hope of eternal salvation? Answer: Because our Constitution has been hijacked by bigots in black robes, who perverted it to de-Christianize America. And we let them get away with it. Second, because Christians have become an intimidated lot, who will permit themselves to be pushed around and even permit their Savior to go uncelebrated for fear of being called insensitive."

B'klyn Beep Dumps Pic of 'Old White Man' George,
New York Post, January 16, 2002
"The new Brooklyn borough president said 'diversity' is making him take down a portrait of 'old white man' George Washington that's hung in the office for years. Brooklyn Beep Marty Markowitz said he will probably hang a portrait of a black or a woman in his office in place of the country's first president, while moving the Father of Our Country elsewhere in Borough Hall. 'I respect history . . . but there has to be a recognition that this is 2002,' Markowitz said. 'There's not one picture of a person of color, not one kid, not one Latin. Borough Hall should reflect the richness of our diversity.' He added, 'I wasn't trying to say there's anything bad about all white men. I'm 56. I guess you'd call me an old [Jewish] white man.'"

No Founding Fathers? That's Our New History,
Washington Times, January 28, 2002
"George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin are not included in the revised version of the New Jersey Department of Education history standards — a move some critics view as political correctness at its worst. The Pilgrims and the Mayflower also are excluded, as well as the word 'war,' which has been replaced with 'conflict' in lessons about the early settlers, colonization and expansion. Also gone are most references to the inhumane treatment many American soldiers endured in wars overseas during the 20th century. However, the standards specifically note that students should identify slavery, the Holocaust and modern Iraq as examples 'in which people have behaved in cruel and inhumane ways.' The latest revisions to the state standards have disappointed educators across the country, who said the board's exclusion of the Founding Fathers' names is 'political correctness at the end of the nth degree.'"

Holocaust Joke By Gay Comedian Provokes Outrage, (Gay Financial Network), August 10, 2000
"Nearly a quarter of the audience walked out of a show by the gay American comedian Scott Capurro on Tuesday night after he caused uproar with a gag that finished, 'Holocaust Schmolocaust, can't they find something else to whine about?' Last night he refused to withdraw the remark and said that because the 'reaction has been so good . . . I am going to write more of this material' ... Capurro, whose great grandmother was Jewish, had been rattling through a typically hard-hitting routine that questioned why it was 'OK to laugh at blacks and homos like me, but not OK to joke about Jews' ... Ian Stone, the Jewish comic whose show title has been amended to "A Little Piece of K***" in the festival program, defended Capurro's right to 'walk that fine line.' He said, 'I know Scott and he is a compassionate guy, and people should understand that this is comedy. His comedy is about challenging prejudices. He sees himself as an outsider and thinks Jews should reclaim words that have been used against them, as gays have done. The 'Schmolocaust' line will be offensive to a lot of people, although I would have laughed because of the shock. No one has ever really said that on stage before; it is off limits even for Jews.'"

I'm Right Because ... You're a Nazi,, January 24, 2002
"This is only one recent example of how the charge of Holocaust denial now tends to be used as an all-purpose trump card in debate. In discussions about issues as diverse as AIDS, Kosovo, abortion, state intervention, animal rights, the global economy and gay rights, one side has accused the other of being akin to 'Nazis' or 'Holocaust deniers'. What should be a rational debate, a battle between the arguments for and against particular points of view, becomes posed as a defence of moral absolutes. In all kinds of debates today, there is a tendency for a particular viewpoint to be established as an orthodoxy that that cannot be questioned. A particular opinion gets established as moral and true, and dissent is considered unacceptable ... That Nazi allegations have become an all-purpose tool in debate is indicated by 'Godwin's Law' for internet discussions, formulated by Mike Godwin: 'As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one' ... The use of the charge of Holocaust denial in arguments about everything under the sun reflects a culture that cannot handle rational debate. In one sense, it is a return to the unthinking sanctimoniousness of the Middle Ages. We have opinions - on abortion, state intervention, animal rights - because we believe they are right, full stop. We are not prepared to have them challenged or to defend them through rational argument (perhaps because we are not sure about them ourselves)."

Lack of Kosher Meals in Florida Prisons Has Jewish Inmates Complaining
South Florida Sun-Sentinel, March 29, 2002
"Isaac Jaroslawicz's desk at the non-profit Aleph Institute, based in Miami Beach, is cluttered with letters from Jewish prisoners wanting to know how they can get kosher meals. 'For Jewish inmates, eating kosher is as vital as living. The consumption of kosher food helps not only the body but the soul,'' said Jaroslawicz. 'If there is one area that the courts have repeatedly sided with Jewish inmates or inmates of any persuasion, it's when it comes to providing a nutritionally sufficient diet that is consistent with the inmate's religious needs.' Yet Florida, with the second-largest Jewish population in a metropolitan area after New York, is one of just a handful of states that doesn't provide kosher meals ... According to the federal Bureau of Prisons, the average cost for a prisoner's daily meal is $2.47. The cost for a kosher meal is $4.16 ... The history of kosher food in prison goes back to 1975 when Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League, successfully sued for kosher food. He was in a New York prison in connection with a firearms conspiracy case. For a while, the state offered kosher food at only one maximum-security prison and inmates requesting kosher foods would be sent there. Over the last two decades, several other inmates have filed suits in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Colorado to make kosher food available. Arizona attorney Bruce Samuels represented an Orthodox Jewish inmate who sued, claiming his right to exercise his religion was being violated ... As a result of the district court's ruling, prisons in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Alaska and Hawaii are supposed to provide a kosher option. Both Broward and Palm Beach counties began offering kosher meals to inmates in the last year."

President Sheehan and Trustee Laubinger Say Goodbye to the Senate,
Massachusetts Daily Collegian, April 4, 2002
"On Wed. March 13, debate arose within the Senate around the Radical Student Union and their fliers for [Jewish] guest speaker Noel Ignatiev's talk on the abolition of the white race. Senator Ian Trefethen and member of the RSU explained that Senator Zack Spilman brought up the content of the fliers as being racist, and therefore suggested that the RSU be abolished. Members of the RSU responded last night to the allegations made at the last Senate meeting in explaining that the allegations were made by members who did not attend the actually event. 'The flier advocating the abolition of the white race is not racist and is not hateful,' Katie Eident said. She further explained that the white race cannot be defined as a race, culturally or biologically, and their intent for bring Ignatiev to speak at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst was in an effort to inspire, encourage and participate in an anti-racist dialogue. 'We will continue to critically analyze and resist racism in society and on this campus and we further encourage further dialogue around this issue,' Eident said."

A Bid to Legislate Love Splits a New England Town,
Christian Science Monitor, April 25, 2002
"It started simply enough, with an eighth-grader's inspiration for a community-service project. Hannah Hoy wanted her small town north of Boston to proclaim itself a 'No Place for Hate' zone – just like 54 other Massachusetts communities. But town leaders refused to sign such a proclamation. Soon, newspapers covering the issue began to hint at anti-Semitism. Sensing opportunity, a white-supremacist group handed out leaflets, and headlines appeared claiming that hate was on the rise in Hamilton. A national outcry climaxed with Hannah's appearance on the "Today Show." The conclusion to the story won't be written till later this summer, when the town plans to adopt some sort of tolerance policy. But already, this enclave of gracious estates and Sunday polo has been forced to reexamine itself. Residents who might normally reserve harsh words for the beavers whose dams occasionally flood their backyards are now probing the limits of government, the meaning of diversity, and the nature of hate. And they're discovering they have strong and conflicting opinions – a reminder of how even the most pastoral of bedroom communities can be polarized by accusations of hate ... Unlike most of Massachusetts, however, there are also more registered Republicans than Democrats. And when the No Place for Hate proclamation, a creation of the [Jewish] Anti-Defamation League, came before town officials in late February, their immediate reaction was to assert the boundary between public and private interests. Towns certified as No Place for Hate zones receive a placard and choose from 30 ADL initiatives, such as making a peace quilt. Programs created by the ADL, a Jewish organization, are endorsed by numerous religious and community groups nationally, and about a dozen towns in Massachusetts are currently on a waiting list to become No Place for Hate zones. Hamilton was the first community in the state to look at the proclamation and pause: What kinds of demands would it place on them? Would the town be forced to post signs in public places? Would the ADL closely monitor it or hold it to impossible standards?"

Plaintiffs Say Shocked By Posting of 10 Commandments,
The Chattanoogan (TN), April 29, 2002
"Several plaintiffs testifying in Federal Court on Monday said they were 'shocked' that the Hamilton County Commission posted the 10 Commandments in three public buildings. 'I was shocked. I felt like I had to do something to stop them,' said Tracy Knauss, a local publisher and photographer who is one of the plaintiffs. Mr. Knauss said he is not a member of the American Civil Liberties Union, though many of the plaintiffs said they were. The ACLU and 14 individuals are seeking to have Judge Al Edgar order the plaques to be taken down. Hedy Weinberg, ACLU executive director for Tennessee since 1984, said the postings violate the separation of church and state. She said the ACLU has 131 members in Hamilton County. One of those is Rabbi Phillip Posner of Mizpah Congregation, who said the tablets 'are offensive to me. I see it as a form of civic idolotry.' He said the 10 Commandments were not meant 'to cause a sense of rancor and divisiveness,' and he said there are many different texts of the commandments."

Auto Parts Owner Draws Israeli Ire,
Houston Chronicle, April 30, 2002
"A Dripping Springs auto parts store owner apparently moved by events in the Middle East soon found the tension from the region falling on him after he refused an Israeli customer. John Harris, of Texas Automotive Export, an independent auto parts store in the community west of Austin, has been inundated with e-mails and phone calls after declaring he would 'not do business with Israeli citizens at this time.' Last week, Harris sent a fax to Israeli citizen Avi Udiz informing the Tel Aviv attorney that Texas Automotive would not do business with him. 'We urge you to rein in your military and stop your oppression of the Palestinian people,' the fax went on to say. 'Your country has lost the respect of the civilized world,' it concluded. The fax angered Udiz, who had bought parts from Harris in 1998 and sought parts only to upgrade his Isuzu. 'They always answered me kindly, and I remembered them favorably. Therefore, when I decided to upgrade my jeep, I turned to them and was shocked to receive a reply in which they stated that they don't conduct business with Israelis,' Udiz told the israelinsider, an Israeli Web magazine. The incident spawned a flurry of responses from within the United States and the Middle East and was reported widely in the Israeli media. Apparently, the calls and e-mails came from both sides of the Middle East conflict and either condoned or condemned Harris' actions. What remains uncertain is why Harris fired off the fax. He declined to say what compelled him to write it. Martin Cominsky, regional director for the Anti-Defamation League southwest regional office in Houston, said his office investigated the incident but found no link between Harris and the Middle East. 'Our sense is that he was misguided,' Cominsky said. "I think he didn't realize how his words would be received by an Israeli citizen and ultimately the Israeli government and the Israeli press.' Harris also faced sanctions from the federal government. U.S. companies are forbidden from boycotting Israel under the Commerce Department's office of anti-boycott compliance. Harris has since issued a retraction but only after considerable pressure and the threat of a lawsuit by an Austin law firm on behalf of a group of Israeli citizens."

The Origins of Political Correctness,
Accuracy in Academia
"Where does all this stuff that you’ve heard about this morning – the victim feminism, the gay rights movement, the invented statistics, the rewritten history, the lies, the demands, all the rest of it – where does it come from? For the first time in our history, Americans have to be fearful of what they say, of what they write, and of what they think. They have to be afraid of using the wrong word, a word denounced as offensive or insensitive, or racist, sexist, or homophobic. We have seen other countries, particularly in this century, where this has been the case. And we have always regarded them with a mixture of pity, and to be truthful, some amusement, because it has struck us as so strange that people would allow a situation to develop where they would be afraid of what words they used. But we now have this situation in this country. We have it primarily on college campuses, but it is spreading throughout the whole society. Were does it come from? What is it? ... If we look at it analytically, if we look at it historically, we quickly find out exactly what it is. Political Correctness is cultural Marxism. It is Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms ... In 1923 in Germany, a think-tank is established that takes on the role of translating Marxism from economic into cultural terms, that creates Political Correctness as we know it today, and essentially it has created the basis for it by the end of the 1930s. This comes about because the very wealthy young son of a millionaire German trader by the name of Felix Weil has become a Marxist and has lots of money to spend ... He endows an institute, associated with Frankfurt University, established in 1923, that was originally supposed to be known as the Institute for Marxism. But the people behind it decided at the beginning that it was not to their advantage to be openly identified as Marxist. The last thing Political Correctness wants is for people to figure out it’s a form of Marxism. So instead they decide to name it the Institute for Social Research."

Europe Reacts to Dath of Fortuyn,
Guardian (UK), May 6, 2002
"Far-right parties and mainstream politicians across Europe condemned Monday's slaying of Dutch rightist Pim Fortuyn. In Austria, home to the extreme-right Freedom Party, spokesman Karl Schweitzer said he was shaken by the death of Fortuyn, an anti-immigrant candidate gunned down in the Netherlands as he emerged from a radio interview. ``It is madness,'' Schweitzer said. ``It always starts with verbal violence, and in that respect some serious disarmament will be needed.'' Belgium's Vlaams Blok, a Flemish nationalist party that advocates the expulsion of some immigrants, said Fortuyn was a victim of his outspokenness ... `The attack was only possible in an increasing frictional climate against anyone who is willing to question political correctness,' said party leader Frank Vanhecke. The assailants `are using this climate to undertake misdeeds, even to the point of murder.' The outrage was not limited to Europe's emerging far right: British Prime Minister Tony Blair canceled a planned trip to the Netherlands, and issued a statement saying he `shares the sense of real shock there will be in the Netherlands.' `No matter what feelings political figures arouse, the ballot box is the place to express them,' Blair said ... Fortuyn's killing shows how campaigns against right-wing parties have gotten out of hand, said Daniele Capezzone, secretary of Italy's small, socially liberal Radical Party. `In too many parts of Europe, campaigns against the risk of 'fascism' in the name of democratic principles have become literally fascist,' he said in a statement. `It was like that with Haider, it was like that against Le Pen, it was like that against Fortuyn. This evening, the sad fruits of this are being collected.'''

Tolerance Plea Is Stirring Contention,
New York Times, October 4, 2002
"On Monday, the American Jewish Committee will release a statement calling for 'intimidation-free' campuses, signed by more than 300 university and college presidents. But because the statement, which has circulated quietly among nearly 1,900 college presidents since August, specifically mentions only intimidation against Jewish students, it has become the latest focus of the Middle East tensions unfolding on the nation's campuses. The signature gathering effort, first reported yesterday by The Chronicle of Higher Education, was led by James O. Freedman, a former president of Dartmouth College, and six other signers. One of the original six, the president of Emory University, has withdrawn from the effort, deciding that it was too one-sided. Although the statement calls for campus debates to be 'conducted without threats, taunts, or intimidation,' it mentions only Jewish students as the targets of harassment ... Joan W. Scott, leader of the American Association of University Professors' committee on academic freedom, was troubled by the statement on different grounds. 'I thought it was great till I got to the paragraph about the Jewish students,' Ms. Scott said. 'Then I was appalled because it was, to put it nicely, so asymmetrical. If you count it up, there have been far more attacks and harassment of Muslims and people expressing pro-Palestinian views than on those who support Israeli foreign policy.'"

Human Rights Wrongs,
American Prowler, October 8, 2002
"A new entry for the don't-let-this-happen-to-you file: the case of Kane v. Alberta Report, decided, last April 30, in favor of one Harvey Kane of the Jewish Defense League. The conflict should serve as a parable for what happens in modern politics when negative and positive (group) rights collide. One of the first casualties is free speech. The three-judge Alberta human rights tribunal examined charges that an article in an October '97 issue of the Edmonton-based newsmagazine Report, 'A Canmore mall project ends in a bitter feud,' had engaged in negative stereotyping of Jews and had therefore violated the very Canadian sounding Alberta Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Act (hereafter, just 'Human Rights Act'). The judges found the Report 'guilty' of publishing, and the writer of expressing, an impolitic opinion. Maybe it's the fact that it emanates from Canada, home to one of the world's most dysfunctional politics, but it would be difficult to make up material this good. The judges' ruling reads like a parody of modern fuzzy-headed liberalism run amuck. After traipsing through past rulings on the subject of discrimination -- some of which are absolute howlers (e.g., the 'Sambo's Pepperpot' case) -- the judges held that 'freedom of expression, while a fundamental value in our society, is not absolute' and that there can be 'no social interest served in tolerating the free expression of such material.' 'Such material' means expressions of sentiments that the judges do not agree with; or, in this case, the quotation of a sentiment ('North American commercial real estate is dominated by firms that often happen to be Jewish-owned…') that they find distasteful. They found said quotation to be so offensive, in fact, 'that it warrants limiting freedom of expression in this case.'" [The sinful quote in the Alberta Report in 1997 is here, and this is its context: "One professional planner comments on the failed project: 'North American commercial real estate is dominated by firms that often happen to be Jewish-owned [e.g., Oshawa and Canmore Development]. The retail sector is much the same. Like cliques everywhere, some of these people tend to deal with each other, and Mr. Schickedanz is an outsider.'"]

Police investigate Creedmoor bias crime,
Times Ledger [New York], October 17, 2002
"GLEN OAKS — Anti-Semitic remarks were found last Thursday morning written on a wall inside Creedmoor Psychiatric Center at 84-45 Winchester Blvd., police said. The incident was being investigated as a possible bias crime."

What Happened to The Angry White Male? The media's "racial profile" of the sniper turned out to be dead wrong,
by Jonah Goldberg, Opinion Journal (Wall Street Journal), October 25, 2002
"'This person is kind of a wallpaper white male, a disenfranchised, disrespected man who's getting back at society.' So explained Brian Levin, a criminologist and director of the Center for Hate and Extremism in San Bernardino, Calif., to the Christian Science Monitor on Oct. 9. 'That's one of the reasons he's kept his distance from inner D.C., where he might lose his cover.' Don't hold your breath waiting for Mr. Levin's Gilda Radner-esque 'never mind,' as the image of two handsome black men--who'd need no cover in inner-city Washington--fills every television in America. He has too much company to be singled out for mockery."

The Bible as 'hate literature'? Canadians advance bill that chills speech about homosexuality, World Net Daily, October 21, 2002
"A prison sentence for quoting the Bible in Canada? Holy Scriptures treated as 'hate literature'? That could happen if a proposed bill is passed by Parliament, according to opponents who believe it would criminalize public expression against homosexual behavior. A self-described homosexual member of the House of Commons, Svend Robinson, is expected this week to reintroduce bill C-415, which would add sexual orientation as a protected category in Canada's genocide and hate crimes legislation ... But opponents point out that the law addressed by Robinson's amendment spells out three different types of actions or speech considered criminal, and only one can be excused by a religious defense. And even that one, opponents maintain, has not always held up in court, because its vagueness leaves wide discretion to judges. The most dangerous aspect of this amendment is that 'hate' and 'hate propaganda' are not defined, says Brian Rushfeldt, executive director of the Canada Family Action Coalition in Calgary, Alberta. ... No religious defense is contained in section 318 of the current law, which has a sentence of up to five years in prison for advocating 'genocide,' nor in section 319(1), prohibiting public incitement of 'hatred' against an identifiable group that is 'likely to lead to a breach of the peace.' Section 319(2), which prohibits a public statement that 'willfully promotes hatred' against a protected group, does have an article that excuses statements expressed in 'good faith,' including religious expression."

Pennsylvania Goes After Thought Crimes,
Newsmax, (from, Nov. 28, 2002
" A bill passed by the Pennsylvania legislature may make it illegal for preachers to quote Bible passages condemning homosexuality, according to a group that opposes the measure. The bill, passed by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Tuesday night, is now on its way to Gov. Mark Schweiker, who says he will sign it. The measure amends the state's Ethnic Intimidation Act to include 'sexual orientation, gender or gender identity.' The pro-family Urban Family Council worries that the bill will be enforced too liberally. William Devlin, the group's president, is advising pastors and churches across Pennsylvania to 'obtain some very good liability insurance and contact an attorney if the pastor intends to continue faithfully preaching the Word.'"

'Homosexual' is banned,
The Sun (UK), December 2, 2002
"Gays have had the word homosexual banned by the Government because they say it is offensive. Ministers want it written out of their vocabulary after complaints that it was outdated. Instead they will refer to those with an 'orientation towards people of the same sex'. Homosexual, coined 130 years ago, will be ditched under anti-discrimination laws drawn up by equality minister Barbara Roche. Whitehall officials will be told not to use the term in official documents, speeches, press releases or white papers. Last night a spokesman for Mrs Roche, 48, denied the move was political correctness ... For decades homosexual was regarded as a non-discriminatory alternative to words like queer, fairy and poof. But since gay took over as the most popular description in the 1960s, homosexual is seen by some as a term of abuse."

Florida's Jewfish Creek to retain its name despite protest,
Bangkok Post (from AFP), November 26, 2002
"For reasons of political correctness, the jewfish officially became a Goliath grouper last year, but authorities in the Florida Keys rejected a request to follow suit and rename Jewfish Creek. The Monroe County Commission has voted unanimously to maintain the name of the creek in southern Florida's coral island chain, the Florida Keys Keynoter reported. The vote was taken in response to a query by the US Board on Geographic Names, which received a formal request from a concerned citizen who felt the creek should be renamed in line with the huge, bottom-feeding fish, known to scientists as epinephelus itajara. Last year, the Committee of Names of Fishes of the American Fisheries Society ruled that the jewfish name was offensive, and renamed the fish Goliath grouper. There are numerous theories as to how the original name came about, with some people saying it was a mispronunciation of jawfish, and others saying the head of the fish had a bone shaped like a Star of David. 'The name is not offensive,' the Keynoter quoted local resident Van Cadenhead as saying. 'I dont think a jewfish looks Jewish, although it does look almost exactly like Yasser Arafat.'"

Group: Law Should Include Gay Unions,
Newsday, December 5, 2002
"American divorce and child custody laws need to be updated to extend rights to gay couples and unmarried parents, an influential judicial think tank says. The American Law Institute, an independent association of lawyers and judges that has wielded an extraordinary influence over American legal practices since its founding in 1923, spent 10 years evaluating family law before publishing its findings in May. Among its suggestions: * A person's sexual orientation should not be considered by courts in custody matters. * Homosexual couples in long-term relationships should have to make alimony or child-support payments if they split up. * Unmarried heterosexual couples who break up after long relationships should fall under traditional divorce laws, especially if they own joint property or have children. In the months since the report was published, the institute has been bombarded with e-mails calling it everything from 'a great threat to the family" to 'Marxists' and 'greedy lawyers.' The report's principal author, Arizona State University law professor Ira Mark Ellman, said the goal was to close holes in family law that have left judges guessing as to how to deal with nontraditional families ... The work has been assailed by conservatives as an assault on marriage. Joshua Baker, a staff attorney for the Marriage Law Project at The Catholic University of America, said creating legal rules governing the breakup of gay relationships gives them a status equivalent to marriage that most states do not currently allow. "We have some serious misgivings about whether the law should recognize domestic partnerships at all," he said. Oklahoma state Rep. Bill Graves, a Republican who has filed bills that would bar his state from recognizing same-sex unions made in other states, said giving gay relationships legal standing condones 'totally illegitimate' behavior."

The Multicultural Theocracy: An Interview With Paul Gottfried,
Newsmax, Dec. 5, 2002
(Paul Gottfried is Professor of Humanities at Elizabethtown College. An adjunct scholar of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and contributing editor to Humanitas and Chronicles).
[GOTTRIED, who is Jewish]: "Multiculturalism has the same relation to the present managerial state as the Catholic Church did to medieval European monarchies. It travels in the baggage of the American empire, as was evident during the unprovoked attack on Serbia. ... [M]ass democratic regime has turned progressively therapeutic, with the advent of the cult of victims and the degeneration of Christianity into a purveyor of the politics of guilt ... Examples of PC enforcement by the state are the use of Title Nine to impose verbal and behavioral conformity on male academics and workers; the various hate speech laws that exist in Canada and Europe and are applied almost exclusively against white Christian European; and the delegitimation of the historical heritage of victimizing groups: e.g., the war against Southern symbols and iconography waged, in among other areas in the US, public education [e.g., dress codes prohibiting attire with a Confederate flag]. The BBC recently had a headline, 'Hate crime police raid 150 homes,' about an operation in London administered by a 'Diversity Directorate.' Sweden recently passed a law criminalizing the 'disrespecting' of homosexuals ... [Q:] You write, By now all Christians have been generically indicted for the Holocaust, which has been extended to gays and explained in such a way as to minimize the suffering of identifiably Christian victims. [GOTTFRIED]: Members of my family were worked to death in Nazi labor camps; some died of typhus soon after being liberated. Needless to say, I am not a Holocaust denier ... What I oppose is not the recognition by the establishment Left that the Nazis killed millions of people but the use of anti-fascism as a tool of control. This instrumentalization has been cynically carried out by political elites, European Commies, and academics throughout the West. A very useful book on this subject in French by Elisabeth Levy shows how completely the totalitarian Left suppresses opposition in France by identifying all dissenters as Nazis or fascists. Supposedly by making a case against increased Islamicist immigration into France, one incites fascist hate and prepares the way for a second Auschwitz. Read Peter Novick's 'The Holocaust in American Life' for a striking account of the changes in Jewish attitudes about who or what caused the Holocaust. Novick maintains that what has fueled this new animus against 'Nazi-bearing' Christianity has nothing to do with scholarly revelations. Rather it has arisen out of Jewish repugnance for Christianity at a time when Christians have certainly not persecuted Jews. To the contrary, Christians are the only possible allies that the Jews can now claim."

Feds fixing 'Southern bias' at U.S. parks Officials look to emphasize horrors of slavery at Civil War battlefields,
World Net Daily, December 22, 2002
"The National Park Service is looking to rid itself of what it calls Southern bias at major Civil War battlefields and instead emphasize the horrors of slavery. According to Reuters, ground zero for the project is Gettysburg, site of the largest battle ever fought on American soil. Plans are going ahead to build a new visitors center and museum at a cost of $95 million that will completely change the way the conflict is presented to visitors ... The project follows the furor over Republican Sen. Trent Lott's recent remarks which some felt endorsed racial segregation, prompting many Americans to revisit one of the uglier chapters of the nation's history. When it opens in 2006, the new museum will offer visitors a narrative of the entire Civil War, putting the battle into its larger historical context. Latschar said he was inspired by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C., which sets out to tell a story rather than to display historical artifacts behind glass cases. "Our current museum is absolutely abysmal. It tells no story. It's a curator's museum with no rhyme or reason," Latschar said. Approximately 1.8 million people visit Gettysburg annually. Latschar said a disproportionate number were men and the park attracts very few black visitors. Three historians were invited to examine the site in 1998, and they concluded Gettysburg's interpretive programs had a 'pervasive southern sympathy.' The same was true at most if not all of the 28 Civil War sites operated by the National Park Service. A report to Congress delivered in March 2000 found that only nine did an adequate job of addressing slavery in their exhibits. Another six, including Gettysburg, gave it a cursory mention. The rest did not mention it at all. Most parks are now trying to correct the situation. Park rangers and licensed guides at Gettysburg and other sites have already changed their presentations in line with the new policy."

[Jewish Lobbying organizations have been central in the creation of the socio-political milieu for "politically correct" totalitarianism.]
Editorial: Policing the vocabulary Textbook sensitivity goes fanatic (whoops),
Sacramento Bee, February 27, 2003
"See if you can guess what these 12 seemingly disparate words and phrases have in common: Lumberjack, one-man band, junk bonds, heroine, hut, extremist, fraternize, dialect, busybody, senile, fanatic, minority group. Stumped? Believe it or not, they are among a growing group of words that test and textbook publishers, and the state agencies that approve their offerings, don't want students in the K-12 public schools to see. The March issue of the Atlantic Monthly includes a lengthy list of words, phrases and 'images to avoid' when textbook authors are writing about ethnic groups, men, women, and the elderly (whoops, that's considered ageist, so make it 'older people'). The list was compiled by Diane Ravitch, one of the country's most spirited and respected education analysts. Her book, The Language Police, will be published in April... In fairness to California, this state hasn't produced its own list of banned words. It has published, however, a pamphlet called 'Standards for Evaluating Instructional Materials for Social Content.' The 2000 edition contains 15 pages of guidance -- formed by the Legislature and the state Board of Education -- on what's OK and what's not. Reading through the detailed standards for writing about male and female roles, ethnic and cultural groups, older people and the aging process, people with disabilities, entrepreneurs and laborers, religion, the environment, thrift, fire prevention and the humane treatment of animals and people, one comes away with the impression that American textbook publishers seeking a toehold in the California market (read, all of them) would be pretty much afraid to say anything at all."

[Example #1: Jews apparently own the word 'Holocaust'.]
ADL Denounces Peta for its 'Holocaust On Your Plate' Campaign; Calls Appeal for Jewish Community Support 'The Height Of Chutzpah' New York, NY, Anti-Defamation League, February 24, 2003
"The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) denounced People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Holocaust Imagery and Animal Rights for its 'Holocaust on Your Plate' project for trivializing the murder of six million Jews and called its appeal for approval by the Jewish community 'outrageous, offensive and taking chutzpah to new heights.' Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director and a Holocaust survivor, issued the following statement: 'The effort by PETA to compare the deliberate systematic murder of millions of Jews to the issue of animal rights is abhorrent. PETA's effort to seek 'approval' for their 'Holocaust on Your Plate' campaign is outrageous, offensive and takes chutzpah to new heights. Rather than deepen our revulsion against what the Nazis did to the Jews, the project will undermine the struggle to understand the Holocaust and to find ways to make sure such catastrophes never happen again. Abusive treatment of animals should be opposed, but cannot and must not be compared to the Holocaust. The uniqueness of human life is the moral underpinning for those who resisted the hatred of Nazis and others ready to commit genocide even today."

[Um, "Turkish bazaars?" Is a "Turkish bazaar" something like getting "jewed?" Neither is a term of endearment. Please explain why the first slur is kosher, the second taboo.]
IDF source: Haggling over defense cuts like 'Turkish bazaar',
by Moti Bassok, Haaretz (Israel), March 10, 2003
"A senior military source harshly criticized Monday a meeting to hammer out cuts to the defense budget, describing it as akin to a 'Turkish bazaar.' Slamming the manner in which the deliberations were handled, the source said that the 'negotiations were conducted like a Turkish bazaar.' The meeting, between Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, Minister Meir Sheetrit and Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ended without results."

[From Mark Leno's web site: A native of Wisconsin, Leno attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, then went on to become valedictorian of his graduating class at the American College of Jerusalem, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree. Leno also spent two years in Rabbinical Studies at Hebrew Union in New York.]
YOUR GOVERNMENT AT WORK. Bill would force hiring of cross-dressers. Even Boy Scouts, Bible bookstores subject of California law,
World Net Daily, April 21, 2003
"The Democrat-controlled California Assembly passed a bill today mandating fines of up to $150,000 against business owners - including Bible bookstores and nonprofit organizations such as the Boy Scouts - for refusing to hire cross-dressing and transsexual job applicants. After more than 45 minutes of debate, with a majority of speakers opposing the bill, AB 196 passed the Assembly by the narrowest of margins. The vote was 41 to 34, the bare minimum needed to advance the bill to the state Senate. All the 'yes' votes on AB 196 were from Democrats. Voting 'no' were 31 Republicans and three Democrats ... Authored by homosexual Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, AB 196 would insert a new definition of 'gender' into the powerful state Fair Employment and Housing Act. The bill's subjective definition of 'gender' is 'identity, appearance, or behavior, whether or not that identity, appearance, or behavior is different from that traditionally associated with the victim's sex at birth.' Leno has cited reports from the National Center for Lesbian Rights, the San Francisco Department of Public Health and several other studies that have documented widespread discrimination against what he calls 'transgender people' ... AB 196 would force employers to allow male employees to wear women's clothes and deny religious business owners to follow their own moral convictions opposing cross-dressing or sex changes ... 'This bill would give drag queens unprecedented power to persecute the Boy Scouts and religious businesses, even the power to shut down a Bible bookstore,' said Randy Thomasson, executive director of Campaign for California Families, a statewide nonprofit, nonpartisan family issues leadership organization. 'People aren't going to sacrifice their dearly-held values. What small business or nonprofit organization could financially survive a government investigation and a $150,000 penalty? AB 196 is grossly intolerant of religious freedom and the Boy Scouts. This radical bill engages in reverse discrimination and would do real harm to persons of conscience.'"

Jews' Role Murky As Rebel Banner Drops in Georgia,
By JEFF ZELL, [Jewish] Forward, May 2, 2003
"Thanks to a last-second compromise reached by lawmakers last week, the state flag of Georgia is about to drop the notorious Confederate battle emblem for the first time in nearly 50 years.. The deal — widely seen as a rebuke of Republican Governor Sonny Perdue — came quickly, catching most observers by surprise. But for Tyrone Brooks and other black state legislators, it has been a long fight to remove the Confederate emblem — the Rebel Cross — from the flag. Some black leaders have questioned why the Jewish community has not taken a more public stand in that fight, but Jewish leaders said they were working 'behind the scenes' on the issue ... What's not as clear, it seems, is the role played by the Jewish community in the debate. During recent months, some black leaders have observed that the Jewish community generally stayed on the sidelines. But Judy Marx, associate director of the American Jewish Committee's Atlanta chapter, said her group was working against any efforts to bring back the 1956 flag. 'We fought hard behind the scenes,' Marx said. 'We wrote every state legislator making our opinion known, but we were not out in front in the media.' AJCommittee helped create the local Black-Jewish Coalition in 1982 and underwrites Project Understanding, a retreat for black and Jewish leaders."

Unconventional Wisdom. Student's lawsuit shows lack of class,
By Tanya Barrientos, Philadelphia Inquirer, May 3, 2003
"There's a saying that everything we need to know we learned in kindergarten. Blair Hornstine of Moorestown must not have been paying attention the day her class learned about playing well with others. Not that it kept her from doing well in school. On paper, the 18-year-old Moorestown High School senior looks like every parent's dream. Her grades are top-notch. Her SAT scores fall a few points short of perfection. She's won numerous national, city, county and school district accolades for her academic achievements. With her older brother, Adam, she founded a volunteer organization that helps the underprivileged. And she and Adam got a 2001 Presidential Service Award from the White House applauding their success. That same year, she was picked to carry the Olympic torch along Broad Street. On paper, Blair seems like the perfect antidote for the average underachieving, monosyllabic, television-loving, won't-even-make-the-bed teen. She has a medical condition that leaves her too fatigued to attend all her classes at school. And yet, she still got accepted to Harvard University. Yep - on paper, she's a darling. But, in the flesh, Little Miss Perfect is a petty crybaby. She and her legal-minded parents (her father is Camden County Judge Louis Hornstine) are spitting mad because Blair might have to share the valedictorian spotlight with some other student at graduation. The superintendent wants to name co-valedictorians, because he believes the school's weighted grading system (and a reduced class schedule) gave Blair an unfair advantage. Two other students with near-perfect grades were required to take on-campus classes such as physical education (which is weighted less in the grade-point-average calculations). And that made it impossible for them to achieve a GPA as high as Blair's, the superintendent claims. The Hornstines have made it into a federal case. Literally. They've filed a discrimination lawsuit asking for $2.7 million in damages. (Which these days is probably just enough to cover books and board and tuition at Harvard.) Can someone please explain what life lesson Blair's parents want her to learn from this? That the girl who already has everything should throw a temper tantrum when things don't go her way? That overcoming a disability and making it to the top is only worth celebrating if you're up there alone? That even though life isn't fair, hiring a slick lawyer is? ... Whatever happens now, Blair Hornstine of the graduating class of 2003 will not be remembered as the school valedictorian. Nor as the exceptionally smart, hard-working and talented girl that she undoubtedly is. She will be forever recalled as the sulky, churlish child who took her pomp and circumstance to court and ruined graduation day for everyone.


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