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Fox News Series On Israeli Spying In America
,, November 16, 2002
"This stunning series ran on Fox News some months ago. It is well worth reading. Fox News Special Report. Part One. BRIT HUME, HOST: It has been more than 16 years since a civilian working for the Navy was charged with passing secrets to Israel. Jonathan Pollard pled guilty to conspiracy to commit espionage and is serving a life sentence. At first, Israeli leaders claimed Pollard was part of a rogue operation, but later took responsibility for his work. Now Fox News has learned some U.S. investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S., who may have known things they didn't tell us before Sept. 11. Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron has details in the first of a four-part series."

Mirror image of the original (now censored) Fox News Spy Scandal story page,
Part 1
, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
What Really Happened (First part originally December 17, 2001)


Carl Cameron Investigates, Part 2
, Fox News, December 14, 2001
"Last time we reported on the approximately 60 Israelis who had been detained in connection with the Sept. 11 terrorism investigation. Carl Cameron reported that U.S. investigators suspect that some of these Israelis were spying on Arabs in this country, and may have turned up information on the planned terrorist attacks back in September that was not passed on. Tonight, in the second of four reports on spying by Israelis in the U.S., we learn about an Israeli-based private communications company, for whom a half-dozen of those 60 detained suspects worked. American investigators fear information generated by this firm may have fallen into the wrong hands and had the effect of impeded the Sept. 11 terror inquiry ... Most directory assistance calls, and virtually all call records and billing in the U.S. are done for the phone companies by Amdocs Ltd., an Israeli-based private elecommunications company. Amdocs has contracts with the 25 biggest phone companies in America, and more worldwide ... In recent years, the FBI and other government agencies have investigated Amdocs more than once. The firm has repeatedly and adamantly denied any security breaches or wrongdoing. But sources tell Fox News that in 1999, the super secret national security agency, headquartered in northern Maryland, issued what's called a Top Secret sensitive compartmentalized information report, TS/SCI, warning that records of calls in the United States were getting into foreign hands – in Israel, in particular." [Note: This article (and four others by Cameron) were censored from Fox News' web site within the week. See Justin Raimondo for an article, and links, about it all. In an Orwellian sentence, the link to Fox said "This story no longer exists" until that too was taken down.  See Israel National News' article about Cameron's story]

Carl Cameron Investigates, Part 3, Fox News, December 14, 2001
"BRIT HUME, HOST: Last time we reported on an Israeli-based company called Amdocs Ltd. that generates the computerized records and billing data for nearly every phone call made in America. As Carl Cameron reported, U.S. investigators digging into the 9/11 terrorist attacks fear that suspects may have been tipped off to what they were doing by information leaking out of Amdocs. In tonight's report, we learn that the concern about phone security extends to another company, founded in Israel, that provides the technology that the U.S. government uses for electronic eavesdropping. Here is Carl Cameron's third report. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) CARL CAMERON, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): The company is Comverse Infosys, a subsidiary of an Israeli-run private telecommunications firm, with offices throughout the U.S. It provides wiretapping equipment for law enforcement. Here's how wiretapping works in the U.S. Every time you make a call, it passes through the nation's elaborate network of switchers and routers run by the phone companies. Custom computers and software, made by companies like Comverse, are tied into that network to intercept, record and store the wiretapped calls, and at the same time transmit them to investigators ... Adding to the suspicions is the fact that in Israel, Comverse works closely with the Israeli government, and under special programs, gets reimbursed for up to 50 percent of its research and development costs by the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade. But investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying through Comverse is considered career suicide." [Note: This article (and four others by Cameron) were censored from Fox News' web site within the week. See Justin Raimondo for an article, and links, about it all. In an Orwellian sentence, the link to Fox said "This story no longer exists" til that too was taken down. See Israel National News' article about Cameon's censored pieces]

Israel US Spying,
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Israeli Spies in Mexico (Bomb in Mexican Congress scandal),
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Were the Spies "Journalists"? The ADL Snoops,
Counterpunch, January 23, 2002
"The organization's main 'fact-finder' was doubling as a spy for the white South African government while his buddy, a San Francisco cop who had tutored El Salvadoran death squads on the finer aspects of torture, was providing its officials with personal information on the organization's putative enemies when the story broke in San Francisco in December, 1992. The organization was the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL claims to be the nation's leading defender against prejudice and bigotry but in this instance its targets were members of the African National Congress and its supporters, and apparently everyone, Arab and non-Arab, who had the temerity to criticize Israel. This included some who drove to Arab community events where the ADL's 'fact-finder,' Roy Bullock, and the cop, Tom Gerard, took turns writing down their license plate numbers, which Gerard turned into addresses thanks to his access to California motor vehicle records. Their spying efforts proved to be part of a much larger intelligence gathering operation that targeted some 12,000 individuals and more than 600 left-of-center organizations in northern California. After the first flurry of publicity, the ADL's spin doctors successfully kept the story from receiving the national coverage that the situation warranted. But the story hasn't gone away. Last November the California Court of Appeals handed down a decision that paves the way for a major test later this year of the ADL's penchant for spying on its enemies. It was the most significant episode in a slow-moving class-action case filed in 1993 by 19 pro-Palestinian and anti-apartheid activists who claim to be victims of the ADL's snooping operations. The plaintiffs say they were illegally spied on by Bullock, then considered the ADL's top "fact-finder" by his now deceased chief, Irwin Suall, and that such spying constituted an invasion of privacy under the provisions of the California Constitution. The ADL's defense, accepted by the court in 1994, is that the Jewish defense organization is, collectively, a 'journalist' and, therefore, can legally engage in information-gathering activities regardless of the source."

The White Van Were Israelis Detained on Sept. 11 Spies?,
ABC News, June 21, 2002
"Maria, who asked us not to use her last name, had a view of the World Trade Center from her New Jersey apartment building ... But as she watched the disaster, something else caught her eye. Maria says she saw three young men kneeling on the roof of a white van in the parking lot of her apartment building ... The men were taking video or photos of themselves with the World Trade Center burning in the background, she said. What struck Maria were the expressions on the men's faces. 'They were like happy, you know … They didn't look shocked to me. I thought it was very strange,' she said. She found the behavior so suspicious that she wrote down the license plate number of the van and called the police. Before long, the FBI was also on the scene, and a statewide bulletin was issued on the van. The plate number was traced to a van owned by a company called Urban Moving ... A police officer pulled the van over, finding five men, between 22 and 27 years old, in the vehicle. The men were taken out of the van at gunpoint and handcuffed by police. The arresting officers said they saw a lot that aroused their suspicion about the men. One of the passengers had $4,700 in cash hidden in his sock. Another was carrying two foreign passports. A box cutter was found in the van. But perhaps the biggest surprise for the officers came when the five men identified themselves as Israeli citizens ... The driver of the van, Sivan Kurzberg, told the officers, 'We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.' The other passengers were his brother Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner and Omer Marmari. When the men were transferred to jail, the case was transferred out of the FBI's Criminal Division, and into the bureau's Foreign Counterintelligence Section, which is responsible for espionage cases, ABCNEWS has learned. One reason for the shift, sources told ABCNEWS, was that the FBI believed Urban Moving may have been providing cover for an Israeli intelligence operation. After the five men were arrested, the FBI got a warrant and searched Urban Moving's Weehawken, N.J., offices. The FBI searched Urban Moving's offices for several hours, removing boxes of documents and a dozen computer hard drives. The FBI also questioned Urban Moving's owner. His attorney insists that his client answered all of the FBI's questions. But when FBI agents tried to interview him again a few days later, he was gone. Three months later 2020's cameras photographed the inside of Urban Moving, and it looked as if the business had been shut down in a big hurry. Cell phones were lying around; office phones were still connected; and the property of dozens of clients remained in the warehouse. The owner had also cleared out of his New Jersey home, put it up for sale and returned with his family to Israel ... The five Israelis were held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, ostensibly for overstaying their tourist visas and working in the United States illegally. Two weeks after their arrest, an immigration judge ordered them to be deported. But sources told ABCNEWS that FBI and CIA officials in Washington put a hold on the case. The five men were held in detention for more than two months. Some of them were placed in solitary confinement for 40 days, and some of them were given as many as seven lie-detector tests ... Since their arrest, plenty of speculation has swirled about the case, and what the five men were doing that morning. Eventually, The Forward, a respected Jewish newspaper in New York, reported the FBI concluded that two of the men were Israeli intelligence operatives. Vince Cannistraro, a former chief of operations for counterterrorism with the CIA who is now a consultant for ABCNEWS, said federal authorities' interest in the case was heightened when some of the men's names were found in a search of a national intelligence database. Israeli Intelligence ... According to Cannistraro, many people in the U.S. intelligence community believed that some of the men arrested were working for Israeli intelligence ... For the FBI, deciphering the truth from the five Israelis proved to be difficult. One of them, Paul Kurzberg, refused to take a lie-detector test for 10 weeks — then failed it, according to his lawyer. Another of his lawyers told us Kurzberg had been reluctant to take the test because he had once worked for Israeli intelligence in another country. Sources say the Israelis were targeting these fund-raising networks because they were thought to be channeling money to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, groups that are responsible for most of the suicide ... Despite the denials, sources tell ABCNEWS there is still debate within the FBI over whether or not the young men were spies. Many U.S. government officials still believe that some of them were on a mission for Israeli intelligence ... Sources also said that even if the men were spies, there is no evidence to conclude they had advance knowledge of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 ... But no one has been able to find a good explanation for why they may have been smiling with the towers of the World Trade Center burning in the background."

Suspected Israeli Spies Held By U.S., Fox News, December 12, 2001
"Some 60 Israelis, who federal investigators have said are part of a long-running effort to spy on American government officials, are among the hundreds of foreigners detained since the Sept. 11 terror attacks, Fox News has learned. The Israelis, a handful of whom are described as active Israeli military or intelligence operatives, have been detained on immigration charges or under the new Patriot Anti-Terrorism Law. Federal investigators said some of them failed polygraph questions inquiring about alleged surveillance activities against and in the United States. There is no indication the Israelis were involved in the Sept. 11 attacks, but investigators suspect that they may have gathered intelligence about the attacks in advance and not shared it. A highly placed investigator told Fox News there are 'tie-ins,' but when asked for details flatly refused to describe them. 'Evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11 is classified, I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It is classified information,' the source said."

Mossad - The World's Most Efficient Killing Machine,
by Gordon Thomas,, December 9, 2002
"Rafi Eitan, the legendary former Operations Chief of Mossad told me when we sat together in his living room in a north Tel Aviv suburb: 'I always tried to kill when I could see the whites of a person's eyes. So I could see the fear. Smell it on his breath. Sometimes I used my hands. A knife, or a silenced gun. I never felt a moment's regret over a killing.' Meir Amit, when he had been director of Mossad, later insisted 'we are like the official hangman or the doctor on Death Row who administers the lethal injection. Our actions are all endorsed by the State of Israel. When Mossad kills it is not breaking the law. It is fulfilling a sentence sanctioned by the prime minister of the day' ... [Dagan, the tenth man to head Mossad] would allow them to use proscribed nerve toxins. Dum-dum bullets. Ways of killing that not even the Mafia, the former KGB or China's secret service use ... Every person with proven field experience was on a plane to Kenya within an hour of the [recent] massacre ... They were the men and women of kidon, Mossad's ultra-secret assassination unit. Their sole job in Mombasa was to find and kill the perpetrators of the massacre: those behind the three bombers who had gone to their deaths laughing. The kidon would kill the planners of the massacre after they had traced them to their lair - wherever it was. It might take months - as it had with avenging the murder of the Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. But the kidon would find the men behind the Mombasa outrage and kill them. They would use a small laboratory of poisons, sealed in vials until the moment came to strike. They had long and short-blade knives. Piano wire to strangle. Explosives no bigger than a throat lozenge capable fo blowing off a person's head. An arsenal of guns: short-barrel pistols, sniper rifles with a mile killing range. The team chosen to go to Mombasa had local language skills. They could pass for Arabs or for Indian traders. Between them, they spoke Swahili and other dialects. They dressed the part; they looked the part. They also understood the closed language of their world. They had learned how to memorise fibres - precise physical descriptions of people. Neviof , how to break into an office, a bedroom, or any other given target and plant listening bugs - or a bomb. Masluh, the skill of shaking off a tail. The women had learned how to use their sex. To be ever ready to sleep with someone to obtain vital information ...'We try to never use the same method twice. Our technicians spend all their time devising new ways to kill,' a Mossad source told me last week."

Maxwell Killed by Mossad: New Book,
New York Post, October 25, 2002
"'Robert Maxwell, Israel's Superspy,' to be published in December by Carroll and Graf, claims Mossad decided to get rid of Maxwell because he was threatening to expose his knowledge of Israeli secrets unless he received Israeli help in propping up his failing businesses. Maxwell's sudden death at sea in November 1991 off the Canary Islands brought about the collapse of his worldwide publishing empire and triggered theories ranging from suicide, murder or accident. Maxwell - who owned the Daily News at the time - disappeared overboard just as the complex web of financial deals keeping his businesses afloat was beginning to unravel and a few weeks after U.S. investigative journalist Seymour Hersh published a book claiming Maxwell had close ties with the Israeli secret services. The new book, by British thriller writer Gordon Thomas and Irish journalist Martin Dillon, is based on interviews with former Mossad agents and chiefs."

By Way of Deception. Israel Pulls a Fast One and Gets Caught,
by Justin Raimondo, Etherzone, December 13, 2002
"Ever since 9/11, the Israeli government and its American amen corner have been making the point that Israel's fight is now America's fight, and this argument has met with some success ... Congress is practically Israeli-occupied territory, and the Bushies are in their back pocket: however, there are still some elements of the American public who have not been brought to heel, and this, we are told, shows that 'Israel has cause for concern.' It seems that only half of the 'influentials' – professionals in the media, politics, and academia, and others who regularly follow the news – take the Israel-can-do-no-wrong line. The Israelis and their American supporters find this worrisome, as well they should. In spite of a constant drumbeat of pro-Israel propaganda, a well-organized cadre of American boosters, and the slavish support of our government, still a great many Americans are able to think clearly and critically about our troublesome 'ally.' As [Israeli newspaper] Ha'aretz puts it: " 'For every individual that supports Israel, there is another who opposes it. This is happening at time when the Palestinians are at a disadvantage in public relations, when the president has openly declared his support for Israel and Israel's political lobby is at its height.' Those numbers are bound to get worse as news of the latest Israeli caper hits the headlines. It really wasn't such a hot idea for the Mossad to recruit Palestinians into a phony Al Qaeda cell in Gaza. It was too easy to trace the cell-phone calls and emails back to Israel, as well as Germany and Lebanon. Aside from that, however, there was something a little fishy about their recruitment methods, such as this message cited by ABC News (via Reuters): 'After receiving reports from your brothers in the area about your good morals and Islamic beliefs...we appeal to you to work within the ranks of the mujahideen (Muslim fighters) and we will support you with money and weapons. Call us at this number...and identify yourself as Abu Anas. The telephone call should be made between three and five in the afternoon... After you read the letter and understand its content, burn it. ' (Signed), Your brother and humble slave of God, Osama bin Laden' ... Israel's great achievement in the political and diplomatic realm has been to draw the unleashed anger of the American giant away from the perpetrators of 9/11 and toward its own enemies: Saddam Hussein, Hamas, and the fictitious 'Islamic Al-Qaeda of Palestine,' which exists only 'by way of deception,' to borrow a phrase from the official motto of the Mossad. 'By way of deception, thou shalt do war' – a principle the Israelis have always lived up to. Juxtaposed against the mounting evidence – a recent series of reports in the German and British media depict Mossad agents in the U.S. living 'next door to Mohammed Atta' – the exposure of this 'false flag' operation draws the curtain on the terrorist enigma. This demonstrates that an Israeli connection to the worst terrorist atrocity in our history is not an 'urban myth,' as one Justice Department spokesperson put it, but a sinister and increasingly likely possibility. In all the columns I've written on this subject, my thesis has been limited in scope. I've said only that the Israelis had a certain amount of foreknowledge – to what degree is not known – and failed to warn us. Not that they were behind 9/11. Nor am I saying that now. But I have a question: If the Israelis are running phony 'Al Qaeda' cells in Palestine and Lebanon, why not in South Florida, or New York?"

'Misuse of Canada's identity' questioned Israeli spy operation,
by Stewart Bell, National Post, December 24, 2002
"A senior Cabinet official questioned the head of Israel's security service about allegations Israeli undercover agents posed as Canadians during an operation to assassinate a Palestinian terrorist leader, newly released documents show. Although Ottawa has said publicly it was convinced all along the spy claims were false, internal documents obtained yesterday show the matter has continued to concern the government and has been the subject of behind-the-scenes diplomacy. In a confidential report, officials said they were concerned about 'other countries' intelligence services misusing Canada's identity' and that 'such misuse endangers Canadians travelling around the world and undermines the integrity of Canadian passports.' Ronald Bilodeau, the Privy Council Office security and intelligence co-ordinator and Cabinet assistant secretary, met on Oct. 1 with the head of the Israeli Security Agency, whose spies allegedly used false Canadian identities during the operation in Gaza ... Israel has denied the claims. But the papers show Ottawa was worried about being linked to a spy operation and a botched assassination that killed 14 bystanders, nine of them children. The allegations surfaced in August, when Mr. Zatmeh publicly detailed how he was lured into becoming an Israeli informant by agents who told him they were Canadians and could help him immigrate. Mr. Zatmeh said he was recruited by three 'Canadian' agents who brought him to the Canadian embassy in Tel Aviv before coercing him into helping them, with doctored photos that showed him with naked women ... Sept. 4 they were satisfied the claims were false. However, hours after the Post report on Sept. 5, John McNee, assistant deputy minister for Africa and the Mideast, discussed the matter with Haim Divon, Israel's ambassador to Canada."

Mossad linked to slaying of arms man,
The Mercury (South Africa), January 3, 2003
"The Israeli foreign spy agency Mossad was behind the 1990 assassination in Brussels of a Canadian engineer who helped the South African apartheid military develop its G5 155mm howitzer artillery cannon, it was reported on Thursday. Belgian police had known 'for several weeks' that Mossad was involved in the shooting on March 22 1990 of Gerald Bull, the Canadian newspaper La Derniere Heure said. Bull has also been implicated in Iraq's drive to build a 'supergun' ... The bullet-riddled body of Bull, 62, was found in the entrance hall of his Brussels home just before the Canadian was about to furnish Iraq with a cannon capable of firing shells up to 1 500km, the paper said. Mossad was suspected at the time, along with the CIA and Iranian intelligence, but the Belgian police investigation failed to make any headway. But investigators had recently been given information 'originating from a former British possession in Central America' - possibly Belize - that pointed the finger at a Mossad marksman, La Derniere Heure quoted a prosecutor as saying. The assassin had long been in possession of a jewel which Bull always wore but which was missing from the engineer's body, the newspaper said. Bull's assassination coincided with the seizure of large metal tubes in several countries, including Britain, Greece and Italy, which were allegedly destined for the Iraqi supergun."

Dutch tapping room not kosher,
C'T, January 3, 2003 [This article is a translation of the Dutch article Nederlandse tapkamers niet kosjer that will appear in c't 2003-01, which will be available in the shops on december 19, 2002]
"According to anonymous sources within the Dutch intelligence community, all tapping equipment of the Dutch intelligence services and half the tapping equipment of the national police force, is insecure and is leaking information to Israel. How difficult is it to make a back-door in the Dutch Transport of Intercepted IP Traffic[1] system? The discussion focusses on the tapping installations for telephony and internet delivered to the government in the last few years by the Israeli company Verint [2]. This company was called Comverse-Infosys [3] until half a year ago, but was quickly renamed when the FBI started several investigations against it and arrested some of its employees in the US on suspicion of espionage. (See pulled FoxNews stories, Politech, Cryptome or Google). People within the Dutch government got worried too. Especially because they had been warned as early as 1998 about the possible back-doors in the tapping equipment. The ex-ministers of interior ('Binnenlandse Zaken'), Peper and de Vries, could not comment. The minister of Justice at the time, Korthals Altes, was asked to report to parliament in december 2001, where he stated that the security measures meet the required level and that an investigation would be started if this, after all, was not the case. No investigation followed. In april 2002, Kolkert, procecutor in-chief of the Court of Appeals in Den Bosch, demanded clarification in a letter sent to Stein, the state procecutor ('landelijk officier van justitie') and responsible for interception matters. Stein stated that there are no problems ... The insiders at the AIVD [the Dutch intelligence agency] and the tapping room were interviewed by the radio program of the EO[11]. According to them, the Dutch government and Comverse have a gentlemen's agreement that the Dutch government would get the Comverse systems for a very reduced price and in exchange the Israelis would get full access to all tapped information. The systems still ended up being more expensive than rejected competitors' quotes. The Comverse maintanance contract alone apparently costs more then the installation itself, according to the anonymous sources. Since the leaks seem to be disguised as maintenance, one could say that the Dutch government is actually paying the cost of foreign intelligence against the Dutch state. Israeli Comverse employees apparently show up in the tapping rooms on a very regular basis for maintanance, since no Dutch are allowed to touch the equipment. The radio program further stated that the maintanance is done using their own Hebrew keyboards and language. They leave the tapping rooms with filled MO-discs and no-one from the Dutch government has any idea what the Comverse people are doing. To make things yet worse, Comverse can dial-in to the tapping room equipment at all times. The possible criminal nature of Comverse and their overpricing are not the only problems. A comparison of the Comverse tapping records with billing records of KPN, the largest Dutch telco, shows that 20% of the calls that should be tapped, are not tapped at all. The Dutch government still keeps buying Comverse equipment. On november 26, a day after the EO radio program was broadcasted, three political parties, D'66, GroenLinks and SP asked questions to the government in parliamant. The current minister of interior, Remkens, answered that the chance of the tapping rooms leaking information is small, but not zero ... Therefore, the Israelis don't need to copy entire phone conversations or all internet traffic of a user from within the tapping room, but can simply monitor the encrypted traffic that is sent to the tapping room. Having the cryptographic key to the data, they then decrypt it at their leisure. If any nation has the technical skills and knowledge to pull this off, it is Israel." [More about this story]

Amdocs wins SBC contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars,
Ha'aretz (Israel), January 19, 2002
"Amdocs nnounced Friday that it has won a contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars with the U.S. company SBC Services. According to Amdocs, the agreement calls for the billing and customer-care software giant to provide services for the computer systems of SBC companies over a period of seven years."

9/11 "Conspiracies" and the Defactualisation of Analysis: How Ideologues on the Left and Right Theorise Vacuously to Support Baseless Supposition,
Institute for Policy Research and Development
"Whitewashing the Israeli Mossad. There are other examples of this. Let us take, for instance, their two Mossad-related 'conspiracy theories': 6. The plot was actually organized by the Mossad. 7. The Mossad knew about the plot, but did nothing, hoping that the massive deaths would mobilize public support for Israel’s war on the Palestinians. By bluntly stating two variations of the possibility that the Israeli Mossad had some sort of connection/involvement in the September 11 terrorist attacks, and then dismissing them wholesale, Shalom and Albert seem to be suggesting that as far as 'the left' is concerned, any attempt to investigate the evidence of an Israeli connection to 9/11 is inherently illegitimate. But by assuming from the outset, without basis, that the idea of an Israeli connection is implausible, they actually demonstrate only their ignorance of history. It is certainly well-documented, for example, that Israel has quite regularly perpetrated terrorist attacks against its U.S. and British benefactors. This is nothing new, as documented by U.S. political commentator John Leonard in the Afterword to my 9/11 study, The War on Freedom. Leonard shows that there is in fact a rich history here, analysis of which discloses a consistent pattern of provocation. Menachim Begin led the 1946 Zionist truck bombing of Jerusalem’s King David Hotel, timed to spur British troop withdrawals and give Zionist militias a free hand against the poorly armed Palestinians, taking the lives of just under 100 British guests.[34] Such covert Israeli intelligence operations have evolved into a sophisticated pillar of state strategy, from amateur beginnings in the 1950’s, when the exploits of some provocateurs became public. In the Lavon affair, Israeli 'private citizens' blew up American and British property in Egypt, blaming it on the Muslim Brotherhood, but were caught by the police. The bombing of synagogues in Iraq by Zionists inciting their brethren to flee to Palestine also became public knowledge. The New Zealand Herald cites the testimony of an ex-Mossad agent on the Achille Lauro hijacking, who exposed the atrocity as an Israeli 'black propaganda operation.' Does this, in itself, prove that the Israeli military intelligence infrastructure was in some way involved in 9/11? Of course not. But it proves propensity, since this infrastructure has a long record of conducting terrorist attacks – not only against U.S. and British targets but also against Jews (not to mention Palestinians). What brings this propensity into the limelight of a proper contemporary analysis of 9/11 are a number of facts, documented by Leonard in The War on Freedom, proving beyond doubt the reality of some sort of dubious Israeli involvement. Among the pertinent facts he plucks from the public record, are the following. In the first of a four-part investigative documentary TV series on the Israeli connection to 9/11, FOX News correspondent Carl Cameron reported on how U.S. authorities had detained active members of an Israeli spy ring operating in the U.S., believed by authorities to be linked to the 9/11 attacks ... The Weekly Planet reports that 'addresses of many' of the 'Arabs under scrutiny by the U.S. government' systematically 'correspond to the specific areas where the Israelis set up operations.' One extremely pertinent example is 'an address for the Sept. 11 hijacking leader, Mohammad Atta,' which is '3389 Sheridan St. in Hollywood, Fla., only a few blocks and a few hundred feet from the address of some of the Israelis, at 4220 Sheridan.' The strange coordination between Atta and Israeli intelligence operatives is not an isolated case. About a 'dozen Israelis, including the alleged surveillance leader, had been based in Hollywood, Fla., between January and June [2001] – quite possibly watching Arabs living nearby who are suspected of providing logistical support to Osama bin Laden’s network.' Indeed, ten of the 19 Al-Qaeda hijackers lived in Florida, bolstering conclusions reported by a FOX News reporter that 'the students-cum-spies might have gained advance knowledge of aspects of the Sept. 11 terrorists' – or even worse, may have been directly involved in some way."

[Israeli green light to kill Americans].
Israel to kill in U.S., allied nations,
by Richard Sale, UPI, January 15, 2003
"Israel is embarking upon a more aggressive approach to the war on terror that will include staging targeted killings in the United States and other friendly countries, former Israeli intelligence officials told United Press International. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has forbidden the practice until now, these sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity. The Israeli statements were confirmed by more than a half dozen U.S. foreign policy and intelligence officials in interviews with UPI. With the appointment of Meir Dagan, the new director Israel's Mossad secret intelligence service, Sharon is also preparing 'a huge budget' increase for the spy agency as part of 'a tougher stance in fighting global jihad (or holy war),' one Israeli official said. Since Sharon became Israeli prime minister, Tel Aviv has mainly limited its practice of targeted killings to the West Bank and Gaza because 'no one wanted such operations on their territory,' a former Israeli intelligence official said. Another former Israeli government official said that under Sharon, 'diplomatic constraints have prevented the Mossad from carrying out 'preventive operations' (targeted killings) on the soil of friendly countries until now.' He said Sharon is 'reversing that policy, even if it risks complications to Israel's bilateral relations' ... A congressional staff member with deep knowledge of intelligence matters said, 'I don't know on what basis we would be able to protest Israel's actions.'"

Defender of the Jews, wherever they may be,
By Yossi Shain and Ze'ev Segal, Semit Times
"In the current tense discussions both in Israel and in the Jewish Diaspora concerning the new wave of anti-Semitism, politicians and commentators alike have overlooked the legal dimension of kinship responsibility (in the sense of kol Yisrael arevim ze laze) that exists in the Israeli penal code. Section 13 of this code, enacted in 1994, enshrines in law an express Israeli commitment to the Diaspora-homeland security nexus. Section 13, part of a wider reform of the code, granted Israeli courts jurisdiction over what is termed 'extra-territorial crimes,' that is, crimes committed outside Israel. Section 13 is unique in the way it relates to what is defined in its title as 'crimes against the state or against the Jewish People.' Section 13 states that: 'Israeli criminal law will also apply to offenses committed outside Israeli territory against: 1. The life of an Israeli citizen, Israeli resident or public servant, his body, his health, his freedom, or his property, because he is one of the above. 2. The life of a Jew, his body, his health, or his property, because he is a Jew, or the property of a Jewish institution, because it is Jewish.' In this section, Israel defined in explicit terms the connection between the Diaspora and the State of Israel as the state of the Jewish people ... By enacting the section on the 'Security of the Jews,' the State of Israel expressed its commitment to protect all Jews regardless of their citizenship and their countries of domicile, as if they were citizens of the state and as if the crimes committed against them were committed within Israel's state borders ... According to this (weaker) principle, a state may apply its criminal laws to those who harm its citizens or residents when they are outside its territorial bounds. This principle rests on the state's obligation to protect its citizens, even when they are outside its sovereign domain. It is also based on the personal (kin) connection to the state ... In 1994, when the Knesset added the 'Security of the Jews' clause, it established a new extraterritorial principle, an additional connection that makes possible the application of Israeli criminal norms outside the borders of the state. The significance of the clause is that the State of Israel sees the protection of all Jews as one of its supreme responsibilities and considers every Jew, wherever he/she may reside, to be covered by its legal protection ... The explanatory remarks said: 'Likewise it should be emphasized that special protection is granted in Section 13(b)(2) to the life, health, freedom or property of a Jew, because he is a Jew, and that this is without any other connection to the State of Israel ... This is an expression of the State of Israel's existence as the State of the Jewish people' ... The practical significance of the 'Security of the Jews' clause is that Israeli courts have jurisdiction over acts committed by foreigners against Jews because of their Jewishness. This means that from the point of view of the State of Israel, there is no substantive difference whether anti-Semitic offenses are committed inside or outside of Israel. In other words, in contrast to every other offense committed against Israeli citizens or Jews outside of Israel, and for which the court is not ordinarily empowered to judge, when an offense is motivated by anti-Semitism, the court has full jurisdiction. In addition, the conferment of judicial jurisdiction on an Israeli court, and the treatment of the offense as if it was committed within the borders of Israel, provides the State of Israel the authority to demand the extradition of the offender ... To the best of our knowledge, the 'Security of the Jews' clause has yet to be activated. This in no way diminishes the declarative and ideological importance of this law. It cannot be seen as beyond the realm of possibility that in the future, in certain circumstances, the law will cease to be merely words and will become a living and breathing reality. At this time when a foul wave of attacks is raging against Jews, their property, their symbols and their institutions, attacks that have reached such worrisome dimensions, it seems to us proper to create awareness of this unique clause in the Israeli penal code and to encourage public debate, both in Israel and in the Diaspora, regarding it." Prof. Shain and Prof. Segal are on the faculty of Tel Aviv University. Prof. Segal is Ha'aretz's legal affairs editor. Prof. Shain is also a professor of government at Georgetown University.

The most sensational expression of the dual loyalty issue in America in recent years was the 1987 case of Jonathan Pollard, an American-born Jew who worked in a sensitive position in the U.S. Navy.  Pollard became a spy for the Israeli government and passed along more than 800 "top secret" documents to his "first loyalty." For seventeen months he had been in daily contact with Israeli co-conspirators, two of whom were given military promotions in Israel after Pollard's spying concluded. [BOOKBINDER, p. 130]  The United States government prosecutor in the case, Joseph di Genova, stated that Pollard's spying "was the largest physical compromise of United States classified information in the twentieth century." The Defense Secretary at the time of Pollard's arrest, Caspar Weinberger, wrote a 46-page document to the Federal Court, noting that he "could not conceive of greater harm to national security' than Pollard's deeds. [FITCHETT, J., p. 1]At the first news of the Pollard case, an American Jewish Committee member in Washington DC warned that "if it was perceived in America that we had come to the defense of Pollard because he's a Jew, our credibility as a Jewish community would be down to zero overnight and Israel would be the loser." [BOOKBINDER, p. 132]
But as the story about the Jewish American spy unraveled, it didn't turn out to be as threatening to the Jewish community as some has feared. After all, one of the most disturbing aspects of the whole Pollard affair was that so few Americans had any grasp of what was going on in the case. A New York Times/CBS poll in 1987 was undertaken one month after Pollard's sentencing and attendant news publicity about military promotions for two Israeli liaisons who aided in Pollard's spying. "A very surprising finding," says Hyman Bookbinder, "was the amount of general ignorance of the Pollard case. Only 18% of American non-Jews knew that it was Israel for whom Pollard had spied. 13% thought it had been the Soviet Union!" [BOOKBINDER, p. 137] That same year saw no cut in America's economic aid to Israel "despite the Federal budget crisis that required protracted negotiations and cuts in many domestic programs. The full $3 billion for Israel in military and economic aid, the same as the preceding year, was approved --  all of it outright grant." [BOOKBINDER, p.]
Within a few years the proclamation could be heard in the Jewish community that Pollard was sentenced to prison for so long, not for his crime, but because of anti-Semitism. [DERSHOWITZ, p. 309]  "Israel must become intimately involved in the Jonathan Pollard case," the (New York) Jewish Week editorialized in 1991, "Israel's founders envisioned a state that would protect any Jew, wherever, who suffered from anti-Semitism. Pollard is unquestionably such a victim." [JEWISH WEEK, 5-31-91, p. 24] "Grass roots Jews reacted with mixed and complex emotions," says Alan Dershowitz, Pollard's lawyer, " .... But some Jews were ... understanding of, if not sympathetic with, a Jewish zealot who put Israeli survival -- at least as he perceived it -- before the bureaucratic niceties of the [United States] classification system ... [DERSHOWITZ, p. 285] ... Momentum began to build slowly on Pollard's behalf in both Israel and the United States. There was still no public criticism [of Pollard's sentence] by the Israeli government or by the major Jewish organizations. But the [Jewish] mood was changing perceptibly in Pollard's favor." [DERSHOWITZ, p. 304]  Amidst the "changes" was a 1990 supportive statement for leniency towards Pollard signed by the American Jewish Congress and the West Coast B'nai B'rith.  Further support came from prominent Jewish public figures, Eli Wiesel and Arthur Hertzberg, a former President of the World Jewish Congress -- Philip Klutznick,  the leaders of three major rabbinical seminaries, and the Washington Board of Rabbis who asked the President to commute Pollard's sentence. [GINZBURG, p. 217]  In January 1996 the state of Israel awarded Pollack, still imprisoned, formal Israeli citizenship. "Pollack's lawyers," noted the Boston Globe, "hope the Israeli government will act to free him the same as it does prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action." [BOSGLO, 1-25-96] (It wasn't until 1998 that Israel formally admitted Pollard spied for them).
By late 1997 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed to have raised the issue of Pollard's release to Israel with President Clinton on three occasions, and for the first time an Israeli official -- Immigration Absorption Minister Yuli Edelstein -- visited Pollard in prison. In December 1997 Netanyahu's "diaspora affairs adviser," Bobby Brown, declared that "the time for mercy has come ... The feeling throughout Israel is that we should do whatever we can to try and help bring about the American decision to free him." [AIN, S, p. 35]  (This reflected Israeli public opinion. A newspaper poll found that 90% of those surveyed in the Jewish nation thought their country should help Pollard and his wife, who was also implicated, in a lesser degree, in the spying. [FRANKEL, p. 218] One innovative tact in Pollard's defense in the American Jewish community is to change a defense into an assault, charging  that not only was the convict's long prison sentence motivated by anti-Semitism, but that Israel was entitled to whatever information he stole from the U.S. military. In a 1998 issue of the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, Anne Roiphe appealed to fellow Jews, saying
      "Maybe we haven't found the smoking gun [of anti-Semitism],
     but most of us believe in some way [Pollard's] unequal treatment,
     this odd matter of why Israel didn't have the information Pollard
     gave them, is related to anti-Semitism."
     [ROIPHE, Jewish Leaders, p. 8]
An extremely rare voice in the Jewish community was that of Joseph Aaron:
     "The Jewish community's behavior [about the Pollard case] has been
     shameful. Almost all Jews, and even more sickeningly, almost all
     Jewish organizations have taken up Pollard's cause. They have called
     for his release and have either stated or implied that anti-Semitism is
     keeping him in jail ... Now you have to believe that every top American
     official -- Democrat or Republican, civilian and military, executive branch
     and legislative -- is an anti-Semite or you've got to recognize that Pollard
     did such overwhelming harm that all agree he must be punished by staying
     in prison the rest of his life. Still, most American Jews call for his release
... how many Jews have I heard say, 'Well, he was doing it for Israel' -- as
     if that made it OK or at least not so bad, as if doing it for Israel is any kind
     of excuse or explanation or factor." [AARON, J., 2000, p. 21]
A few years later after Pollard, a Jewish army engineer, David Tenenbaum admitted to passing along classified information to an Israeli officer at the United States Army Tank Automotive and Armament Command in the Detroit area. [JEWISH BULLETIN, Inter] In fact, from the mid 1960s to mid 1980s there have been 40 formal United States investigations into Americans working for Israel. [FINDLEY, p. 125]  By 1963, notes Seymour Hersh, American officials felt that "extensive penetration of the United States government [by spies for Israel] needed to be curbed." [HERSH, S., p. 162]
A 1979 CIA report noted that "Israelis devote a considerable proportion of their covert operations to obtaining scientific and technical intelligence. This has included attempts to penetrate certain classified defense projects in the United States and other Western nations." [GREEN, S, p. 253]  In 1971, for instance, a Swiss court sentenced a Jewish-Swiss engineer, Alfred Frauenknecht, to four and a half years in prison, "but only after he had transferred to Mossad [Israel's CIA] agents some 200,000 blueprints and the specifications for the precise machine tools used in the Mirage's [the French-Swiss military jet] construction." [BLACK/MORRIS, p. 235]

In 2001, Shawn Pine, a Jewish reserve officer in the U. S. Army, charged anti-Semitism when he was stripped of his security clearance and was forced "to give up command of an intelligence unit." Why? Pine, born in America, emigrated to Israel and served in its army in the late 1970s. He returned to the U.S., went back to college, and served for nine years in the U.S. Army. Bouncing back to Israel in 1995, he studied at Hebrew University and served part time in the Israel Defense Forces. As the Jewish Telegraphic Agency put it: "Anti-Israel feelings may be 'endemic' in the U.S. Army's intelligence, Pine believes. 'When they see a Jew, they see Jonathan Pollard,' he said." [SAMBER, S., 10-29-01]

Victor Ostrovsky, a former Israeli Mossad officer and secret agent, left that organization because of moral conscience. In his 1990 book, By Way of Deception: The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer, Ostrovsky reported that about two dozen Israeli agents are "actively spying, recruiting, organizing and carrying out covert activities, mainly in New York and Washington, which they refer to as their playground." [OSTROVSKY, p. 269]
Throughout the world, many Jewish citizens of other nations in all walks of life function as extensions of Israel's CIA. They are called, in Hebrew, sayanim. ("Our greatest advantage," noted Mossad official Shmuel Toledano, in reviewing his career in the Israeli spy agency, "was always that we had people who could pass for any nationality. Arabs, Germans, whatever." [BLACK/MORRIS, p. 191] ) These sayanim, says Ostrovsky
     "are a unique and important part of the Mossad's operation.
-- assistants -- must be 100 per cent Jewish. They live
     abroad, and though they are not Israeli citizens, many are reached
     through their relatives in Israel ... There are thousands of sayanim
     around the world. In London alone there are about 2,000 who are
     active, and another 5,000 on the [Mossad] list. They fulfill many different
     roles. A car sayan, for example, running a rental agency, could help the
     Mossad get a car without having to complete the usual documentation.
     An apartment sayan would find accommodation without raising suspicions,
     a bank sayan could get you money if you needed it in the middle of the night,
     a doctor sayan would treat a bullet wound without reporting it to police,
and so on. The idea is to have a pool of people available when needed who
     can provide services but will keep quiet about them out of loyalty to the cause
     ... One thing you know for sure is that even if a Jewish
     person knows it is the Mossad, he might not agree to work with you -- but
     he won't turn you in. You have at your disposal a nonrisk
     recruitment system that actually gives you a pool of millions of Jewish
     people to tap from outside your own borders ... The one problem with the
     system is that the Mossad does not seem to care how devastating it could
     be to the status of the Jewish people in the diaspora if it was known."
     [OSTROVSKY, p. 86-87]
 In an unprecedented action, at the request of the state of Israel in 1990, an American judge banned publication of Victor Ostrovsky's book (from which the above quotation is excerpted) until the New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division rescinded the censorship. "The Israeli government," noted the Jewish Week, "claimed the book could imperil Mossad agents by blowing their cover." [JEWISH WEEK, 9-21-90, p. 20] In 1995 Ostrowsky sued a Canadian television station that interviewed an Israeli journalist, Yosef Lapid, who proclaimed on air that he hoped "a decent Jew in Canada" would assassinate the telltale former Mossad member. [KEZWER, G., 2-12-95, p. 8] Ostrovsky's house in Canada was also burned down.
Loyal Jews of various nations work in the service Mossad. In 1999, for example, the Jerusalem Report reported an interview it had with former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev's son:
                 JR: "Israel gave the CIA a copy of your father's famous speech
                       denouncing Stalin, delivered behind closed doors at the 20th
                       Party Congress in 1956. How did the [Israeli] Mossad get a hold
                       of it?"
      Sergei K. : "The daughter of a Polish party leader had a Jewish
                       boyfriend, and that boy worked for the Mossad. The boyfriend
                       found a copy of the speech on the Polish leader's desk and
                      'borrowed' it for a while." [JERUSALEM REPORT, 9-13-99]

One such sayan, New York-based Jewish American Howard Schack, even wrote a book about his adventures as a volunteer for Mossad, entitled A Spy in Canaan. My Secret Life as a Jewish-American Businessman Spying for Israel in Arab Lands. "What did I," he wondered one day, "

     "a middle-aged Jewish-American businessman, have to offer [Israel]?
     The next  day as I sat at my desk in my construction company I realized
     that before me  lay something that might prove useful to Israel. Heaped
     on my desk were  plans and specifications for an offshore naval expansion
     program in the Red Sea and Persian Gulf that had been put out for bids
     by Saudi Arabia. These  plans had come to me quite routinely. My firm
     had exactly the experience needed to carry out portions of the project.
     Reviewing the plans, I wondered  if the government of Israel was aware
     of them ... I had had dealings with  with foreign governments that took me
     all over the globe, bringing me in contact with hundreds of executives who
     did business worldwide, especially  in the Middle East."
     [SCHACK, H.. 1993, p. 7]

Schack -- member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Shriners and Kiwanis clubs, and other community organizations [SCHACK, H., 1993, p. 17] -- contacted the Israeli consulate in Washington DC, offering his espionage services for Israel. "I conduct business in the Middle East," he explained to a consular official, "I have access to projects such as public buildings and massive capital development projects from Kuwait to Libya. My credentials permit me to work intimately with Western firms that have construction contracts in those countries." [SCHACK, H., 1993, p. 8] Schack was soon assigned to a Mossad "handler" and was even provided a spy camera.
From the very formation of the modern state of Israel, American Jewish sayanim have aided the Jewish state at high administrative levels. A good example was a Jewish American 'mole' in the United States veteran's bureaucracy. Thousands of American Jews served in the Israeli military during the founding of the Israeli state in 1947-48, despite a United States State Department decree noting that those who enter foreign armies "cease to be entitled recognition as [U.S.] citizens during the period of such service," and that they would lose their American passports. [GREEN, p. 52]  Nonetheless, in 1948 a Unites States Security Group of Army Intelligence report noted that
     "There presently exists among [branches of Israel's armed forces] a plan 
     to recruit former [U.S., almost all Jewish] army officers ... It was reported
     that someone in the Pentagon who had access to [classified] officers' AGO
     (Adjutant General's Office) files and who is making available to these
     organizations the names of former officers thus qualified." [GREEN, p. 53]
This Pentagon source was identified as Colonel Elliot A. Niles, "an ardent Zionist, formerly a high official of B'nai B'rith." His brother, David, was an aide to President Harry S. Truman, "one of two or three most influential persons in the White House on Middle East policy matters." [GREEN, p. 54]
 Meanwhile, while American Jews can vociferously condemn with indignation the well-earned suspicions of their dual national loyalty which they themselves (quite literally by the millions) have solidly secured for their entire community, in Israel the standards for the evaluation of entire groups of people is quite another matter, where the actions of a handful of people indict as suspect a community of millions. Take the case of Ze'ev Chafets, Head of Israel's Government Press Office, an American Jew who immigrated to Israel, and his refusal to allow Palestinian laborers to work in his Jerusalem home:
     "Is it fair to discriminate against everyone for the crimes of the few?
     Maybe not, but how do you tell the good guys from the terrorists?"
     [FRANKEL, p. 239]

In the Middle East context, Michael Bar-Zohar notes the omnipresence of Jewish spies (working for "Shai," the early Israeli spy organization) during the British rule of Palestine:

     "No one know when or how or where the ubiquitious, wraith-like
     Intelligence Service of the Resistance originated. The British knew
     it existed, but they  could never put their finger on its nerve center,
     identify its directors, or discover its headquarters in spite of the fact
     that there were thousands of  Shai agents. Nearly all the Jewish police,
     military officers, and inspectors  worked for Shai unbeknownst to their
     British bosses and their Arab  colleagues. The same was true of postal
     workers, telephone operators,  hotel chambermaids, cafe waiters,
     newspapermen, secretaries, typists, and the Jewish department heads
     in the British bureaucratic system.  Shai also maintained networks of
     Arab agents who reported on what went on in the headquarters
     of the Arab tribes and in the secret
     meetings of influential Palestinians ... It was seldom that a confidential
     telephone conversation, an exchange of official correspondence, or a
     coded telegram escaped detection by the invisible antennae of the Jewish
     espionage." [BAR-ZOHAR, M., 1972, p. 19-20]

In today's world, dual loyalty, ever encouraged in the Jewish community (i.e., Jewish chauvinism and allegiance to Israel as an inalienable American democratic right), left completely unchallenged by all in modern American culture for fear of being branded an 'anti-Semite," has invariably given arrogant rise to nakedly hostile and subversive statements by those obsessed with Jewish identity. Consider the words of Jane Delynne, an American Jew who has reaped the benefits of life in America with three published novels, an Elizabeth Janeway Prize for Prose Writing, a Book of the Month Club Fellowship, and a New York Foundation Fellowship for the Arts. Her forum, from which the following is quoted, is not some obscure, fanatic off-the-edge cult magazine, but a 1989 book on Jewish identity by powerhouse publisher Random House, a fact that testifies to the disturbing acceptability of this kind of attitude -- as a legitimate opinion -- in the Jewish American community:
     "The existence of Israel is the reaffirmation of Jews as the chosen
     people ... Israel is suffused for me with a moral meaning absent
     from the existence of any other nation in the world. If there was
     a war between  the United States and Israel, I would choose Israel.
     Sometimes I think I am secretly glad for] its occasional brutality so
     that the world will know there is a monster out there -- a monster
     who will never forget [the Holocaust]. Although in general I believe
     in nuclear disarmament, I am  glad Israel has the atomic bomb, and
     the continued existence of Israel is the only cause for which I consider
     it justifiable to use nuclear weapons. Let me put this in its starkest and
     ugliest light: I am not sure, but I believe that, if the choice were between
     the survival of Israel and that of  the remaining 4 or 6 billion people of
     the world, I would choose the 4 million [Jews]." [DELYNN, p. 65]
Such a conviction merits serious attention for many reasons, among them the fact that some American Jews were even instrumental in helping Israel secretly develop its own arsenal of nuclear bombs. Seymour Hersh notes that:
     "A few American nuclear physicists were known to have emigrated to
Israel after World War II; one was a veteran of the Manhattan Project
     [America's nuclear bomb-making effort] who had worked until 1956 in 
     the most sensitive areas of nuclear reactor design ... The CIA had even
     been tipped off about the fact that Israel was raising large sums of  money
     for Dimona [the site of Israel's nuclear bomb center] from the American
     Jewish community." [HERSH, p. 58]
Among the friends of Ernst David Bergmann (the "founder" of the Israelli atom bomb, whose father was one of leading rabbis in Berlin) was Lewis Strauss, the American Jewish chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission in the 1950s. Strauss knew well of Israel's clandestine efforts to build nuclear weaponry. "Strauss's [Jewish] background and his strong feelings about the Holocaust," notes Seymour Hersh, "cannot be disregarded in analyzing why he did not tell anyone -- especially [his AEC chairman predecessor and eventual head of the CIA] John McCone --  about Dimona. Fair or not, the issue of 'dual loyalty' -- exemplified by Strauss's actions -- has been a very real concern to the American intelligence community since the creation of the state of Israel in 1948." [HERSH, p. 89]
Another Jewish American sometimes mentioned as possibly influential in the development of Israel's nuclear bombs was Zalman Shapiro who had a nuclear fuel processing business in Pennsylvania. Shapiro was an activist in the Zionist Organization of America. In 1965, the Atomic Energy Commission found that 200 pounds of enriched uranium was missing from his company's storehouses. Nothing was ever proven, but the "CIA ... found Shapiro's longstanding ties to Israel to be of continuing interest ... Shapiro, as the CIA and AEC never learned, did have a secret life. He had met and befriended many of Israel's senior nuclear scientists." [HERSH, S., p. 247]
"The dual loyalty question," wrote Anne Roiphe, like Jane DeLynne,  in a 1995 volume  (which included articles by prominent Jewish authors, including Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League), "is one that anti-Semites use to isolate us politically in America. We're not supposed to discuss it. But the truth is that ... we are only Americans as long as America reins in its anti-Semites. We are Jews forever under all circumstances."  [ROIPHE/CHANES, p. 464]
"Under all circumstances." What conclusions should the reasonable, impartial, and just observer make about the following Zionist volume that is published every year in Israel? In English, it is entitled, Who's Who in Israel and Jewish Personalities from All Over the World. More bluntly, however, in its seminal version in Hebrew it is called, Who's Who In Israel and In the Work for Israel Abroad. [See national library online OCLC subfield]  Those Jews listed in the volume who are noted to be "working for Israel abroad" include:
* Frank Lautenberg, a Jewish American U.S. senator from New Jersey and former chairman of the United Jewish Appeal
* Paul Rose, a former member of the British Parliament
* Arne Melchoir, member of the Danish Parliament  (and former
member of the Danish Zionist Federation)
* Lionel Stoleru, the Minister of Planning for the French government
(and chairman of the France-Israel Chamber of Commerce)
* Simone Weil, member of the French Parliament (and former president of that organization)
* Roy Welensky, former Prime Minister of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyassland
* Stanley Clinton Davis, a former member of the Belgium Parliament
 [A reader of this work states that he was a member of the British Parliament]
* Michael M. Fidler, former member of the British Parliament
* Benzion Netanyahu, professor of Judaic Studies at Cornell University and father of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
* Fredman Lincoln, president of the Royal Navy Reserve Officer's
Club in England
* Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League
* Stanley Fuld, retired chief judge for the state of New York
* Ezra Kolet, retired Joint Secretary and Chief Controller of Chartering for the government of India
Others on the list include the Leonard Bernstein (the famous composer), actor Theodore Bikel, Edgar Bronfman (chairman of the World Jewish Congress), and others who live throughout the many countries of the world as judges, newsmen, bankers, lawyers, dentists, real estate moguls, librarians, and other distinguished careers. In 1987, nearly a million adult American Jews (of a total man, woman, and child U.S. population of approximately six million people) felt it important enough to actually register to vote in that year's World Zionist Congress elections. [GOLDBERG, JJ, 9-12-97] By the 1940s, 955,000 American Jews (of a total man, woman, and child population of 5 million) "formally belonged to one of dozens of Zionist organizations." [UROFSKY, M., 1978, p. 126] Yet even those who are not formal members of such organizations often have strong attachments to Zionist policies and the state of Israel. As Kevin Avruch notes about studies of American Jews who immigrated to Israel in the late 1960s and early 1970s: "Anywhere from 40 to 65 percent of all American olim [immigrants to Israel] were not members of any Zionist organization in the United States ... It is important to understand that commitment to Zionist ideology can exist quite separate from a concomitant commitment to Zionist organizations." [AVRUCH, K., 1981, p. 50]



In May 1997 the Washington Post ran a front page story reporting that "the FBI has opened an investigation to determine whether a senior U.S. government official has been passing highly sensitive information to the Israeli government." [BOUSTANY, p. 1] The four month-old investigation originated because of a conversation intercepted by the National Security Agency, between a Washington-based Israeli intelligence officer and a superior in Tel Aviv. Code named by the Israelis as "Mega," the Post noted that the intercepted conversation led U.S. government officials "to believe that Mega may be someone in the U.S. government who has provided information to Israelis in the past." [BOUSTANY, p. 1]
Israel's Ambassador to the United States, Eliahu Ben-Elissor, complained that "apparently there is someone [who leaked the story to the press] who not only wants to besmirch the name of Israel, but also perhaps to cause damage to the relations between Israel and America." [GELLMAN, B, p. A20]  Gerald Steinberg, a foreign policies professor at Bar Elan University in Israel, noted the tension at the time between President Clinton and Israeli prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu over Israeli reluctance to concessions in the Clinton-brokered Arab-Israeli peace process. "When American-Israeli relations already seem tense," noted Steinberg, "over a whole series of other issues, this is a killer issue." [BOUSTANY, p. 1]
The Metro West Jewish News noted that "because the Mega story appeared the same day the administration's top peace process diplomat, Dennis Ross, was meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, it is hard to escape the conclusion that the leak was intended to transmit a message to the [Israeli] prime minister: Never mind the pro-Israel/reluctant-to-take-on-the-Jews Clinton White House --we can still get you.' [METRO-JEWISH NEWS, 5-15-97, p. 4]  The Baltimore Jewish News complained that the Washington Post printed, with the "Mega" story, a side article about Israeli Ambassador Ben-Elissar, who spent ten years working for Israel's CIA (the Mossad). [BESSER, J, SPYING, p. 34]  Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations told reporters that he was confident the Mega story "will blow over." [MANN, C, p. 1]  "There's something almost sinister about the way this was reported," suggested Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, "with so little real information. And there's something disturbing about the link the Post made to the Pollard case." [BESSER, J, Spy Charges, p. 1]
The "Mega" story was reported by no other major American newspaper other than the Washington Post. And it suddenly evaporated from the Post pages with no further exploration, or explanation, of the story.
British journalist Gordon Thomas, author of a 1999 volume on the Mossad (based on over 100 hours of interviews with Mossad officials and agents), observed that Mega
     "may be more than one person. What's incredible is not so much
     that they have an American mole at the highest level of the United
     States government, but how this small [Israeli] intelligence community
     of about 1,200 people is able to mobilize sayanim [American Jewish
     agents for the Mossad], and control the American media and the
     publishing worlds, and get people like Barbara Streisand to spout
     'Israel-first, America-second' propaganda to the president of the
     United States over the dinner table at the White House." [HOWE, R.,
     6-99, p. 47]
Jewish spies for Israel in the White House is an old, albeit hidden, theme. In 1988, for instance, there was suggestion in some newspapers that a complicated spy-prisoner deal was being worked out with Israel which would "involve the U.S. halting further investigations in the Jonathan Pollard case." "Pollard," note Jewish authors Ian Black and Benny Morris, "was already serving a life sentence, but Israeli officials were apparently worried that further inquiries might unearth more spies in the heart of the United States administration." [BLACK/MORRIS, p. 443]  "Many in the United States intelligence community," says Seymour Hersh, "... were convinced that [Pollard] had one and perhaps many more accomplices inside the [U.S.] government -- men or women who were supplying Israel with the identification of highly classified documents that Pollard could then be assigned to retrieve." [HERSH, S., p. 307] Interestingly, by 1996, "both the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. and the Israeli ambassador to Canada were former Mossad officers." [OSTROVSKY, 1997, p. 37] (When George Bush assumed the presidency in 2001, Jewish Congressman Anthony Weiner "immediately beseeched" the new president "on his first workday as president' to "grant Pollard clemency.") [JORDAN, M., 1-26-01]
In May 2000, a Washington DC paper, Insight on the News, after interviewing over two dozen government officials about the problem, described the results of its year long investigation into Israeli spying in the American government:
     "The FBI is probing an explosive foreign espionage operation that
     could dwarf the other spy scandals plaguing the U.S. government.
     Insight has learned that FBI counterintelligence is tracing a daring
     operation to spy on high-level U.S. officials by hacking into
     supposedly secure telephone networks. The espionage was
     facilitated, federal officials say, by lax telephone-security procedures
     at the White House, State Department and other high-level
     government offices and by Justice Department unwillingness to
     seek an indictment against a suspect. The espionage operation
     may have serious ramifications because the FBI has identified
     Israel as the culprit." [WALLER/RODRIGUEZ, 2000]
As always, a "senior government official" remarked that "It is a politically sensitive matter. I can't comment on it beyond telling you that anything involving Israel on this particular matter is off-limits. It's that hot." "When it has anything to do with Israel," said a former U.S. intelligence officer, "it's something you just never want to poke your nose into." "What price should Israel pay for this?" David Major, former director of counterintelligence programs as the National Security Council said to the paper, "My predictions are that there will be no impact whatsoever. Do we put our heads in the sand or do we take it as a wake-up call?" [WALLER/RODRIGUEZ, 2000]

In December 2001, a series of Fox News TV programs noted the omnipresence of Israeli "ears" and Jewish power in shielding them from scrutiny:

     "Most directory assistance calls, and virtually all call records and billing
     in the U.S. are done for the phone companies by Amdocs Ltd., an
     Israeli-based private telecommunications company. Amdocs has contracts
     with the 25 biggest phone companies in America, and more worldwide.
     The White House and other secure government phone lines are protected,
     but it is virtually impossible to make a call on normal phones without generating
     an Amdocs record of it. In recent years, the FBI and other government
     agencies have  investigated Amdocs more than once. The firm has repeatedly
     and adamantly denied any security breaches or wrongdoing. But sources tell
     Fox News
that in 1999, the super secret national security agency, headquarted
     in northern Maryland, issued what's called a Top Secret sensitive 
     compartmentalized information report, TS/SCI, warning that records of  
     calls in the United States were getting into foreign hands -- in Israel, in  
     particular." [CAMERON, C., pt. 2, 12-14-01[

A second Fox News report notes:      

     "An Israeli-based company called Amdocs Ltd. ... generates the computerized
     records and billing data for nearly early phone call made in America ... [A second
     Israeli company, Comverse Infosys] provides wiretapping for law enforcement ...
     Adding to the suspicions is the fact that in Israel, Comverse works closely with the
     Israeli government, and under special programs, gets reimbursed up to 50 percent
     of its research and development costs by the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade.
     But investigators within the DEA, INS, and FBI have all told Fox News that to
     pursue or even suggest Israeli spying thorugh Comverse is considered career
     suicide."  [CAMERON, C., pt. 3, 12-14-01]

Cameron's reports about Israeli spying amounted to four in total. He was the first representative of a news organization to also report that scores of Israeli nationals had been rounded up after the September 11 terrorist attack.

In fact, after the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, a vast swirl of disturbing clues about Israeli spying in America began to appear -- however delicately -- in small sections of the mass media. (Most media sources -- overwhelmingly Jewish in control -- censored or ignored the stories. The Fox News articles cited above, for example, were withdrawn, with no explanation, from the company's web site within a week. Fox is owned by non-Jewish, but ardently pro-Israel, Rupert Murdoch). The well-known French magzine Le Monde, the French Online Intelligence Letter, and were among the very, very few in the vanguard of inquiry about Israeli spying in America. However guarded about the implications of the widening Israeli spy story, the Associated Press noted that

     "Authorities have arrested and deported since early last year dozens
     of young Israelis who represented themselves as art students in efforts
     to gain access to restricted buildings and homes, U.S. officials said.
     The Israelis tried to get inside sensitive federal office buildings and the
     homes of government employees, officials said. A draft report from the
     Drug Enforcement Administration -- which first       characterized the
     activities as suspicious -- said the youths' actions 'may well be an
     organized intelligence-gathering activity ... The arrests, made in an
     unspecified  number of major U.S. cities from California to Florida,
     came amid public warnings from U.S. intelligence agencies about
     suspicious behavior by people posing  as Israeli art students and
     'attempting to bypass facility security and enter  federal buildings
     ... A Justice Department official, who also asked not to be  identified,
     and investigators have been aware of some 'alleged linkage' between  
     the students and alleged espionage activities in the United States since
     early  2001, and said authorities have made arrests in Dallas, Chicago,
     San Diego and in South Florida." [BRIDIS, T., 3-6-02, LOS ANGELES TIMES]

These "art students" supposedly had links to the Universal Art Inc. at 10873 NW 52nd St in Sunrise, Florida. Soon after their busts the Sun-Sentinal noted that "there was no sign of a company called Universal Art Inc ... No one answered the door, and several occupants had not heard of the company. The comnpany's officers, Yitzchak Shish and Chava Sagi, are not listed. The were not among those deported ..." [RAIMONDO, J., 3-8-2002]

Le Monde outlined the entire Israel spy story as it then appeared, connecting the Israeli phone companies and the vast spy network to suggest that the Israelis obviously knew of the imminent attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon but did not warn the U.S. government. (This ruthless Machiavellian attitude of course would guarantee a greater American receptivity to Israeli views and needs if America suffered a major terrorist blow). Le Monde, citing Online Intelligence Letter evidence, estimates that about 120 Israeli spies were rounded up in America, echoing on a much larger scale the results of an earlier "secret" investigation "by division 5 of the FBI regarding Israeli phone-tapping targeting the White House, the State Department and the National Security Council." Le Monde contacted Fox News three times asking for a "tape of the broadcast" by Carl Cameron but "it was never done. On February 26, Fox told our correspondent in New York that sending it posed 'a problem,' without being specific." [CYPEL, S., 3-5-02] [online at:]

Le Monde's own investigation further revealed that

     "six of the intercepted 'students' had a cellular phone bought
     by an Israeli  ex-vice-consul in the United States ...
     Five at least were intercepted in Hollywood  [Florida],
     and two in Fort Lauderdale. Hollywood is a town of
     25,000 inhabitants north of Miami, close to Fort Lauderdale.
     At least 10 of the 19 terrorists of 9/11 were residing in Florida ...
Four of the five members of the group that diverted American
     Airlines flight number 11 ... resided all at various times in Hollywood
     Florida  ... This convergence is, inter alia, the origin of the American
     conviction that one of the tasks of the Israeli 'students' would have
     been to track the Al-Qaida terrorists on their territory, without
     informing the federal authorities of the existence of the plot."
     [CYPEL, S., 3-5-2002]

Citing a classified U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) report they had somehow acquired, the Online Intelligence web site names some of the captured Israeli spies: Peer Segalovitz ("military registration number 5087989"), Aran Ofek ("son of a renowned two-star general in the Israeli army"), Michael Calmanovic ("headed up the team in Irving, Texas), Hanan Serfaty (headed the Israeli team in Florida), Legum Yochai (headed the Miami) operation. Spies intercepted a year ago included Yaron Ohana, Ronen Kalfon, Zeev Cohen and Naor Topaz. "The network," wrote Online Intelligence, "targeted some of the most sensitive sites in the U.S., such as Tanker Air Force Base near Oklahoma City." [RAIMONDO, J., 3-8-02] []

As Justin Raimondo notes, citing Online Intelligence material:

     "It seems these 'art students' 'cultivated contacts with Israeli
     information technology compnaies based in the US and serving
     as regular suppliers  to various U.S. federal agencies, such as
' and others. The Fox News  is cited, by Online Intelligence
     and Le Monde, and the former even provides a convenient map of the
     Texas chapter of the 'art students' underground  appareatus, complete
     with not only names, but arrival dates, corporate connections, when and
     where they were arrested, and their specific functions in the Israeli
     military-intelligence apparatus. How much more evidence do we need
     before the editorialists and the pundits start calling government
     officials on their lies -- and Congres begins an investigation?"
     [RAIMONDO, J., 3-8-2002]

Amidst the many resultant US and Israeli government denials and cover-up about this gigantic Israeli spy story, the Intelligence Online organization's spokesman Guillaume Dasquie announced that

     "It seems irresponsible for us to publish it, but if the denials go on,
     we could put the report on our Internet site and in so doing possibly
     blacken the names of the people most exposed ... The document we
     have [the DEA report] we details not only the identities of the members
     of this network, but also their activities in the Israeli army, and even their
     serial numbers in the intelligence services, their passport numbers and
     their validity, and their visas and their validity."
     [RAIMONDO, J., 3-8-2002]
Among those under suspicion as an Israeli spy in the heart of American government in earlier years was Howard Teicher, a (Jewish) National Security Council adviser. "Middle East experts in the State Department," noted John Walcott of the Wall Street Journal, "the NSC staff and some Washington think tanks conducted a tireless whispering campaign against him, intimating that he was an Israeli agent." "Teicher's life resembled that of tens of thousands of other young American Jews," says the Jerusalem Post with no sense of irony in the implications of that  statement, "... [He] had a bar mitzva, went to Camp Ramah, spent a summer in Israel at age 17, learned Hebrew in high school and then in college worked in the fish pond at kibbutz Neveh Or [in Israel]."  [RODAN, 1994, p. 18]

Then, in 2001, there is the mysterious three paragraph article from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz about Robert Philip Hanssen, an American FBI agent turned Russian spy who represented "one of the worst cases of espionage in the history of the United States." The Haaretz headline proclaimed Israeli Angle in U.S. Spy Case Causes Worry in Jerusalem, and then noted that "the recent confrontation between the United States and Russia over the serious espionage case involving FBI agent Robert Philip Hanssen has an Israel angle. This has been the subject of concern at the highest political and security echelons in Jerusalem in the past few days." [BENN, A., 4-4-01] The article explains nothing else at all about the dimensions of this "Israeli angle," nor has any other media source ever taken up the story.

Fox News had addressed the subject of Israeli spies in America after the September 11 terrorist attacks:

     "Since September 11, more than 60 Israelis have been arrested
     or detained, either under the new patriot anti-terrorist law,
     or for immigration violations. A handful  of active Israeli military
     were among those detained, according to investigators, who say
     some of the detainees also failed polygraph questions when asked
     about alleged surveillance activities against and in the United States.
     There is no indication that the Israelis were involved in the 9/11 attacks,
     but investigators suspect that the Israelis may have gathered intelligence
     about the attacks in advance, and not shared it. A highly placed
     investigator said there are 'tie-ins' ... Numerous classified documents
     obtained by Fox News indicate that even prior to September 11,
     as many as 140 other Israelis had been deatined or arrested in a secretive
     and sprawling investigation into suspected espionage by Israelis in the
     United States." [CAMERON, C.,  pt. 1, 12-14-2001]
What about the aforementioned CIA head John Deutch (and perhaps others in his circle) as a very strong candidate for the Jewish-Israeli "Mega" club? In 2000, a troubling story about him began to hit the newsstands, revolving around an incident that happened as he was leaving his CIA post in 1996. Deutch, who became Director of the CIA after leaving his position as Deputy Secretary of Defense, was caught with 1,700 pages of CIA documents -- many secret, and classified -- on his home computer, one that had also been a visitor to "high-risk" Internet pornography sites. Members in Congress were not informed of Deutch's security lapses until 1998 and not until the year 2000 did all this come under public scrutiny. And he was afforded top-level Pentagon security clearance until late 1999.
Deutch was known to be a problem earlier in his career when it came to secret information. "According to a knowledgeable official who asked not be identified," noted the (New Jersey) Record, "while Deutch was serving as a senior Defense Department official [the number two in command] in the early 1990s, he failed a polygraph test about his handling of classified materials. The official said Pentagon security officers were concerned because Deutch took highly classified material home with him, but his security clearances were not revoked or downgraded." [THE RECORD, 2-5-2000, p. A6]
An investigation of Deutch's information cache was undertaken by the CIA Inspector General. The IG report, noted the New York Times, "disclosed that just three days after Mr. Deutch learned that his computer practices were under review, he deleted more than 1,000 classified files from his personal computers. The report also says that Mr. Deutch declined to be interviewed by the CIA's security officials." [RISEN, J., 2-12-2000]  Deutch had been taking secret CIA information home for years. As the Times notes, "according to the IG report, "Mr. Deutch used unclassified MacIntosh computers for classified work through his tenure as director. He chose not to conduct sensitive work on the classified computer system at the CIA because he said he was afraid the other CIA officials would see what he was writing, according to the report." [RISEN, J., 2-12-2000]
"This is strange behavior, very suspicious," remarked the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Shelby, about Deutch's actions, "It's unprecedented, to my knowledge." [THE RECORD, 2-5-2000]
The CIA investigators, noted a European paper, "became so frustrated at the limits imposed on them that they concluded senior [CIA] officials were protecting Mr. Deutch and wanted to wash their hands of the case." [BRANSON, L., 2-2-2000, p. 12] "Mr. Deutch," said the New York Times, "refused to be interviewed by the security staff and senior CIA officials allowed him to avoid being questioned." [RISEN, J.] A number of media members began calling Deutch's case a "cover-up." The CIA didn't report Deutch's misdeeds to the Justice Department for over a year. The CIA's Inspector General only did so in 1998 "after an agency employee complained to the Inspector General's office that the inquiry had not been properly handled." [RISEN, J., 2-12-2000] The Justice Department declined to prosecute the former Director of the CIA.
The Deutch revelation, remarked a Scottish paper, "is particularly embarrassing in the light of the high profile case of Los Alamos scientist Wen Ho Lee, who is being held in jail without bail. He is suspected of transferring secrets from the nuclear research base to the Chinese. The charges against him so far are for exactly what Mr. Deutch did: transferring files from work to his home computer." [BRANSON, L., 2-2-2000, p. 12] Like Deutch, there was no hard evidence that Lee passed along information to a foreign government, but Lee languished in solitary confinement 23 hours a day as a suspected spy (imprisoned for taken classified work home), while Deutch merely had his clearances to enter CIA and Pentagon databases taken away.
It was even discovered that Deutch had helped a CIA official, Nora Slatkin, get a job as a vice-president at CITIBANK while she was working on the investigation of his breach of security case. [RISEN, J., 2-12-2000, p. A10] In recent years Deutch has been a professor at MIT and an adviser to weapons companies. He was paid over $240,000, for example, in 1998-99 as a non-employee director at Raytheon and member of that company's board of governors. [MCLAUGHLIN, T., 3-30-2000, p. 25] As Bill Clinton left the White House in 2001, Clinton granted Deutch a full pardon, surprising the CIA even as it continued its investigation.

In 1999, Iran tersely rejected the formal protests lodged by the French minister of France "that the arrest [of 13 Iranian] Jews [on accusations of spying for Israel] was intolerable." The ambassador "summoned the Iranian ambassador [in France] to express France's anger." [INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, 6-22-99, p. 4] This small item meriting international attention and formal French "outrage" bears further scrutiny. Most such news reports on the subject neither itemized the charges against the Jews, nor evidence for or against them. As always, the reportage of such an occasion, with no context whatsoever, merely encourages the reader to absorb between the lines evidence of yet another case of endemic, irrational anti-Semitism. This time from Iran. Yet there are strong historical contexts and precedents for such accusation. Israel's Mossad was long prominent in the former Iranian Shah's secret police network (See later chapter). As recently as March 1998 too, three Mossad agents made the news after trying to bug a Muslim activist's home in London. Only a few days later another four Israeli spy members were arrested in Switzerland after bugging another Lebanese Muslim's home. These incidents, and the failed attempt to assassinate an anti-Israel Hamas official in Jordan, forced the head of Mossad, Danny Yatom, to resign. [MAHNAIMI, U., 1998]
And there has always been widespread Israeli spying on Arab countries, using Israeli Jews who originally came from those very lands. Take for example, Israel's original spying unit on Arabs called Shin Mem 18, [BLACK/MORRIS, p. 43] created for the "infiltration and implantation of Israeli agents in Arab countries." [BLACK/MORRIS, p. 43]

Or take for example the case of Yolande Harmer, "born in Egypt to a Turkish-Jewish mother," who" posed as a journalist in her home country and took "on a succession of lovers, some of them simultaneously, mostly from Egypt's rich and powerful and from the foreign diplomatic corps in Cairo." [BLACK/MORRIS, p. 61]
In 1998, the Times of London noted the profoundly ruthless and dedicated degree that Israeli espionage can go. In a newly-discovered story, the paper revealed that "members of an Israeli undercover unit in the 1950s went so far as to marry Muslim women and have children by them to ward off suspicion ... The unit was designed for long-term espionage. Its members, Sephardim from a variety of Arab countries, were taught to speak in Palestinian accents ... Ironically, because they had been so rigorously taught the Koran, some became teachers, which gave them perfect cover for spying." [WALKER, C., 9-30-98]   (So, when seemingly ridiculous Polish communist-era "antisemitic and anti-Zionist propaganda" proclaimed that "Jews had been instructed by their 'world center' command post to marry Polish girls in order to gain influence over the population and thus be able to pursue their subversive and espionage activities more effectively," what are we to reasonably think of it? [CHEMCINSKI, M., 1982, p. 217]
Other Israeli spying units (later blending into today's Mossad) using indigenous Arab-speaking Jews included Shai (the Arab Division of the Jewish Agency political department) and Palmach's "Arab Platoon." In the 1950s an Israeli spy, Major Avraham Dar, "recruited a group of Egyptian Jewish youngsters and set up underground [Zionist] cells in Cairo and Alexandria." [BLACK/MORRIS, p. 108]  In 1954 "the [Jewish] Egyptian network embarked on its bombing spree ... [However] a bomb went off prematurely in the pocket of one of the group, Philip Natanson, as he was about to enter the Rio Cinema in Alexandria. Natanson was arrested and that night the Egyptian security police arrested the rest of the network: Dr. Moshe Marzuk, Shmuel Azzar, Marcelle Ninio, Victor Levi, Robert Dassa, Meir Za'afran, Meir Meynhas, Eli Ya'akov, and Azzar Cohen." [BLACK/MORRIS, p. 111]
Quite possibly echoing the recent Jewish-Iranian spy accusation, Israeli intelligence "activated a wide range of European contacts to try to improve the treatment or obtain the release of the Cairo defendants. Among those approached were French parliamentarians such as Coure de Marville and Daniel Maier and leading British and French lawyers." [BLACK/MORRIS, p. 113]  The West German government was even persuaded to act on behalf of one of the Israeli spies, Max Binnet, recognizing his questionable German citizenship. "After his death," note Ian Black and Benny Morris, "in a rare piece of inter-Arab intelligence cooperation, the Iraqis informed Cairo that Binnet ... had been mentioned in the 1951 Mossad ring trial in Baghdad [regarding]  the extensive spy network that had operated in Iraq and Iran." [BLACK/MORRIS, p. 113]  In 1965, in another situation, Eli Cohn, born and raised in Egypt, was the "first Israeli spy caught and executed as an Israeli." [BLACK/MORRIS, p. 48]
In Morocco, in the 1950s "hundreds of Jewish volunteers were mobilized in a Mossad-led Jewish self-defense organization." [BLACK/MORRIS, p. 176] "Over 100 [Jewish Moroccans] went abroad -- mostly to Israel -- for military training, though some were trained in Morocco itself: cells and 'units' were organized in the main towns (eventually there were twelve local units); arms were bought and dispensed in underground caches ... The members were trained in the uses of pistols, sub-machine guns and knives. At its height [the Jewish Moroccan secret cell] had 600 members (and in Algeria and Tunisia, another 600 altogether)." [MORRIS/BLACK, p. 176]
Zionist intrigue in Eastern Europe? From the early years of the Israeli state, note Ian Black and Benny Morris, "new Jewish immigrants [to Israel] from behind the Iron Curtain, Israeli diplomatic missions, and Jewish communities in Eastern Europe all served as valuable sources of intelligence." [BLACK/MORRIS, p. 136]
In response to French parliamentary speaker Laurent Fabius' recent call to release the imprisoned Iranian Jews before a trial, Iran's Tehran Times responded, saying that "Mr. Fabius is probably under the influence of Zionists." [AGENCE PRESSE FRANCE, 7-3-99]  Fabius too is of Jewish heritage.

1999's White House coddling of the Jewish lobbying empire and international Zionist spy networks included the Islamic nation of Iran. The (Jewish) Forward noted that "At last weekends G-7 talks in Germany, President Clinton asked the Japanese government to refrain from approving their third loan installment of $820 million to Iran until the 13 [Jewish] prisoners are freed." [SPENCE]  These 13 Iranian Jews, arrested and accused by Iran of spying for Israel (7 non-Jews arrested in the alleged ring are rarely mentioned in the Western press), had not even been yet been brought to trial to prove their guilt or innocence, yet the American president was an active lobbyist for Jewish/Israeli interests to ignore Iranian sovereignty and demand, pre-trial, all the suspects' categorical freedom. Jewish American National Security Adviser Sandy Berger wrote a formal letter to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations assuring them that the President planned to "seek international assistance" in freeing the 13. The Jerusalem Post noted the dimensions of international Jewish activism about the issue, noting that an Israeli "Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Israel had approached practically every country with which it had diplomatic relations and asked help for seeking the release of the Iranian Jews." [KUTTLER, 6-18-1999]
Iranian officials even revealed that some of the accused Jewish prisoners had confessed that they spied for Israel. Nonetheless, U.S. Secretary or State Madeline Albright announced that "We have made this very clear that this is an unacceptable trial. There is absolutely no reason for them to brought up on espionage charges." A prominent Iranian religious leader, Mohammed Emami Kashani, responded to Albright, saying, "You are a political leader, not a judicial official ... There are international laws. Relations between the countries are based on laws ... Woman, you who are Secretary of State, on what logic have you based your remarks? On what basis?" [AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE, 10-22-99]
Years earlier, as context for understanding such an international Jewish pressure campaign, we may look to Morocco. In 1960 an Israeli-sponsored "underground military cell" (as two Jewish scholars describe it), consisting of about 600 people, was exposed among Jews in that Arab land. Many were arrested. Israel then "foreswore secret diplomacy," notes Ian Black and Benny Morris, "and launched a widespread public campaign on behalf of Moroccan Jewry. U.S. President John Kennedy sent a personal message to King Muhammad; a group of American Congressmen threatened to table a bill to stop U.S. aid to Morocco unless the "persecution" stopped. French President Charles de Gaulle was also mobilized to exert pressure on [Morocco's capital] Rabat." [BLACK/MORRIS, p. 179]  The imprisoned Jews were eventually released. The head of Israel's Mossad, Isser Harel, wrote at the time that "there is no doubt that the [Moroccan] King's and the interior minister's latest steps are a result of our actions and our information campaign around the world." [BLACK/MORRIS, p. 179]

A discussion of the large number of Jewish spies for Soviet communism, and Jewish dominance of that movement,
may be found HERE.

The above excerpts are from various chapters in: When Victims Rule. A Critique of Jewish Pre-eminence in America.

The bibliography for the above may be found HERE.

The Jonathan Jay Pollard Spy Case,
by Denise Noe, Crime Library

Trust No One: The Secret World of Sidney Reilly,

"The man best known as Sidney George Reilly-although he used many names-spent his life in the shadows of international intrigue and counted among his legion of allies, accomplices and victims the likes of Winston Churchill, the mysterious Basil Zaharoff and Boris Savinkov. Usually portrayed as a master spy, Reilly's real exploits exceeded anything credited to Fleming's fictional Bond. The son of a Polish Jewish family in Imperial Russia, he early embarked on an amazing, daring and often bewildering career which led him to assume the personas of an Anglo-Irish gentleman, an international arms-merchant and a Bolshevik commissar among many others. He was a slightly different person to every man who knew him and every woman who loved him. But Reilly was as much a cunning master criminal as secret agent, amassing a fortune by the ruthless bartering of influence and information. He was used and feared by capitalists and commissars alike. Was he a dedicated anti-communist, the Soviet's first "mole," or simply a bold and unscrupulous con man?"

Double trouble,
by Yossi Melman, Ha'aretz (Israel), January 22, 2003
"In Israel, too, all the units that run agents - in the Shin Bet security service, in the intelligence wing of the Israel Defense Forces and in the Mossad - also try to observe this secrecy rigorously. However, in recent years, discipline has been growing lax and the names of a number of agents have become public knowledge. This began at the end of the 1980s, with hints that Rafat Ali al-Gamal, an Egyptian citizen who pretended to be a Jew and immigrated to Israel at the behest of Egyptian intelligence, was exposed by the Shin Bet, became a double agent and turned into one of the best operatives in the intelligence community. Later it was revealed that King Hussein of Jordan had met secretly with then prime minister Golda Meir at the end of September, 1973, and warned her of the approaching war with Egypt and Syria. Hussein was not an Israeli agent (in his youth, during the 1950s and the 1960s, he was a paid agent of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, as were other leaders of Third World countries). His secret meetings with Israeli leaders sprang from his understanding of his own interests and those of his kingdom. But he definitely was a 'source,' an 'intelligence asset' and what is called in professional jargon 'an agent of influence.' Later on, following the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in November, 1995, there were those who leaked that Avishai Raviv was a Shin Bet agent and also revealed his code name "Champagne," which his runners used in the missions to aid him in infiltrating the coteries of the extreme right. Now for the first time, the Egyptian media, a month ago, has revealed what it calls one of the most important assets the Mossad had in Egypt: the source who confirmed in October, 1973 that a war was in the offing. A month ago, newspapers in Egypt raised the question of whether Dr. Ashraf Marwan, a businessman who is the son-in-law of President Gamal Abdel Nasser, was an Israeli agent. In Israel, the name of the agent has never been exposed and, in the discussion surrounding his activities, he is referred to as a 'senior agent' operated by the Mossad in Egypt, who supplied Israel with important information including that regarding the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War. The person behind the debate is Dr. Ahron (Roni) Bregman, who has been living in Britain for many years and was involved several years ago in the production of a BBC television series to mark Israel's Jubilee ... Dr. Ashraf Marwan was born in 1944, the son of a respected Egyptian family who studied in England and married Muna, Nasser's third daughter, in the 1960s. The marriage brought him close to the president's innermost circle. He was given the status and title of roving ambassador, and set out on delicate diplomatic missions around the world. In the media of the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s, he was mentioned as having served as bureau chief for the presidency, and sometimes it was even noted that he was the coordinator on behalf of the president with the Egyptian intelligence services. According to these same sources, the senior agent was recruited by Israel apparently in 1969. The surprising thing is that the agent volunteered his services. One day, he walked into the Israeli Embassy in Kensington in London and offered to provide information. The mission of running him, according to these sources, was given to the Mossad. It is possible to assume that a thorough background check of him was conducted. ... ... The Mossad ... believed that the agent was not a double agent, and that before the Yom Kippur war, he delivered the goods for which he was recruited and run."

Trust No One: The Secret World of Sidney Reilly,

"The man best known as Sidney George Reilly-although he used many names-spent his life in the shadows of international intrigue and counted among his legion of allies, accomplices and victims the likes of Winston Churchill, the mysterious Basil Zaharoff and Boris Savinkov. Usually portrayed as a master spy, Reilly's real exploits exceeded anything credited to Fleming's fictional Bond. The son of a Polish Jewish family in Imperial Russia, he early embarked on an amazing, daring and often bewildering career which led him to assume the personas of an Anglo-Irish gentleman, an international arms-merchant and a Bolshevik commissar among many others. He was a slightly different person to every man who knew him and every woman who loved him. But Reilly was as much a cunning master criminal as secret agent, amassing a fortune by the ruthless bartering of influence and information. He was used and feared by capitalists and commissars alike. Was he a dedicated anti-communist, the Soviet's first "mole," or simply a bold and unscrupulous con man?"

Mossad, Mossad – Coming soon to a town near you!,
Baloochistan Post (Pakistan), May 13, 2002
"In a fascinating plot, full of intrigue and betrayal, Mossad, RAW and Israeli-Russian-Ukrainian drug mafia seem to have joined hands to catch the ultimate prize: The Entire World. The whole story may never be available but we have put together enough pieces to give you a fair idea of what may be in store for all of us ... What the [Mossad] statement and the poster omit to mention is that the newly recruited case officers will be assigned to Central Asia, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. Recruitment drive for case officers was a part of a larger campaign run by Mossad between April 2001 and July 2001. During this period, Mossad sought to recruit case officers, communication specialists, linguists, electronics and computer specialists and entry level operatives (age 22-28) ... During last couple of years it has begun paying special attention to Pakistan, Iran and Central Asia ... In April 2001, the Mossad published a 'help wanted' ad in the Israeli press seeking electronics engineers and computer scientists for the Mossad technology unit. Since most Mossad operatives come from hi tech fields, they do the most natural thing when they leave Mossad i.e. they launch a start up company in IT, communications, computers and other related fields. The 'Or' of this story launched a successful company after leaving Mossad and his company is now reputedly worth US $ 15 million and employs more than 70 highly qualified personnel. Such persons usually move their operations to foreign countries and besides making tons of money, continue serving their motherland in hi tech fashion. Since most former operatives of Mossad are hi tech specialists, it is not difficult for them to launch a start up company and make it successful on its merit alone. While spreading out into Central Asia, Pakistan and Iran, these operatives are likely to arrive with proposals for companies which deal with IT solutions, software engineering, computer and electronics hardware expertise, communications and other related fields ... Janes information group, the world's foremost source on intelligence information, reported in July 2001 that 'The Indian spy agency RAW and the Israeli spy agency Mossad have created 'four new agencies' to infiltrate Pakistan to target important religious and military personalities, journalists, judges, lawyers and bureaucrats. In addition, bombs would be exploded in trains, railway stations, bridges, bus stations, cinemas, hotels and mosques of rival Islamic sects to incite sectarianism. Pakistani intelligence agencies also said that RAW had constituted a plan to lure Pakistani men between 20 and 30 years of age to visit India so that they could be entrapped 'in cases of fake currency and subversion' and then be coerced to spy for India' ... What is clear right now is that Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad are collaborating extensively to curb the freedom movement of Kashmir and destabilize Pakistan ... Under the euphemism of 'counter-terrorism', India is allowing Israel to establish a huge spy establishment in India which will, interalia, unearth and monitor 'Islamic fundamentalist' individuals and groups for elimination by extra judicial process or by cold-blooded murder and kidnapping ... One of the greatest abilities of Mossad is that it can mobilize US resources anywhere to protect Israeli interests. Now when Pakistan has already allowed US forces to use its soil, air and intelligence, is not it possible that Mossad’s clever brains workout a scenario and push the American troops to do what the Mossad would like to do in Pakistan? Think about it."

Mossad's chief gets agency set for action,
Washington Times, February 10, 2003
"The Mossad, Israel's shadowy counterintelligence agency, is revving up for a relentless campaign against what its tough-minded chief, Meir Dagan, regards as the most serious threats to the Jewish state — large-scale terrorism perpetrated by regional extremists, and danger they may acquire weapons of mass destruction. The campaign will be waged by means of state-of-the-art intelligence-gathering equipment, including space satellites, which have been launched independently by Israel, as well as shrewdly executed operations by agents able to avoid compromising themselves or implicating their handlers. Mr. Dagan's strategy has filtered beyond Mossad's top-secret headquarters, but the precise tactics may never become known. Even if they are deduced, described or revealed by parties at the scenes of impact, Israeli officials will neither confirm them nor accept responsibility. Like his political patron and wartime commander — Prime Minister Ariel Sharon — Mr. Dagan, who was born Meir Huberman in 1945, is relatively fond of using biblical writ, partly because Hebrew is his native language and because his generation was taught to identify with the ancient Israelites. ... Amir Oren, military and intelligence analyst for the daily Ha'aretz, said, "Twelve years ago, after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, then-Capt. Dagan ... initiated far-reaching operations deep inside Iraq' ... By the late 1990s, when he served as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's adviser on counterterrorism, Mr. Dagan implemented Israel's 'targeted killings' of suspected terrorists by hand-held weapons, air-to-ground missiles, explosive charges set off by remote-control devices and other lethal means ... Israel's adventures in Lebanon are almost as much a trauma for Mr. Dagan as they have been for Mr. Sharon. Their frustrating experiences there are cited by Ha'aretz's Mr. Oren. 'Mr. Sharon expects Mr. Dagan to infuse the Mossad with heavy doses of aggressiveness, duplicity and fiendishness,' he wrote in Ha'aretz. 'These have been Mr. Dagan's personal characteristics throughout his career.'"

Soviet Mata Hari. That was she who stole US nuclear secrets,
Pravda (Russisa), February 12, 2003
"Yelizaveta Zarubina realized dozens of fruitful operations [as a Russian spy], recruited hundreds of sources. She new 6 languages, and was a person of great culture and simply a beautiful women who attracted men. At the same time she was modest, even shy. In the USSR, she was the only foreigner who rose to the rank of KGB colonel. The name of Yelizaveta Zarubina became known after World War II, when the US press published some unclassified archive documents. At the same time, some versions appeared which disclosed sensational details of the Soviet intelligence operations in the US during WW II. In the 1990s, when memoirs of some intelligence workers were published, the role of Yelizaveta Zarubina in obtaining US nuclear bomb secrets became known. In particular, she established contacts with Robert Oppenheimer, before he became the leader of the Manhattan Project. Today, Russian intelligence still cannot declassify the original file of Yelizaveta Zarubina: her activity was really very large-scale. Though, in the museum of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, there is an exposure of Yelizaveta Zarubina. In official publications, some details of her biography are either inexact, or they are absent at all. Information about her is kept in closed party archives. So, who was Yelizaveta Zarubina (Rosenzweig), called in our story Soviet Mata Hari? She was born in North Bukovina, which was a part of Austrian-Hungarian Empire and belonged after WW II to Romania. She was philologist and fluently spoke Romanian, Russian, English, French, and German. Among her relatives, there were prominent political and military figures who suffered from Stalin’s repressive measures because of their independent views or Jewish origin. Liza started to work for intelligence since 1919. She worked for some time in the secretariat of Soviet intelligence founder Felix Dzerzinski. Her first husband was famous Blumkin, who worked for Russian Special Commission and participated in annihilation of German ambassador Mirbach in 1918. Moreover, Blumkin was a key figure in the conspiracy of the Socialist-Revolutionist Party (SR) against Vladimir Lenin. Later Blumkin came cap in hand to Dzerzinski, was excused, and started to work for the Special Commission (ChK). In 1929, Blumkin was the head of an illegal intelligence group in Turkey. Fulfilling the Soviet government orders, he sold Hasid [Jewish ultra-Orthodox] books from special funds of Lenin State Library. The money was aimed for creation of a diversion terrorist unit to fight against Great Britain in the Middle East. Blumkin kept some part of money and handed it over to Lev Trotsky. Moreover, he was a kind of messenger between him and his supporters in the USSR. When Liza learned these facts, she reported them to the ChK leadership, and Blumkin was arrested. Now Liza was single again. A charming girl, she easily established contacts in different circles and gathered necessary information. For her service purposes, she often changed her appearance. Several years after her divorce, she married Vasily Zarubin, professional secret service man. Since 1929, the couple started to prepare for illegal work in France, where they lived as the Kocheks, Czech merchants. The couple became legal in Denmark, then they go to France. Some of their French contacts are still not opened, and some of them are probably still actual. Some contacts, for example that ones in German diplomatic corps in Paris, were actively used later, when fascist came to power. Since December 1933, the Zarubins acted in the Hitler Reich. That were they who recruited the Gestapo worker, Willy Lehman (nick 'Breinbach'), who became a Soviet intelligence agent ... The legendary Soviet spy woman died in 1987 as an aged woman, as a result of an accident."

Israeli Spies Aided Feds In Readying 'Jihad' Case Mossad Key On Al-Arian, [Jewish] Forward, February 28, 2003
"Intelligence supplied by Israel played a key role in the indictment last week of University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian on charges that he is a leader of the Islamic Jihad Palestinian terrorist group, the Forward has learned. An FBI delegation traveled to Israel late last year to collect intelligence obtained by Israel during the mid-1990s, a former top counterterrorist official said on condition of anonymity. 'The evidence the U.S. government has is intelligence, much of it from the Israeli government, relating to 1994 — when the Mossad had a penetration of [Islamic Jihad] headquarters in Damascus,' the official said. 'Much of the intelligence was turned over to the FBI on a recent visit to Israel.' The FBI and the Justice Department would not comment. Jonathan Peled, a spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, acknowledged that Israel was cooperating with American authorities, although he said he did not have specific knowledge about the Al-Arian case or of the FBI visit. Matthew Levitt, a former FBI official now with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a pro-Israel think tank, acknowledged that 'Israel has every reason to be very forthcoming' on Islamic Jihad and that he had 'heard about' the FBI trip. However, he stressed that 'there was no reason to assume that the indictment was not mostly based on U.S. intelligence and police work,' essentially phone and fax wiretaps started in 1994. Al-Arian, a tenured computer engineering professor at the University of South Florida, was charged with racketeering along with seven other people. In a 50-count indictment unsealed last Thursday in Tampa, prosecutors accused the eight men of conspiring since 1984 to support Islamic Jihad by helping finance and organize suicide bombings in Israel. It is the first time an indictment is centered on terrorist acts committed abroad."

[Author Neal Sher "is a Washington attorney and former director of the Office of Special Investigations in the Justice Department. He is also a former executive director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee." Sher's "personal memoir" below makes it look like he was rather tight with the Israeli spy world.]
Isser Harel: A personal memoir,
by Neal M. Sher, Jewish World Review, March 5, 2003
"The people of Israel indeed, Jews the world over have lost a genuine hero. Last month, Isser Harel, the world-renowned spymaster and one of the founders of the Mossad, died in Tel Aviv. Best known for planning and executing the extraordinary capture of Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires in 1960 a feat which made the whole world take notice of Israel's ingenuity and capabilities Harel's contribution to the security of the fledgling State of Israel cannot be overstated. As anyone who knew him or worked with him will attest, he was, despite his diminutive size, a giant. I am among the privileged who had an opportunity to work with or, to be accurate, be counseled by the legendary Harel. In 1985, as the director of the Justice Department's Office of Special Investigations, I headed the US team charged with searching for the infamous Josef Mengele (in concert with the Israelis and Germans.) My first order of business was to seek the advice of the man who had orchestrated the most daring of Nazi hunts ... I MADE a point of meeting with Harel whenever I visited Israel; he was as interested in the work of OSI as I was to soak up his insights on the current state of affairs. During our regular lunches at the Triana restaurant in Tel Aviv, I realized that I was in the company of a larger-than-life hero of our people ... Rest in peace, my friend. You have served your nation and people well."

Israel quietly playing key spy role,
New York Daily News, March 29, 2003
"From a spy satellite orbiting overhead to clandestine operations in western Iraq, Israel is a strong ally in the U.S.-led war against Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. But it's mostly a silent partnership because the Bush administration doesn't want to advertise Israel's help, fearing a backlash among Arab nations - particularly key allies like Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Behind the scenes, however, the Israelis are heavily engaged. Their sophisticated Amos 4 satellite routinely beams data to U.S. intelligence, and Israeli agents in Baghdad have provided extremely sensitive intelligence, sources told the Daily News. Israel has been particularly aggressive in the desert of western Iraq, where its Sayeret Matkal commando force, in tandem with U.S. and Australian special forces, has run covert operations hunting for Scud missile launch sites."

Subject: Saddam is Alive,
by Gordon Thomas, (from
"If [Saddam is] alive, then Bush wants him to face justice in either an American controlled court in Iraq – or a trial in the United States. Paul Wolfowitz, US deputy secretary of defence, has indicated 'this is personal for George – and he wants Saddam to face American justice for his part in 9/11'. Helping Bush achieve that are the hardmen of the intelligence world – Mossad’s spies. Not only have they been the only spies on the ground during the Saddam regime – but they have also played a vital role in the run up to, and during, the war with Iraq. It was their intelligence which enabled Coalition troops to storm up into Baghdad in record time. No other agency is so well-entrenched in the Arab capitals of the region. Now, those agents, under the direction of Mossad chief Meir Dagan, have reinforced the Mossad men already in Iraq. They are part of an operation squad, codenamed Caesarea. Many are Iraqi Jews. 'They can track as well as any Bedouin. They speak the desert dialects. They eat, sleep and behave in every way like an Arab. That is what makes them so unique', one of Dagan’s staff said. Years ago, Mossad had an agent inside the inner circle of Syria’s leadership. The man, Eli Cohen, time and again gave Tel Aviv vital forewarning of a Syrian threat. Rafi Eitan, the former Operations Chief with Mossad, secreted a spy into King Hussein of Jordan’s palace. 'Our man gave us information that no other service had – not the CIA or MI6. Not anybody', Eitan said. Unknown to Saddam, Mossad had an agent within the top echelon of the Iraqi leadership. Last week, the spy managed to plant a homing device in the briefcase of one of Saddam’s top aides when they met for a dinner meeting at the al-Saa restaurant, in Baghdad’s Mansour district. Over thirty of Iraq’s Special Security Organisation and senior military intelligence officers had gathered in the expensive restaurant to hear Saddam speak ... But, with that sixth sense for which he was renowned, Saddam for as yet an unexplained reason became suspicious. He left the restaurant – but ordered everybody else to remain present. Four minutes later, 300,000 feet above the restaurant, US weapons officer Lt-Col Fred Swan programmed the coordinates in his BI bomber."



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