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Ahmed Rami interviewed
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When the Thieves Rule a Country !

There is a set of gripping and extreme difficulties which the countries of the third world and Morocco, in particular, have delayed facing them

At the epoch when I was an officer in the ranks of the "Forces Armes Royales" (Morocco), I roamed the back doors of the Casbah, knew the hallways (coulisses) of power in that country. I was a witness, day in and day out, to facts and problems, our people in Morocco succomb to.

I was not the only witness. Privates, officers, Moroccan generals, and all those who still kept a moral integrity, and a certain honor where lead to revolt against the personal corrupt and stupid power of Hassan II, discovering at close look, the state of corruption and petrification of his regime.

I took part in two military revolts: One in Skhirat ["Little Rocks"] in 1971 and that of 16 August 1972. Both expressed our indignation, our anger, and our revolt faced with the fleecing of our national treasures by the king, his local political prostitutes (lit. translation) and a gang of Jewish profiteers who gravitate around his person.

The privileged formed the legion, and this included even the rank and file of l'Ecole d'Etat-Major of Kenitra, where, by way of example, there was a special class of forty officers, all part of the army branch called "The Ali Baba Class" [allegory here is to "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" of the Arabian Nights, meaning rather than the way the Arabian Nights story goes, in the Moroccan case the forty officers were "thieves"].

However there was a difference with what goes on in the Western world: Morocco did not know much Bank Hold-Ups. What the professional thieves know is that today, in our country, the only source, the surest path, the most rapid, sole stairway to financial success is: le pouvoir [Sultah, Power].

The feudal system (Makhzen) which Hassan II perpetuated anachronically in this very XXieth Century makes generalized corruption a governmental task.

The regime of Hassan II makes our country (meaning Morroco), our people, and our future in mortal danger.

Faced with this real danger, and this defiance, there is one and only one alternative: A radical Islamic revolution, enlighted, intelligent, and tolerant!

There is therefore an urgency and a vital necessity to create an united Islamic Front of Liberation of Morocco.

It is essential not to play to game of the astute Hassan II who wants - inspired by his Jewish councillors - to continue to divide in order to rule!

Ahmed Rami

When mouths are muzzled...

Pour une révolution islamique (French)

Our weakness
We must know that our weakness is Israel's strength.The regimes that are in power in our countries are like dead bodies, our "leaders" are politically finished. Instead of stepping down in honor, they cling bitterly to power and try to drag their peoples along into the precipice.

In the first place, we must conquer tyranny, decadence and corruption in our own hearts and in our countries! Instead of giving up, we must work seriously to create the economic, political, military and social conditions for the future victory of the Justice.

The future belongs to the forces of Islam. The Hezbullah, Hamas and the Jihad are the Islamic response to the Zionist challenge. The Islam began in the 6th century as a cultural, and spiritual movement against the superpowers of that time.

The military strength of the Islam grew as a consequence of its spiritual strength. Today, capitulating before the jewish arrogance is not a solution; it is betraying the future generations.
If we can not create victory today, we muste not create defeat ourselves. The least We can do is to capitulate without resisting.

Any "solution" violently extorted, any unjust "peace" (capitulation) will be rejected by the future generations. The only real solution of the Palestinian question lies in the return of the Palestinian people to their fatherland.

= Nos voleurs!
Il y a des problèmes extrêmes où nous nous debattons et que nous avons trop tardé à regarder en face. A la différence des pays occidentaux, nos "pays musulmans" ne connaissent que peu de hold-up de banques. C'est que les voleurs d'envergure savent qu'aujourd'hui, dans nos pays, la source d'enrichissement la plus sûre, la plus rapide, la seule à vrai dire, est le pouvoir. À titre d´exemple : le systeme féodal (makhzen) - qui n´a rien à voir avec l´Islam - que Hassan II a pérpétué anachroniquement au Maroc en plein XXe siècle - fait de la corruption généralisée un systhème de gouvernement.

Le régime de Hassan II constitue, pour notre pays, pour notre peuple et pour notre avenir un danger mortel réel.
Face à ce danger et à son défi, il n y a, devant nous, qu´une seule alternative et une seule réponse: une révolution islamique radicale, éclairée, intelligente, tolérante et liberatrce!
En Islam, la liberté est la régle et l´interdit est l´exception.

Il s´impose donc urgence et nécessité vitale de créer un Front Islamique uni pour la Liberation du Maroc.
Les grands ne sont grands que parce que nous sommes à genoux. Levons-nous!

Ahmed Rami

 Ahmed Rami,

Ahmed Rami, founder of the radio station: RADIO ISLAM  


When treason reigns, and mischief overhelms, and mouths are muzzled, there is nothing one can do except what Khalid al-Islambuli and his brothers did.

Khalid al-Islambuli, the people's spear in the heart of treason, the thunder of anger in an environment of submission and lack of championship. He is a torch in the gutter of silence, and the cry of truth in the face of the despots.

Peace be upon thee the day the first bullet hit the chest of the despot and overthrew the throne: He was soaking in his blood, and you took revenge for Egypt and all the muslims.

Peace be upon thee when you fell, a martyr, reverbating from the deep earth your last Adieus...

Ahmed Rami ( from Ahmed Rami´s book "Ett liv för frihet")



Quant les voleurs, les hypocrites et les traîtres gouvernent un pays...

Quand les libertés sont bafouées...

Quand la trahison règne...

Quand la corruption la décadence et l´injustice devient système de gouvernement...

Et quand les bouches sont muselées...

Alors, il ne reste plus à faire que ce que Khalid al-Islambuli et ses frères ont fait.

Khalid al-Islambuli, la lance du peuple contre le coeur de la trahison, le grondement de la colère dans un monde de soumission. Martyre, il demeure la torche éternelle dans les tésnébres du silence et de la lacheté, et le cri de la vérité face aux tyrans et aux dictaturs corropues qui poluent ce monde.

Gloire à toi pour le jour où tu tiras la première balle contre la poitrine du traître despote et renversa son trône vengeant l'Egypte et toute la nation islamique.

La paix soit sur toi le jour où, exerçant ton devoir sacré, tu tombas martyr, faisant raisonner tes derniers adieux du plus profond de la terre...

Les "grands" ne sont "grands" que parce que nous sommes à genoux !


Ahmed Rami (extrait de son livre "Ett live för frihet")


Khalid Al-Islambuli
In the court cell at the trial in which he was sentenced to death
for the assassination of the enemy of God, Anwar Saddat.

Khalid Al-Islambuli

Dans la cellule de tribunal, au procès pendant lequel il fut condamné

à mort pour l'execution de l'ennemi de Dieu, Anwar Saddat.