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  Information on Radio Islam

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  Islam and the Islamic World

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  Zionism and the Palestine Question

Information about the ongoing Zionist war waged against the peoples of Palestine and the Middle East, and Zionism´s totalitarian and racist backgrounds.

Please see new - updated section. The articles below are from before update.

  Zionist strategies

The Jews are implementing their religious duties according to the Jewish Bible, the Torah, and the International Zionist Movement is their prime instrument. During the years their strategies at times have been revealed, often by themselves. Studying these strategies one realizes the degree of cynicism and the powerhunger of these fundamentalists. Studying Zionist strategies also aids in understanding and predicting their present schemes and plots against World Peace.

Please see new - updated section. The articles below are from before update.

  Israel´s Weapons of Mass Destruction

While the Zionist infiltrated and Jew-owned medias in the West are portraying a "Muslim" global threat, the Jewish state of Israel continues to fill its depots with the most horrendous of weapons, without any insight and restriction, targeting these weapons against some of the biggest civilian population centers in the world.

Please see new - updated section. The articles below are from before update.

"We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force. Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: 'Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.' I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible. Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under."

- Martin van Creveld, Professor of military history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. in an interview in the Dutch weekly magazine: Elsevier, 2002, no. 17, p. 52-53.

  Zionism´s historical roots

As Judaism is deeply racist, implemented Judaism in the form of Zionism, is logically a racist and anti-humanitarian movement. Understanding Zionism of today one has to acquire knowledge of Zionism´s history; its historical roots, former and present alliances and methods.

Please see new - updated section. The articles below are from before update.

Anti-Zionist Jews like Alfred Lilienthal and Israel Shahak have published several interesting works on Zionism and Israel.

Excerpts from Alfred Lilienthal´s famous book "The Zionist Connection II":

"Jewish History, Jewish Religion" - Israel Shahak´s revealing book on Jewish history and Judaism´s racist traditions:

"Open Secrets: Israeli Nuclear and Foreign Policies" - Excerpts from Israel Shahak´s book on Israel´s nuclear strategies for the Middle East:

  Zionist Massacres

The land of Palestine could never have been conquered by the Zionist war criminals, had it not been for the long series of massacres they perpetrated.

Please see new - updated section. The articles below are from before update.

  Zionist Terrorism

The Zionists are leading a war of terrorism against their opponents, using organisations such as Mossad, the Anti-Defamation League, Betar-Tagar, the Jewish Defense League.

Please see new - updated section. The articles below are from before update.

  Jews and Crime

"The Jewish Almanac" (Bantam Boooks, 1980, page 58) writes: "It would not be an exaggeration to say that their [the Jewish Gangsters] influence on organized crime in the United States during the 1920´s and 1930´s rivaled, if not exceeded, that of their Italian counterparts."
The Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky was a major economic supporter of Zionism and Israel, just like todays Jewish oligarchs from Russia, and ADL has given its "Torch of Liberty Award" to Jewish mafioso Morris “Moe” Dalitz.

In this section we deal with the little known fact of Jewish involvment in criminal activities such as money laundering, white slavery, ecstasy drug smuggling.
  • Jews and Crime Archive
    A collection of articles and facts on the taboo subject of Jewish predominance in criminal activities:
    Jewish Gangsters --- Jewish Money Laundering
    Jews and Drugs --- Jewish Fraud --- Israel Haven for Jewish Criminals
    Jews and Slave Trade --- Jews and Piracy --- Jewish Scandals
    Jews and the Sex Industry --- Jews and Arms Sales --- Jewish "Moral"

  Jewish Genocide in Iraq

Up to date more than 2 000 000 Iraqis have been killed as a result of the Zionist-orchestrated "Gulf War" since 1991. This is because the Jewish ideology, i.e. the Old Testament, the Torah, demands a terrible revenge - the total annihilation - of those who dare to oppose the plans of the Jews. After 12 years of killing sanctions the Zionists, using shabbos goyim of the US and British armies, moved in for the death blow against Iraq as an independent Arab state. This second aggression on Iraq waged in 2003 is a Zionist war of domination and occupation, of extending Israel´s lebensraum, of the fulfillment of the Jewish prophecy in the Torah of a Jewish state - "Eretz Israel" - stretching between the rivers Nile and Eufrat.

Please see new - updated section. The articles below are from before update.


US soldiers showing off with and humiliating a captured Iraqi man

  Abu Ghraib guard prison with Star of David tattoo

   US Jewish guard at Abu Ghraib prison with a Star of David tattoo

More articles on the Jewish influence in Iraq and Israeli infiltration can be found in our Iraq-section in the Jewish Power archive.

External links: 

  Jewish War Against Lebanon

After the conquest of Palestine, the occupation of Lebanon has always been on the Zionist agenda. The implementation of this criminal Zionist plan has caused much suffering among the Lebanese civilian population. After confronting the occupants with a military resistance they were defeated, and temporarily had to abandon their plans.

Please see new - updated section. The articles below are from before update.



  Jewish War Against Iran

There is already a Jewish War of propaganda being waged against the Muslim country of Iran - and an accompanying Jewish orchestrated economical war, waged because the Iranian people and its leadership don´t bow for Zionism and openly supports the freedom fighters - the Resistance - in Palestine and Lebanon.

Thus the whole might of International Jewry is thrown against Iran, a campaign where Jews masquerading as "Europeans" (Sarkozy, Kouchner) and a so-called "American" administration" (completely affiliated to the Jewish lobby, like Pres. Obama´s Dennis Ross and Rahm Emanuel), threaten Iran with boycott and war.

Please see new - updated section. The articles below are from before update.

More articles can also be found in our section on Iran and Jewish influence.

  Jewish Power

Jews do have power. Lots of it. Denying that fact is just a part of the Jewish game of chutzpah. Here follows a huge documentation of this power mainly from Jewish sources.

US Politics US Jewish Lobby - AIPAC US and World Medias 
       Internet     US and Global Finance

Jewish Influence in the World Body and a World Religion:

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Jewish-Israeli Influence in Countries around the Globe:

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  U.S. Politics

The Jewish lobby in the U.S. dictates the foreign policy of that Super Power.

In this important section we post articles on Jewish influence in US politics and demonstrate this influence in present and former governments as well as in the candidates to the US presidency.


Please see new - updated section. The articles below are from before update.

 The Barack Obama Régime

Don´t be fooled by the Zionist media campaign about the "changes" under Mr. Obama´s reign. It is the same old political sponsors as before, the same old policy advisers and therefore the same Zionist, "Israel-first", policies - just masked behind a more pleasant package.

The Israeli paper Ha´aretz writes bluntly (13/11/2008): "Quite a few of Barack Obama's 'friends from the past' have popped up recently. It's doubtful whether he even knows their names, but in the Chicago Jewish community many people really are long-time friends of the president-elect. Some of the older people in the community say that they 'raised him,' while others half-jokingly call Obama 'the first Jewish president.' "

On US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, see articles below,
on her husband - former US President Bill Clinton - see further below

 2008 U.S. Presidential candidate John McCain
 2008 U.S. Presidential candidate Joe Biden
 2008 U.S. Presidential candidate Sarah Palin
 2008 U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton
 2008 U.S. Presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani
 On the US 2008 elections
 The George W. Bush Régime

Bush meeting his "gurus":

The real government of  the USA!

 U.S. Presidential candidate John Kerry

The crypto-Jew and U.S.Presidential candidate in the 2004 elections, Senator John Kerry, relies on Jewish-Zionist brains for shaping his foreign policies, especially concerning the Jewish state of Israel and the Middle East with Zionist Jew Martin Indyk as his Middle East Advisor, Zionist Jew Jay Footlik as Kerry's adviser on Israel and Jewish Affairs and with Zionist Jew Richard Holbrooke as potential Secretary of State in a Kerry administration. John Kerry´s openly Jewish brother Cameron Kerry provides the direct connection to Zionist state of Israel.

 Presidential candidate Howard Dean
 Presidential candidate John Edwards
 Presidential candidate Wesley Clark
 The Bill Clinton Régime
 The Jewish pro-Israel Lobby in USA

Please see new - updated section. The articles below are from before update.

  U.S. and World Medias

Jews have disproportionate influence on the medias in the West; the press, TV/Satellite channels, radio stations, publishing houses, and also in the film industry where for instance the Jewish dominance over Hollywood is used to promote their Apartheid state of Israel and Jewish values, and where the political enemies of Zionism are portrayed as sub-human. We also recommend reading on the different Jewish media magnates in our respective sections below on for instance Britain, Canada, Sweden, Ukraine, Georgia and Russia. Many of these magnates/tycoons/oligarchs have direct contacts with Israel and the highest echelons of that state.

The Hollywood films shape the minds of Westerners but also, due to their Global reach, the rest of the world as well. Hollywood is mainly - according to Jewish sources - in Jewish hands, and is misused as an instrument of propaganda.

Please see new - updated section. The articles below are from before update.

  The Internet

The Internet is the new front in the war against the Jewish propaganda and disinformation. Sites like Radio Islam, IHR (Institute for Historical Review) spread facts that the Zionists try to hide, and that to a wide and steadily growing audience. In panic - seeing their lies exposed - the Jews use dirty means like sabotaging web pages and threatening Internet providers. They also try to impose "hate" legislation and special computer filters against information that hurts their propaganda.

They also organize - via Israel´s government - Jewish groups all over the world to monitor and control information in Wikipedia, Youtube. Apart from that many of the main instruments of Internet usage are in the hands of dedicated Zionist Jews like Google (Sergey Brin, Larry Page), Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Dustin Moskovitz) Yahoo! (formerly Terry Semel), MySpace (Tom Anderson, Richard Rosenblatt, Travis Katz), Wikipedia (Jimmy Wales, Larry Sanger, senior editor David Miller aka Shankbone), eBay (Jeff Skoll). The Jews have also organized special sites like MEMRI and the SITE-institute to propagate Israeli propaganda and to generate hatred by Westerners against Muslims and Arabs. The scope of this Jewish effort was clearly seen during and immediately after the 2008-2009 murderous assault on the Palestinians in Gaza.

Please see new - updated section. The articles below are from before update.

Google co-founder Brin at Western Wall
Google´s Brin at Western Wall, 2008

 U.S. and World Business and Finance

As we noted a few years ago the U.S. Federal Reserve was in the hands of Jewish chairman Alan Greenspan, the World Bank in the hands of Jewish chairman James Wolfensohn and his top deputy, the Jew Josef Stieglitz, and the IMF was under its Jewish director Stanley Fischer. Since then the Jew Paul Wolfowitz has been President of the World Bank, the fanatic Zionist Jew Dominique Strauss-Kahn has taken over the IMF, and the Jew Ben Bernanke is the new boss of the U.S. Federal Reserve. And with the Jew George Soros and countless Jewish so-called oligarchs/tycoons/moguls dictating the financial markets, one can really talk of an international Jewish predominance in the highest positions of finance and economics.

Please see new - updated section. The articles below are from before update.

"I consider that all Jews in the Diaspora, and thus it is true in France, should everywhere they can lend their support to Israel. This is why it is also important that Jews take political responsabilities. [...]. In sum, in my functions and in my everyday life, through the whole of my actions, I try to make so that my modest stone is brought to the construction of the land of Israel."

- Dominique Strauss-Kahn, French Jew and chief of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in Passages, N° 35 - February/March 1991.
  • Collection of Quotes on Jewish Economic Power and Influence
  • Jewish Banking & Financial Manipulations
    based on quotes from Gerald Krefetz, author of "Jews and Money: The Myths and the Reality"

  • Strauss-Kahn - IMF chief and member of Israel lobby group
    article on how Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who says every Jew should work for Israel, has taken over an important international body

  • Lev Leviev - diamond tycoon, Jewish king of Africa, supporter of Settlements

  • Diamond market heavily contaminated with Israeli blood diamonds
    Press Release from Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign, 2007

  • The Rothschild Dynasty

  • Gentile Folly: the Rothschilds
    book on Rothschild influence by Arnold Leese

  • Jewish Magnates in the U.S. Medias and Finance
    list of Jews in control of U.S. media, finance and Economy

  • George Soros vs Poland

  • The Economic Plans of International Jews
    from "The International Jew", by Henry Ford

  • Mahathir Charges George Soros With Arson
    Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad accuses Jewish Billionaire George Soros

  • George Soros, Imperial Wizard
    by Heather Coffin

  • Profile: George Soros
    by Neil Clark, New Statesman

  • "The fact that Jewish companies completely dominated the distribution of diamonds at the end of the nineteenth century was not particularly surprising. For a thousand years, diamonds had been almost entirely a Jewish business."

    - Edward Jay Epstein, chapter 8, "The Jewish Connection", from his book "The Rise and Fall of Diamonds" (1982)
  • George Soros - wolf in sheeps clothing
  • A Conversation Between Shimon Peres and George Soros
    from the Los Angeles Times

  • Soros in Georgia
    article from the Herald Sun

  • Soros – Real Father of Reforms in Poland
    by Stanislaw Tyminski

  • Soros vs Russia
    ZGram from the Zundelsite

  • George Soros buys Ukraine
    by Connie Bruck, The New Yorker

  • Usury
    Domination of Jewish money lending for interest in the Middle Ages; Christian condemnation of usury; Jewish prohibitions of usury within intra-Jewish dealing; Jews popularly known as economic exploiters; uprisings against Jewish money lenders; Jewish double standards of morality; Jewish organized crime in the Middle Ages and later; Jewish "fencing" operations; medieval Christian investigations into Jewish double standards of morality, and identity.

  • Yicchus (Status)
    Traditional Jewish concerns with social status; money and status; Jewish folklore about money; Reform Judaism's changing of synagogue decorum; auctioning rights to read prayers in the synagogue; widespread Jewish celebration of ostentation; Jewish ostentation as a contribution to anti-Semitism; the opulent Jewish enclaves of Beverly Hills, CA and Palm Beach, FL.

  • Jewish Money and Economic Influence: the Historical Context
    The works by Max Weber and Werner Sombart about Jewish influence in the development of capitalism; the relationship between Jewish religious belief, ethics, and capitalism; the international folklore tradition that Jews are misers, cheats, deceivers, and frauds; Jewish international networking; the rise of the opulent Court Jews; centuries-old Jewish domination as war profiteers; the Rothschilds and the rise of other Jewish banking firms; medieval Jewish dominance of Spain by Jews who pretended to be Christians; Jewish economic and cultural pre-eminence in pre-World War II Germany, Austria, France, Italy, England, and Eastern Europe (including Poland, Hungary, Russia, and other countries); Jews as economic elites in South Africa, South America, Central America, Hong Kong, and Iran; Benjamin Disraeli, the Jews, and western imperialism; Jewish pre-eminence in the leadership of Soviet communism, including Jewish pre-eminence in the Soviet terrorist secret police.

  • Money, Class, Power
    Jews as the wealthiest ethnic group in America and as a key strata in western societies; Jewish pre-eminence in the fashion and clothing industry; Jewish monopolization of the diamond business; extinction of a Jewish proletariat; Jewish American billionaires; prominent Jewish entrepreneurs in Europe; Jewish international influence in real estate; Jewish-owned department stores, liquor conglomerates, and numerous other companies, from toy- to weapons-manufacturing; Jewish CEOs of giant American companies; growing Jewish dominance of the business side of the sports world, as team owners, agents, and professional league officials; Jewish money and entrepreneurial power in basketball, baseball, football, boxing, skiing, wrestling, body building; traditional Jewish tribalism in the marketplace.

  • Wall Street/Jewish-Israeli Ethics, and the World of Fund Raising
    The Jewish "Old Crowd" and "New Crowd" on Wall Street; Jewish activism in corporate mergers and acquisitions; investment banking; Jewish corporate raiders; Michael Milken and the Jewish-centered Wall Street scandals of the 1980s; Jews and international white collar crime; financial and other scandals in Israel; protective flight to Israel for Jewish criminals throughout the world; Jewish professional scam artists; Jewish criminal contributions to the state of Israel and major Jewish organizations; sexual harassment and exploitation in the Jewish-dominated psychoanalytic field; Jewish organizations' focus on raising money above all other considerations; the question of Jewish values and ethics.

  • Drugs and Drug Money Laundering within Jewish Networks: the "Russian" Mafia, the "Ultra-Orthodox," and Others
    Jewish historical influence in the criminal drug world; drug money laundering in New York City's Jewish diamond world; the international cocaine triangle: Israelis, other Jewish couriers and launderers, and the Colombian drug cartel; drug money laundering through Jewish ultra-Orthodox religious networks; special privileges afforded Jews in prison; Jewish pre-eminence in the smuggling of marijuana and Ecstasy; Jewish pre-eminence in the "Russian" Mafia; Jewish Russian influence in the giant International Monetary Fund scandal; crime in the ultra-Orthodox community; criminals' protection from being identified as Jewish in the mass media; the exploitation of the accusation of anti-Semitism by Jewish criminals; the Jewish ethnic media's self-reflections about the crisis in Jewish ethics.

  • Jews and Crime
    A collection of articles and facts on the taboo subject of Jewish predominance in criminal activities:
    Jewish Gangsters --- Jewish Money Laundering
    Jews and Drugs ---Jewish Fraud --- Israel Haven for Jewish Criminals
    Jews and Slave Trade --- Jews and Piracy --- Jewish Scandals
    Jews and the Sex Industry --- Jews and Arms Sales --- Jewish "Moral"


  Great Britain

The Jews in Great Britain make out only 0.5 percent of the total population but have an overhelming grip on British politics and medias, completely out of proportion to their status as a minority. This Jewish influence is used for the goals of Zionism where Britain´s foreign policies are made to coincide with the aims of Zionism.

Please see new - updated section. The articles below are from before update.

 Historical background
 U.K. Politics

Only Jewish alternatives: Before the choice of the British citizens was between Labour´s Tony Blair, a stooge of his Jewish paymasters Lords Levy, Gavron and Hollick, or the Tories, headed by the Jews Michael Howard, Malcolm Rifkind and Lord Saatchi. Now it is Labour´s Gordon Brown financed by the Jews Sir Cohen and David Abrahams or Tories´ David Cameron, himself of Jewish ancestry and sponsored by Jews like Andrew Feldman, Lord Kalms and the pro-Israel organization Bicom´s Poju Zabludowicz. This is democracy - Jew-styled!

 The Labour Party and Jewish influence
 The Tories and Jewish influence

"The popular Saatchi Synagogue - designed to attract unaffiliated London Jews to traditional Judaism - opened its doors in 1998. The opening provoked a degree of controversy because of its accompanying national advertising campaign (provided by the famous Saatchi and Saatchi firm whose owners had funded the new institution) - a campaign which used a sophisticated advertising style to emphasize that the new congregation, though traditional, would not be as 'boring' as other Orthodox synagogues. Today, the synagogue continues to attract many otherwise unafilliated young Jews to its services, lectures and communal events."

 The Liberal Democrats and Jewish influence
  • UK politician: Pro-Israel lobby controls West
    Lib-Dem Baroness Jenny Tonge: "The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the Western World, its financial grips. I think they’ve probably got a certain grip on our party"

  • Lib-Dem leader denouces the Jewish lobby
    Chris Davies, Lib-Dem MEP: "...I shall denounce the influence of the Jewish lobby that seems to have far too great a say over the political decision-making process in many countries"

 Jewish Lobby in the U.K.
 U.K. Medias

Zionist controlled medias feed the British people the Zionist version of the current events, masquerading their racism and constant crimes against Humanity as a struggle for "freedom" against "terrorism".

 U.K. Misc.


France has one of the biggest Jewish communities in Europe and the French Jews have penetrated all levels of French society, acquiring the highest political, economic and cultural positions possible. In the same time the French Jewish Community and its Chief Rabbi are staunch adherents of the Zionist Cause and so-called "leading french intellectuals" like Henri Lévy, Finkielkraut, Glucksmann and Kouchner waste a lot of inc promoting Zionism and trying to distance the French from their Arab allies and neighbours.

The situation was made worse when Sarkozy became President, a Jew from a rabbinic Zionist family and who has a record of working for the Mossad. Sarkozy selected fellow Jew Bernard Kouchner to be France´s Foreign Minister, immediately introducing a tough stance on behalf of France vis-à-vis Iran, en enemy of Israel. Sarkozy-Kouchner have also ordered the French navy to participate in the blockade of the maquis of Palestine, the people of Gaza and the Hamas resistance movement. And as minister of "Immigration and national identity" Israeli press said Sarkozy wanted another Jew, the Israeli Arno Klarsfeld, a man who had previously been in the Israeli military police and had served in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Apart from that the Jew Dominique Strauss-Kahn became president of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the opposition "Left" is led by Jews like Laurent Fabius, Jack Lang, and François Hollande. And in the background the infamous Rothschild family´s French branch wields its powers.

Another illustration of the degree of Jewish influence is that French President Francois Mitterrand, was married to a Jewess Danielle Mitterrand, and their Jewish son Jean-Christophe Mitterrand even served in a kibbutz in Israel. And Francois Mitterrand's state funeral in Paris was presided by the Jewish Cardinal Lustiger.

"Every French Jew is a representative of Israel... Rest assured that every Jew in France is a defender of that which you defend."

- France´s Chief Rabbi Sitruk in a declaration to Israel´s leader Yitzhak Shamir, quoted in Le Monde, 9 July, 1990. Shamir was behind the 1948 murder of the UN mediator Count Folke Bernadotte.

Sarkozy with Menorah Sarkozy with yarmulke


Studying the Jewish power structures in pre-Hitler Germany gives a hint of what the Jews mean when they talk about "Jewish emancipation". They usually refer to the high Jewish status in that specific era in Germany as one of the "golden ages" for Jews - but in fact they were actually taking over the very keys to the country. After the holocaust fraud scam the Germans are subjected to a shabbos goyim status sending billions of deutsch marks/euros to the Zionist state occupying Palestine and providing political and military support to Israel´s criminal policies.

And the German medias sound like an outlet of the Israeli propaganda ministry. The Springer company that for instance handles Bild Zeitung and Die Welt has an "Israel pledge" as one of its "publishing principles" which states that it should "support the vital rights of the Israeli people" and according to journalists at Springer there is even a statement in staff contracts referring to Israel. "Freedom of Press" - Israel-style!

Israeli journalist Gideon Levy writes in the Israeli paper Ha´aretz, May 24, 2009:

"When I once published an article in the German paper Die Welt, which is part of the publishing group of Axel Springer, where all writers had to sign a pledge that they would never cast doubt on the State of Israel's right to exist, the editor told me: 'If this critical article about the occupation had been written by a German journalist, we would not have published it.' "

  Historical background
 Contemporary Germany

  Historical background
  Contemporary Spain

Today the Jews claim that only about 600 Jews are living in Portugal, as well as a Marrano community numbering close to 100 individuals. One can wonder at the validity of these ridiculously low figures when the present day President of Portugal, Dr. Jorge Sampaio, himself is of Jewish decent according to Jewish religious Law, Halakhah.


Sharon in talks with Berlusconi







  New Zeeland



Since the creation of the modern Georgian state after the downfall of the USSR, the Jews have pushed forward on all levels in this strategically important Caucasian country. An open Jew, Zurab Zhvania, was the Prime Minister until his death 2004. Georgia's Jewish Defense Minister, Davit Kezerashvili, is a former Israeli who speaks fluent Hebrew. The Hebrew-speaking Jew Temur Iakobashvili serves as State Minister for Reintegration (formerly known as State Minister for Conflict Issues) and thus is the chief negotiator on the vital Georgian conflicts over Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The President Mikheil "the tie chewer" Saakashvili tries constantly to flatter international Jewry.

The opposition to Saakashvili was also in Jewish hands, in the form of the Media Jew Badri Patarkatsishvili, reportedly the wealthiest man from Georgia. Patarkatsishvili cooperated with Zionist Rupert Murdoch and had close business ties with Russian-Jewish tycoon Boris Berezovsky. Patarkatsishvili also showed interest in the Israeli media sphere (Ma´ariv). After Patarkatsishvili´s sudden death Feb 2008 the Georgian newspaper Akhali Taoba reported via Interfax that the Russian mafia Jew Roman Abramovich wants to buy Patarkatsishvili´s property in Georgia.

"Georgians and Jews understand each other on a visceral level."

- Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, quoted in Israeli paper Ha´aretz, 01/11/2006.
"Carried along by his own momentum, President Saakashvili then definitively conquered his [Israeli] audience by declaring that his model for the reconstruction of his country was not one of the grand Georgian monarchs of medieval times, King David IV, nicknamed “the baptizer,” but David Ben-Gurion, one of the founding fathers of the State of Israel. For him, the parallel is essential [...]"

- CAUCAZ.COM, 14/11/2006






In Russia the Jews have reached new heights in their strive for power and domination. After their predominance in the Bolshevik Revolution and Communist Soviet Union with names such as Trotsky, Beria and Kaganovich, the Jews have festered even better in Capitalist Russia, with leading Jewish oligarchs like Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Khodorkovsky, Leviev, setting the trend. It should be noted that these named oligarchs all are subjected to criminal charges, specially interesting in the case of Gusinsky who use to be the No 1. Jewish leader in Russia, as the president of the Russian chapter of the World Jewish Congress.

  Historical background
  Politics, finance and medias


The Israeli paper Ha´aretz writes under the heading "Golden Age of the Jews" (March 13, 2009):

"The Jews feel secure, and being Jewish has become 'trendy' in Ukrainian society. In addition, the Jews are aware that they will always have the option of leaving Ukraine and moving to Israel. 'There is no question that this is the Golden Age for Ukrainian Jews´..."


Although the economically mighty Asian nation of Japan has no powerful internal Jewish lobby as in Europe or the USA, Japan is still so entangled in the Jewish dominated world economy that it cannot act freely in politics and intellectual life. A good illustration is the "Marco Polo affair" in the 1990:s where a Japanese magazine, Marco Polo, had to commit Hara Kiri, suicide, and completely shut down, due to Jewish economic pressures. Just because the Japanese paper had written a pro-Revisionist article contesting the Jewish version of WW II. This clearly illustrates this Jewish influence. and the Israeli embassy in Tokyo was in the center of this campaign against Japanese freedom of speech.

Koizumi at Western Wall
Japan´s Koizumi at Western Wall, Israel

Turkey with its huge population, economic power and gigantic army is a potential Muslim power factor. But since the beginning of last century its political and military centers are occupied by members of a Jewish sect, the so called Sabbateans or "doenmehs" (a group similar to the Marrano-Jews who where dominating Medieval Spain). Leading Jewish sources that we quote below concede to this fact, revealing that Kemal Ataturk himself, was nothing but a secret Sabbatean Jew! The present strategy of this clique apart from keeping their grip on political, military and economic power in the country, is to combat and halt the surge of resistance from the growing Islamist Movement and to strengthen ties beteween Turkey and their Jewish state of "Israel".

Among the documents in this section are also the diaries of the founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, which reveal the early tactics of the Zionists regarding Turkey and Palestine: First try to lure the Sultan to support Zionism with promises of economic support, but when he doesn´t comply immediately switch tactic and instead contemplate to wage war on Turkey, cause economic havoc and even finance a coup against the leader of the Ottoman Empire.


More articles can also be found in our section on The Jewish War Against Iran.


More articles on the Jewish War against Iraq, the occupation, and Zionist strategies and Israeli infiltration can be found in our section on the Iraq War.



Olmert with Mubarak
Israel´s PM Olmert with Mubarak
Egyptian FM with Livni
Egyptian Foreign Minister Gheit with Israel´s Livni


The leadership of India use to have a progressive vision in the Palestine Question. For this they were punished. During the Six Days War in 1967 the invading Israeli army even massacred Indian UN troops (14 Indians killed, 21 wounded, 19 missing). Mrs Indira Gandhi called these Israeli attacks "deliberate and without provocation", and asked the House to "unreservedly condemn this cowardly attack" (see "India in the Middle East", by Prithvi Ram Mudiam, p. 166).

Now the tone has changes, the Indian leaders bow to World Zionism and try to make strategic alliances with Israel to get benefits in India´s policies against Pakistan and to enhance India´s armed forces. The gigantic Indian company Tata has started cooperation with Israel Aerospace Industries for production of missile systems, radar, electronic warfare and security systems, and Ratan Tata, chairman of India's Tata group was present in Israel in 2008 to celebrate Israel´s 60th anniversary.

  Pakistan - Afghanistan

Richard Holbrooke is the Jewish viceroy of Afghanistan and Pakistan as he is US President Obama´s Special Representative to these two Muslim countries.


In occupied Palestine the consequence of the long Zionist campaign of killing off all the good leaders in the Fatah-camp, is that you only have the traitors left; people who only have the Jews´ agenda, and not that of their Palestinian brethren, before them. These Quislings have been ordered to turn on the real freedom fighters, the Hamas and likes, who continue to resist the forces of occupation - just like the Apartheid regime in South Africa used Blacks from Inkatha against the freedom fighters of the ANC.
A process which we call the "Inkathization" of the Fatah-movemen and whereby Fatah has been transformed into a tool for the occupation.

Abbas with Peres
Abbas with Shimon Peres
Fatahs Dahlan beteween Israels Olmert and Mofaz
Fatah-henchman Dahlan between Israel´s Olmert and Mofaz


The Jews despise Black people, anti-Black Jewish racism is well documented. But that doesn´t hinder Jews from involving themselves in lucrative gold and diamond ventures in Africa, often in collusion with the Zionist state.

After the fall of Israel´s ally the racist Apartheid régime in South Africa, Israel has tried new ways of excerting influence and amassing wealth from the sub-Saharan continent, often in complete disregard of the human, non-Jewish, cost of these "blood diamonds" and likes.

One such actor is the Israeli Jew Beny Steinmetz. Born and raised in Israel, Steinmetz served in the Israeli army but moved to Belgium in 1978 to run his father's diamond business. He became chairman of the Geneva-headquartered Steinmetz Diamond Group, which is South African (Jewish) De Beers' largest buyer of rough diamonds. Back in Israel, Steinmetz expanded into natural resource mining and real estate, the Beny Steinmetz Group mines copper and cobalt in Congo and Zambia, iron and bauxite in Guinea and diamonds in Sierra Leone, to name a few.

Another actor is the diamond-tycoon and Russian Jew Lev Leviev, who is seriously competing with De Beers of the Oppenheimer Jews. Leviev is well embedded in the Israeli establishment and is even using his wealth to finance illegal Jewish settlements in occupied Palestine.

Another good illustration is the "Angolagate" affair where the French Jew and kibbutznik Jean-Christophe Mitterrand (son of President Francois Mitterrand) colluded with a Russian-Israeli mobster Arcadi Gaydamak (the latter with good Mossad connections) and sold weapons illegaly to Angola´s MPLA-Government, when the country was struck by civil war. Other Jews connected to this dirty affair were Jacques Attali, Marc Rich and Samuel Mandelsaft. The Angolan opposition Unita-leader Jonas Savimbi, who during the Cold War had been supported by the Israelis and CIA, now became regarded as an obstacle to the access to Angola´s oil and diamonds and was thus hunted down and killed with Israeli cooperation.

Please see new - updated section. The material below are from before update.

For more information on Jewish racism against Blacks, on the Jewish influence over the Black slave trade, on Nation of Islam, Min. Louis Farrakhan and the Black resistance, please see our Blacks and Jews section.

  United Nations

Former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali was married to a Jewess, Leia, likewise former UN Secreteary General Kofi Annan´s wife came from the famous Swedish Wallenberg family which also boasts of a Jewish connection. Jan Eliasson, former President of the United Nations General Assembly was also member of a Board of Trustees in a Jewish-Zionist organization, Paideia. When the UN investigates Israeli war crimes, South-African Jewish judge Richard Goldstone is employed. Already another Jew, Richard Falk, was United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories. Jewess Mary Robinson was United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights during the Durban I conference on Racism. Hans Blix, also boasting of Jewish ancestry, was UN chief inspector in Iraq. The other UN inspectors for Iraq, Richard Butler and Scott Ritter, were in Israel´s hands...

Please see new - updated section. The material below are from before update.

"Trygve Lie had everybody deceived
In 1948 the first UN Secretary General, the Norwegian Trygve Lie, and his military advisor, the intelligence officer Alfred Roscher Lund, deceived an entire world as they did errands for their Jewish friends during the founding of the state of Israel.
   The Social Democrat Lie had in secrecy contacts with the actors on the Jewish side of the Palestine conflict while Roscher Lund leaked top secret UN documents and assisted with military advise to the Jews.
   This is documented by the Norwegian radio journalist Odd Karsten Tveit in a new book that is under publication."

- Swedish paper Metro, 3/10-1996.


Christianity is historically in conflict with Jewish values and the Christian New Testament replaces the Jewish Old Testament. The Christian apostle Paul even writes in the Thessalonians (2:14-15) about "the Jews,who both killed the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and drove us out. They are not pleasing to God, but hostile to all men". But the ranks of Christianity have been corrupted, materialism and pro-Imperialist support on behalf of the Church has tarnished the legacy of Jesus Christ, the freedom fighter. And so-called convert Jews have entered the ranks of Christianity, even its leadership. The Jew and Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger in France was even contemplated as one of the candidates to become the new pope. On a visit to Australia, Cardinal Lustiger was quoted in The Weekend Australian, 4-5 August 2001, p. 9:
"I was born Jewish and so I remain [...] For me, the vocation of Israel is bringing light to the goyim. That's my hope and I believe that Christianity is the means for achieving it."
This quote of Judaism using Christianity as a means for Israel is corroborated by Rabbi Martin Siegel, who in New York Magazine, January 18, 1972, p. 32, said:
"I am devoting my lecture in this seminar to a discussion of the possibility that we are now entering a Jewish century, a time when the spirit of the community, the non-idealogical blend of the emotional and rational and the resistance to categories and forms will emerge through the forces of anti-nationalism to provide us with a new kind of society. I call this process the Judaization of Christianity because Christianity will be the vehicle through which this society becomes Jewish."

Please see new - updated section. The material below are from before update.

For the subject of Judaism´s infiltration of Christianity it is also vital to read about Judaism´s contempt for this World Religion:

  The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

For almost a hundred years the Jews have been outraged by the contents of the Protocols and declared them as "forgery". But seldom, very seldom, do they ever quote from them - so that outsiders - non-Jews - can see for themselves. But Radio Islam offers You that possibility, and we can be sure that you will be amazed how these Machiavellian Protocols - a century old - describe the Power Politics of the new millenium...

Please see new - updated section. The material below are from before update.

  Comments on Jewish Power

Henry Ford, the industrialist and founder of the giant Ford Company is one of the many non-Jews who has undestood the real political implication of the Protocols. As a reaction to this he wrote his own in-depth analysis of the Protocols in the context of Jewish Power:

More commentaries on Jewish Power can be found in our section on Jewish Political power in the USA.

  Jewish Racism, Jewish "Religion"

The Old Testament (the Torah) and the Talmud constitute the basics of Judaism and contain the principles by which todays Jews live. But see what an abyss of racial hatred and intolerance they contain, as one closer studies these Jewish scriptures.

Please see new - updated section. The material below are from before update.

  Khazar Jews

The information that the Zionists wants to put the lid on! The fact that over 90% of those today calling themselves "Jews", are actually descendants of the Khazar people, originating from southern Russia.

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  Jewish Racism towards Blacks

Black people have been subjected to Jewish racism for hundreds of years; but the end to that is closing. Black resistance is becoming organized, and is now posing a serious threat to World Zionism.

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The non-Jewish, non-Zionist, historical version of what actually did happen, and what did not happen, to the Jews during W.W. II.

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Please see new - updated section. The material below are from before update.

Radio Islam leaves its pages open, at the disposal of anyone who wants, to take part in the debate on the issues that affect us all:

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Please see new - updated section. The material below are from before update.


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"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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Viva Palestina!

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