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Oxford Professor Boycotts Israeli Soldier [June 30, 2003]

Lecturers' union to debate boycott of Israel [May 5, 2003]

The Case for Boycott [April, 2003]

University closures add fuel to boycott campaign [January 17, 2003]

Teaching unions condemn threats against West Bank universities [January 14, 2003]

British academic publisher boycotts Israel [October 25, 2002]

Support Professor Mona Baker [July 31, 2002]

Backlash of a boycott [July 30, 2002]

Why We Should Boycott Israeli Academics [July, 26, 2002]

The gesture politics of an Israel boycott [July 22 2002]

Israeli lecturer not welcome - Watch who you call Nazis [July 17 2002]

The choice is to do nothing or try to bring about change [July 15 2002]

Woman who sacked Israelis fears for job [July 14 2002]

UK Muslims Call For Widening of Academic Boycott Against Israel [July 13 2002]

Belgian Academics Protest Closure of Palestinian University Offices by Israelis [July 12 2002]

South African professor attacks 'apartheid' regime in Israel [July 11 2002]

Academic Boycott of Israel (newsnight) [July 10 2002]

Students attack Israel boycott [July 9 2002]

Israeli boycott divides academics [July 8 2002]

Fury as academics are sacked for being Israeli [July 7 2002]

Translation society chief slams dismissal of Israeli staff in boycott of Israel [June 16 2002]

Academics in war of words over calls to boycott Israel [May 27, 2002]

Academics split on Israel sanctions [May 22, 2002]

Why Academic Boycott - Tanya Reinhart [May 17, 2002]

Academia split over boycott of Israel [15 May 2002]

Campus ferment: Why UK universities are boycotting their Israeli colleagues [15 May 2002]

The Intifada Reaches The Ivory Tower: European Scientists Are Calling For A Boycott Of Israel [April 25 2002]

Scientists Urge the EU to Stop Cooperation with Israel [17 April 2002]

University Professors Call For European Boycott Of Research And Cultural Links With Israel [5 April 2002]


The Americans mean business when it comes to Israeli arms sales [July 30, 2002]

British Prime Minister Accused Of Backing The Death Merchants [July 26 2002]

South Africa Cancelled Arms Contracts With Israel in 2000 [July, 26, 2002]

British Equipment Used in Gaza Strike? [July 24 2002]

Bush, Sharon and US defense contractors sued [July 21 2002]

Anger as sales of UK arms to Israel double [July 20 2002]

Israeli arms firms exhibit at UK show [July 17 2002]

Fury over £200m missile deal with Israel [July 15 2002]

Arms Deal Rejected [July 11 2002]

What we've given Israelis - UK Arms exports to Israel [July 10 2002]

UK Arms To Israel Scandal - (several articles) [July 6-10 2002]

We Arm Israel [July 9 2002]

US to 'contribute’ anti-tank missiles to Israel [July 4 2002]

Sporting equipment banned to Israel [June 17 2002]

Summary proceedings against the Netherlands on Arms trade with Israel [3 May 2002]

Germany suspends military equipment sales to Israel [15 April 2002]


"SUNDAY" Film To Boycott Israeli Film Festival [September 19, 2002]

Israel boycott targets Tate exhibit [August 9, 2002]

China cancels israeli exhibition after Israel labels Einstein zionist [August 5, 2002]

Performing artists avoiding Israel [July 30, 2002]

Mideast conflict hits nerve in Egypt [July, 27, 2002]

Broad front tries to block Algerian singer [July 13 2002]

British Medical Association Backs Down [July 3 2002]

Cultural Boycott of Israel - Why I had to wreck a singer's night at the Barbican [June 16 2002]

Israel and the Eurovision Song Contest [May 27, 2002]

Israel Medical Association faces sanctions by World Medical Association [ April 30 2002]

Call to Boycott all Israeli Art Institutions [April 7 2002]


Switzerland - National declaration for boycott of Israel [June 16, 2003]

Board of Deputies worried by boycott [August 2, 2002]

Bring peace by boycotting Israel [July 29, 2002]

Israeli Firm Calls for Boycott of Air France, French Groups Call for boycott of Israeli Goods [July 12 2002]

Norway Trade Body Calls For Boycotting Israeli Products [July 1 2002]

EU boycott would ‘devastate’ Israeli economy [June 25 2002]

French boycott Israel: cancellations problematic for bilateral trade [May 23, 2002]

Safeway boycotting israel? [May 18, 2002]

Health Food Shop: Israel Boycott Launched [May 15, 2002]

Danish Workers Union stands firm on boycotting Israel [ 8 May 2002 ]

Israeli exporters complain of European boycott [ 5 May 2002 ]

Norway imposes embargo on Israeli agriculture goods [ 2 May 2002 ]

Posters in Sarajevo call for boycott of companies supporting Israel [April 30 2002]

Norway Boycott: Now Norway is part of `the world against us' [April 26 2002]

UK largest Union demands end to Palestinian slaughter and calls for Boycott of Israel [ April 24 2002 ]

Danish Union Boycotts Israel [ April 24 2002 ]

Largest Public service British Trade Union calls for Boycott of Israli Goods & Services [ 22 April 2002]

Swedish Foreign Minister Boycotts Israeli Products [20 April 2002]

Danish union calls for Israel boycott [18 April 2002]

Why I'm boycotting anything 'made in Israel' [15 April 2002]

Belgium planning boycott on Israel [14 April 2002]

Europe moves for trade sanctions against Israel [11 April 2002 ]

Powell to increase pressure on Sharon as European sanctions move closer [11 April 2002]

Popular Israeli products could be hit by boycott [11 April 2002]

Europe Threatens Israel With Sanctions [8 April 2002]

Largest grocery chain in Norway to boycott Israeli goods [4 April 2002]


Coca-Cola boycott launched after killings at Colombian plants [June 24, 2003]

No money for war: consumers around the globe boycott US [March 17, 2003]

Jordan's trade unions urge government to free activists advocating boycott of US, Israeli products [October 20, 2002]

Desmond Tutu: Of Occupation and Apartheid - Do I Divest? [October 17, 2002]

US exports to Saudi plunged to a 12-year low [August 22, 2002]

Why Arabs Aren't Buying Uncle Sam [August 20, 2002]

Boycott calls gathering momentum in Kingdom [August 19, 2002]

Queer “Settlers” Land on Berkeley Starbucks [August 19, 2002]

Lebanese protest against Estee Lauder's support of Israel [August 9, 2002]

Pro-Palestinian Group Opposes Bulldozer Sales [August 8, 2002]

Israelis feel boycott's sting- creeping sense of isolation as culture, economy take hits [August 6, 2002]

Lebanon: Shoppers urged to rethink purchasing attitudes [August 6, 2002]

Saudi Arabia bans 200 foreign companies for importing Israeli products into the kingdom [August 5, 2002]

Arabs boycott U.S. goods against American Mideast policies [July 28, 2002]

International day for Boycotting US Products [July 22 2002]

Saudi Importers Alerted to Egyptian Firms With Links to Israel [July 14 2001]

International Day for Boycotting U.S. Products [July 14 2002]

Israel To Back Out Of Starbucks Venture As Arab Boycotts Rage On [July 11 2002]

Corporates facing the Propaganda Virus [July 9 2002]

Arab Boycott Affecting US, Though its Cause is Not Understood [July 9 2002]

Scholar: Buying locally made US products not permissible [July 4 2002]

Jordanian Prime Minister warns trade unions against US boycott [June 29 2002]

Boycott of Israeli and US companies gaining momentum [June 28 2002]

Israeli boycott back in force [June 28 2002]

Arab nations see boycotts of U.S. products [June 26 2002]

Starbucks boycott - Tempest in a Coffee Cup [June 26 2002]

Muslims Flexing Their Economic Muscles More Often, More Creatively [June 25 2002]

Hamra protest singles out Starbucks as supporter of Israel - Research pays off with disturbing facts about pro-Zionist corporation [June 22 2002]

Saudi Boycott Hurts U.S. Exports [June 20 2002]

Starbucks the target of Arab boycott for its growing links to Israel [June 14 2002]

Unofficial Muslim boycott begins to hurt Western businessmen and zionists [May 31 2002]

Call To Boycott U.S. Products Gains Momentum [May 30 2002]

Boycott hits "Saudi American" bank [May 24, 2002]

Call to Boycott Israeli Goods Faces Threats [May 21, 2002]

'Islamic' cola benefits from boycott [May 21, 2002]

McDonald's gets grilled in Africa over Palestine [May 20, 2002]

Boycott hits israel - zionists plea for help [May 20, 2002]

‘Serious’ anti-Israel boycott gains global momentum [May 16, 2002]

Boycott links profit margins, policy change [May 14 2002]

Saudi officials silent as anti-U.S. boycott spreads [May 14 2002]

Arab anger triggers boycott of Starbucks and Pepsi [May 11 2002]

An Anti-American Boycott Is Growing in the Arab World [ 10 May 2002 ]

Anti-U.S. boycott could miss the target [May 9, 2002]

‘Boycott US’ campaign affecting Saudi businesses [ 9 May 2002 ]

Arabs boycott U.S. [May 8 2002]

'Boycott US' campaign picking up in S. Arabia [May 8 2002]

Protesters picket new Starbucks venue - Company founder decried as ‘Zionist’ [May 8 2002]

US boycott: Follow your head, not your heart [ 8 May 2002 ]

To Boycott or Not to Boycott: Is That the Question? [8 May 2002]

Arab citizens seize boycott banner [May 7 2002]

Muslims in Russia Boycott Israeli Goods [ 6 May 2002 ]

Millions of Arabs shun American products [ 6 May 2002 ]

UAE Group Launches "Boycott U.S." Campaign [ 4 May 2002 ]

Boycott campaign's impact on US economy hard to estimate [May 2 2002]

Demands increased to revitalize Islamic boycott of Israel [May 1, 2002]

Texas Business Under Fire For Boycott of Israel [1 May 2002 ]

Jordanian parties call for boycotting American commodities [April 30 2002]

Arab Boycott Campaign Worries U.S. Business [ 30 April 2002 ]

Arab League fails at israeli boycott [ April 30 2002]

Boycott of US medicines decided [ April 30 2002 ]

US talk show host: Boycott Timberland over Israel support [ 29 April 2002 ]

McDonald’s Egypt changes name to dodge consumer boycott [ April 28 2002]

Egyptian farmers move to boycott Israel [April 27 2002]

Saudis boycott US products [ April 27 2002 ]

Apathy hinders Arab boycott of US goods [April 25 2002]

Egyptian businessmen society halts relations with Israeli companies [April 24 2002]

‘Boycott US products’ campaign gains momentum [ April 24 2002 ]

Berkeley City Council forced to reject Boycott [ April 24 2002 ]

Arab and Muslim Community boycotting Jewel-Osco Food Stores [24 April 2002]

Berkeley Readies a Boycott of Israelis and Palestinians [ 23 April 2002]

Made-in-Israel label is hard to sell [ 23 April 2002 ]

U.S. Companies in Gulf Lose 40% Sales Due To Boycott Campaigns [ 22 April 2002]

Mideast Street Anger Turns into Calls for Boycott of U.S. Goods [ 22 April 2002]

Economists debate merits of Arab boycott [20 April 2002]

Increased Calls for Boycotting U.S. Goods Get Mixed Reactions in Angry Arab World [19 April 2002]

Practice what you preach [ 16 April 2002]

Anti-Israeli Boycott Halves Demand for US Goods in UAE [14 April 2002]

Jordanians calls for Arab boycott [April 13 2002]

Egyptian private sector rejects all forms of normalization with Tel-Aviv [April 13 2002]

Boycott Israel? Not so simple [April 11-17 2002]

Taking a stand - A boycott of Israel? [April 11-17 2002]

South Africa Warns Israel of Possible Sanctions [5 April 2002]

Mideast conflict hits SA shop shelves [4 April 2002]

Letter to Al-Ahram - Boycott Israel [Feb 21-27 2002]

Boycott against Israel gathers steam [18 May 2001]

Sainsbury's quits troubled Egyptian venture with £125m loss [10 April 2001]

Disney Boycott [8 September 1999 ]

Burger King Boycott [6 August 1999 ]


Table Tennis Player Becomes Celebrity After Refusing to Face Israeli [June 28, 2003]

Israel prevents Palestinian athlete attending Special Olympics - Arabs boycott Israeli team [June 23, 2003]

Israeli Embassy feels isolated [June, 2003]

Case for Israel sports ban [August 20, 2002]

Israeli match sparks protest [August 16, 2002]

Clash Over Israel Game [August 9, 2002]

Scottish MP Joins Call to Cancel Israel Game [August 8, 2002]

3 Arrested As Football Pitch Is Invaded In Sports Boycott [August 1, 2002]

Pakistanis condemn Israeli tennis link [June 29 2002]

Danes Protest Israel Football Game [17 April 2002]

Jordanian FA urges FIFA to ban Israel from soccer events [3 April 2002]


Intifada success - Israeli businesses crumbling [October 3, 2002]

Irish Hotel Boycotts Israeli Tourists [October 3, 2002]

Israeli Tourism in Tatters [September 27, 2002]

Israel thanks UK visitors - UK tourism assuming increasingly critical role [August 2, 2002]

Israel Hotel visits drop 47% in first half [July 24 2002]

Protest At Israeli Tourist Office Ends In Court [July 10 2002]

Tourism boycott hits - El Al Cuts Flights to Europe & US [ 5 May 2002 ]


Coca Cola & Pepsi "Toxic" in India [August 7, 2003]

Daimler Chrysler guilty of race bias against Palestinian refugee [May 21, 2003]

Bush, Sharon expected to attend gala as Israel turns 55 years old [February 24, 2003]

Jewish comic sacks comedian for being Palestinian [August 27, 2002]

Desperate zionists launch 'Fine Foods from Israel' campaign in US [August 14, 2002]

California governor slams divestment petitions [August 12, 2002]

Israel sells attack drones to Turkey [August 11, 2002]

Sainsbury's happy with produce from illegally occupied territories [August 11, 2002]

BMW to replace Palestine with Israel on Web site [August 11, 2002]

Hundreds Protest Outside Selfridges [August 4, 2002]

Cyprus allows armed Shin Bet agents to accompany Israeli football team [July 30, 2002]

Turkey negotiates chopper deal with Russian-Israeli firm [July 29, 2002]

Poland to buy Israeli anti-tank missiles [July, 26, 2002]

British Gas in negotiations to enter $400m israel natural-gas pipeline tender [July 24 2002]

Coca Cola to build plant on stolen Palestinian land [July 19 2002]

M&S Says They Will Continue Mislabelling Their Products [July 11 2002]

Intel chip plant located on disputed Israeli land - Intel could face political, legal problems with chip plant in Israel [July 8 2002]

The bulldozers that wreck Palestinian lives: Caterpillar’s weapon of destruction [June 28 2002]

British Gas to supply Gaza gas to Israel [June 20 2002]

Illinois Plans to Invest $10 Million in Israel Bonds, Angering Arab-Americans [June 17 2002]

The Catepillar Effect - This is the first time that bulldozers have determined the outcome of a war [June 2 2002]

UK equipment being used in Israeli attacks [May 29, 2002]

Financing Israel’s War [May 24, 2002]

Corporate America and Israeli Occupation [May 23, 2002]

Bombs Yes, But No Crash in Israel [May 21, 2002]

Some Arab businessmen deal with an Israeli company [May 20, 2002]

UK Caterpillar Head Quarters Occupied [May 15, 2002]

Robert Fisk: Why does John Malkovich want to kill me? [May 14, 2002]

London exchange targets Israeli firms [May 14, 2002]

HP Israel subsidiary sees $800 mln in sales [ May 14 2002]

Leading British businessmen arrive to show support for Israeli economy [ 10 May 2002 ]

Corporate America's support of Israeli occupation is not confined to military equipment suppliers [ 1 May 2002 ]

Texas Profits on Palestinian Pain [ April 26 2002 ]

Microsoft supports Israeli army [19 April 2002]

Boycott breakers - Saudi firm purchases Israeli-made cellular headsets [13 April 2002]

Buy Israel Campaign - The rainbow colored white-and-blue [ 11 April 2002]

US giving Israel another $28m [ Jan 8 2002 ]

Israel receives 150m. euro from EU [Jan 6 2002 ]

McDonald's cancels singer after American Jewish Committee complains [ July 2001 ]

Boycott threat doesn't scare British store [14 Dec 2000]

Anti-Israel demo pickets M&S [10 Dec 2000]

AT&T Distances itself from IDF [ 8 Dec 2000]

Marks & Spencers child labour case - Libel action victory threatens press freedom [ 14 March 1998 ]


Mandela leaflet is banned [May 16, 2003]

Wayne State University: Govenors over turn Student Council vote to divest from Israel [May 5, 2003]

Divestment Campaign On Campuses Growing [May 2003]

College split over fellowship [January 31, 2003]

Harvard University forced to back down on censorship of British poet [November 30, 2002]

Zionist Lobby Targeting UK Academics [October 24, 2002]

Students Rap Israel at Divestment Parley [October 18, 2002]

Academics in Canada Speak Out [August 13, 2002]

University Divestment, its Support and Opposition [August 6, 2002]

Battles rage on U.S. campuses for and against investments in Israel [July 17 2002]

University of California must respect human rights, divest from Israel [July 8 2002]

165 University of California professors petition for divestment from Israel [June 25 2002]

Birmingham University falls to zionism [May 17, 2002]

Harvard President Rules out Divestment [May 17, 2002]

Some on Harvard, MIT Faculties Urge Divestment in Israel [ 6 May 2002 ]

Why I'm proud to be a Sussex Uni student - Active observers from Sussex University return from Palestine [ 5 May 2002 ]

Paulin's future at Oxford in balance after 'anti-Semitic' row [ April 28 2002]

Anti-Israel speakers banned by university [ 30 March 2002 ]

Zionism is Racism Motion passed at University of Wales (Swansea) [20 Mar 02]

MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY: Palestine Human Rights Motion [ Feb 2002]


Domino's Pizza franchisee struggling in Israel - records loss for third year [April 3, 2003]

Starbucks Exits Israel [April 2, 2003]

Israel asks US for $10bn to halt recession -Intifada takes its toll on a once-buoyant economy [October 22, 2002]

Arab Losses, Victim to American Scandals, Estimated 325 Billion $ [August 20, 2002]

Intifada hits Israeli economy - GDP falls 2.9% in first half of 2002 [August 15, 2002]

Israels Inflation jumps by highest monthly rise in five years [August 15, 2002]

Bush delays supplemental aid package [August 14, 2002]

Israeli Economic Crisis Deepens [August 12, 2002]

Additional US aid to Israel in doubt [August 12, 2002]

Israel Military Industries set to fire 1000 workers and close factories [August 11, 2002]

Desperate times - call for "Buy Israeli" [August 9, 2002]

Israeli Economy - Continuing the slide down the slippery slope [August 7, 2002]

Investors lose $5 billion on Israeli startups [August 5, 2002]

Summertime and the tours to Israel are shrinking [August 5, 2002]

Cost cutting Israel shuts embassies and consulates [August 2, 2002]

Israel: May-June macroeconomic data show no sign recession is ending [July 30, 2002]

International insurance sector wary of Israeli banks [July 30, 2002]

Intifada Success: Foreign Investments Shrinking [July 29, 2002]

Venture capital investments in Israel down 43% in Q2 [July 24 2002]

Israeli price rises prompt strike threat [July 16 2002]

After heavy losses Israel 'okays El Al sale' [July 8 2002]

Intifada Success: More bad news for the Israeli economy [July 4 2002]

Intifada Success: Zionist regime's currency plummets [July 1 2002]

Israel's battered economy [June 21 2002]

Tax fears weaken shekel [ April 24 2002 ]

Defence costs bloat Israeli deficit [ 22 April 2002]

Israel VC Victim Of Mideast Violence [ 22 April 2002]

Israel: The Economic Cost of War [19 April 2002]

Arabs fuel a boycott of U.S. goods [19 April 2002]

Israeli economy mired in crisis [Feb 18 2002]

Jobless Israelis spell budget trouble [Nov 22 2001]


Jewish MP compares Gaza to Nazi ghetto and calls for boycott of Israel [June 19, 2003]

Britain clamps down on imports from Israels illegal settlements [April 4, 2003]

Dublin Labour MEP's call for conditional ban on EU/Israel projects [November 27, 2002]

Oxfam reject donation from author who defends Palestinians' right to resist [October 9, 2002]

Zionist inspired prosecution of British Muslim flops [August 9, 2002]

Jews in UK renounce right to live in Israel [August 8, 2002]

Belgian bill would allow Sharon to be tried in absentia [August 7, 2002]

Swedish PM tries to ease tensions after Foreign Minister slams Israel [August 7, 2002]

Shell added to list of companies facing apartheid lawsuits [August 3, 2002]

Irish fly the Palestinian flag in solidarity [August 1, 2002]

Israeli embassy aide sacked for criticising Gaza air strike [July, 27, 2002]

British banks face apartheid lawsuit [July 24 2002]

Tower Hamlets plan to twin with Jenin 'fires anti-Semitism' [July 20 2002]

France, Israel at loggerhead over Palestine [July 13 2002]

Britain bans Israel label on goods from West Bank [July 10 2002]

The feel of religion - interview with Karen Armstrong (inc. Palestine) [July 4-10 2002]

Israel stung by imports ruling [July 6 2002]

Palestine destination angers Jewish passengers [July 5 2002]

Dutch hang flags in show of solidarity with Palestinians [July 2 2002]

Advert for Palestine [ 7 May 2002 ]

British public warms to Palestinian cause [30 April 2002 ]

Mossad assisted Serbs to massacre Bosnian Muslims [ 22 April 2002 ]

Impact of Palestinian Issue Increasing in Holland [ 21 April 2002]

That weasel word - An interview with anti-zionist Irish Poet Tom Paulin [4-10 April 2002]

Palestinians charge ahead in British propaganda war [18 Mar 02]

Europe irresolute over Israeli trade fraud [ 30 April 2001 ]

There's a difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism [ 20 December 2001]


Fuji "map with no Israel" hoax [ April 28 2002 ]

Is PEPSI is an abbreviation of "Pay Every Penny to Save Israel"?

Coca Cola Advert on the "Dome of the Rock" Hoax

'729' Barcode of Israel ?


Over 45 Human Rights Activists From 12 Countries Detained By IDF [August 5, 2003]

Blair tells Bush: We don't want Guantanamo Britons [August 3, 2003]

Israel imposes 'racist' marriage law [August 1, 2003]

PA Helping Zionist Occupiers [July 27, 2003]

The Israeli who defends suicide bombers [July 24, 2003]

Washington to earmark $billion to isolate Hamas [July 1, 2003]

Children being targeted in Gaza [June 28, 2003]

USA pressures Europe into including Hamas in terrorism list [June 25, 2003]

Mandela Slams U.S. Iraq Policy During Irish Visit [June 23, 2003]

Hamas a principled defender of Palestine [June, 2003]

Bush under attack - Sound bites from the Oscars and the Lord Mayor of London [May 8, 2003]

Israel seeks pipeline for Iraqi oil [April 20, 2003]

Palestinian olive trees sold to rich Israelis [November 28, 2002]

Israeli army officer 'spied for Hizbollah' [October 24, 2002]

"Hizbullah TV" scoops top award for news reporting at European television festival [October 22, 2002]

Two thirds of Israeli reservists didn't turn up for duty! [October 22, 2002]

Israeli Commander charged with torturing Palestinian boy [October 22, 2002]

Israeli nurse violently beats handcuffed prisoner [October 21, 2002]

Jews avoiding Israel - Immigration down 27% [August 13, 2002]

IDF concerned over prosecution of soldiers [August 12, 2002]

Delta Airlines pilot refuses to fly Israeli Deputy FM Melchiore [August 11, 2002]

My son was killed by a Palestinian fighter. But Israel's occupation is to blame for his death [August 7, 2002]

Palestinians face humanitarian disaster, warns US government group [August 6, 2002]

Israeli peace protesters may face treason charge [August 6, 2002]

The logic of empire - The US is now a threat to the rest of the world [August 6, 2002]

Fast Track Zionists - Peruvian Indians shipped to Isreal to man colonial outposts [August 5, 2002]

New Documentary: "Truth: Exposing Israeli Apartheid" [August 1, 2002]

Former Costa Rican president lobbies to move embassy out of Jerusalem [August 1, 2002]

"Assault on the Liberty" by James Ennes - New Edition Available [July 30, 2002]

The amazing story of an American Jew who "converted" from Shas to Hamas [July 28, 2002]

Denver Man Disappeared for Website Content - [July, 26, 2002]

Lawsuit To Be Expanded To Include The Victims Of Israel's Latest War Crime In Gaza [July 25 2002]

Jewish world's most outspoken critics of Zionism: The unorthodox orthodox [July 21 2002]

The ‘Swarm’ Factor in the Arab-Israeli Conflict [July 16 2002]

"Anti-Semitism" is Israel's last refuge [July 15 2002]

Zionist regime dumps chemical, nuclear waste in West Bank [July 5 2002]

The Rogue State - America's bid to control the world [July 4 2002]

Break in taboo on criticism of Israeli policies [July 4 2002]

International Conference on Palestine: Iran conference speaks for the Ummah in supporting the Palestinian intifada [July 1 2002]

Intifada Success: Half of secular Jews ponder leaving Zionist entity [June 23 2002]

Banks sued for $50bn for breaching the boycott of apartheid South Africa [June 18 2002]

Neturei Karta maintains its anti-Zionist stance [June 16 2002]

Israeli spy technology pictures Tehran neighborhood [June 16 2002]

Only Blonds Can Explain Israeli Foreign Policy [June 14 2002]

Israelis bet on site of next bombing [June 14 2002]

US artists damn 'war without limit' [June 14 2002]

We won't deny our consciences - anti war statement by prominent Americans [June 14 2002]

Poll shows Americans' support for Israel in decline [June 13 2002]

WZO program to move New York Jews to West Bank [June 10 2002]

Rahbar’s opening speech to Imam Khomeini conference on Palestine [June 2 2002]

"Destiny of Palestine is the Destiny of Us All" [May 30 2002]

Cadence engineer fired for visiting Palestine [May 29, 2002]

Egyptians crackers for Arafat [May 28, 2002]

Late Imam's daughter: martyrdom, only way to defeat Zionist enemy [May 25, 2002]

Khomeini’s daughter pays visit to Khiam and calls for boycott [May 24, 2002]

Imam Achmad Cassiem - Zionist Israel: Hypocrisy has no limits [May 23 2002]

These spurious charges of anti-Semitism reveal a growing cultural divide [16 May 2002]

Marriott Hotel Chain Determines: All Of Yerushalayim Is "Palestinian Occupied State" [May 11 2002]

Jewish Rabbi: Israel a state against God! [May 9, 2002]

U.N. Mideast envoy received cash from Isreal for brokering Oslo Agreement [ 29 April 2002 ]

Desmond Tutu: Apartheid in the Holy Land [ 29 April 2002 ]

Niger Cuts Diplomatic Relations With Israel [ 22 April 2002]

The myth of Camp David: part of the US-Israeli disinformation campaign [19 April 2002]

$800 billion; the volume of Arab sums abroad [Feb 25 2002]

Settlers Use Pigskin To Foil The Martyrs [26 Feb 2002]

Islamic Charities Frozen Before Eid as Jewish Charities Support Settlers, Soldiers [January 2002 ]

'Apartheid' for Palestinians, says Christian delegation [30 March 2001 ]

Disillusioned Syrian Jews Are Trickling Back Home [ 24 November 1994 ]

Israel's Two-Tiered Citizenship Law Bars Non-Jews From 93 Percent of Its Lands [ January 1990 ]

The "Kosher Nostra Scam" on the American Consumer


Zionists fake dismantling of settlements for TV camera [June 16, 2003]

BBC Israel boycotts Sharon [October 17, 2002]

Just How Much Does The New York Times Tilt Towards Israel? [August 19, 2002]

Call for balanced reporting by AP [August 7, 2002]

BBC Bias On Palestine Reporting [August 6, 2002]

Israeli Cable companies get authorization to remove CNN from their programming [August 1, 2002]

Muslim Merchants Boycott New York Post for Anti-Muslim Bias [August 1, 2002]

CNN - ZNN (Zionist News Network) [June 30 2002]

Canadian press launch own Intifada [3 May 2002 ]

Zionist pressure on the media and how to counter it [April 25 2002]

TV news biased against Palestinians, says study [ 16 April 2002 ]

Israel's Latest Lie About the Church of the Nativity [4 April 2002]

Pentagon may plant fake news: Plan part of battle for public opinion in Muslim world [ 20 Feb 2002 ]

CNN caves in to Israel over its references to illegal settlements [3 Sept 2001]

Succumbing to Pro-Israel Pressure, BBC Labels Reporter 'Avowed Supporter of Islamic Causes' [ August 2001]

Canadian media giant censures editorials - only pro-Israel articles allowed [ December 2001 ]

Jews seek to blacklist Florida journalist for criticizing Israel [ 20 October 2001 ]


Book Defending Palestinian Right To Resist Banned After Zionist Pressure [August 7, 2003]

Tom DeLay: A call to violence [August 7, 2003]

Political prostitutes seeking approval from Israel [August 1, 2003]

Politician Profile: Howard Dean Supports Isreali Violence [June 30, 2003]

North Kansas City company persecuted for boycott of Israel [June 25, 2003]

How to manipulate the US public into supporting Israel - a leaked document exposes pro-Israel lobby [May 2, 2003]

AIPAC and the Iraqi National Congress [April 7, 2003]

How to shut up your critics with a single word [October 21, 2002]

U.S. Pressuring Colombia Over Its Pro-Arab U.N. Votes [October 11, 2002]

Pro-Israel propaganda campaign rolls over CNN [September 18, 2002]

McKinney's Defeat: Undue Meddling [September 5, 2002]

U.S. Christian Zionists stage telethon in support of Israel [August 12, 2002]

Byers Tipped To Lead UK Pro-Israel Lobby [August 9, 2002]

Sharon stirs up governor's race in Florida [August 9, 2002]

Protest Against Anti-Defamation League [August 8, 2002]

Christian zionists alliance with AIPAC: A strange kind of freedom [July 9 2002]

The G-dfathers - the intimidation of anti-Zionist campaigners [May-June, 2002]

Israel shows its muscle dealing with Congress [May 12, 2002]

Pro-Israel Lobby: A Lobby to Reckon With (BBC radio) [May 11 2002]

AIPAC Meeting Features Senator Jon Kyl Who Pledges Support to Israel [ 5 May 2002 ]

The Israel lobby [April 2002]

The way lobbies operate in US [ Feb 2002 ]

Pro-Israel PAC Charts Show Which Candidates Are Getting AIPAC Money, But Not How Much [ July 2000]

Lessons From Pro-Israel Lobby

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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Jewish War Against Lebanon!

Islam and Revolution
By Ahmed Rami

Hasbara - The Jewish manual for media deceptions

Celebrities bowing to their Jewish masters

Elie Wiesel - A Prominent False Witness
By Robert Faurisson

The Gaza atrocity 2008-2009

Iraq under Jewish occupation
Iraq - war and occupation

Jewish War On Syria!

CNN's Jewish version of "diversity" - Lists the main Jewish agents

Hezbollah the Beautiful
Americans, where is your own Hezbollah?

Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan's Epic Speech in Madison Square Garden, New York  - A must see!

"War on Terror" - on Israel's behalf!

World Jewish Congress: Billionaires, Oligarchs, Global Influencers for Israel

Interview with anti-Zionist veteran Ahmed Rami of Radio Islam - On ISIS, "Neo-Nazis", Syria, Judaism, Islam, Russia...

Britain under Jewish occupation!

Jewish World Power
West Europe    East Europe
Americas          Asia
Middle East       Africa
      U.N.              E.U.


The Internet and Israeli-Jewish infiltration/manipulations

Books - Important collection of titles

The Judaization of China

Israel: Jewish Supremacy in Action - By David Duke

The Power of Jews in France

Jew Goldstone appointed by UN to investigate War Crimes in Gaza

When Jews rule...
The best book on Jewish Power

The Israel Lobby - From the book

Jews and Crime - The archive

Sayanim - Israel's and Mossad's Jewish helpers abroad

Listen to Louis Farrakhan's Speech - A must hear!

The Israeli Nuclear Threat

The "Six Million" Myth

"Jewish History" - a bookreview

Putin and the Jews of Russia

Israel's attack on US warship USS Liberty - Massacre in the Mediterranean

Jewish "Religion" - What is it?

Medias in the hands of racists

Strauss-Kahn - IMF chief and member of Israel lobby group

Down with Zio-Apartheid
Stop Jewish Apartheid!

The Jews behind Islamophobia

Israel controls U.S. Presidents
Biden, Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton...

The Victories of Revisionism
By Professor Robert Faurisson

The Jewish hand behind Internet The Jews behind Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, MySpace, eBay...

"Jews, who want to be decent human beings, have to renounce being Jewish"

Jewish War Against Iran

Jewish Manipulation of World Leaders

Al Jazeera English under Jewish infiltration

The Founding Myths of Modern Israel
Garaudy's "The Founding Myths
of Israeli Politics"

Jewish hate against Christians
By Prof. Israel Shahak

Introduction to Revisionist
- By Ernst Zündel

Karl Marx: The Jewish Question

Reel Bad Arabs - Revealing the racist Jewish Hollywood propaganda

"Anti-Semitism" - What is it?

Videos - Important collection 

The Jews Banished 47 Times in 1000 Years - Why?

Zionist strategies - Plotting invasions, formenting civil wars, interreligious strife, stoking racial hatreds and race war

The International Jew
By Henry Ford

Pravda interviews Ahmed Rami

The Founding Myths of Modern Israel
Shahak's "Jewish History,
Jewish Religion"

The Jewish plan to destroy the Arab countries - From the World Zionist Organization

Judaism and Zionism inseparable

Revealing photos of the Jews 

Horrors of ISIS Created by Zionist Supremacy - By David Duke

Racist Jewish Fundamentalism

The Freedom Fighters:
   Hezbollah - Lebanon
   Nation of Islam - U.S.A.

Jewish Influence in America
- Government, Media, Finance...

"Jews" from Khazaria stealing the land of Palestine

The U.S. cost of supporting Israel

Turkey, Ataturk and the Jews

Talmud unmasked
The truth about the Talmud

Israel and the Ongoing Holocaust in Congo

Jews DO control the media - a Jew brags! - Revealing Jewish article

Abbas - The Traitor

Protocols of Zion - The whole book!

Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem
Encyclopedia of the
Palestine Problem

The "Holocaust" - 120 Questions and Answers

Quotes - On Jewish Power / Zionism

Caricatures / Cartoons 

Activism! - Join the Fight!