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Jewish Supremacy in Action

By David Duke

Israel: Jewish Supremacy in Action - the whole book in PDF!

Who is David Duke?

Excerpts from an interview with David Duke


Index (excerpted texts) 

1. Attempting to get a clear understanding of Israel

2. Israel: Founded on Terrorism

3. Atrocities against the Palestinians: integral part of the Israeli strategy

4. The massacre at Deir Yassin

5. Some of other recent Jewish massacres

6. The resistance against Israeli´s perpetual war of conquest

7. The Historical Roots of Israel

8. Is God a Zionist?

9. The Balfour Declaration

10. The First World War and Balfour Declaration

11. Zionism and Nazism

12. An American or a Jew?

13. The cooperation between the Zionists and the Nazis

14. The ideological similarities between Zionism and Nazism

15. Israel: A Racist State

16. The Treachery against the Liberty

17. Israel: A violation of international law

18. A treacherous act from a supposed "ally"!

19. Israel is an American problem!





Attempting to get a clear understanding of Israel

Jesus Christ couldn´t please them when he was here on Earth, so how could anyone expect that I would have any luck. -President Harry S. Truman under pressure to recognize the newly announced Zionist state in Israel.1

For all its disappointments, Israel is who we are, uncamouflaged and unadorned.
- Hillel Halkin2

American Jews must have the courage to declare openly that they have a double loyalty - to the country in which they live, and to the state of Israel. The Jew must not let himself be talked into merely being a good patriot of a country in which he lives.3

In the Zionist movement's new campaign to 'conquer the communities of Free Diaspora, the government of Israel will give every moral and political the limits of its capacity.4

As I delved deeper into the Jewish question and Zionism, attempting to get a clear understanding of this enigmatic people, I realized that exploring the foundations and policies of the modern nation of Israel would answer some of my questions. For the first time in over 2000 years, Jews had their own sovereign state, a nation created entirely in their own image.

By the time I began my inquiry, it was obvious to me that the press and the entertainment industry were very pro-Israel. They had induced in me an early prejudice in favor of Israel. I now noticed that the reporters covering the stories for the TV networks and for the major newspapers are usually Jewish. Suspecting that much of my pro-Israel sentiment had come from biased sources, I sought to learn the undisputed basics of the Mideast conflict, and I first turned to my encyclopedias.

I found in my encyclopedias, information similar to what one will find today in the "Israel" article in the very popular Encarta Encyclopedia.

Of the more than 800,000 Arabs who lived in Israeli-held territory before 1948, only about 170,000 remained. The rest became refugees in the surrounding Arab countries.5

In 1948, the year the Israeli nation was set up, more than three-fourths of the entire Palestinian population living in the Israeli-held territory had become refugees. According to Encarta, 630,000 people were no longer able to dwell in their homes and to work on the land where their families had lived for thousands of years. Since then, Israel expanded its borders in the wars of 1956, 1967, 1973, and in the Lebanon invasion in 1982 - creating hundreds of thousands of additional Palestinian refugees.


Would people voluntarily leave their homes, their businesses, their farms? I asked myself. Would they freely choose to live as penniless, stateless people in squalid refugee camps? Obviously, the Zionists had driven them from their homes and property; and furthermore, the expulsion had obviously been intentional, for the Palestinians were forbidden to return to their homes after the fighting ended.


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Israel: Founded on Terrorism

While in high school I wrote to a Palestinian information organization in Washington, D.C., and asked for some books giving their side of the Israeli - Arab conflict. From them and from libraries I obtained many well - documented sources - including some amazing Zionist ones- that gave a very different answer to the Mideast question. I learned that the fledgling Israeli government had passed regulations forbidding the expelled Palestinians from returning to their homes and property. They also enacted a special law that deemed this Arab property "abandoned" and subject to confiscation without compensation. The Nazis of Hitler´s Reich could not have disposed of the problem with any more cold-blooded efficiency.

I checked the figures compiled by the British Census in 1922. At that time, Jews accounted for only about 10 percent of the population. In the last such census, taken the year before the establishment of Israel, Jews had made up only about half of the population within the area that subsequently became Israel. The Palestinians then owned 93.5 percent of the land. The facts were inescapable and damning: Zionist immigrants had forced their way into Palestine against the wishes of the inhabitants and then, through the weight of arms and terror, had driven the residents from their homes, robbing them of their land and possessions.

The facts could not be plainer. The Zionists, with help from their cohorts all over the world, had stolen a whole nation: the nation called Israel. No equivocation, no mountain of pro-Israeli propaganda, no playing of "Exodus" on the radio, and no replay of millions of feet of Hollywood films showing Arabs as brutal terrorists and Jews as innocent victims - none of this could change the obvious and inescapable facts.

The pro-Israeli propaganda I read suggested that Palestine was essentially an empty country. Tell that to the more than one million people who have been driven out of it since 1948. Zionist leaders understood from the beginning that Israel was going to be acquired by colonization and conquest. The dedicated Zionist leader Vladimir Jabotinsky makes this clear in his 1923 book The Iron Wall: We and the Arabs.1

Zionist colonization must either be terminated or carried out against the wishes of the native iron resist the pressure to the native population....A voluntary reconciliation with the Arabs is out of the question...for without an armed force...colonization is impossible...Zionism is a colonization adventure...It is speak Hebrew, but... more important to be able to shoot...2
Israel: Founded on Terrorism

The first obstacle to Zionist objectives was that Britain envisioned a Palestine as portrayed by the Balfour Declaration, a society that would protect the civil and religious rights of all who lived there.

To dislodge the British, whom the League of Nations had mandated to govern Palestine, the Zionists developed to a fine art the use of terrorism as a modern weapon of political revolution. Menachem Begin, Abraham Stern, Yitshak Shamir, David Ben-Gurion, and many others began a campaign of bombings and assassination. They hanged and garroted British soldiers with piano wire and left their mutilated bodies to be found by the British authorities. Israeli terrorists blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, killing more than 100 people. Their operatives invented the letter-bomb technique. Jewish hitmen even assassinated the UN mediator in Palestine, Count Folke Bernadotte, because he dared to express concern for the rights of the Palestinians. In his final report to the UN before his death, Bernadotte scathingly referred to

Zionist pillage on a grand scale and the destruction of villages without apparent military need.3 (U.N. archives)
It would offend basic principles to prevent these innocent victims of the conflict from returning to their homes, while Jewish immigrants flood into Palestine . . . threatening to permanently replace the dispossessed Arab refugees who have been here for centuries.

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Atrocities against the Palestinians:
integral part of the Israeli strategy

The Zionist campaign worked. Eventually tiring of the terrorist campaign waged against them and despairing of a world press that covered up these crimes, the British finally threw up their hands and announced their withdrawal from the region. With the British gone, the Zionists could have their way with the native peoples who had dared to live on the land they coveted. No force was left to restrain them. Aided by both the military and financial support of both the capitalist U.S.A. and the Communist U.S.S.R., as well as by the huge sums of money that poured in from Zionist coffers from all over the world, the Jewish blitzkrieg rolled over their enemies as decisively as the Biblical account of the Red Sea rolling over the Egyptians.

With military victory certain, two significant problems still confronted the Zionists. The first was that there were hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who obviously would not sit back and let the new Jewish State take away their rights and their lands. Secondly, Palestinians owned more than 93 percent of the land of the new nation - a serious roadblock to the new "Greater Israel."

Quoting literally from the Book of Joshua, Jewish religious leaders warned that Israel must drive the Palestinians out of their borders:

Else if ye do in any wise go back, and cleave unto the remnant of these nations, even these that remain among you, and make marriages with them, and go in unto them, and they to you; know for a certainty that the Lord your God will no more drive these nations from out of your sight; but they shall be a snare and a trap unto you, and a scourge in your sides, and pricks in your eyes, until ye perish from off this good land - (Joshua 23:12-13) 1

Zionists fanatics ultimately solved their "Palestinian problem" with mass expulsions, murder, and well-planned terror. Palestinians who were born there and whose ancestors had lived there for countless generations were rounded up by the Israeli stormtroopers and driven over the border. Told they could never return to their homes, those expelled had little more than the tattered clothes on their backs. Many who refused to leave their homes were massacred by the Israeli military, and the Zionists publicized the massacres, intentionally causing widespread panic and flight among the Palestinians.

Committing atrocities against the Palestinians became an integral part of the Israeli strategy. When Jewish terrorists raped and massacred the residents of Arab villages, those in the surrounding villages naturally gathered up their children and fled for their lives. Once the Zionists set up their state and secured their initial borders - minus approximately 630,000 pesky Palestinian men, women, and children - the beneficent government of Israel forbade them ever to return to their homes, businesses, fields and flocks. By the time the Israeli "War for Freedom" ended, only about 170,000 Palestinians were left within Israelís borders.

The Jews, of course, had prominent and powerful spokesmen and supporters all over the world, especially in media, telling of the courage and righteousness of "little Israel." By the 1960s there were millions of adults and children around the world who, like me, were enthralled by the heroic story of Israel - a story romantically retold by the Academy Award-winning movie Exodus.2 At that time I, just as most Americans of today, had scant knowledge of the gross injustice committed against the Palestinians.

The most well known atrocity of the first Israeli war was the massacre of Deir Yassin. On April 9, 1948, after cessation of fighting in that small village, the Zionist terrorist Irgun Gang, led by Menachem Begin, murdered 254 people, most of them women, children, and the elderly. For two days these Zionist terrorists had murdered men, women, and children, raped women, crushed the stomachs of pregnant women, and stolen their possessions. A Red Cross doctor, Jacques de Reynier, chief representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Jerusalem gave a chilling account of the massacre in his official report.3

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The massacre at Deir Yassin

De Reynier arrived at the village on the second day and saw "the mopping up," as one of the terrorists put it to him. It had been done with machine guns, then grenades, and was finished off with knives. They decapitated some of the victims and maimed 52 children in the sight of their mothers. The terrorists cut open 25 pregnant women's wombs and butchered the babies in front of them.

After his retirement in 1972, Israeli Haganah officer, Colonel Meir Pa´el, stated the following about Deir Yassin in Yediot Ahronot, a major Jewish publication:

The Irgun and LEHI men came out of hiding and began to 'clean' the houses. They shot whoever they saw, women and children included, the commanders did not try to stop the massacre...they were taken to the quarry between Deir Yassin and Giv'at Shaul, and murdered in cold blood...1

The commander of the Haganah unit that controlled Deir Yassin after the massacre, Zvi Ankori, made this statement in the Israeli newspaper Davar:

I went into six to seven houses. I saw cut off genitalia and women's crushed stomachs. According to the shooting signs on the bodies, it was direct murder.2

Albert Einstein, along with other concerned Jews, wrote a letter to the New York Times in 1948 decrying Begin as having: "openly preached the doctrine of the Fascist State." He went on to describe Deir Yassin in these words:

On April 9, terrorist bands attacked this peaceful village, which was not a military objective in the fighting, killed most of its inhabitants - 240 men, women, and children, and kept a few of them alive to parade as captives through the streets of JerusalemÖthe terrorists, far from being ashamed of their act, were proud of this massacre...

Menachem Begin boasts of the importance of the massacre of Deir Yassin in his book The Revolt: The Story of the Irgun. He wrote that there would not have been a State of Israel without the "victory" of Deir Yassin. "The Haganah carried out victorious attacks on other fronts... In a state of terror, the Arabs fled, crying, 'Deir Yassin'.".3

Israelís first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion - no slouch at Jewish supremacy himself - was quoted as describing Begin with these words:

Begin undeniably belongs to the Hitlerian type. He is a racist, ready to destroy all the Arabs in his dream of unification of Israel, prepared to resort to any means to realize this sacred goal.4

The instigator of the mass murder, Menachem Begin, later became the Prime Minister of Israel and even received the Nobel Peace Prize. Such an award is symbolic of the incredible worldwide Jewish media power, for Begin had been guilty of crimes not dissimilar to those of Nazis whom Jews are still hunting and prosecuting today. Yet instead of facing trial and punishment for crimes against humanity, Begin received what many would consider the worldís highest honor.

The massacre at Deir Yassin was not the only one Israeli forces committed. In its May 6, 1992 edition, the Hebrew daily Ha'ir published an article by Guy Erlich called "Not Only Deir Yassin" that outlined a pattern of terror and murder. Erlich quotes the Israeli historian Aryeh Yitzhaki as saying the following:

'The time has come' he says, 'for a generation has passed, and it is now possible to face the ocean of lies in which we were brought up. In almost every conquered village in the War of Independence, acts were committed, which are defined as war crimes, such as indiscriminate killings, massacres and rapes. I believe that such things end by surfacing. The only question is how to face such evidence.' 5

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Some of other recent Jewish massacres

There were further killings and expulsions
of the Arabs as the Jewish State expanded.

Erlich and Yitzhaki point out that Israeli authorities are still covering up the murders. Nor did the massacres cease after the establishment of the Jewish State; they continued in times of both peace and war. Following are the names of some of them: Sharafat Massacre, Kibya Massacre, Kafr Qasem Massacre, Al-Sammou' Massacre, the Sabra And Shatila Massacre, Oyon Qara Massacre, Al-Aqsa Mosque Massacre, the Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre, the Jabalia Massacre.

There were further killings and expulsions of the Arabs as the Jewish State expanded. In subsequent wars and military incursions, Israel drove more hundreds of thousands of Palestinians into relocation camps. Plagued by hunger and disease they bore remarkable resemblance to wartime concentration camps. Lebanon also fell victim to Israeli aggression in the 1980s and ´ 90s, when it was bombed and invaded. Estimates of civilian casualties in Lebanon exceeded 40,000. The Zionist State also surreptitiously helped create and support rival factions in the Lebanese civil war.

The extraordinary diaires of Moshe Sharett, who had once shared the prime ministership of Israel with David Ben-Gurion, reveal Israelís machinations in the Lebanese Civil War. Sharett had been forced out the cabinet because he would not go along with what he felt were Ben-Gurionís clandestine and immoral actions. After Sharett´s death, his son published the diaries despite a long battle of intimidation and legal maneuvers by the Zionists. Jewish author Livia Rokach quotes Sharettís diaries in her book Israel's Sacred Terrorism. The diaries tell how Israel purposefully created the Lebanese "Civil War" to further Israel´s imperialist ambitions.1

In May, 1955 passages, Sharett´s dairy describes Israel's plans to destabilize Lebanon's government, a plan that eventually produced the 1978 Lebanese War. Sharett quotes Moshe Dayan, Ben-Gurion's defense minister, at a secret cabinet meeting on May 16th planning to foment Lebanese civil war as an excuse for Israel to go in and annex land with water rights to the Litani River. 2 3

In the first invasion of Lebanon in 1982, 30,000 civilians died and one half of a million people were driven from their homes. In the course of the fighting, Israeli forces devastated the city of Beirut, which before the war was described as the garden city of the Mideast. During the Israeli invasion, The U.S.S. New Jersey, sitting offshore, fired shells into some of the Lebanese towns. The U.S. involvement in Israel's 1982 war destroyed what little credibility America had left in the Mideast and cost our taxpayers billions; it also cost the lives of 300 U.S. Marines. More than 1,000 women, children, and elderly people were butchered in the Sabra and Shatila refugee centers under the watchful eyes of the Israeli invaders. Israel's General Ariel Sharon, who was directly responsible for this mayhem (it should be said that thousands of honorable Israelis marched in the streets in protest against it), was relieved of his command, although he was later rewarded with a cabinet post.

A more recent massacre was at Qana, a small town in southern Lebanon. Here are some excerpts of a British journalist's eyewitness account of the action so that the reader can fully understand that behind the cold statistics are real people, people who have faced a horror no less real than those who were murdered in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Qana, southern Lebanon - It was a massacre. Not since Sabra and Chatila had I seen the innocent slaughtered like this. The Lebanese refugee women and children and men lay in heaps, their hands or arms or legs missing, beheaded or disemboweled. There were well over a hundred of them. A baby lay without a head. The Israeli shells had scythed through them as they lay in the United Nations shelter, believing that they were safe under the world's protection. Like the Muslims of Srebrenica, the Muslims of Qana were wrong.
In front of a burning building of the UN's Fijian battalion headquarters, a girl held a corpse in her arms, the body of a gray- haired man whose eyes were staring at her, and she rocked the corpse back and forth in her arms, keening and weeping and crying the same words over and over: "My father, my father." A Fijian UN soldier stood amid a sea of bodies and, without saying a word, held aloft the body of a headless child.
...When I walked towards them, I slipped on a human hand...
Israel's slaughter of civilians in this terrible 10-day offensive - 206 by last night - has been so cavalier, so ferocious, that not a Lebanese will forgive this massacre. There had been the ambulance attacked on Saturday, the sisters killed in Yohmor the day before, the 2-year-old girl decapitated by an Israeli missile four days ago. And earlier yesterday, the Israelis had slaughtered a family of 12 - the youngest was a four - day-old baby - when Israeli helicopter pilots fired missiles into their home.
Shortly afterwards, three Israeli jets dropped bombs only 250 meters from a UN convoy on which I was traveling, blasting a house 30 feet into the air in front of my eyes. Traveling back to Beirut to file my report on the Qana massacre to the Independent last night, I found two Israeli gunboats firing at the civilian cars on the river bridge north of Sidon...
A French UN trooper muttered oaths to himself as he opened a bag in which he was dropping feet, fingers, pieces of people's arms...
We had suddenly become not UN troops and journalists but Westerners, Israel's allies, an object of hatred and venom. One bearded man with fierce eyes stared at us, his face dark with fury. "You are Americans", he screamed at us. "Americans are dogs. You did this. Americans are dogs."
President Bill Clinton has allied himself with Israel in its war against "terrorism" and the Lebanese, in their grief, had not forgotten this. Israel's official expression of sorrow was rubbing salt in their wounds. "I would like to be made into a bomb and blow myself up amid the Israelis", one old man said...

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The resistance against
Israeli´s perpetual war of conquest

Unlike the bloody scenes of the aftermath of Palestinian suicide bombers in Israel, Americans and Europeans never saw the butchery that Fisk describes. The media very seldom draw our attention to sufferings inflicted by Jews, it is suffering inflicted on Jews that they focus on. Those who wear the six-pointed star and who bomb United Nations shelters, ambulances, civilian refugee camps and civilian automobiles are never described as terrorists. They are simply referred to as "commandos" or simply "military forces." In contrast, Palestinian fighters outside the borders of Israel are, of course, routinely described as terrorists.

The remarks of the unknown old man at Qana that he "would like to be made into a bomb and blow myself up amid the Israelis," proved tragically prophetic, for just a year and a half later a number of Palestinians, desperate to exact revenge, sacrificed their lives to do just that in a Jerusalem marketplace. No one can defend any acts that kill or maim the innocent, but it is important to understand the horror that has induced hundreds of Palestinians to sacrifice their own lives to strike their feeble blows at those who have murdered their loved ones and stolen their homeland. In their grief and rage they also commit acts of violence against the innocent. The Zionist leaders also know full well that such Jewish losses, stroked by their media airing the blood-splashed video around the world, only increases Jewish solidarity and augment non-Jewish sympathy for the eternally suffering Jewish people.

When Saddam Hussein tried to take back Kuwait, which just a few decades before had been part of Iraq, the Western world went to war - encouraged to do so most notably by Israel. Were Iraq´s actions any more imperialistic than Israel´s against the Palestinians or the Lebanese?

Other than the scale of the conflict, what is the difference between Israel´s perpetual war of conquest compared to Nazi Germany seeking Lebensraum in the 1940s? Germany treated no nation worse than Israel did Palestine, with its terrorizing and driving out three-fourths of its Palestinian residents. No populations of any European nation, other than those in some of the Soviet-occupied sectors of Germany, had been so massively displaced. It is Interesting to note that Jews also directed the terror against the Germans as well, but in that war they wore the uniform of Soviet commissars rather than that of the terrorist Stern Gang or Haganah.

Within the borders of Israel and her occupied territories, under the heel of a harsh military occupation, Israel continues to expropriate land from the Palestinians, settlement by settlement. Naturally the Palestinians resist such confiscation. The greatest uprising in recent years was the Intifada. The statistics of Palestinian casualties are ominous. Here are the figures compiled by the major French magazine Le Monde:

1,116 Palestinians have been killed since the beginning of the Intifada (the stone-throwing revolt) on 9 December 1987, shot by soldiers, policemen or settlers. The figures break down as follows : 626 deaths in 1988 and 1989, 134 in 1990, 93 in 1991, 108 in 1992 and 155 from 1 January to 11 September 1993. Among the victims were 233 children under 17 years old according to a study carried out by Betselem, the Israeli association for human rights.
Military sources give a figure of nearly 20,000 for the number of Palestinians wounded by bullets and the U.N. Relief and Works agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) gives a figure of 90,000.
...This humanitarian organization also indicates that at least 20,000 detainees are tortured every year during interrogation in the military detention centers.

No country in peacetime - not even the Soviets or the Red Chinese in the heyday of their gulags - has held as many prisoners per capita as the nation of Israel. It is one of the few nations that will not officially renounce the use of torture. It has long been high on the list of the offenders compiled by Amnesty International. The London Times Magazine did an extensive exposé on Israeli torture in both the 1970s and the í80s. The inescapable fact is that Israel was born and built by invasion, murder, and theft. Such injustice requires the use of force and terror to maintain its power.

Meanwhile, Americans and Europeans grow up on mother's milk and the sacred intonation that Israel is the "only democracy in the Middle East." But does our Jewish-dominated media ever ask what kind of democracy simply expels three-fourths of the residents who might vote the wrong way? The terrorizing, dispossessing, imprisoning, killing and expelling have taken away from the Palestinians a lot more than just their votes, for the exiles have lost their country.

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The Historical Roots of Israel

Israel was born of the Holocaust, but it was sired thousands of years before. For at least 2,000 years Jews prayed, "Next year in Jerusalem." And until the middle of the 20th century, such prayer was only a religious metaphor. Then, dramatically, in 1948, the possibility of "next year in Jerusalem" became a possibility for every Jew in the world. The political machinations of the Zionist State are testimony to the cohesive and pervasive Jewish power in the West. In its operation, Israel lives as testimony to the very supremacist nature of both Judaism and its partly secular son, Zionism.

Jewish messianic tradition goes back as far as their recorded history. Even when the Jews were one of the smallest tribes of the Middle East, they fashioned a faith that designated themselves a special people, a chosen people, a people who were promised to rule the world. These messianic intentions are not paranoid delusions of anti-Semites, they are written plainly in their own Hebraic scriptures, and since that time they have been dutifully appended all the way to the present. Compare the following Biblical quotation to the messianic words of Israel´s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion.

. . .and kings shall come from you and shall rule wherever the foot of the sons of man has trodden. I shall give to your seed all the earth which is under heaven, and they shall rule over all the nations according to their desire; and afterwards they shall draw the whole earth to themselves and shall inherit it for ever' (Jub. 32:18-19)

In Look magazine in 1962, Ben-Gurion stated his prediction for the next 25 years, a prediction of amazing prescience:

The image of the world in 1987 as traced in my imagination: The Cold War will be a thing of the past. Internal pressure of the constantly growing intelligentsia in Russia . . . may lead to a gradual democratization of the Soviet Union. On the other hand . . . transform the United States into a welfare state with a planned economy. . .With the exception of the USSR as a federated Eurasian state, all other continents will become united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an international police force. All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind. 1

Many people are amazed to discover that most Jews in Israel are "non-religious," just as was their first great leader David Ben-Gurion. However, these mostly atheistic Jews tolerate a religious state. Apparently, Jews who have no belief in God support Judaism as a state-sponsored institution that preserves both Jewish culture and the Jewish genotype. Other than a few intolerant fanatics, the Jewish Orthodox institutions allow a wide range of religious belief, from atheism to forms of the occult called Kabbalism. Only the Talmud, could have a passage where a rabbi claims to have argued with God and defeated him. To Jewish orthodoxy, biblical and theological interpretations may vary greatly as long as Jewish tradition and Jewish heritage is scrupulously preserved.

  1. Look Magazine. (1962). January 16.




Is God a Zionist?

Israel supports its claim on Palestinian land by saying that God gave it to the Jews. A corollary secular argument is that the remote ancestors of the Jewish people lived 2,000 years ago on parts of what is now Israel. They argue with a straight face that this gives them the right to take that land away from whoever has lived on the land during the intervening years.

That argument is much like saying that because the Romans had ruled the Mediterranean 2000 years ago that Italians now have the right to conquer the entire Mediterranean Basin and drive out three-fourths of its population. Furthermore, the Jewish people cannot claim they were first people dwelling in the "Promised Land." The Bible clearly records Jewish invasions and genocide in the region. The Palestinian people are descended from the same peoples who lived in the area before the Jewish conquests. If the claim that whoever lived on the land first has the rightful claim, then the Palestinians should have the primary claim to the land because many of their ancestors lived on it long before ancient Israel even existed.

The allegation that Jewish rule over Palestine today is God-ordained poses a more difficult question, especially for contemporary Christians. It is difficult because the Jewish powerbrokers have been able to completely change 2,000 years of Christian interpretation of the Bible. Servile Judeo-Christian preachers have made alliances with the Zionists because of their media power. They quote liberally from Old Testament verses that proclaim a covenant between God and the Israelites that bequeaths to the Jews the land referred to as Israel.

The Christian Church of our fathers, though, from its earliest history up to recent times, has always refuted that claim. Christian scholars, from the writers of the New Testament itself to the mid-point of the 20th century, pointed out that the Bible makes it very clear that all promises made by God are conditional upon faithfulness. God says clearly in the Old Testament that if the Israelites reject him, he will requite them. The New Testament emphatically makes the point that the Jewish nation, by rejecting God and his Son, has dissolved the Old Covenant. New Testament scriptures quote God as making a New Covenant with a new promise of salvation of Christ for all. As I have previously quoted, the scriptures cannot possibly be any more explicit than in Hebrews 8:10, in which God says the Jews are no longer in the covenant he made in the Old Testament.

8:10 Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers, in the day when I took them by the hand out of the land of Egypt; because they continued not in my covenant, and I regarded them not, saith the Lord.


Is it any wonder that Jews reject the New Testament and that Israel forbids even quoting from it in their schools? Government-funded groups have even organized public burnings of copies of the New Testament, and laws provide for criminal prosecution and five-year imprisonment for Christians who seek to convert Jews. It seems quite odd, in light of these facts, that many denominations of the Christian Church are now busily adopting the view that Jews are still today the "chosen people."

It is understandable that supremacist Jews who reject Christ and the New Testament would say that God sanctions their terror against the Palestinian people, but it is scandalous that Christians could possibly support them in their bloody adventure. Many of those who suffered from the Zionist onslaught were Christian Palestinians. Israel´s crimes have significantly hurt the Christian component among the Palestine people. The fact that a some Christian leaders lend moral and financial support to a nation that hates and oppresses Christians is testimony to the penetration and subversion of Zionist power and influence - even into the highest councils of various Christian denominations. In doing so they have undermined the Christian faith in the entire Mideast. And, indeed, in the entire World.

The Israeli claim that God gave them the land of Israel is ludicrous when one considers that at least three-quarters of Israelis don´t believe in God in the first place. (Israeli government statistics say 85 percent do not believe in God.) How can a God that they don´t believe in, promise them land. Far from being a religious promise, Israel´s creation came not from divine intervention, but from Zionist intrigue that began during the First World War.





The Balfour Declaration

The First World War laid the political foundation of the Zionist State. Britain was having a tough time of it. For years, the war had droned on with a horrendous cost of life. Despite oceans of spilled blood, the front lines had moved only a few kilometers back and forth on the Western front.

Jewish loyalties were somewhat divided during the war. Some Jews favored the allies for business or other reasons. Others favored the Germans for the main reason that German success against Russia would weaken their long-time enemy, imperial Russia and the Czar. Just a decade earlier, financiers Jacob Schiff and Bernard Baruch led a campaign to finance the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese war, resulting in a defeat for Russia. Now Jewish powerbrokers around the world hoped for an even worse Russian defeat in the Great War as their opportunity to overthrow the Czar and establish a Jewish-Bolshevik government.

The Germans, desperately fighting a war on two fronts, knew that a revolution in Russia might remove Russia from the war. Toward that end Kaiser Wilhelm approved one of the most treacherous deeds in the annals of Western civilization. In his zeal to defeat Russia, his ministers assisted Lenin, Trotsky, and hundreds of other Bolshevik revolutionaries, mostly Jewish, to cross Germany in a sealed train toward Russia. Allowing the Bolshevik terrorists and assassins access to Russia unleashed the greatest period of human oppression, torture, and murder that the world has ever experienced.

Britain and her allies fought to a stalemate against Germany, but as Russia weakened, the allies knew that her defeat would allow the entire German army on the Eastern Front to almost double their army in the West, dramatically tipping the military balance toward the Central Powers. Britain understood that it was critical that they bring the United States into the war on the Alliesí side to counter the Russian collapse.

Onto this stage of crisis, stepped the British Lord Arthur Balfour. He met with the Rothschilds, and made an agreement that in return for pledging Britainís support in the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine, the Jews would use their great international power and influence to draw the United States into the war. Lord Balfour drew up a document - the Balfour Declaration - that called for the Jewish homeland. Even our popular encyclopedias admit the reason for the Balfour Declaration:

It has been commonly accepted that the Balfour Declaration was a unilateral undertaking by the British government. The immediate purpose was to win for the Allied cause in World War I the support of Jews and others in the warring nations and in neutral countries such as the United States.1 (Encarta Encyclopedia)

Read what David Lloyd George, Britain's wartime prime minister, wrote about the Balfour Declaration. Note his pointing out that the Jews of Russia had been the "chief agents in the betrayal of the Russian war effort" as well as "the disintegration of Russian society - later recognized as the Revolution."

Another most cogent reason for the adoption by the Allies of the policy of the Declaration lay in the state of Russia herself. Russian Jews had been secretly active on behalf of the Central Powers from the first... by 1917 they had done much in preparing for that general disintegration of Russian society, later recognized as the Revolution. It was believed that if Great Britain declared for the fulfillment of Zionist aspirations in Palestine under her own pledge, one effect would be to bring Russian Jewry to the cause of the entente.
It was believed, also, that such a declaration would have a potent influence upon world Jewry outside Russia, and secure for the entente the aid of Jewish financial interests. In America, their aid in this respect would have a special value when the Allies had almost exhausted the gold and marketable securities available for American purchase. Such were the chief considerations which, in 1917, impelled the British Government towards making a contract with Jewry.

Samuel Landman, in his book Great Britain, The Jews and Palestine, confirms the Jewish role in bringing America into the war. Landman, a leading Zionist and secretary of the Zionist Organization from 1917 to 1922, confirms from the Jewish perspective exactly what Lloyd George says:

. . . the only way (which proved so to be) to induce the American President to come into the War was to secure the co-operation of Zionist Jews by promising them Palestine, and thus enlist and mobilize the hitherto unsuspectedly powerful forces of Zionist Jews in America and elsewhere in favor of the Allies on a quid pro quo contract basis...3

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The Jewish influence in USA´s participation in
the First World War and Balfour Declaration  

Some of President Woodrow Wilson´s top advisers during the period were the Jewish Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis, Rabbi Stephen Wise, and the powerful banker and international financier of New York City, Bernard Baruch. Although Wilson had campaigned for president on the slogan "He kept us out of the war," once the Balfour Declaration was proposed, Jewish influence quickly pushed him to an interventionist path. When Balfour came to the United States in May 1917 in hopes of pulling America into the war, he ignored the U.S. State Department (which created much resentment) and met with Brandeis, who had no authority to speak on foreign relations.1

The Jewish protagonists for war were also aided in their jingoism by a number of American magnates who saw American participation in the European conflict as writing a blank check for the military-industrial complex. The press that was Jewish-owned or Jewish-influenced agitated unashamedly for war, running lurid tales of German atrocities, and promoting stories that Germany planned to invade the United States through Mexico - even though, in four years of war, it had been unable to even take Paris.

In short order, the Germans - although racially and morally no different from the British and Americans - were labeled "Huns" and "baby-killers." The Allies, despite Britain´s and France´s non-democratic foreign empires, were said to be fighting for "democracy." Even though Germany had electoral institutions similar to those of the Allies, it was called tyrannical.

The two prominent slogans of the greatest and bloodiest war in all of history up to that time were, "The War to Make the World Safe for Democracy" and, incredibly, "The War to End All War!" If those were truly the Allied objectives of the First World War, it is easy to see the fruits of their victory. As the 20th century rumbles to a close, democracy around the world still seems to be in precious short supply, and war since 1918 has done a thriving business.

Most historians now agree that the First World War was not the result of aggression or dictatorship or any sinister force other than entangling alliances structured to preserve the balance of power. Essentially, it was prompted by nothing but national fears and bravado. For most of that internecine conflict, America sensibly stayed out of the war's insanity, but finally, Jewish power, whose concern, as always, was only its own interests - tipped the scales for war. After all, what were the lives of a few hundred thousand young Americans compared to the interests of the Chosen?

The media kept Americans blind to the Jewish influence in our participation in the First World War, just as they had cloaked the pivotal Jewish involvement in the Russian Revolution. To this day, few Americans are aware of the Jewish influence in America´s joining the First World War.

The Balfour Declaration was innocuous-sounding enough, and it took pains to state,

...that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country. 2

The Zionists, though, did not want a homeland containing a significant non-Jewish community. From the outset, they were determined not to set up a multicultural, pluralistic democracy that they were so busy planning for America and the rest of the European world. They wanted a chauvinistic, ethno-religious, purely Jewish state, but they could not reveal this until they had attained power. Among themselves, though, they made clear their intentions to create an ethnic state - one amazingly similar to the nation they most hated: Nazi Germany.

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Born in Each Other´s Image

In the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, Julius Streicher, the notorious publisher of the crudely anti-Semitic Der Stürmer, gave the following testimony when asked if he had helped develop Germany´s racial laws:

The accused (Streicher) : Yes,...I had been writing that all mixing of German and Jewish blood had to be prevented in the future. I wrote articles to that effect, and I have always repeated that we had to take the Jewish race, or the Jewish people, as a model. I have always repeated in my articles that the Jews were to be regarded as a model by other races, for they have given themselves a racial law, the law of Moses, which says: "If you go unto foreign lands, you must not take foreign wives." And this, Gentlemen, is of great importance in judging the Nuremberg laws. It was these Jewish laws that were taken as a model. When, centuries later, the Jewish legislator Ezra saw that, despite this, many Jews had married non-Jewish wives, these bonds were broken. This was the origin of Jewry which, thanks to its racial laws, survived for centuries, whereas all the other races and civilizations were destroyed.1

The racial awakening in Europe of the 19th and 20th centuries grew in great part because of the presence of the Jewish people. There were no Blacks or Orientals in Europe, but there was no shortage of Jews. Scientific and social observers noted that their character and appearance differed from those of the indigenous races of Europe.

One of the first major figures to recognize the dynamic power of race and write extensively about it was the British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, who himself was of Jewish heritage. He stated: "The racial question is the key to world history - all is race, there is no other truth." Scholars who recognized the role of race in history knew that the power and perseverance of the Jewish race rests in its ethnocentrism and prohibitions against intermarriage, enabling it to survive after 2,000 years of living among Gentiles. As Stretcher´s testimony proves, the formulators of European racial ideology had learned a lot from studying Jewish institutions and history. Although Zionists and Nazis saw each other as mortal enemies, many of the leaders of both movements saw similarities of ideas, and some collaborated in pursuit of mutual aims.

The National Socialists wanted their own nation free of Jewish influence, and the Zionists sought nonassimilation with Gentiles and a nation of their own. (Even today in modern America and Europe most major Jewish organizations oppose intermarriage.) At first glance, it seems unbelievable that Zionism and Nazism sometimes had worked together, but the historical record reveals fascinating evidence.

Most Jews in Europe and the rest of the world virulently opposed Hitler and National Socialist Germany. In fact, as Hitler gained power, the World Jewish Congress, claiming to speak for Jews worldwide, declared economic war on Germany and announced their intention to do everything in their power to destroy Germany and National Socialism.2

Within the Jewish community, however, there were many Zionists who saw the anti-Semitic policies of Germany as an aid to the creation of the Jewish state. They saw those policies as encouraging emigration to Palestine and increasing Jewish anger and solidarity. And, interestingly enough, they viewed the racial thinking of Hitler as analogous to what they desired for their own people. For these Jews, collusion between the Zionists and the Nazis served the interests of both.

Britain had difficulty dealing with the increased Jewish immigration into Palestine in the 1930s, as it caused marked unrest in the Arab sectors of the mandate. To lessen tensions, the British attempted to limit Jewish immigration into Palestine. Into this opportunity stepped Hitler and Nazi Germany. Even though Hitler had misgivings about Israel becoming a center for international Jewish power in the same way the Soviet Union had become one for international Communism, and although he had concerns about damaging German relations with the Arab world, he saw the emigration of the Jews from Germany and all Europe as paramount. In his mind, a Jewish state in Palestine might be a practical destination for Europe´s Jews.

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An American or a Jew?

From the earliest days of Hitler´s rise to power, the leading Zionist organization in Germany sought out common ground with him. Within months of Hitler´s achieving the chancellorship, the Zionist Federation of Germany presented him with a statement suggesting that Zionism could solve the "Jewish Question."

In the foundation of the new State, which has proclaimed the race principle, we wish to adapt our community to these new structures...
Our recognition of the Jewish nationality allows us to establish clear and sincere relations with the German people and its national and racial realities. Precisely because we do not want to underestimate these fundamental principles, because we too are against mixed marriages and for the maintaining of the purity of the Jewish group. . .
. . .Zionism believes that the rebirth of the national life of a people, which is now occurring in Germany through the emphasis on its Christian and national character, must also come about in the Jewish national group. For the Jewish people, too, national origin, religion, common destiny and a sense of its uniqueness must be of decisive importance in the shaping of its existence. . .
. . .We are not blind to the fact that a Jewish question exists and will continue to exist. From the abnormal situation of the Jews severe disadvantages result for them, but also scarcely tolerable conditions for other peoples.
1 2 3 4

Joachim Prinz, a German Zionist who emigrated to the United States and who later became head of the American Jewish Congress, wrote in his 1934 book Wir Juden [We Jews]5 that the National Socialist revolution in Germany meant "Jewry for the Jews." Prinz in later years also scathingly wrote about Adolf Hitler´s view of the importance of race, but hypocritically showed no reluctance to defend the concept of the "Jewish race."

We want assimilation to be replaced by a new law: the declaration of belonging to the Jewish nation and the Jewish race. A state built upon the principle of the purity of nation and race can only be honoured and respected by a Jew who declares his belonging to his own kindÖNo subterfuge can save us now. In place of assimilation we desire a new concept: recognition of the Jewish nation and Jewish race. 6

In the key book of modern Zionism, the Jewish State, Theodore Herzl maintained that the Jews were much more than a religious community; they were a people. Herzl even used the well-known German racialist word Volk to describe them. Volk was also one of Hitler´s favorite words. With it he described his ideal state, the "Volkishe Staat." Herzl wrote, long before Hitler´s rise, that anti-Semitism is a natural reaction of Gentiles to Jews. He advocated a separate state as the only real answer to the conflict.7 8 9 10   

The Jewish question exists wherever Jews live in noticeable numbers, Where it does not exist, it is brought in by arriving Jews. . . . I believe I understand anti-Semitism, which is a very complex phenomenon. . .I consider this development as a Jew, without hate or fear. . . It is a national question. To solve it we must, above all, make it an international political issue. . . a final solution of the Jewish question.

The leading German Zionist paper, Judische Rundschau, in 1935 even went so far as to express approval of the "Nuremberg Laws" designating Jews as an alien nationality and forbidding intermarriage and sexual relations between Germans and Jews.

The new laws give the Jewish minority in Germany its own cultural life, its own national life. In the future it will be able to shape its own schools, its own theatre, and its own sports associations. In short, it can create its own future in all aspects of national life . . . 11

Georg Kareski, the former head of the largest Jewish community in Western Europe (that of Berlin) and leader of the Zionist State Organization and Jewish Cultural league, made the following comment to the Berlin daily Der Angriff at the end of 1935:

For many years I have regarded a complete separation of the cultural affairs of the two peoples [Jews and Germans] as a pre-condition for living together without conflict. . . . I have long supported such a separation, provided it is founded on respect for the alien nationality. The Nuremberg Laws . . . seem to me, apart from their legal provisions, to conform entirely with this desire for a separate life based on mutual respect. . . . This interruption of the process of dissolution in many Jewish communities, which had been promoted through mixed marriages, is therefore, from a Jewish point of view, entirely welcome.12 13 14 15 16

Other leading Zionists around the world spoke similarly. Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, president of the American Jewish Congress and the World Jewish Congress, speaking before a rally in New York in 1938, said:

I am not an American citizen of the Jewish faith, I am a Jew. I am an American. I have been an American for sixty-three sixty fourths of my life, but I have been a Jew for 4000 years. Hitler was right in one thing. He calls the Jewish people a race and we are a race.17

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The cooperation
between the Zionists and the Nazis
up to and during the Second World War.

Not only was there cooperation in words, there was a collaboration between the Zionists and the Nazis up to and even during the Second World War. The Nazi government set up a series of 40 agricultural centers throughout Germany to train young Jews for kibbutz life in Palestine. It supported immigration of Jews into Palestine until prevented by the war. The official SS newspaper, Das Schwarze Korps, supported Zionism in front-page editorials.1

The SS collaborated with the Haganah, the Zionist underground military in Palestine, with help in Jewish immigration and even provided smuggled guns for the Zionist forces. Despite misgivings, Hitler continued to support Zionist objectives in Palestine.2 3 4 5

Hitler told his army adjutant in 1939 and again in 1941 that he had asked the British in 1937 about transferring all of Germany's Jews to Palestine or Egypt. The British rejected the proposal, he said, because it would cause further disorder.6

As the British government became more restrictive on Jewish immigration into Palestine in the late ´ 30s, the SS made a pact with the secret Zionist agency Mossad le-Aliya Bet to smuggle Jews into Palestine. As a result of this collaboration, Jewish migration, both legal and illegal, from Germany (including Austria) to Palestine increased dramatically in 1938 and 1939. 10,000 Jews were scheduled for emigration in October 1939, but the beginning of the war prevented it. During 1940 and 1941, and as late as March 1942, Germany still assisted with indirect Jewish immigration to Palestine and had at least one officially authorized Zionist "kibbutz" training camp in Germany for potential emigrants.7

In the economic sphere, the Ha'avara agreement between Nazi Germany and the Palestine Center of the World Zionist Organization was vital to the Zionist cause. It began in 1933 and lasted throughout the 1930s and allowed the transfer of Jewish wealth to Palestine. Through this pact, Hitler's Third Reich did more than any other government during the 1930s to support Jewish development in Palestine.8 9 10 11 12 13

Probably the most telling document of the willingness of some Zionist factions to enter an alliance with Hitler was the offer made in 1941 by the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel, popularly called the "Lehi," or the Stern Gang. One of its top officials was Yitzhak Shamir, who became its leader and chief terrorist after Sternís death and who later became Israelís prime minister in the 1980s. The Stern gang considered the British to be Zionismís biggest enemy because Great Britain tried to protect the civil rights of the native Palestinians and attempted to slow the insurgent Jewish immigration.

In one of the most amazing facts of modern history, the Lehi actually made a formal proposal to the Germans of a military alliance between the Jewish revolutionary organization and the Nazis. In effect, they formally proposed to join the war on Germany´s side. Here are portions of the text of their communiqué with the Nazis.


In their speeches and statements, the leading statesmen of National Socialist Germany have often emphasized that a New Order in Europe requires as a prerequisite a radical solution of the Jewish question by evacuation. ("Jew-free Europe")
The evacuation of the Jewish masses from Europe is a precondition for solving the Jewish question. However, the only way this can be totally achieved is through settlement of these masses in the homeland of the Jewish people, Palestine, and by the establishment of a Jewish state in its historical boundaries.
The goal of the political activity and the years of struggle by the Israel Freedom Movement, the National Military Organization in Palestine (Irgun Zvai Leumi), is to solve the Jewish problem in this way and thus completely liberate the Jewish people forever.
The NMO, which is very familiar with the good will of the German Reich government and its officials towards Zionist activities within Germany and the Zionist emigration program, takes that view that:
1. Common interests can exist between a European New Order based on the German concept and the true national aspirations of the Jewish people as embodied by the NMO.
2. Cooperation is possible between the New Germany and a renewed, folkish-national Jewry.
3. The establishment of the historical Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, and bound by treaty with the German Reich, would be in the interest of maintaining and strengthening the future German position of power in the Near East.
On the basis of these considerations, and upon the condition that the German Reich government recognize the national aspirations of the Israel Freedom Movement mentioned above, the NMO in Palestine offers to actively take part in the war on the side of Germany.
This offer by the NMO could include military, political and informational activity within Palestine and, after certain organizational measures, outside as well...
The indirect participation of the Israel Freedom Movement in the New Order of Europe, already in the preparatory stage, combined with a positive-radical solution of the European Jewish problem on the basis of the national aspirations of the Jewish people mentioned above, would greatly strengthen the moral foundation of the New Order in the eyes of all humanity.
The cooperation of the Israel Freedom Movement would also be consistent with a recent speech by the German Reich Chancellor, in which Hitler stressed that he would utilize any combination and coalition in order to isolate and defeat England.
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The ideological similarities
between Zionism and National Socialism

No records exist of the German response to the amazing proposal, but by the time it was offered, Germany had already committed itself to a pro-Arab posture in an attempt to undermine Britain´s position in the Middle East.

When I first saw this document, I noticed the ideological similarities between Zionism and National Socialism, right down to the use of that favorite Nazi word "folkish" (Volk) to describe the foundations of the state they wanted to create.

It fascinated me to read about Zionist collusion with Nazi Germany. Zionist-Nazi collaboration has long been a dirty little secret - one that speaks volumes about the ideological foundations of Israel and the lengths to which Zionist extremists would go to secure its creation.

Zionist fanaticism had little regard for human lives, including that of Jews, when it came to the establishment of Israel. Israel´s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, made the following statement when German Jewry was threatened by Hitler.

If I knew that it would be possible to save all the children in Germany by bringing them over to England, and only half of them by transporting them to Eretz Yisrael, then I would opt for the second alternative. For we must weigh not only the life of these children, but also the history of the People of Israel. 1

If Israel´s first prime minister´s regard for Jewish life was such that he would rather see half the Jewish children of Germany die than be transported to England instead of Israel, how much value could one expect him to place on the life of a Palestinian child? How would we react to a Nazi who would say that he would rather see half the Jewish children die rather than simply go to another country?

Another classic example of a low regard for human life, even Jewish life, can be seen in a 1940 terrorist act by Ben-Gurion and the founders of the Zionist state. The Haganah, led by Ben-Gurion, blew up a ship of Jewish refugees from Hitler. The British had been taking them to Mauritius rather than allowing them to disembark in Haifa, Israel. To arouse indignation against the British, the Zionists blew up the ship on Christmas day, 1940, causing the death of 252 Jews as well as the ship´s English crewmen. If Nazis had blown up a ship of refugees in the waters of Israel, the Mossad would have hunted the perpetrators to the ends of the Earth if need be, so that they could be brought before the Israeli "war crimes" courts. There would be well-publicized, annual remembrances of the terrible act of terrorism. Instead, Israel chose the murderer as its first prime minister.2

Zionism and Nazism are torn from the same cloth, their banners stained with blood. Zionists, though, are a lot better at public relations.

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Israel: A Racist State

On November 10th 1975, a plenary session of the United Nations declared that Zionism is a form of racism. Howls of protest went up across America and throughout the world from the (once again) poor, persecuted Jews. They were furious that such a charge could have been made against the "only true democracy in the Mideast." But what exactly is Zionism if it is not racism? Even David Ben-Gurion, in discussing the "Hitlerism" of Menachem Begin, wrote, "He can be accused of racism, but then one will have to put on trial the entire Zionist movement, which is founded on the principle of a purely Jewish entity in Palestine."1

The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1965, has now been ratified by most member states. Article 1 of this Convention defines the term racial discrimination as

. . .any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, color, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.2

Israel was and is a nation set up exclusively for Jews. By the Israeli "Law of Return," a Jew is defined not by his religious beliefs, but by his Jewish ancestry, proven by the heritage of his parents. Although it is possible for Gentiles to convert to Judaism, the obstacles are so great that the "converted" make up only a tiny percentage of the Jewish population. As I write these lines, Jewish Orthodoxy, the state-sanctioned religion of Israel, is in a major controversy with American Reform and Conservative factions because the Orthodox in Israel will not even recognize conversions from these two branches of Judaism.

A Palestinian who was born in the boundaries of what is now Israel, and whose family lived there for thousands of years before being forced out by the Israeli army, cannot return to his homeland and become a citizen of Israel. In contrast, an atheist Jew born in New York City and who speaks no Hebrew, can immigrate to Israel and be given instant citizenship. In addition, the Israeli government offers him help in housing, living expenses, education, and numerous other benefits to immigrate.

In 1948, nearly 94 percent of the land of Israel was owned by Palestinians. Since then, Palestinian-owned land has been systematically confiscated by the Israeli government. Most of the Palestinian land went into what Israel calls the "National Jewish Fund," and was declared by law to be "Land of Israel." It has become "Jewish" land, and by law it can never be sold to a non-Jew, rented to a non-Jew, or worked by a non-Jew. Much of the land has been given at no cost to Jewish settlers. The Zionist army forced the Palestinians from more than 350 cities and villages in Israel and the Occupied Territories and then bulldozed the homes. Even ancient Palestinian cemeteries are often plowed under.

Two other laws concern the Keren Kayemet ("National Jewish Fund" Law passed on 23 November 1953) and the Keren Hayesod ("Reconstruction Fund" Law passed on 10 January 1956). The president of the Israeli Human Rights League, Doctor Israel Shahak, a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in his book, The Racism of the State of Israel,3 tells us that there are in Israel whole towns (Carmel, Nazareth, Illith, Hatzor, Arad, Mitzphen-Ramen, and others) where non-Jews are forbidden by law to live.

The Palestinians who remained in Israel, although ostensibly citizens, suffer intense discrimination. They are given citizenship-identification cards that have no Israeli nationality designation; nationality is listed only as Arab or Jewish, lending itself to the many discriminatory policies in the Jewish state. In Israel there are whole cities and settlements in which it is illegal for Palestinians to live. There are segregated housing areas and complexes, schools, and recreational facilities where Palestinians are not allowed. This segregation is not de facto; it is official government policy. Palestinians are not permitted to serve in the military, and even though Palestinians are between 15 and 20 percent of the Israeli population, there has never even been one Palestinian in the Israeli cabinet.

Israeli law does not recognize the legality of marriage between Jews and Palestinians, as marriages and other aspects of civil laws are decided by religious courts, which do not recognize such marriages. Whenever I see Jews in the American media glorifying and encouraging intermarriage between Blacks and Whites, I think about their hypocrisy in supporting a nation in that will not, by law, recognize a marriage between a Jew and an non-Jew.

Haim Cohen, a former judge of the Supreme Court of Israel, noted

...the bitter irony of fate which has led the same biological and racist laws propagated by the Nazis and which inspired the infamous Nuremberg laws, to serve as a basis for the definition of Judaism within the State of Israel. 4

  1. Bar Zohar. (1966). Le Prophète Armé - : Ben Gourion. Fayard. Paris. p.146.

  2. United Nations General Assembly. (1965). The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination.

  3. Shahak, I.. The Racism Of The State Of Israel. p.57.

  4. Badi, J. (1960). Fundamental Laws Of The State Of Israel. New York. p.156.





The Treachery against the Liberty

The Jewish people and their history fascinated me. I did not remain quiet as I educated myself about the Jewish question. I discussed what I read with my family, friends, and teachers. Pointing out Jewish hypocrisy caused me to be accused of hatred, intolerance, racism, religious bigotry, and of course anti-Semitism.

It became clear to me that despite the media image of Jews as the most holy and Godlike people on Earth, the Jewish infrastructure has maintained an extreme form of ethnic supremacism. Their supremacism was coupled with intense hatred toward others, nursed from the time of their sojourn in Egypt to the post-Holocaust modern age. Such chauvinism has repeatedly erupted in intolerance and repression. Anyone who dares to expose this record of Jewish hypocrisy, racism, and hatred is defamed by the "Anti-Defamation League" as a hater.

When I would bring up Jewish racism or quote from Jewish scriptures or current Jewish leaders, my teachers were at first taken aback, but would later assure me that such sentiments were part of a remote past or a tiny minority in the present. They told me that Jews of the modern era really did not follow the ethnocentric way of their forefathers. But studying Israel helped me to realize that Jewish supremacism is very much in their present. One of the things that really brought it home to me was an Israeli act of war against America - a treacherous act that elicited only obsequiousness and treason from Americaís media and government. 

On July 8, 1967, an American Navy intelligence ship, the U.S.S. Liberty, patrolling off the waters of Israel and the Gaza Strip, came under the fire of jet fighter aircraft and torpedo boats. I recall that I heard the news from my transistor radio while I was on my summer job, scraping the old paint off of a house in New Orleansí Lakeview section. The attack occurred during the Israeli-Arab war of 1967, a war in which America supported Israel. The first news accounts did not identify the attacking parties, and I assumed that the Egyptians, in a supremely brutal and stupid attack, had struck a U.S. vessel in retaliation for our massive support of the Israeli military. A few elected officials had already begun to call for immediate military retaliation on Egypt.

In spite of my growing knowledge of the pernicious nature of Zionism, my deeply embedded patriotism came pouring out. I became angry at Egypt for daring to attack an American vessel. Later on, the reports began to filter in that it was the Israelis who had attacked the American ship, resulting in 171 Americans wounded and 31 dead. The official excuse was that the Israelis had mistaken the Liberty for an Egyptian ship. Over the next few weeks, a great deal of evidence emerged revealing that the attack had been deliberate. But by then the story of the U.S.S. Liberty and the 171 American casualties had dropped from the headlines.

The crew had been ordered not to divulge any information about the attack. When the silence was finally broken years later by Lieutenant James Ennes, an officer aboard the Liberty, that the overwhelming evidence pointed to a cold-blooded attack by the Israelis on an American ship.




A violation of international law

The U.S.S. Liberty, a lightly armed intelligence ship whose mission was to intercept foreign radio communications, had been sailing in international waters off the Egyptian town of El Arish, which Israeli forces had just captured. Israel knew that the Liberty was monitoring its transmissions and was fearful it would learn of preparations for an invasion of Syria the next day.

On the clear and breezy morning of June 8, Israeli fighter jets circled the Liberty numerous times, coming in so low and close that the ship´s crewmen waved at the pilots and could actually see their faces. The Liberty was clearly marked with its large U.S. Navy identifying letters, and it had a large American flag flying stiffly in the breeze.

With no warning, at 2:00 p.m., unmarked Israeli jets attacked the Liberty with rockets, cannon fire, and napalm bombs. Their first target was the radio room, which they destroyed along with the Liberty´s antennas. The fighters made repeated passes, attacking the ship until they ran out of bombs and ammo and broke off the attack. At that point the men of the Liberty replaced the first American flag, which had been shot away, with an oversized 7- by 13-foot flag.

The Israelis obviously knew the ship was American as they intercepted and tried to electronically jam the Liberty´s radio signals for help. Incredibly, the ship´s radio men had managed to rig a new antenna and get through a distress call identifying the attackers and requesting help from the Mediterranean Sixth Fleet. The carriers Saratoga and America sent messages that help was on the way and dispatched fighters to defend the Liberty.

The beleaguered and bloodied crew of the Liberty waited in vain for the promised fighter support as Israeli torpedo boats then attacked, trying to sink the Liberty and finish off the crew who were now fighting the napalm fires on the decks and tending to the wounded. The Israelis raked the Liberty with 20 and 40 mm cannon fire and struck the ship with a torpedo at the waterline, killing 22 more sailors below decks. The torpedo boats came in close enough to machine-gun the crew tending to the wounded on deck.

Despite 821 holes bigger than a man´s fist, napalm bombs exploding on the decks and in the superstructure, and a gaping hole and serious torpedo damage at the water line, miraculously, the Liberty remained afloat (no thanks to the U.S. fighter support, which never came; they had been called back by orders of President Lyndon Johnson before they could intercept the attackers).

Israel obviously intended to sink the Liberty and kill everyone on board. In violation of international law, Israeli torpedo boats even machine-gunned the Liberty´s deployed life rafts. They sought to knock out the Liberty´s communication room and jam her radio signals to prevent her from identifying her attackers, then to send the American ship and her crew to the bottom so no one could refute the natural supposition that the treacherous deed had been committed by the Egyptians. The Zionists knew that by knocking out the Liberty they would have more of a free hand in Syria, and the indignation over the sinking of an American ship by the Egyptians would garner unconditional support for Israel´s most radical war aims. Only the courage and resourcefulness of the men of the U.S.S. Liberty prevented that further miscarriage of justice.

In his recall of the U.S. Navy jets sent to protect the Liberty, Johnson committed of the most treasonous acts of betrayal in American history. He cared more about preventing a public breach between the U.S. and Israel than saving the lives of American fighting men. The survivors of the Liberty have stated clearly that had the jets not been recalled, the torpedo boat attack could have been stopped, saving many American lives.

Captain William McGonagle, the Liberty´s commanding officer, although seriously wounded, showed exceptional heroism that eventually won him the Congressional Medal of Honor. Usually the president awards the nation´s highest honor in a White House ceremony along with a citation recording the details of the heroic deed. President Johnson called the Israelis to see if they had any objection to the awarding of the medal and then decided not to take part in the ceremony or even allow it at the White House. The Secretary of the Navy ended up awarding the medal at the Washington Naval Yard, and the citation did not even identify Israel as the attacker. The Washington Post had no story about Captain McGonagle receiving the award. The U.S. Navy conducted a perfunctory court of inquiry (lasting only four days), and failed to call even one Israeli to testify. In contrast, the attack on the U.S.S. Stark merited a nine-month-long investigation.




A treacherous act
from a supposed "ally"!

Lieutenant James Ennes, one of the Liberty´s officers, wrote a detailed book about the incident called Assault on the Liberty, published in 1979.1 It exposes the tremendous evidence showing how the attack was a calculated and deliberate attempt to sink a ship the Israelis knew was American and kill any survivors so there would be no American witnesses. The U.S. ambassador to Lebanon at the time has also come forward and stated that when he was on duty in the Middle East, he heard U.S.-intercepted Israeli communications with the attacking Israeli fighters acknowledging the ship was American. Many prominent leaders of the U.S. Navy courageously have gone on record to demand a real inquiry on the Liberty, and the head of Navy Operations said that the evidence clearly pointed to a planned attack. Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Admiral Thomas Moorer and the surviving crew of the U.S.S. Liberty all say that the attack was clearly deliberate.

Perhaps one could understand such a treacherous act from the enemies of this country, but not from a supposed ally. The fact that Israel had attacked the forces of the nation that has supported it more than any other - in money, diplomacy, good will, and even military arms (including weapons that were turned against our men) - has to be one of the most egregious acts of military betrayal in the history of nations.

I asked myself how Israel could be so reckless as to attack an American vessel. The obvious answer was that they knew their operation against the Liberty held very little risk, for if the attack succeeded and the ship and all its crew were destroyed, Israel would get everything it wanted in the war. If they failed in their mission to sink the Liberty and blame it on the Egyptians, the Israelis knew they could pass it off as a mistake. They also knew that their massive influence in government and the press would help them cover up. After sweeping the terror and dispossession of a million and one half Palestinians under the rug for half a century - the Liberty was child´s play.

Not only has our noble ally, Israel, attacked American forces, it has had highly placed spies in our government for decades. One example is the Pollard Affair, in which a highly placed Jew in American intelligence passed over huge amounts of top secret material to the Israeli government. When Pollard was duly tried, convicted, and imprisoned, the Israeli government established a fund to help secure his release and reward him for his service. Since the Pollard affair the Zionists have not needed low-level spies, for they now have highly committed Zionists dominating the highest intelligence levels of the United States ó in the presidentís National Security Council.

Ennes, J. (1979). Assault On The Liberty. New York: Random House.




Israel is an American problem!
We cannot survive unless the Jewish power is broken.  

When I learned the full truth of the Liberty treachery years after the actual attack - I remembered how incensed I felt at 17 when I heard on my transistor radio how the Egyptians had apparently attacked an American ship. Those moments of anger had long passed when I read Ennes´s book. However, as I read Lieutenant Ennesís poignant accounts of the dead and dying men aboard the Liberty, my anger rose again only to give way to profound sadness for my country. As a young and proud American, I could not understand how our president could treasonously stop the defense of American men under fire, or how our government would cover up the treachery of the intentional Israeli murder of American young men - and even reward the murderers with even more billions of our taxes in foreign aid.

At that moment, I realized that Israel is not just a Palestinian problem. It is an American problem. Israel is a problem not just because of the $50 billion it has drained from our treasury; or because of the hundreds of billions of dollars in higher oil prices spawned by our Israeli-first policies; or the damage it has done to our good name around the world; or even just because of its treacherous attack on the Liberty. Our Israeli policy is a symptom of a pervasive Jewish power in our government and the press that threatens the very foundations of America itself.

While Zionists in Israel were dispossessing the Palestinians, Zionists in America were busy consolidating their power in all the Western nations also, promoting policies that would weaken the identity and the will for self-preservation of the founding Gentile elements. They had even set about to make us a minority in our nation, just as they had made the Palestinians a minority in Israel. I knew the day would not be far off when we, like the Palestinians, would become an oppressed minority in our own land. The fact that the ship attacked by Israel was named the Liberty has a bitter appropriateness, for I knew that if the Zionists succeeded in their ultimate objectives they would destroy our peopleís life and liberty.

The structure and form of modern Israel proves that Jewish supremacism is not an ideology of the past, but a ominous reality of the present, overtly expressed in every sinew of the Israeli state. The fact that the Jewish power structure in America and around the world intensely supports it offers convincing evidence that little had changed in the struggle between Jew and Gentile over the last 2,500 years. Moreover, the fact that Jews have been able to get the Western world to support Zionism in all its glorious hypocrisy is testament to their power of over all forms of media and over our nation´s governments. The European race cannot survive unless that power is broken.

Jewish Supremacy in Action

By David Duke



Who is David Duke?

David Duke is one of the most controversial political leaders in the world. His compelling story takes us from his early life and love of the wetlands and forests of south Louisiana to his activism for the rights and heritage of European Americans. It recounts his political victory in the House of Representatives from Louisiana, and his subsequent amazing races for the U.S. Senate and Governorship that won him a landslide of White voters (over 60%) even though he was vastly out spent and attacked relentlessly by a hostile jewish media.

  • Received his BA in History in 1974 from LSU. 

  • Won the ROTC Outstanding Basic Cadet Award at LSU out of a field of 3,000. Achieved highest rank possible for any basic cadet. 

  • Worked for the U.S. State Department in Laos during the Vietnam War where he instructed anticommunist Laotian military officers. He won the "Most Respected Instructor Award." Also volunteered on missions with Air America to supply the anticommunist forces. 

  • Awarded a scholarship for studies at the Goethe Institute in Salzburg, Austria. 

  • Appointed by Gov. George Wallace as an Honorary Colonel in his state militia. He has been the recipient of over 35 patriotic awards, including the Patrick Henry Award from the World anticommunist Federation. 

  • Has lectured at Universities in the U.S. and abroad, including Oxford and Cambridge in England, Harvard, USC, Vanderbilt and many others. 

  • Founder and former National President of the NAAWP, a civil rights organization dedicated to the preservation of our heritage and equal opportunity for all Americans, including white Americans. 

  • He has been interviewed (or debated) by such personalities as Jesse Jackson, Carl Rowan, Larry King, Ben Bradlee, Pat Buchanan, Barbara Walters, Candace Bergen, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, Sam Donaldson, Ted Koppel, Jerry Springer and been a guest on such programs as the Today Show, Nightline, Good Morning America, CBS Morning News, Prime Time Live, BBC Tonight Program, Crossfire, Donahue, and many more. 

  • David Duke was elected in 1989 and served as a member of the House of Representatives and was a full participating member of the Republican Legislative Delegation. He served on Committees: Health and Welfare, and Judiciary. 

  • Authored landmark conservative legislation, including House Bill 1013 (1990), the first antiaffirmative action challange passed by a legislative body in America. 

  • Currently a publicly-elected Republican official. He was recently elected to Chairmanship of the Republican Parish Executive Committee of the largest Republican parish (county) in Louisiana. (St. Tammany RPEC, At-Large Representative, term 1996-2000)

Excerpts from an interview with David Duke

Recently, David Duke spoke by telephone from his home office in Louisiana to Richard Martin. Excerpts from the interview follow:

[Presentation by Richard Martin:
David Duke has been many things in his life: Louisiana state legislator, candidate for the U.S. Senate, Republican Party head in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. David Duke operates even from his
Web site, the David Duke Online Report.]

Martin: How did you get on the Internet? What led you to take your program online?

Duke: I'm always looking for a new medium to express and spread [the] scientific information that I have to the general public. I was doing my radio show but only reaching the radio public in New Orleans. It's a limited audience. I've done talk shows and radio around the U.S., but I'm usually given very little time, and there's always heated opposition. It's hard to really intelligently discuss, to thoroughly develop your ideas.

The Internet gives you the opportunity to fully express your ideas, on equal terms to other ideas. People have the opportunity to judge the idea on its face, next to other ideas opposing it. That's what's got people like the [Anti-Defamation League] so worried: for the first time the scientific evidence of racial differences, historical evidence of the Zionist occupation of Palestine, can be fully explored and effectively argued.

Martin: Many people think that's just the problem. That on the Internet bogus ideas like Holocaust revisionism look just as authentic as real, serious history.

Duke: Well, hey, these are serious ideas. You can call them what you want. We're just putting them out there. The Internet is simply a means of communication. A highly developed, technological, complex way to express ideas and share ideas around the world with people who are interested in these issue[...] These ideas have been suppressed; the facts have been suppressed. I'm not saying that a book like that can't make it out, but lot of it is quietly suppressed. I'm not saying that the control is total, but I'm talking about the thrust of the media.

Martin: But what about the problem of context? How can a young person distinguish between pseudo-science and reliable information on a Web site?

Duke: There's always a way to judge. Now they have the opportunity to get every point of view.[...]

People should weigh the arguments; if we're citing a study that is untrue, check out the sources. They have a right to monitor that, print that, and correct it.

Hey, if you don't believe in freedom of speech then let's shut down the Internet, make sure nobody has a fax machine, computer, or copier, and throw out the First Amendment.

Well, you can say that free speech didn't exist under Nazi Germany, or under communism. But in some ways it doesn't exist here. Even in Germany, people always had the right to talk among themselves, but I can show you a lot of things going on today that are very dangerous for freedom of speech. Just the other day, [French far-right politician] Jean-Marie Le Pen was fined one million francs for making a comment during an interview that he felt that the Holocaust was a footnote to World War II. [...]

Martin: It seems to me you want it both ways. You want absolute freedom of speech, but you castigate the government and the media that promote free speech for being controlled by liberals and lackeys and Jews. You want the freedoms of a liberal society but you advocate what's basically a fascist state.

Duke: It's not just the government. There are specific instances where freedom of speech has been suppressed not so much by government as by other forces. There's tremendous censoring going on in college textbooks, in our universities. I don't know, I'm obviously not a fascist, I served in state legislature, people in this state know that I believe in less government, and more freedom. When people point fingers at Germany, and communism, they should know that a lot of that same kind of thing goes on here, it's just more subtile. It's behind the scenes, where they suppress the knowledge of a certain book, the publication of some books.

If we can't discuss the Holocaust, if we think that certain historical ideas are not allowed to be freely analyzed, then we're in trouble. I'd suspect people who try to suppress discussion. What kind of truth needs to suppress its opposition?


If I were president of the United States, if I had the power, there would be a lot more freedom of speech than there is now. I would work harder for equal time laws, for absolute reform of the political system. I'd make sure there was public financing for campaigns, equal access to the media, a true marketplace of ideas.

Our government is bought and paid for today. People get these contributions because it's basically a bribe. That's what it's all about. The whole system...

Look, I have very strong opinions, I fully acknowledge that I could be wrong. The way to prove me wrong is to reason with facts and data, not to cut me off.

Martin: Well there I agree with you. But this whole thing about the media being controlled by Jews, that you and your associates believe--as a journalist for 15 years I find that not only contemptible but preposterous.

Duke: Am I saying that 15 or 20 Jews sit around a table in New York and decide what gets printed? Of course not. But no people are more organized than the Jews, they have huge lobbying organization and lots of organizations fighting for their interests, organizations that support Israel tremendously...Certainly the Jewish power and ownership in the media has an impact on what Americans see and read.

...What we see in media is what they want us to see. What they're ideologically comfortable with.

Imagine for a moment that Iraqis supporting Saddam Hussein controlled NBC, ABC, and CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Time, and US News & World Report, and most of the big dailies. Imagine what an outcry there would be. Let me tell you something: that situation exists already, except that the owners are supporters of Zionism. All these outlets, they all have Jewish ownership. The Wall Street Journal for instance.

Martin: But that's a fallacy. No two newspapers could be more opposite in their editorial views than The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Duke: They may be diametrically opposed on economic issues, but on issues that are important to these particular people, there's no divergence there... There's no difference in terms of what the Jewish people view as their interests.


Martin: How can you condemn Nazism and support Holocaust revisionism? Isn't that a bit contradictory?

Duke: World War II is portrayed as the good war according to the liberal media. It involved the deaths of 50 million people, some of them Jewish. We haven't been told the whole truth on a lot of these issues, and people have the right to understand what's really behind all this. . . .

Duke then went on to describe...the "Holocaust hoax," involving war reparations, secret Swiss bank accounts, Jewish-controlled newspapers, and "blackmailing by Edgar Bronfman."

Martin: You're saying that Edgar Bronfman helped bring about the invention of the Holocaust?!

Duke: There's this myth that the Jews had all this money in Swiss accounts, though there's no evidence of that. Bronfman went to the Swiss and said, "We want $7 billion." The Swiss said this is ridiculous, the Swiss said no, and he said, "You'll be sorry."

And they launched the media onslaught against the Swiss. The only way to turn this off is by giving a few billion in gold to the Zionists. It just goes on and on, they work to advance their interests, and they don't mind using their power...

Martin: You sort of lost me there. What you're saying is that the Jewish-controlled media is involved in suppression of legitimate information. Yet to question the actuality of the Holocaust is to ignore or suppress a hell of a lot of verifiable, credible sources, such as eyewitness testimony.

Duke: What we're doing is giving a frame of reference. When NBC does a documentary, or a magazine article, they can frame Holocaust deniers any way they want to. Now for the first time intelligent people, decent-minded people with differing interpretations of that historical period, can actually go to that source, and ask "What do I actually believe?" On the Internet people can see that we're not raving lunatics, we're not spouting hate. We're simply saying that we have differing opinions of some of these things and on those historical events.

Martin: What has the Web site done for your real-world organization?

Duke: Let me put it this way. Maybe five years ago, if someone wanted to find about David Duke they could go to the library, get the periodical guide, go to newspapers, look at TV news shows. Essentially, most of those sources are pretty much opposed to me. As you know it's possible to make saints into sinners when you have the power of the pen. Nowadays you have something entirely different, if a student is doing a report for school, a story on David Duke, well now they can go to the Internet, type in David Duke in a search engine, and get all kinds of sites both for and against me. Now they can go to my page, actually read for themselves what I say for myself in my own words. When I wanted to know about Nazism, I read Mein Kampf. Now for the first time people can get the other side, from the source itself. Then you judge for yourself.

Whether they're right or wrong, they're legitimate opinions. I have a right to express them.

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

Palestine banner
Viva Palestina!

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