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 Israels Nätverk i Sverige

Radio Islams Uppslagsverk (In Swedish)
The Encyclopedia of Radio Islam (In English)

The purpose of this "Encyclopedia" is to provide a list of various public persons, debaters, politicians, subjects, definitions, events, ideologies and organizations that are of current interest in the debate on the Middle East and are being treated in the home page. That certain persons here mentioned are Jews is significant in the same meaning as if they had been Palestinians and has nothing to do with racism. Without Judaism no Zionism; without Zionism no Israel, and Israel is an occupant. Those who support Israel take a political position to the question. Persons here mentioned have been selected, scrutinized or criticized not because of their ethnic origin but because of their ideological and political activities.

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The Encyclopedia of Radio Islam in English)


Jewish Complaints
about Radio Islam

and "The Encyclopedia of Radio Islam"


The Radio Islam´s contains 15 DIFFERENT homepages with ONE common slogan:

No hate, no violence.

Race? Only one Human race.

Radio Islam, was created as a reaction to today's realities in the Middle East in general, and the Palestinian tragedy specifically.

The conflict in Palestine is not between Semites and anti-Semites, but between occupation and the resistance against this occupation, between right and wrong, justice and injustice.

It concerns the people living in the Middle East but the rest of the world in involved too, as we have seen in many circumstances.

Our conviction is that we, in this issue, are fighting for justice. And one shouldn't forget that Arabs are also Semites.

The homepage of Radio Islam is now available in fifteen (15) different languages. We have the same messages and contents in each of these languages

The complaints are not spontaneous but are just a part of a political campaign trying to circumvent and destroy free speech.

The aim is to shut down our homepage.

Do these complaints contain any specific quotes from the document or any translation of those passages that they have found offending?

We believe we can justify and provide evidence for everything we have written.

If anything wrong may be found in our texts, then, of course, we are quite prepared to acknowledge a mistake and correct it in due time.

For our part we say with firmness:

1) There is no "incitement of violence" in the homepages of Radio Islam.

2) On our homepage - which is outspokenly anti-racist - there can be found nothing that can be considered racist or xenophobic.

3) Concerning the document "The Encyclopedia of Radio Islam":

The purpose of this "Encyclopedia" is to provide a kind of short dictionary of various public persons, debaters, politicians, subjects, events, ideologies and organizations that are of current interest in the debate on the Middle East and are being treated in the home page. That certain persons mentioned are Jews is significant in the same meaning as if they had been Palestinians and has nothing to do with racism.

Without Judaism no Zionism, without Zionism no Israel, and Israel is an occupant.

Those who support Israel take a political position to the question.

Persons mentioned have been selected, scrutinized or criticized not because of their ethnic origin but because of their ideological and political activities.

a) The Encyclopedia of Radio Islam constitutes a kind of index in alphabetical order to subjects mentioned in the material published in Radio Islam's homepage, with links to these specific subjects. (For instance anyone seeing the name Roger Garaudy in the encyclopedia , can be linked from the encyclopedia to material published by this French writer).

b) The Encyclopedia is not "a list of persons", Jews or non-Jews, but a kind of short dictionary which will contain all the subjects; facts, events, organizations, persons involved in the Middle East debate or in some way connected to the conflict in Palestine, definitions. Even newspapers are mentioned there.

c) Persons mentioned in this encyclopedia have been chosen not because of their ethnical origin, but because of their political ideology and POLITICAL position regarding the Palestine question, as POLITICAL actors. I. e. , in this encyclopedia, you'll find both Jews and non-Jews, Zionists and anti-Zionists.

d) What we do have in the English section of Radio Islam's homepages is a list of Jews working in the Clinton administration - the document called "Clinton´s List". But they are mentioned there not because they are Jews, but they are mentioned there because we believe that the Jewish lobby in the US has created a concentration of power which we believe is troublesome to the democracy of that country and dangerous for the peace in the Middle East.

But there is no way this listing of politically active Zionists can be considered as "an incitement to violence" against these persons.

It is a political analysis which has been made by many observers, including Israeli newspapers.

e) The inspiration for creating "The Encyclopedia of Radio Islam" has been the thorough Palestinian masterpiece "The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Question" as well as the leading Jewish source - "The Encyclopaedia Judaica".

f) If our political opponents are of a different view, they should have to prove their point by giving precise examples, like correct translated quotes from the documents, for instance.

Just the fact that they don't agree with our political views should not allow them to deprive us of our human right of freedom of speech.

What it really is all about, is the recent decision by the US Supreme Court to let freedom of speech rule over the Internet.

This decision was met with anger by the Jewish ruling circles in many European countries.

The tragic reality is this; freedom of speech is almost non-existent in many European countries.

We hope that censorship will not prevail over the content of our or any other homepages.

It is the situation in the Middle East that is very much inflamed - the parties concerned in the debate and the conflict only reflect the real polarization.

To the Palestinians and Muslims the Zionists appear to be the Nazis of today.

To the victims of Zionism this ideology is not experienced as something positive, but rather as a symbol of evil.

We removed the Encyclopedia from our homepage in order to avoid all misunderstanding.

We are a group of young people, who have got to know each other through Internet, and we have decided to use our freedom of speech by engaging ourselves in the Palestine question and the struggle against Jewish racism.



Radio Islam


against Radio Islam


By cunning and any other means Israel constantly tries to divert attention from the Jewish occupation of Palestine and from the dominance exerted by Jewish power over the western states. A group of militant Zionists at Stockholm University have thus "revealed" - in an opinion poll financed by Jewish organizations in Sweden - that 34 % of Swedish junior high school students doubt that the Holocaust has really taken place.

The result of the poll, which has been made a great feature of in Jewish-controlled media, caused panic in ruling circles. In the Swedish parliament immediate measures were demanded from the government, and in an emotionally tinged pronouncement the prime minister Göran Persson expressed his indignation and worry about the fact that only 66 % of the junior high school students acknowledged the existence of the Holocaust.

Since one of the more important goals of the educational system and the media is to make people believe in the story of the Holocaust and to achieve the one hundred percentage of believers demanded by the Jewish power, Göran Persson has promised to take quick steps to intensify the brainwashing of the junior high school students and citizens in general, and to shut the mouth of everybody, who spreads doubt about the reality of the Holocaust. The Swedish prime minister has also promised to distribute a video cassette about the Holocaust to the parents of all junior high school students, so that the former take their responsibility to educate their children in a Zionist spirit.

It should be no secret that the speeches of the Swedish prime minister are usually written by the strong man of the government, the Jew Leif Pagrotsky! Göran Persson's statement before the parliament struck the note for the media. The day after the meeting of the parliament the pro-Zionist Swedish newspaper Dagen wrote that "The Association of survivors from the Holocaust" has decided to stop Radio Islam and erect a big monument in memory of the Holocaust in front of the synagogue in Stockholm. In an interview in the same number of the newspaper the leader of the association, Jakob Ringart, declared it to be "a scandal that Ahmed Rami is allowed to continue denying the Holocaust in radio broadcasts on Swedish soil."

In an interview the same day in Swedish radio and TV one of the leaders of the Jewish lobby declared that the result of the poll was the fruit of broadcasts for years from Radio Islam, and that only Ahmed Rami can be happy about it today. Exactly a week after the pronouncement of the prime minister the Swedish attorney general decided to initiate legal proceedings against Radio Islam's home page on Internet. To the media it was given to understand that the whole dossier about this "affair" was to be classified as secret.

Since this legal action has been completely covered up and the attorney general refuses to give a statement, the Swedish television turned to a professor of law at Stockholm University. In his opinion "Ahmed Rami may be found guilty of disrespect for the Jewish people, even if his home page on Internet is based in America. As a Swedish citizen he is to be judged according to Swedish law."

The day after the decision to initiate legal proceedings against Radio Islam's home page on Internet Ahmed Rami received a bill concerning the broadcastings from Radio Islam, which sends 35 hours a week in various languages (among other things information from the persecuted Canadian history revisionist Ernst Zündel). According to the bill, Radio Islam is requested to pay 6000 Swedish crowns for the costs of the broadcasting at a tariff of 65 crowns for a quarter of an hour (there is a common sender for all the stations).

Radio Islam began sending on the 3rd of March 1987 and has never before been requested to pay for the transmissions except for the use of a telephone line connecting the studio with the sender! The chairman of the board of directors of this sender is an active member of a Zionist organization, and the signer of the bill (also a Zionist) is a member of a gay organization, which in its publications has repeatedly attacked Radio Islam.

These legal and financial persecutions of Radio Islam and its home page on Internet are not only directed against the person Ahmed Rami - who has already served a sentence of six months in jail for the expression of his views - but against the freedom of us all. Yesterday it was Zündel, today it is Rami. Who will be the next tomorrow?

It is high time to pass to concrete acts of solidarity across the geographical, ideological and religious boundaries. The powers of evil are acting on a global level in a total war to lay our planet under Jewish dominion. After showing their real face in Palestine they constantly advance their positions for the purpose of turning the whole world into a single large prison, guarded by a Jewish oligarchy!

Our civilization can only survive in a climate of freedom of thought and respect for fundamental human rights. All religions, ideologies and political systems should not deny an opposition the right to exist. The totalitarian Zionism of today is the only ideology that systematically wants to make the very existence of an opposition a criminal offence! Before we can coexist, we must first be able to exist. That right is denied those who are opposed to the Jewish domination. This fanaticism and obscurantism is a serious threat against our civilization and against world peace. Each one of us should do something concrete to defend freedom!


From the Jewish Defense League

Propaganda and terrorism

against Radio Islam and the Internet:

[The following text is from the homepage of the Jewish terrorist and racist organization, the "Jewish Defense League"]:

Silence "Radio Islam"

The following message is self-explanatory and requires your immediate assistance to put an end to one of the most vicious anti-Jewish sites on the Internet:

I am member of a group of Jewish Defense League fighting against what is called "Radio Islam." This began as a radio station in Stockholm, Sweden, broadcasting material of hatred against the Jewish people. The founder of Radio Islam is a Moroccan who came to Sweden in 1973 as a political refugee. Rami was convicted and thrown in jail for six months for defaming the Jewish people, but that didn't stop him. Others took his place legally and it's an ongoing battle.

Rami soon discovered the possibilities that Internet gave him. He started a site with the same name as the radio station, "Radio Islam" ( At first, this site was hosted by Swedish servers. He went ISP (Internet service provider) to ISP but was quickly thrown out when the server owners discovered who was behind and what material was offered.

So in summer of this year, Rami moved to a U.S. server.

We wrote to his american Provider ( ISP ) several times. They finally moved to remove the list of named Jews Radio Islam´s home pagee. Everything else -- lists of Jewish convicted criminals, all the traditional fabricated "proof" to deny the Holocaust and so much more -- remains intact. A truly sickening site.

We made an e-mail denouncement to Atlanta Police Department of the antisemitic defamation housed on Radio Islam, but have received no reaction whatsoever from there.

We tried to write about this in the Provider's discussion forum but we were immediately censored!


After lengthy "investigation" was conducted (we had thought a few minutes would be enough) we received the following e-mail:



Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 14:23:55 -0500

This is to inform you that our investigation of is finished. Let me first say that we pride ourselves on the fact that we provide anyone who wishes to publish information on the Internet an opportunity to do so, as long as the site remains within our fair and reasonable guidelines. After lengthy deliberation on this subject, our determination is that although this site may be bothersome or offensive to some, it is primarily sharing an opinion. Certainly with the list of names added to the site, it would seem to be aimed at providing an object on which to direct the feelings stirred by the rest of the site. Consequently, the decision we have made is that, as long as the list of names singling out individuals is removed and the rest of the site is reviewed such that any descriptions similar to those in the "encyclopedia" are removed, the site may remain active on our server. Please understand that the opinions expressed in the site are not necessarily those of our Company, its management or staff. We apologize for any problems this situation may have caused.

Thank you.

Bob Hendren, Vice President, Operations


To this we answered:

Mr. Bob Hendren,

We are in receipt of your announcement about the future of Radio Islam on your company. We note with pleasure that you have instructed Ahmed Rami to clean the site "such that any descriptions similar to those in the 'encyclopedia' are removed". The "list of names" have been removed but the site is still plagued with similar "descriptions" of Jewish people. Also, the whole site is constructed in such a manner that the legitimate question of Palestine is used as an excuse to attack and defame people just because of their origin.

As an example, Rami has listed major crimes or scandals where Jews have been involved. He had one page about "Jewish diseases" (seems to have been shut down) etc. Fair? Of course not - this is a subtile structure used to defame but try to avoid legal problems.

An ISP of course has no obligation to provide space to anyone. So it is up to the provider to shape the profile of its site. Ahmed Rami has been thrown out of several ISP in Sweden because ISP in this country do not want to house racists and antisemitists. In this country, or in Germany for example, he would never find an ISP. So, the ISP is not an innocent lamb who can sit back seeing the bucks rolling in with bothering. He HAS to choose. Some ISP throw out porno, most throw racism out. Those who accept the trash and hatred should of course be exposed so that people, before choosing ISP, or prolonging their present contract, know that paying to such an ISP is supporting the housing of e.g. racist defamation.

You state about Rami's site that "it is primarily sharing an opinion." Well, racism is an opinion, isn't it, but a very evil one, generally not accepted. I guess it would hard for you to house antinegro sites in English, because that would hurt you. After all, the black community is very big. In this case, after the lists of names being dropped, are mainly dead. Those who died in Nazi extermination camps. You will find a huge material on Radio Islam denying the Holocaust. That is legal I guess, but housing that, you ACTIVELY promote the lies defaming all the Nazi victims. It is a decision you make and an IMPORTANT one. In Germany you would probably be thrown into jail for housing holocaust denials. In the US nothing will happen except that people like us will VIGOROUSLY mobilize against you. That is moral obligation and our right as it is probably your right to house material that defames the Nazi victims.

Our aim will now be to hurt you financially and rally people in the U.S. to join us. You could have stood up for decency but you chose the buck. OK, so let us hope we can take that buck from you. Maybe then you will change your decision. This is not said in any threatening manner, or with the intention to be rude, quite the contrary. But we all have to act according to our own morals even if that brings us into involuntary conflicts.

Finally, please rest assured that not only your site has been singled out for our future campaigns. There are some other similar sites in the Swedish language in the U.S. and we will treat them equally.

We stand up for an Internet without any censorship. That is precisely one of the reasons we act. If the ISPs, like you, do not colaborate to keep Internet decent, we, the jewish surfing community, has to do it. Otherwise states will soon use material like the one you are housing as an excuse to clamp down on the Internet freedom. With tragic consequences.

Håkan Gustavsson

[Jewish activist from JDL]



We urge everybody to to write to Radio Islam,, and tell Ahmed Rami and the other maniacs what you think about their site. If you flood them with mail, so much the better.Write to the american Provider and tell them what you feel about their decision to house material defaming the Jewish people on his site. Make him understand that a boycott will be set in motion (that is our intention) if the material of hatred against Jews is not removed from their server.


Thank You.
Sincerely yours,
Håkan Gustavsson

[Jewish activist from JDL]

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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