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Economics, War & Jewish domination




Economics, War & Terrorism-Connection

Bernard Baruch, a Jewish Advisor to many US-Presidents, including WW 1-President Woodrow Wilson and WW 2 President Franklin Delano-Roosevelt, spoke the famous revealing words:
"All Wars are Economic in Origin". Especially with World War 2 Baruch's quote became the living reality.

Why? Because in 1933 International Jewry declared war on Germany. It was an economic boycott in the beginning, but ended in the military action of World War 2. This war is still ongoing in a different form, because up today Germany has no peace-treaty and according to the latest revelations of retired German Military Counter-Intelligence- (MAD) Director-General & Mayor-General Gerd-Helmut Komossa is:
"Berlin Washington's Vassal until 2099 according to the 1949 US-German secret treaty". You can buy his book "The German card, the obscure game of secret services" in any book-store.

This on-going war started in 1913. As to this, Dr. Henry Makow, a Jewish researcher came to the following conclusion on his web-site:, /
The Jewish-head is the Establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank, the City of London, the British Crown, the Habsburgs, the World Council of Churches, Zionists, certain Jews and the Vatican.

The "Holo"-Hoax is also protecting this Jewish OLD ORDER of international interest of the winners of WW 2, whose very existence as parasites is at stake again. Everything that is now taking place about this globe is causally linked to the OLD JEWISH ORDER! This kind of world this OLD ORDER has given us constitutes an appalling indictment with an increasingly sick and dysfunctional society.

Mental Illness is on the increase in this Society and this Western Society degenerated already into a society which celebrates and worships every year Mental Illness - & Homeless Week. They have accepted Mental Illness as their future.

Under Hitler -  in the German III. Reich - a young couples got a interest-free loan from the government to purchase a house or a flat. With the first child, 1/4 of this loan was cancelled and with the fourth child the whole loan was cancelled completely. This is only one example and when you read all the other information on:
then you will realize that the economic terror of the International gewish bankers, the true winners - Jews - of WW 2 have made out of you slaves of money. Not only one generation has to pay off the house with high interest-rates but also a second or third generation. That's the situation for ordinary Westerners today. Some are even not able to purchase a home.

In 1998, ten years ago, I met Mr. David Brockschmidt in Adelaide. You may not know Mr. Brockschmidt, but you know all who Mr. Oskar Schindler of Steven Spielberg's "Schindler's List is. David Brockschmidt's father, Heinrich Brockschmidt was the business-partner of Oskar Schindler and without the Trucks of Heinrich Brockschmidt, Oskar had not got his Jews into safety.

The Brockschmidt-Family is honoured by the State of Israel as idiot "righteous Gentiles" and a tree is planted in the alley of the righteous ones in Israel. David Brockschmidt's mother was a Polish-Jewess and because of the war-guilt imposed by the Allied on Germany, David spent time in the Israeli-Kibutz-system and during the 6 days war in 1967 risked his life for the "survival" of the Zionist State of Israel. However he became a Revisionist and came to the conclusion, that it is not worth to stand up for them and their shonky business-deals.

And for the same reason, instead of fighting Hamas & Jesus, we can fight now with them and for a NEW ORDER in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator and in standing guard against the Jewish domination.


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