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A small revisionist typhoon hovers over Japan

By Kimura Aiji

first appeared in "Smith's Report" (No.37, Nov. 1996)



(KIMURA Aiji: I do not adopt the habit followed by many Japanese, including the prime ministers. They do willingly overturn ones name, as Aiji Kimura, in my case. This is a paradox of history. They are subordinating to the Western custom, since Japan opened county to Western world, narrowly maintaining the independence, under the threat of the gun-ship diplomacy, while all Asian countries do not adopt such a humiliating habit after they recovered independence. But in this case, I appreciate the consideration of Mr. Bradley who ment to introduce me as a ordinary Japanese, and not a bigot. )

(Introduction by Bradley Smith)

Aiji Kimura is a free-lance journalist who formerly worked for the Japan Television Company. He has shown great energy in reseaching and bringing the revisionist case against the establishment Holocaust story to his fellow Japnese, sends this backgrounder on the rise of revisionism in Japan, and thanks us for sending him and Dr. Nishioka each a copy of Roger Garaudy's "Founding Myths of Israeli Politics".

(Japanese version of the book above mentioned , translated by KIMURA had been published on 15 Dec.1998. The following report is originally written by KIMURA in English and corrected about the expression and annotated by Smith)


Several years ago I received a call from a Dr. Masanori Nishioka. He told me I had come to his attention through my book "Falsehoods of the Gulf War", which dealt how imformation was twisted by governments and media during that war; one chapter was titled "Stop Ultra-Right-Wing Israel". Now Dr. Nishioka was telling me he would give me all his research showing that the story that the Nazis had gassed Jews in the Second World War is a hoax, if only I'd agree to write it up and try to get it published.

Dr. Nishioka had come upon Holocaust revisionism by chance. A neurologist, he makes a hobby of reading widely in world history. In 1989 he happened to read, in the Japanese edition of "Newsweek"(June 15), an article on Professor Arno Mayer's "Why Did the Heavens Not Darken? The 'Final Solution' in History". which led him, for the first time, to reconsider the gas chamber allegation--and to search for the truth.

At first, I was doubtful. I'd already had a number of calls from readers impressed by my book's criticisms of Israel, many of whom epoused an anti-Semitism with which I disagree. But in reading the material Dr. Nishioka sent me, and getting to know him, I became convinced that he was a serious researcher, not a bigot.

Our collaboration resulted in the publication ,in the september 1994 issue of "Uwasa no Sinso" (The Facts Behind the Rumors), of my article, "Film of 'Scindler's List' Arouses Great Skepticism of Holocaust Myth".

Then came the "Marco Polo" affair, in which a national magazine of that name published Dr. Nishioka's ten-page article, "There Were no Nazi 'Gas chamber'"(February 1995). Thereupon the magazine was attacked by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, among others, and its publisher obliged this foreign holocaust lobby by promptly closing the magazine down.

["The Journal of Historical Review"(March/April 1995) has published the most comprehensive account of the "Marco Polo" affair. It includes a report of the raucous press conference in which Mr. Kimura, Dr. Nishioka and American Jewish revisionst david Cole took part, available in America.]

The Japanese media was then flooded with denuncations of Holocaust revisionism, but revisionism had attracted wide notice in Japan.

A few months later, in June 1995, I was able to publish my book, "Auschwiz: The Points at Issue".

The maxims on strategy of the ancient Chinese writer Sun-Tzu, which many Japaneare fond of quote, include two seemingly contradictory principles. One maintains that a small power cannot challenge a large one, while another contends that a small power can often control a big power.

Japan's leaders clung to the latter in the Pacific, and were crushed by the United States; while on the Chinese mainland large and well-equipped Japanese armies were unable to defeat the Chinese guerrila forces.

I have chosen to adopt a guerrila strategy against the powerful exterminationist forces here in Japan, to hover above the Japanese archiperago, surveying it from north to south, launching paper darts at anti-revisionist articles as they appear. In this I am not without allies, including Dr. Nishioka. It is also widely believed that the staff of "Marco Polo", left jobless for having challanged the Holocaust taboo, is awaiting their chance at "Kataki-uti", that most favored theme of Japanese "Kabuki" [a classic form of Japanese drama]: vengeance!

I have hopes that Holocaust myth can be overthrown in Janan, for there is no organized Zionist lobby here as is in America or Europe. To carry on the fight when I am gone, I have drawn up my will to insure that one hundred million yen [nearly $900,000!-ed] will go to advertise my book, and to encourage both Holocaust revisionism and Palestinian independence.



"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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