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Palestinians go Revisionist

In an article in Jerusalem Post´s Internet edition, published on December 5th, 2000, the Jews are upset over recent revisionist statements by an important Palestinian personality. The statements were given by Dr. Issam Sissalem, a lecturer at the Islamic University in Gaza.

In a letter to Ehud Barak, Efraim Zuroff, head of the Israel office of the Wiesenthal Center, said: that "this is the most explicit denial of the Holocaust by a prominent Palestinian public figure".

Radio Islam judges the Palestinian´s quotes to be one hundred percent in accordance with the truth. Please read the Jerusalem Post article below and judge:

Barak urged to seek end to antisemitic incitement in PA-controlled media
By Elli Wohlgelernter

(December 5) - The Simon Wiesenthal Center has called on Prime Minister Ehud Barak to press for an end to the "vitriolic antisemitic incitement" transmitted by the official Palestinian Authority-controlled media.

The letter to Barak follows a report by the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) quoting Dr. Issam Sissalem, a lecturer at the Islamic University in Gaza, who said on a PA broadcast last week:

"Lies surfaced about Jews getting murdered here and there, and the Holocaust. And, of course, they are all lies and unfounded claims. No Chelmno, no Dachau, no Auschwitz. These were disinfection sites...

"They began to publicize in their propaganda that they were persecuted, murdered and exterminated...Committees acted here and there to establish this entity, this foreign entity, implanted as a cancer in our country, where our fathers lived, where we live, and where our children after us will live. They [the Jews] always portrayed themselves as victims, and they made a center for heroism and Holocaust. Whose heroism? Whose Holocaust? Our nation are the heroes, the Holocaust was [perpetrated] against our people...We were the victims, but we shall not stay victims forever."

In a letter to Barak, Efraim Zuroff, head of the Israel office of the Wiesenthal Center, said: "We view the use of Holocaust denial by the Palestinian Authority controlled media with grave concern. Is it surprising that the violence against Jews continues when the PA broadcasts Holocaust denial? Such broadcasts only deepen the hostility and the hatred toward Israel and therefore it is absolutely critical not only to raise the issue of incitement at the negotiating table, but to insist that the Palestinian Authority immediately stop the use of these disgusting lies in all media outlets." The interview with Sissalem was conducted by Dr. Jareer Kidwah, education adviser to PA Chairman Yasser Arafat.

"The significant thing here is that these two historians discussing this are quoted in the Palestinian media as semi-official spokespeople for Palestinian heritage, Palestinian ideology," said Itamar Marcus, director of the PMW. "They are also promoted as experts on Judaism and Jewish affairs."

Avner Shalev, chairman of the Yad Vashem Directorate, said: "We condemn any political use of the Holocaust. Statements made in the Palestinian media only serve to make blunt and crude use of Holocaust remembrance in a political conflict."

The Anti-Defamation League said that "by allowing Holocaust deniers on Palestinian TV, the Palestinian Authority insinuates hateful antisemitic beliefs of Jews as exploiters and Jews as controllers of academia or the media. These ideas, in fact, are similar to those teachings on which Hitler came to power in prewar Germany.

"The PA, which controls all content on their TV station, is in effect a collaborator to the mendacious work of Holocaust deniers. The fact that it was so-called academics promoting these bigoted ideas should be vigorously repudiated by educators and academic institutions across the globe."

Zuroff said that while there have previously been oblique references by Palestinian spokespersons which negatively related to the Holocaust - usually relating to the profits Jews and/or Israelis were making in the wake of those events - "this is the most explicit denial of the Holocaust by a prominent Palestinian public figure."



Barak admires Sharon and Shamir

The Jewish leader Ehud Barak, as time proceeds, is showing more and more of his real colours, making it more and more difficult for the Israel-defenders in the West to hide his fascist character.

Many of the pro-Zionists say that there are good Jews and bad Jews, where "Labour" Jews such as Barak, Perez, Rabin and Golda Meir are more "humane" than the "right-wing" Jews of Shamir, Begin and Sharon. Something they usually forget to mention is the fact that the majority of Israel´s wars were started by this "humane" labour Jewish government.

Actually the difference is only between the words. The "right-wing" Jews are less prone to hide their real intentions whereas the "progressive" Jews of the so-called "Left" have learnt to talk the Inverted Language; for instance preaching peace - "shalom" - while making war.

Knowing this, it doesn´t come as a surprise that Barak openly announces that he "admires" the butcher of the Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps in 1982, Ariel "Arik" Sharon. (In the merits of Sharon are also the long list of massacres he personally directed and perpetrated as a leader of the infamous Israeli "Unit 101" earlier in his military/terrorist career.)

In a Jerusalem Post article published on the Internet on August 25th 2000 one can read how Ehud Barak "praised Likud chairman Ariel Sharon". In the same article it was stressed that "in various interviews [...] Barak said that his 'admiration' for Sharon is 'not a secret,'".

He even goes further. In a Jerusalem Post Opinion-article, with the heading "Shamir's heir apparent" by Daniel Bloch, (published on the Internet on the 22nd October 2000), one gets to see that Baraks admiration doesn´t just stop short of the "Butcher of Beirut" (underlines added by Radio Islam):

 "Until last Friday night, we columnists and pundits believed that Ehud Barak saw himself as the spiritual heir of either Ben-Gurion or Rabin. On Friday night, in separate interviews to TV Channels 1 and 2, he had changed his mentor: It is now former prime-minister Yitzhak Shamir."

Shamir was the terrorist Stern Gang leader amongst who´s feats was the assassination of the Swedish UN-envoy Count Bernadotte.

So, when Barak now announces thast he admires the butcher Sharon, and the terrorist gangster Shamir, the latter even referred to as his "mentor", then we know the real face of the enemy.



ADL indoctrination of journalists

The following revealing Jerusalem Post article, found in the Jewish World Article-section, was first published on the Internet on the11th of September, 2000. As the text includes so many revealing quotes, instead of chopping it up, we here quote the entire article at length. Underlines have been added by Radio Islam:  

Israel now for journalists of the future
By Chani Cohen

(September 11) - As editor of The Rice Thresher, the student newspaper of Rice University in Texas, Mariel Tam doesn't often have the opportunity to cover foreign affairs.

So, not surprisingly, she found her trip to Poland, Bulgaria, and Israel - as part of the Anti-Defamation League's seminar for editors-in-chief of American college and university newspapers - an eye-opening experience.

"The trip gave me a whole new worldview," said Tam last week in Jerusalem.

"I visited an impoverished Gypsy camp in Bulgaria, walked through Auschwitz, and chilled with Beduin in the desert. I now see how people view America from the outside, and how Americans are all too often self-centered."

For the past eight years the ADL has sponsored the all-expenses-paid seminar, in the hope that the program will serve to heighten awareness among future journalists of the impact of the Holocaust and the historic events that led to the creation of the State of Israel.

"We want to give the students an increased understanding of the incredible complexities facing Israel today and the hope for peace shared by all," said Jeffrey Ross, director of campus affairs for the ADL, to assist them in becoming "factual journalists with guaranteed integrity."

"They are the gatekeepers of ideas in their universities... trendsetters who, for example, stand on the front lines of Holocaust denial on campus.

"Many will also go on to achieve top positions at leading American newspapers."

Through firsthand exposure, and by discussing the inaccuracies and distortions found in media coverage of Israeli and Jewish affairs, "we want to show the students that many of the simplistic images conveyed by the American media are devoid of essential context.

"Our aim is to dispel the myths that surround the reporting on Israel and increase awareness of antisemitism in the media."

Ross, who helps organize the trip and accompanies the group every year, strives to achieve this goal by exposing the students to various sides of the political spectrum. They meet with a diversified network of decision-makers, government and military officials, peace negotiators, journalists, and locals in all three countries.

"If the students were exposed to only one side the program would not be a success; the diversity of the program is what gives it credibility" he continued. "This is a very sophisticated group of students who can handle exposure to all ranges of thought."

'ENCOUNTERING and actually listening to these different viewpoints will help me as a journalist," said Letitia Stein, editor-in-chief of the Yale Daily News. "I will not be as likely to simplify a situation.

"Talking to representatives of different viewpoints, who are so passionate about their cause, has allowed me to see that the situation is more complex. We are dealing with real people and real feelings, not just 'news.' "

The program's itinerary is constructed to convey an ideological message.

The first country visited is Poland, the ground zero of Jewish annihilation during the Holocaust. Then the group moves on to Bulgaria, a country that united to save its Jewish populace. The trip culminates in Israel, the symbol of Jewish resurrection and self-empowerment.

"Visiting Bulgaria right after Poland provides an immediate historical balance to the destruction witnessed in Poland," said Ross. "The students see how Poland and Bulgaria have been ravaged by 50 years of communist rule, while Israel has been built into a dynamic and attractive society during the same time period.

"Through witnessing the situation firsthand they will be able to look at media reports in a different way and be better journalists because of this experience."

The students agreed.

Nathan Ashby-Kuhlman, co-editor of The Phoenix, the student newspaper of Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, said the seminar had helped him realize the importance of detail while reporting.

"Too much journalism is done on a hasty basis, where the reporter is desensitized to what is taking place and does not acquire the necessary detailed background to offer an accurate perspective," he said.

"Being here and actually walking where the news and history occurs, has made me realize that it is essential to have all the necessary background and a real understanding of the place and people you are reporting on."

"I will utilize this skill with all reporting," he declared.

Brian Fiske, editor-in-chief of the Cornell Review, credited his experiences here with helping him realize that he had been influenced by media hype.

"Israel and the Middle East are so heavily reported, a lot of it is misconceptions... In truth, we [in America] don't know much at all about what goes on here."

DESPITE THE ADL's sponsorship the program does not target Jewish students, and only about a quarter of the 21 participants were actually Jewish. Some said they came away from the seminar with a renewed sense of Jewish identity.

"Before the program, I backed away from really accepting Israel," said Yale's Stein. "Now, I feel more comfortable with embracing Israel as part of my Jewish identity."

Arthur Harris, city news editor of the Columbia Daily Spectator, experienced a similar epiphany which even has him thinking about a possible move to Israel after he graduates from college.

"I was walking in Jerusalem on Shabbat and met with scores of Jews on their way to synagogue wearing kippot and carrying prayer books," said Harris.

"It was incredible to see. In America this is accompanied by a degree of self-consciousness. I felt a level of comfort that is difficult to explain.

"My feeling of identifying with the Jews in Israel was much stronger than I had expected, and I found that my foremost concern was the survival of Israel."

As a journalist Harris credited the seminar with having "deepened my sense of obligation to give all sides a fair chance. It will compel me to understand all the forces that create a situation.

"There are always factors much deeper than the rhetoric, and this is a challenge I look forward to."


Commentary by Radio Islam:

Here we see direct proof of how the ADL, subsidary of the Jewish free-mason organisation of B´nai B´rith organizes courses to brainwash young journalists to write in a way more beneficial to Judaism and World Zionism and its project state of "Israel".

Jeffrey Ross, director of campus affairs for the ADL, is pulling a typical Jewish joke spiced with Jewish "chutzpah" when he says that the purpose is to assist the young journalists in becoming "factual journalists with guaranteed integrity".

A very revealing quote by Ross then follows:

""They are the gatekeepers of ideas in their universities... trendsetters who, for example, stand on the front lines of Holocaust denial on campus.

"Many will also go on to achieve top positions at leading American newspapers."

He here clearly shows that the objective is to use these young journalists as barking dogs against "holocaust denial" - i.e. critics of Jewish Power, in the Campus world.

And the second, and main aim is that having influenced them into pro-Zionists thinking at an early stage, will pay back well in the future as the ADL cunningly has calculated that many of the future´s power brokers in media are recruited from those very ranks.

The revelations and implications of what is written in this text are crucial in understanding the Jewish tactics in their media-war and struggle to keep their domination on what the non-Jews - which they call "goyim" - should and shouldn´t know.

Because of this, we urge our supporters to spread knowledge of this text, effectively and in as many and broad circles as possible.


Jews and Lieberman´s nomination - some Jewish commentaries

Radio Islam here reproduces an article taken from the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post´s Internet version, under the Columns-section. The article first apperared on 24th August, 2000.

Underlines in the article below have been added by Radio Islam to enhance passages of special interest, and "[...]" indicates that a section of text, for reasons of length, has been deleted. 

THINK AGAIN: Lieberman is a symbol
By Jonathan Rosenblum

(August 24) I was in my mid-twenties before I met an observant Jew my own age, or even knew that they existed outside of Mea Shearim. Though I recited the Shema hundreds of times in my youth, I never even wondered about the identity of the ritual fringes referred to in the third paragraph.

Indeed, it never occurred to me in the course of my highly identified upbringing that there are still Jews who view the Torah as the guide to life, and for whom its Laws are binding.

With his selection as the Democratic nominee for vice-president of the US, Joseph Lieberman has rendered obsolete all those like my younger self. Lieberman's nomination has sparked a media frenzy of interest in Jewish observance. The day he was tapped for the nomination, national TV caught him reaching up to touch the mezuza on the door of his home.

The details of the candidate's religious observance - Shabbat, tefillin, Torah study - has been the biggest story of the campaign thus far. And if gentiles show such an interest in Judaism, Jews will too. Lieberman's nomination has already sparked renewed interest among Jews in their Judaism. A friend of mine recently solicited money for a Jewish day school from a non-religious business acquaintance with the line: "Support yeshivot. Where else will America produce its presidents and vice-presidents?" To his surprise, the man gave him $1,800.


The Lieberman nomination has refuted in one fell swoop 150 years of American Jewry's assimilationist ideology, which posited that Jews would be accepted in Christian America only if they shed all that makes them distinctive. In that vein, one wag quipped on Barry Goldwater's 1964 Republican presidential nomination that it was to be expected that the first presidential nominee of Jewish descent would be an Episcopalian.

Joseph Lieberman, however, was chosen by his friend (and long-time Shabbat goy) Al Gore not despite being an observant Jew, but precisely because he is an observant Jew.

LIEBERMAN'S orthodoxy confers upon him a moral stature in the eyes of Christian America possessed by no other nationally prominent Jew. As Senator John Breaux of Louisiana indelicately put it: "We don't care what church he goes to as long as he goes to church."

Americans reacted very favorably to Lieberman's nomination;


His selection triggered a huge surge in support for Gore.

Americans are used to seeing Jews at the forefront of every movement for sexual liberation, whether it be gay rights or abortion on demand. Jews dominate the entertainment industry that promotes freedom from all sexual restraint. In the eyes of Christian America, Jews are perceived as devoid of religious sentiment, if not openly hostile to religion. In the flap over New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani's decision to withdraw funding for an exhibit at Brooklyn Museum in which Christianity's most precious symbols were depicted in disgusting fashion, many of the mayor's most vocal critics were Jews. Jerry Seinfeld, cheerfully acknowledging his Jewishness even as he assumes it to be so lacking in meaning that it plays absolutely no role in his life, is, Charles Krauthammer points out, the quintessential modern Jew.

Lieberman represents a throwback to a much older image: that of the biblical prophet preaching justice and righteousness. Ironically, it is an image more familiar to Bible-reading American Christians than to most American Jews, and one with which they are far more comfortable.

Commentary by Radio Islam:

The article above contains many interesting revelations. Again, for instance, the Jewish author Jonathan Rosenblum, uses the derogatory Jewish term "Shabbat goy" when he describes US presidential candidate Al Gore. This is particularly interesting, as critics of Jewish power like Radio Islam and alikes, have regarded the present Democratic presidential candidate as exactly that - a "Shabbat goy" - a useful "idiot". That is; a non-Jew who does the work for the Jews so they don´t have to expose themselves.

Another quote which should be remembered, as Jews officially in papers and books aimed at the non-Jewish public deny it, follows:

"Americans are used to seeing Jews at the forefront of every movement for sexual liberation, whether it be gay rights or abortion on demand. Jews dominate the entertainment industry that promotes freedom from all sexual restraint."

The Jews call criticism of the Jewish involvment and domination of the entertainment industry, and the messages it conveys, as "anti-Semitism", and try to link the critics to "Julius Streicher´s propaganda about Jewish perversion" in Nazi-Germany. The above authentic quote from Jerusalem Post proves that the Jews actually are quite aware about this role they play in the entertainment industry.


The Jewish joy following Lieberman´s nomination sees no limits. Some Jews see it as a sign of the coming of the "messianic age". Here follows a Jerusalem Post Jewish World Article, published on the Internet, August 18th, 2000. The article is written by Shammai Engelmayer, a former executive director of the New York Jewish Week and a rabbi of the Masorti Congregation Temple Israel Community Center in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. Underlines have been added by Radio Islam. Passages omitted from this lengthy article are marked with "[...]": 

Lieberman's nomination: A Jewish holiday
Comment By Shammai Engelmayer

(August 14) - I am going to go out on a couple of limbs, here: On Wednesday, the day Senator Joseph Lieberman is to be nominated vice president of the Democratic Party, will be a Jewish holiday.

His nomination on that day will be seen by some as yet another sign that we have entered the period known as the "beginning of redemption," the period meant to pave the way for the messianic era.

Let me explain. Wednesday actually is a Jewish holiday, albeit a virtually forgotten one - the 15th of Av (Tu Be'av). On that day, Tahanun is not recited and eulogies are not delivered.


Tu Be'av has long been associated with messianic hopes (at least among some hassidic sects). Here we have a religious Jew who is considered "the conscience of the Senate" and who has an approval rating among all segments of American society of over 70 percent - and he is being nominated for national office precisely because of the standards of morality and ethical behavior that he represents. These are the standards we associate with the "messianic age." 


When we speak of a "messianic age," we mean a time when morality, ethics, and the absolute justice of the Torah will hold sway in the world.

These are the virtues for which Joe Lieberman was chosen by Vice President Al Gore. If nothing else, his selection puts the spotlight on these qualities. Lieberman thus becomes an example for others to emulate.


Commentary by Radio Islam: 

One really wonders as to the real meaning of terms such as "messianic age" and "the absolute justice of the Torah". Is it perhaps the ongoing Jewish massacre of the occupied Palestinian people?


Another article in Jerusalem Post´s Internet Opinion-section, published on August 10th, 2000, shows how Republican-oriented Jews also show pride at Lieberman´s nomination. The article is written by non-else but the Jew Dov S. Zakheim. He is a national security adviser to George W. Bush and is also chief executive officer of SPC International Corp. in Arlington, VA, senior adjunct fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, and former deputy under secretary of defence in the Reagan administration. Again a Jew in top-sensitive positions, this time in the Republican camp.

Underlines in the article have been added by Radio Islam:

I like Joe Lieberman - but I won't vote for him
By Dov S. Zakheim

(August 10) - I am delighted that a fellow modern Orthodox Jew will be nominated for a post that is a heartbeat away from the leadership of the greatest country on earth.

His selection is a message to the world, and to the Jewish community in particular, that a man who keeps the mitzvot is not some Neanderthal, as so-called "progressives" among the Jewish people have alleged, nor is he treif, as other extremist critics would have it.

Instead, Lieberman is living proof that one can cleave to the religious traditions of our fathers yet be a full, indeed leading, participant in the surrounding secular world.


In particular, Texas Governor George W. Bush, whom I have advised on foreign and national security policy for the better part of the past two years, respects the senator for his integrity, probity and intelligence, and, not least of all, for his positions on vital areas of American policy.


We will continue with yet another Jerusalem Post article on Lieberman (there are loads of them!). This one was published under Jerusalem Post´s "Jewish World"-section, on the Internet, on August 25th, 2000. Underlines added by Radio Islam

Lieberman and the Jewish condition
By Avi Beker 

Jewish reactions to the nomination of Senator Joseph Lieberman as the Democratic Party's candidate for vice president provide an excellent testimony to the contemporary state of the Jewish mind, spirit and confidence. As expected, American Jews approached the matter with mixed feelings: joy coupled with some anxieties. After reaching the top in almost every field of life and achieving great positions of influence, this achievement brought an outburst of pride and satisfaction among Jews.

Nevertheless, as always, it was easy and natural to indulge at the same time in traditional Jewish fears and concerns: isn´t it too much? Isn´t it too good? Some commentators pointed out that the difference between joy and fear was also a matter of a generation gap. The older generation, which remembers the harsh days of antisemitism, discrimination and prejudice, tends to express caution and concern, while the younger generation of American Jews is able to regard the nomination as a more natural development.

Some also say that the election of an observant Jew could even help to contain the process of assimilation within the Jewish community. It will demonstrate how fully practicing Jews can integrate into the highest positions of power, and how religion can be a source of strength.

While the reaction in the American Jewish community was basically a pleasant surprise, in Israel there was instead a feeling of shock at what is to most Israelis an almost surreal development. Many Israelis, while recognizing the proximity of their American brethren to the centers of political power, could not absorb the double shock: the very nomination of a Jew for vice president, together with the even more complicated issue of Lieberman's Orthodoxy - something which is quite incomprehensible for the secular Israeli. In one strike, many basic Israeli myths about Jewish life in exile and about religion and modernity where shattered.

Those Israelis who were brought up on the Zionist concept of negating the exile (shlilat hagalut) were always hostile to stories of Jewish success in America. In this respect, there no difference between Zionists and post-Zionists who each regard the growing assimilation of American Jews as a vindication of their theories.

Many Israelis, such as the writer A.B. Yehoshua, editor Mati Golan, or even former president Ezer Weizman or the late prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, regarded the Diaspora as an obstacle to the normalization process of the Zionist experience in Israel. Exile was for them a reflection of Jewish weakness, an unhealthy economic and social life, and a continuing dependence on gentiles. They repeatedly expressed contempt and hostility with regard to the Jewish condition in America.

Finding it difficult to absorb Jewish success in America, many secular Israelis ignored the crisis of Jewish identity in Israel and waved the figures of assimilation and intermarriage among American Jews as proof of the failure of Jewish life in the Diaspora.

Traditional Zionists have trouble accepting the observation made by British historian Paul Johnson that the expansion and consolidation of United States Jewry in modern times was as important in Jewish history as the creation of Israel itself; in some ways more important.

In his monumental study The History of the Jews, Johnson noted that the establishment of the state of Israel did indeed provide the Jewish people with political sovereignty and an ever-open refuge for distressed communities. However, the American Jews‚ accession to power is more critical in terms of Jewish history. As Johnson explains, never in their history have the Jews been so influential in shaping the policies of the world's greatest superpower.

One can argue with the validity of Johnson's statement, but the fact than an admirer of the Jewish people has developed such an image of American Jewry is significant. Israelis find it difficult to define and explain the Lieberman phenomenon in the framework of their local concepts of politics and Jewish identity.

Lieberman is a liberal, but not an Israeli leftist. He calls for a strong America; he is religiously observant but supports a woman's right to an abortion and differs with the Israeli right on many issues. He definitely cannot be identified with the Israeli ultra-Orthodox. He defies another Israeli conventional wisdom that religion cannot be a political asset on a national scale.

Lieberman's political career shows Israelis that a Jewish politician can integrate his personal religious beliefs together with his identification with a mainstream political party and its policies. The Lieberman story is thus an important lesson for many Israelis - one that teaches them that the normalization of Jewish existence is possible in the Diaspora as well as in Israel. At the same time, it highlights the abnormal rules of the historical evolution of the Jewish people.

The writer is director of International Affairs of the World Jewish Congress.


Commentary by Radio Islam:

This article is an astounding example of Jewish ego-boasting. The World Jewish Congress member Avi Beker uses terms such as Jews "achieving great positions of influence", how Jews have come into "the highest positions of power", even on their "accession to power". He boasts about this influence but when it comes to the sensitive part - on the astounding Jewish influence in the USA - he speaks through a non-Jew, a certain Paul Johnson, who according to Beker claims that "never in their history have the Jews been so influential in shaping the policies of the world's greatest superpower". Beker never argues against this perception, because of course he endorses it!

As we can see it is perfectly alright for a non-Jew to comment on Jewish World Power as long as he - like Johnson - does it as "an admirer of the Jewish people".

But if a non-Jew does the very same comment but as a critic of Jewish power, much the same as Radio Islam and Ahmed Rami have done, then that person/persons are instantly labeled as "Nazi-influenced" and "anti-Semites".



A Jew concedes that Jews act "behind the scenes"

The following article is reproduced here as it is written by a Jew and shows the arrogant, power drunk, way Jews now write in their internal papers.

The article was published in the Jerusalem Post, Internet edition, as a Jewish World Article, September 4th, 2000. Underlines added by Radio Islam:

Good for the Jews?
Comment By Stuart Weiss

(September 4) - At first glance, Joe Lieberman's candidacy for vice president is a no-brainer proposition, at least as far as Jews are concerned.

Highly respected for his moral strength, widely regarded for his commitment to family values, education, and middle-of-the-road moderation, Lieberman has made Jews proud all over the world.

Lieberman's high-profile nomination is seen as proof that Jews have truly "made it" in America, that no achievement - even that of becoming president - is beyond our grasp. The fact that Lieberman is an Orthodox Jew - and not an assimilated, secular one - only adds to this warm feeling.

But, as often happens when we get past the hype and the gloss, there are deeper issues to consider here. Some have wondered aloud whether Lieberman may be pushing the separation between church and state to dangerous limits; and fear that his candidacy may open a Pandora's box of antisemitism.

Others are clearly uncomfortable with the huge amount of exposure being given Lieberman, preferring the time-honored role of Jews as behind-the-scenes movers and shakers, who traditionally advance their agenda while letting someone else occupy the public spotlight.

Still others are haunted by the memory of the last time a Jew aspired to such a high governmental position, recalling that Henry Kissinger bent over backwards to emphasize his allegiance to America first, rather than Israel.


But there remains one more significant collection of co-religionists who have yet to "join the party": North American Jewry. The combination of tolerance, affluence and political stability which flourishes in the US and Canada has convinced the Jewish populations there that America is a paradise where Jews will always be welcome. They think they have finally found a perfect haven graced by a free-market philosophy in which Jewish ingenuity and ambition can flourish.

And flourish they have, creating an infrastructure of Jewish life that is truly impressive: From day schools to kosher gourmet restaurants to gorgeous synagogues to kippot in the workplace to Hebrew and Holocaust in college curriculums, Jews have conquered virtually every societal frontier.

Joe Lieberman's entry onto the national scene is the ultimate icing on the cake. Standing before the world's microphones, quoting Torah verses in his black kippa, he is the living testament to an America where the Jew is an equal in every way.


The Jewish exile has produced outstanding Jewish success stories - Abarbanels and Freuds and Einsteins and perhaps Liebermans. At times, it almost appears we are more successful away from Israel than within it. But the arrow of history is pointing in our direction now, and - as Jews in Goshen, Toledo, Berlin and Moscow learned the hard way - appearances can sometimes be tragically deceiving.

The writer is director of the Jewish Outreach Center of Ra'anana.


Commentary by Radio Islam:

The Jewish author of the text, Stuart Weiss, even uses in the headline the famous Jewish question always posed when Jews are confronted with a situation, and there are different options to choose from: "Is it good for the Jews?"

When non-Jewish critics take this aspect of Jewish reasoning as an example of Jewish egoism and ethnocentrism, they are accused by the Zionist propagandists of "anti-Semitism". But here we have, again, proof that this way of reasoning, with the very phrase "Is it good for the Jews" is actually used by so-called intellectual Jews in their daily political discourse.

The text by Weiss includes several interesting quotes that reveals how great symbolism the Jews put into the fact that a Jew is the vice-president candidate to the US. We have to remember that if they - the Jews - put great importance to this and see it as a milestone in their grasp for power, we - non-Jewish freedom fighters - should also put importance (as their true enemies) into this event.

A quote from Weiss´ text which is of special importance, and which should be widely spread, is the following.

"Others [i.e. other Jews] are clearly uncomfortable with the huge amount of exposure being given Lieberman, preferring the time-honored role of Jews as behind-the-scenes movers and shakers, who traditionally advance their agenda while letting someone else occupy the public spotlight."

In this quote Weiss actually says what we, anti-Jewish activists, have always said, but the Jews publicly denied. That is; the fact that Jews don´t want their influence exposed, as they fear the non-Jews reaction to their minority rule. Instead their modus operandi is to be what Weiss calls "behind-the-scenes movers and shakers" who secretly work for the Jewish cause - what Weiss terms to "advance their agenda". Preferably they have a non-Jew as a marionette for the public and as a possible scape-goat who will take the beating if the Jews´ politics and policies backfire.

Of course this isn´t a recent strategy of Jews to work for their cause, it is centuries long, and can even be traced to ancient times.

Reading a quote like that written by an influential Jew like Weiss, only proves the substance to the world famous document called "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", (which now is accessible to read in several languages at the Radio Islam website). 


Lieberman´s wife and Bush Jr. associated with B´nai B´rith

The wife of the Democratic vice presidential nominee, Hadassah Lieberman, spoke recently in front of the Jewish crowd gathered at the annual conference of B'nai B'rith International. This was revealed in the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post, in a News Article, published on the Internet, 30th August, 2000.

B´nai B´rith is the international Jewish lodge which works undercover to advance Jewish power and which combats people resisting this Jewish onslaught, through its intelligence and threats/defamation organisation - the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

B´nai B´rith is in the position as the leading Jewish organisation when it comes to enforcing Jewish will on non-Jewish politics and the undercover acts of the ADL, shows that this organisation has no scruples. The participation of Joe Lieberman´s wife at its annual conference thus shows that this Jew, the Democratic party candidate, really is a friend of the "big boys" in the Global Jewish Network.

Also in attendance at the B'nai B'rith conference was Zalman Shoval, former Israeli ambassador to the US who now serves as foreign relations adviser to the Likud party.

In the article from the Jerusalem Post the Jewish journalist stresses the pro-Israel attitude that presidential candidate George Bush Jr. endorses in order to flirt with the Jews (underlines in the text added by Radio Islam):

"On Monday, Republican presidential nominee, Texas Governor George W. Bush, speaking to the convention [the annual conference of B'nai B'rith International] via satellite, outlined his domestic agenda and emphasized the importance of religious institutions in American life.

"I believe our nation is chosen by God and commissioned by history to be a model of the world of justice and inclusion and diversity without division," Bush said. He also sounded familiar themes for Jewish groups, including support for the peace process, tolerance of all faiths and moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

He reiterated that his commitment to Israel "is not conditional on the outcome of the peace process" and criticized the current US administration for trying to make Israel "conform to its own plans and timetables."


In another Jerusalem Post article, published in its Internet Latest News-section on the 10th August, 2000, we are told of how the opportunist George Bush Jr. beats down on people, just because they are critical to the Jews latest advance in American politics: 

"Bush criticizes anti-Semitic remarks

Republican presidential nominee George Bush, has denounced comments made by the Dallas president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Lee Alcorn, criticizing Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman, reports.

A Bush spokesman made it clear Bush disagreed with the remarks, calling them "anti-Semitic" and "foolish."

In a radio interview Alcorn described himself as "concerned" with "any kind of Jewish candidate."

"I think we need to be very suspicious of any kind of partnerships between the Jews at that kind of level, because we know that their interest primarily has to do with, you know, money and these kinds of things," said Alcorn."


Commentary by Radio Islam:

Again a non-Jew is called an "anti-Semite" just because he said the truth.

Alcorn is right in what he says, and instead of labelling people stupid names, Jews and their friends, should, if they really thought they were right, argue against what they call "prejudices".

When Jews in powerful positions and in the medias, both in writing and in what they actually do - how they act - show that one of their prime interests really is money, then one should, in a free society, have the right to point this out.  


Jews on Bush´s pro-Israelism

Here follows two articles which together with the article above on George W. Bush´s speech at the B´nai B´rith conference, show that although not so heavily infiltrated with Zionist Jews as the Democratic camp, there is a strong Jewish entourage around the Republican candidate Bush. This together with his "sensibility" to the Jewish lobby makes them regard him as "very strongly pro-Israel and very committed to reaching out to Jewish voters"

First there is a Jerusalem Post Jewish World Article published on the Internet, August 1st, 2000. Underlines added by Radio Islam

Rabbi opens convention with blessing
By Janine Zacharia 

PHILADELPHIA (August 1) - The Republican National Convention's main event last night was due to open with a Jewish twist when a rabbi was chosen to deliver the first nightly invocation.

Rabbi Victor H. Weissberg, chair of the Chicago Board of Rabbi's Chaplaincy Commission and Rabbi Emeritus at Chicago's Temple Beth El, was scheduled to offer a prayer at the First Union Convention Center in Philadelphia.

But Weissberg was quoted by the Scripps Howard News Service as saying he was undecided whom he would vote for in the November presidential election, and did not know why he was chosen to give the opening blessing.

"I'm going to wait until both conventions before deciding," Weissberg said.

"The tax plans of the Republicans leave a lot to be desired and [Vice President and Democratic Candidate] Al Gore seems to flip flop a lot on the issues."

Bush, who has a wide lead over Gore in national polls, has not been aggressively courting the Jewish vote, the majority of which traditionally goes to the Democratic candidate.

Bush upset some Jews recently with his support of a day for Jesus in his home state of Texas and other statements about Jesus.

But the Texas governor has secured the support of many prominent American Jews, including philanthropist-Jewish leader Max Fisher.

Speaking at the convention, Fisher, 91, who served as an informal adviser to several US presidents on Israel, said yesterday that Bush would provide the necessary leadership to move the US forward in the years ahead.

"All my life I have been dedicated to the ideals of the Republican Party and the building of the State of Israel. I do this because Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, and because Israel stands for those ideas which we value; freedom, equality and a commitment to help the persecuted.

"Republicans know this and have worked hard over the years in the Congress and White House to maintain and enhance this special relationship.

"I know we will continue to do so." Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), the only Jewish Republican senator, applauded the "compassionate conservatism" offered by Bush and Vice Presidential Republican candidate Richard Cheney.


And in the second Jerusalem Post-article, published on February 3rd, 2000 (Internet edition), one can read:

Bush, McCain both good for the Jews
By Janine Zacharia

Arizona Sen. John McCain, an underdog before the vote, overwhelmingly defeated Texas Gov. George W. Bush 49 percent to 31 percent. The other challengers - Steve Forbes, Alan Keyes, and Gary Bauer - trailed behind.

"We're pleased that we now have two candidates competing for the nomination who are very strongly pro-Israel and very committed to reaching out to Jewish voters," said Matt Brooks, head of the Republican Jewish Coalition in Washington. The RJC has 15 chapters across the country which include several thousand members.

Brooks said the RJC leadership is split in its support for McCain and Bush and that it would not endorse a candidate before the primary process is completed.

"We have very strong relationships and contacts with both of them," he said.

McCain has been a consistent supporter of foreign aid for Israel and has backed efforts to to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Bush too has said he supports moving the embassy and has pledged support for the peace process.



How cynically Jews analyse American politics

One really wonders who´s running who when it comes to the relationship of USA and Israel. Leading "Israeli" Jews take it for granted that the American presidential candidates should run after the Jewish lobby, begging for their monetary and propagandistic support.

The following Jerusalem Post article, from the Internet edition, Column section, was published already back in March 6th, 1998. It shows the kind of language Jews use in their power-mad political discourse. It also shows how Jews among themselves admit to their power in American politics and how Jews in the US work for the support of Israel and misuse this power to press US politicians to support the Jewish state.

Underlines have been added by Radio Islam to emphasize certain quotes in the text: 

AGENDA: George Bush Jr. for president


(March 5) - Now that we have our own president, we can turn our attention to the really important elections - for the president of the US.

Even if the Lewinsky affair sinks to the bottom of the pile of inexhaustible intrigue in the American capital, Bill Clinton's debatable reputation will have sullied Al Gore's election campaign. Perhaps this is what lies behind the next scandal threatening to explode on Capitol Hill, a scandal which may actually tarnish the opposition Republican Party in its attempts to find a candidate who has a chance of beating the Democratic vice president and restoring its supremacy in the White House, following George Bush's defeat.

And this is the story. Two weeks ago, a brilliant, 28-year old journalist committed suicide in Washington after having exposed a plot against House Speaker Newt Gingrich in his own party.

The story goes that the reason for the suicide was an affair the journalist had with none other than the leader of the plot, a senior Republican, confirmed supporter of Israel, who championed family values in true Republican style.

It is possible that the discovery, which has not yet hit the headlines, is the result of a democratic investigation aimed at overshadowing "Monicagate." It is also possible that the story is actually being spread by opponents of the senior politician from within his own party. In any event, the man has announced his decision to withdraw from the race for the presidency and retire from political life.

Nevertheless, even if the scandals in Washington cast a shadow over the intrigues of the presidential race in Israel, the real struggle will soon begin there for the 2000 elections. The leading Democratic candidate is well known and familiar. He is vigorously wooing the Jewish vote, particularly the Jewish pocket, but despite his pro-Israel record, we should not expect him to be any different from the incumbent president in his attitude towards Jerusalem.

However, whereas Clinton succeeded, not least thanks to his charisma and charm, Gore will attempt to project his serious, balanced side. He and his advisers are relying on the assumption that the American people are tired of Clinton's wayward image. Despite his successes in the economy and on the home front, he has not managed to win their trust.

In Washington, Gore has been described as "someone who talks like [former secretary of state Warren] Christopher looks." This is not a particularly complementary distinction for a young politician with a career such as his. However, it could be that when Monica is in the headlines, this is the image to sell.

The more colorful character actually represents the Republicans. As it seems now, two years before the end of the race, the leading candidate is the governor of Texas, George Bush Jr., son of the president who made Yitzhak Shamir's life particularly difficult during his term as prime minister.

Meanwhile, Bush Jr. does not seem to be the bearer of a particularly supportive approach toward Israel. For three years Jewish organizations have been trying, unsuccessfully, to arrange for him to visit Israel. The Jews have not yet managed to find an heir to take over from Max Fisher, their uncrowned king in the Republican ranks. Fisher, may he live till 120, has entered his 10th decade; he is begging for a successor. The Jewish community in Texas may have some wealthy members who are close to Bush, but the fact is that they have not managed to bring him closer to Israel.

Names such as Ron Lauder of cosmetics fame, a personal friend of our prime minister, and Leslie Wexner have been raised as a possible replacement for the aged Fisher. In the meantime, however, Israel should not neglect former secretary of defense Paul Wolfowitz, a true friend of Israel who remained loyal to his party during its years in opposition and is now being listed as the leading candidate for the post of secretary of state or defense in the event of a Republican comeback.


Caution - on her majesty's behalf

This week our prime minister was credited with another achievement. He managed to deter the White House from publishing an American plan which had all the signs of an enforced solution. The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations closed ranks in support of Netanyahu, Congress flexed its muscles, and Clinton, who is justifiably sensitive to the political future of his loyal deputy, decided to reconsider the political repercussions of presenting a unilateral plan.

After the Moscow summit at the beginning of 1992, which established the multilateral committees (after Madrid), when George Bush embarked on his election campaign, the administration was in a similar position. While Shamir was prime minister and the White House had marked him as an obstacle to peace and sought to replace him, Washington displayed a hard line toward Israel. After Rabin's victory, when Bush felt free to go after the Jewish vote, the administration refrained from openly attacking Israel.

A similar policy was adopted during Clinton's early days as president, even though the US was furious at some of the steps taken then, such as exiling more than 4,000 Hamas activists and Operation Accountability, which resulted in thousands of refugees from southern Lebanon fleeing north.

In those days, Israel was punished by the administration signaling to its closest allies, first and foremost Canada, that Jerusalem was out of favor in Washington: "Due to the election campaign, we are unable to act against Israel right now, but you may needle the Israelis as much as you wish," the Americans hinted.

During that period, the Committee on Refugees was chaired by Mark Peron, and this committee dealt with the most sensitive issue in the discussions with the Palestinians from Israel's perspective - the right of return. Peron would not make a move without receiving instructions from Washington. Before every meeting, before every visit, he would consult with senior members of the administration, who, despite their basic support for Israel, believed that there was no alternative to forcing Israel's hand in order to promote the peace process. The result was a demand to increase the quota of families that could be united and a commitment to increase the number of refugees allowed to return to the territories.

Totally uncoincidentally, at this moment too, it would appear that Europe is embarking on a move to pressure Jerusalem. The tone is no longer set by the Germans, who sought to focus on the expansion of NATO and Eastern European issues, but by the French and Italians, who wish to focus on solving the Israeli-Arab conflict.

The US administration is not pleased by this involvement, as it is concerned that the situation may become uncontrollable. Canada's position as the US's closest ally following the Gulf War is being taken over by England. Washington can get on with the British. They are closer allies, due to their cooperation during the Iraqi crisis and to the special friendship between Tony Blair and Clinton.

In addition to Netanyahu's visit to London at the weekend, next week British Foreign Secretary Robin Cooke is expected to visit us and in a month and a half Blair is due to arrive here. Despite certain leaks in Jerusalem aimed at signaling to the Americans that they have a substitute in Europe, the trend is quite the reverse. American pressure may be replaced by some form of controlled European pressure via London.

Netanyahu may have led a successful move in Washington this week when he managed to delay presentation of the White House plan, with the help of the Jews and by a hasty act of propaganda vis-a-vis the American media, however the last word has not yet been said. Due to the weakness of Ambassador Eliahu Ben-Elissar, who despite the words of encouragement which he quotes from Jerusalem, has not managed to penetrate the corridors of power in Washington, no vigorous activity is taking place to soften the administration. The results may arrive indirectly - via her British majesty.


Commentary by Radio Islam: 

The opinions expressed by Avinoam Bar-Yosef above on how Jews inside the US always have Israel in their mind shouldn´t come as a surprise. Israel sees American Jewry as a lifeline, as they are the ones who can influence the US to continue its absurd support of Israel. Therefore it lies in the interests of Israel and "Israeli" Jews to work hard for American Jews to become staunch Zionists. Israeli minister Michael Melchior, the former chief rabbi of Norway, sees a legitimate role for Diaspora Jews and for its support for Israeli policy:

"We expect American Jews to care and be involved and give a Zionist education and support financially everything that goes on in Israel [...]."

(Jerusalem Post, Internet edition, July 16th, 2000.)




August 29, 2000
Barak Compares Palestinians to Crocodiles


It's hardly the first time. Former Prime Minister Shamir called the Palestinians "grasshoppers", suggesting they were like a plague. A former Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, Rafael Eitan, likened the Palestinians to "drugged cockroaches in a bottle", suggesting extermination. Just a few weeks ago a former Chief Rabbi of Israel, now spiritual head of the party that initially made up a significant part of Ehud Barak's government, called the Palestinians "snakes" and in a veiled genocidal suggestion insisted that "God himself was sorry he created them"!
Now Barak himself refers to the Palestinians he has penned up on autonomous West Bank reservations and in a large Gaza prison as "crocodiles", deceitfully suggesting just about the opposite of what is the actual truth when he told Israeli reporters yesterday, "the more you give them to eat, the more they want."
Just imagine if a Palestinian or Arab leader had said any one of these things about Jews or Israelis. The double standard is choking with condemnation.

Melbourne, August 10, 2000  

Angered Gutnick may sue Howard  


MELBOURNE Football Club president and prominent Jewish business leader Joseph Gutnick may sue John Howard after the Prime Minister said government policy could not be dictated by the level of political donations.

Mr Gutnick has been privately lobbying Mr Howard to change Australia's citizenship laws to revoke the citizenship of alleged Nazi war criminal Konrad Kalejs (right) and deport him to his homeland of Latvia.

Mr Howard has refused, saying he would not overturn the rule of law that citizens were entitled to the presumption of innocence.

ABC radio yesterday reported that Mr Gutnick had threatened to withhold financial support for the Liberals over the issue and when asked on ABC radio if he could "do without Mr Gutnick's money", Mr Howard said he did not have the "faintest idea" whether Mr Gutnick contributed.

"I don't change policy according to the level of financial contributions from anybody, whether it's Mr Gutnick or whoever," Mr Howard said.

"In the end you do what is right irrespective of the level of financial support that your political party receives."

Mr Gutnick said he was angered by Mr Howard's comments, he believed Mr Howard knew that donations had never been mentioned in his letters lobbying Mr Howard on the issue and he was seeking legal advice.

"I haven't brought up the issue of money. I don't support the Liberal Party, I have no intention of supporting the Liberal Party and this has absolutely nothing to do with giving money," Mr Gutnick told The Age.

"I will be speaking to my lawyers. I think this is defamatory and libelous. I'm quite angered at it and it's sidetracking the issue. I expect him to apologise for those comments. I expect a retraction."

A spokesman for Mr Howard said the Prime Minister was stating a general principle that government policy was not influenced by donations. The spokesman said Mr Gutnick had last night contacted Mr Howard's office about the matter.

Mr Gutnick said he switched his political donations from the Liberals to Labor before the 1998 federal election because of his disappointment at Mr Howard's response to Pauline Hanson's One Nation party.

Mr Gutnick said Mr Howard's decision last week to change the Sex Discrimination Act to give the states power to deny IVF treatment to lesbians, showed he could also change the citizenship laws.

Mr Kalejs, 87, who is believed to be in Melbourne, has denied being involved in the murder of civilians during World War II.   


Commentary by Radio Islam:

Joseph Gutnick is a multi-millionaire Orthodox Jewish businessman, close to the disgraced former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It is common knowledge in Australia's Liberal Party that Gutnick "donations" eased the way for the government ban on the revisionist British author David Irving paying a further visit to Australia. These tax deductible "donations" were made to both the Liberal and Labour parties. It now turns out that Gutnick also tried to buy influence over the Konrad Kalejs affair. His problems began when a journalist lodged a "freedom of information" enquiry while researching the story and the facts leaked out. Gutnick is now busy trying to sell himself as a persecuted victim.

Again we have an illustrative example of how Jewish millionaires, by pumping money into the political establishment of non-Jewish states, try to use this "goodwill" for their own - Jewish - political ends.



Jew on Jews who behave badly

In the following Jerusalem Post Jewish World Article, published on the Internet, July 31th, 2000, the Jewish activist Stewart Weiss writes to his fellow Jews about the fact that Jews really can´t ignore the impression on non-Jews produced by the acts of their co-religionists who have acted scandalously and perpetrated crime.

Underlines added by Radio Islam:  

The messengers and the message
Comment By Stewart Weiss

(July 31) - Over the last several weeks, all eyes have understandably been focused on the dramatic events at Camp David. But at the same time, another story has been rocking the Jewish world.

The revelations concerning a prominent Orthodox rabbi and youth leader, accused of abusing and molesting young women and men over the past three decades, has shocked and shaken an incredulous world community. This story "has everything," as they say: sex, violence, cover-up, great people in high places falling far and fast. It captivates, titillates, irritates.
But this issue goes far deeper, to the very core of what is weakening religious life all around us. On an individual level, I would have to agree that one cannot perfectly predict or prevent the occasional indiscretions of those who fall prey to psychosis, perversion or just good old-fashioned weakness of the flesh. Stories abound of clergy - persons of every cloth - discovered in compromising situations. This isn't the first rabbi to be caught in a scandal, nor will it be the last. As long as people are human, they will fail, and fall victim to their own demons.

But on a collective level, it is precisely these kinds of outrages - made infinitely worse by the alleged refusal of those in the know to clean up the mess - which have a chilling effect on the overall image of Judaism and, by extension, upon God Himself.

Every time a rabbi is found to be abusing his trust, whether by taking advantage of adolescent girls, selling phony conversions, or pocketing public funds; every time a "religious" party is caught with its greedy hand in the till; every time a yeshiva cheats on its student rolls; every time a religious leader fails to speak out against domestic abuse or tax evasion or stone-throwing on Shabbat, there forms another and another chink in the spiritual armor of the Jewish People.

Eventually, we start to wonder: "Just where are the eternal values of this people which claims a divine mandate and heritage? What is that motivates and inspires this 'kingdom of priests and holy nation'?"
We were never fashioned or taught to be pursuers of fame, fortune or self-aggrandizement. We were never charged to change the world by becoming the fourth-largest seller of arms on the planet. We were never put in this universe - either while living among the nations or in our own land - to turn up our noses, isolate ourselves and cavalierly ignore what anyone else thinks about us or our actions.
"Who cares what the goyim say?" is an oft-quoted and convenient cliche in these parts, but it belies our task of "repairing the world into a Godly place." What others think of us does, unquestionably, matter.
Over the centuries, countless Jews have raised the torch of justice and kindness that lit the way for millions to follow. But those who have not been faithful to their mission - and alas, they, too, are many - create a stain and stigma upon the whole of Judaism that is intensely difficult to expunge. They make the Jews anathema among the nations, and they make the Orthodox anathema among the Jews.


Commentary by Radio Islam:

The article is revealing in the sense that it shows that members of the "chosen people" are aware of their wrongdoings and the consequences it may lead to. The writer Stewart Weiss even quotes the old Jewish saying "Who cares what the goyim say?", and stresses the point that Jews cannot really continue to ignore the bad image their "beautiful" religion gets when Jews are caught in compromising acts.

Weiss is also quite revealing when he writes:

"We [Jews] were never fashioned or taught to be pursuers of fame, fortune or self-aggrandizement. We were never charged to change the world by becoming the fourth-largest seller of arms on the planet. We were never put in this universe - either while living among the nations or in our own land - to turn up our noses, isolate ourselves and cavalierly ignore what anyone else thinks about us or our actions."

This quote implies that the Jew Weiss in a way believes that some of his co-religionists are doing exactly the stuff he mentions above - for example Israel´s role as number four weapons seller.

This inter-Jewish criticism is interesting to expose as it shows that our (Radio Islam´s and others) criticism of Jew´s behaviour, even by some Jews are regarded as founded.

But whereas a Jew like Weiss only regards a minority of his people as the ones who give Judaism a bad name, we are of a different opinion. We believe that an absolute majority of those who call themselves "Jews" today, by their very acts, show what Judaism really is all about.



"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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