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Observations on the transformation of American Democracy into the prospects for Hell

By Chad Powers

January 2002

"I would not in the least be surprised if these people [Jews] would not some day become deadly to the human race"
-- VOLTAIRE (the Enlightenment father of what we call today interethnic "tolerance") [From: GOULD, ALLAN, Ed., What Did They Think of the Jews? Jason Aronson, Inc. Northvale, NJ, London, 1991, p. 91]

America is apparently going to War, embarking on God knows what deadly future for us all. We are preparing our troops and planes to rush across the world to slaughter those that dare to resist American Might and Will, killing them -- with mechanical drones and robots of all sorts -- in the name of Truth and Liberty. It is explained to us by the web of propagandists throughout our cultural matrix that too many crazy Arabs don't like "freedom" -- they are jealous of our whorehouses and criminal drug barons, urban murder rates, increasing school illiteracy, media monopolies, widening gap between rich and poor, stuffed prisons, moral decadence, public condemnation of religious faith, consumerist zombi-ism, endemic alienation and estrangement, and TV's celebration of mindless decadence and hedonism. Not to mention Jewish and Israeli ethnocentrism everywhere, to the social and political bone. These Islamic religious fanatics' jealousy of all this impels them to destroy our world in order to be comfortable in their fanatically oppressive religious chains.

Every day the American government conjures up more excuses to invade Iraq, which is ruled by the Ba'thist party (a form of socialism), incongruously linking that nation to Osama Bin Laden's ruthless Islamic revolt against Western imperialism. What they both have in common is that they are Arab, they are of Muslim heritage, and they both loathe America/Israel and each other. Iraq is a country that has been significantly demilitarized a decade ago. Iraq was also the nation supported by the United States in its invasion of Iran, and the subsequent war -- in the 1980s -- was a delight in U.S. policy's efforts to harm and hinder the spread of Iranian-style militant (Shi'ite) Islam. Iraq was also a nation that was aided in its various weapons programs -- including biological -- by mostly Western (including American) corporations for decades.

Our dutifully helpful mass media recently informed us that President Bush has just received his smallpox shot in anticipation of bio-terrorism, a signal that Americans should be soon getting theirs too. Unfortunately, we are also told, a certain percentage of the populace can expect to die from the smallpox vaccine itself. But that's part of the risk of protection. And, President Bush might tell us, it's the price of Liberty. Don't you see? If you really want to be free, you've got to pay the price for it.

This kind of Orwellian doublethink brings us directly to the subject at hand. American planners are mapping a new kind of war. Ostensibly this war is against a nebulous entity called "terrorism," closer to a virus than a state. This "terrorism" (a tool which was honed to a revolutionary science on behalf of Jewish "independence" in what used to be known as Palestine until 1948) is basically of the Islamic variety, and every day we hear about new forms of constraint upon American citizens: Internet monitoring, new policing devices, video surveillance of public protests, a national ID card, prospects for torturing detainees -- each rooting us deeper into the Orwellian quicksand, more deeply pinned to the mercies of an unaccountable cabal, gone mad within the high walls of Big Government.

In essence, whatever the rationale for our New World Order and its unlimited war on the vague, omnipresent and ambiguous "terrorist" ("Is he your neighbor?"), the American government has decided it doesn't trust you.

The first victim of the American government's war on terrorism, of course, is freedom. The right to freely associate with others. The right to privacy. The right to oversee the government as an instrument to aid its citizens and not a hammer to oppress them.

And then there is of course the Right to Free Speech, something that been consistently eroded for decades now. If you, for example, dare to criticize Jews, their fervent politicizing on behalf of their ethnocentric interests, and their omnipresent chauvinistic Lobby, you're decreed to be a "hater" of course, subject in some Western countries -- from Canada to Australia -- to fines and imprisonment.

So, how, dear God, have we all arrived at this place, waking up -- suddenly -- as a jet glides in from the clouds into the World Trade Center ("Why? Why?!"), bringing with it the horrible prospects of a looming world war, vengeful "terrorists" hell-bent on murdering entire cities, increasing public sanction to revile entire branches of people -- Muslim religious "fundamentalists" -- as collectively violent and insane, increased wariness and suspicion, and increased suppression of our once common rights of American intellectual "freedom" and political expression?

Israel. And its international Jewish lobby. And the fact that it is forbidden to say this, of course, is the central part of the problems we have. The Wizard of Oz behind the drape wants the veil kept tightly sealed. And no pebble, or mountain, has been left unturned in the effort to accomplish this.

How on Earth have we arrived to this bizarre scenario wherein Osama Bin Laden articulates exactly his reasons for war against American interests and, in order to read them, an American has to look at Great Britain's Observer newspaper because no American media outlet will dare to publish them? Why? Because Bin Laden's complaint points directly to what those who run the media don't want you to talk about: Jews. That's spelled J-E-W-S. And how can we confront the core of all our problems (AND RESOLVE THEM!) with Bin Laden and his raging cohorts if, categorically and institutionally, we are forbidden to say the "J' word (for which Mr. Laden has a HUGE gripe) in any context short of the laudatory? Why is one of the guiding principles of our modern social Gatekeepers -- of which Jews are so astoundingy influential -- that Jews MUST NEVER take public offense, even if they are indeed -- as a political movement -- guilty of something? The Jewish entity is CATEGORICALLY innocent of everything, always, everywhere, as we all well know. Have we all not been trained -- at enormous indoctrinational effort -- to think so?

Jewry's self-decreed group identity and incessantly activist political pushes are quite forbidden from notice, let alone critical inquiry, let alone deconstructive attack. Orwellian "PC-speak" decrees as much, because to talk about "Jews" is a "generalization" about an ethnic people, and the generalization that doesn't exist decrees that it is not fair to talk about Jews and Zionism because there are two or three Jews in every Jewish crowd who don't have the rest's bone-core allegiance to Israel. Have not dedicated social engineers scurried about in every corner of public discourse with masking tape and black paint FOR DECADES to insure this absurd censorial situation for us?

Israel, the Beloved of international Jewry, is a racist country. And a brutal one. Widely heralded and propagandized by American Jewry (and the American government, and others at the mercy of Jewish coffers) as the "only democracy in the Middle East," it is the kind of democracy that the Mad Hatter might proclaim to a dazed Titmouse as he collapses, stoned, at tea. Israel is emphatically, as everywhere decreed, a "Jewish" state for "Jews." To the degree it has a "democratic" system of public voting and the illusionary accouterments of a just society, it is likewise safely embedded in the Jewish framework that Israel is also an obsessively "demographic" nation: i.e., as long as it is assured that Israel's non-Jewish Arab community is comparatively tiny and segregated (in both schools, jobs, and housing), the "democracy" will function -- as planned -- as a latent apartheid state. The Israeli Arab birthrate has long been a source of lament to Jewish Israeli commentators, for it far outstrips Jewish propagation. The short-term solution to guarantee massive Jewish population dominance has been Open Doors to (only) Jewish immigrants to Israel from throughout the world (primarily Russia).

In any case, if 80% of the declared Jewish Mad Hatter "democratic" nation is indeed Jewish Mad Hatters, we may expect the remaining 20% of the population (Arabs) to be systematically disadvantaged and exploited by the ruling race. (Race, indeed. Again, the official criteria to ascertain whether one is technically a Jew or not for immigration purposes to Israel is genetic: whether or not one's mother was Jewish).

The Arabs of Israel are an underclass in all respects to their segregated Jewish neighbors, and this is a common feature of Israeli sociological studies. The Arabs of the Occupied Territories (the area of Gaza and the West Bank of the Jordan River) represent an even more oppressive scenario. These lands, comprising an Arab population of about three million people, were seized in the Israeli-Arab war of 1967. Ever since then the Arab (Palestinian) populace has lived in a stateless limbo, subject to Israeli military rule and complete control of all facets of their lives and economy. The hundreds of thousands of Palestinians crammed in Gaza live in an area about 10x30 miles wide, one side against the sea. They are literally fenced in. (Per the West Bank, on the opposite border of the Jewish state, the Israelis are currently building a "Berlin Wall" to separate their formal boundaries from the Arabs of the West Bank).

But, of course, this kind of talk is boring. Americans would rather go trout fishing, drink tequilas at a corner nightclub, watch roaring autos zoom around in circles at a stockcar race. But when a commandeered airliner drops in out of the Blue onto one of THESE too, and that rainbow trout or stockcar flops up out of the water or off the track into your lap in a nuclear haze, the bewilderment will even be more than that of the attacks on the World Trade Center. Why? Why? Why? Why do they hate us?

How can this question be answered if no one has ears to listen? And, worse, how can answers be created if the data to form even the simplest questions are systematically screened from public discussion? Why, indeed. Why do the Palestinian people, Arabs, and the Muslim world at-large have such antipathy to America, its "values," and its foreign policies? Because the results of American actions on the other side of the world are seen for what they nakedly are when stripped of its "special interest group" smokescreen: oppressive, exploitive, suffocating, unjust, vicious, tyrannical, and hypocritical.

The American social and political choir has been ardently Jewish and/or Judeo-centric for decades now. Just a few examples to whet your appetite: The three major TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) were built to power by Jewish moguls, Sarnoff, Goldenson, and Paley. Hollywood has been a nepotistic Jewish fiefdom since its founding. The current four commissioners of professional football, baseball, hockey, and basketball are all Jewish (Paul Tagliabue, Bud Selig, Gary Bettman, and David Stern). Washington DC itself has turned into a big Zionist whorehouse and if Americans were not always carefully deflected from paying attention to this, there would be daily mass marches on the White House against the Star of David that has been draped across its doors. When two former CIA analysts recently had the guts to declare the rampant "dual loyalty" in the current Bush administration (one loyalty to the U.S., another to Israel), one is inclined to wonder, "Well, what took you so long to write such an article?" By 1996, the director of the CIA was Jewish (John Deutch, who was eventually pardoned by departing President Clinton even before an investigation of why he had classified documents at his home), as were four of seven CIA directorates. There is speculation, always, in Washington corridors -- not if there ARE any -- but HOW many -- high-level Jewish American government officials are Zionist spies ( like the notorious Jonathan Pollard) for Israel.

Modern Jewish American identity -- which casts its long shadow across all American culture -- is rife with neurosis, self-delusion, moral fraud, and hypocrisy. On one hand, Jews have been in the vanguard in destroying the assimilative "melting pot" premise of immigrant America into a mosaic of multicultural ethnocentrisms, the most notable POLITICIZED American ethnocentrism being Zionism: Jewish allegiance to a country across the world. Indeed, for way too many, the very heart of Jewish American identity beams its way across the Atlantic Ocean to Israel, a country where "multiculturalism" is absolutely ANATHEMA to the premises of a JEWISH state, a state condemned by so many as an apartheid one.

In fact, in dialectical opposition to the successful multicultural socialization process in the United States and all the Jewish Lobby Agency's social engineering of "tolerance" for Jewish racism and chauvinism, a 2000 survey of Israeli high school students by Hebrew University in Jerusalem found that "hate" was an endemic feature of growing up in the Jewish state. 51% of surveyed high school students declared that they "hate" Arabs. "The kind of hatred that we found in our study simply doesn't dissipate over a few years," said one of the Israeli researchers, "... The point is that this should be a warning to our society. These kids hate, and with such depths of hatred, our society is in deep trouble. When you hate someone because they are different from you, you might also start to think that this person is somehow less worthy, less entitled to the same rights and privileges, less human."

Jews have also spearheaded the American "separation of Church and State" game, and everywhere pop forward to condemn public expressions of anything Christian, including Christmas. Meanwhile, in Beloved Israel, to which American Jews are overwhelmngly faithful and dedicated, Orthodox Judaism rules civil administrative society. Jews are even legally forbidden from marrying non-Jews in the Jewish state. Public transportation shuts down on Saturday -- for Christians and Muslims alike -- because its the Jewish day of rest. Want to change your religion in Israel? You'll have to go to a government office, and if you're Jewish the officals there will try to make you change your mind.

Rooted in an activist Jewish network throughout popular U.S. culture, we can trace with increasing horror the steady "Israelization" of American foreign policy. And now with increased regimentation, citizen surveillance, intellectual suppression, and security obsessions, American life itself. Israel (and, whatever else it is, it is a quintessential MILITARY state) has always had a "preemptive" policy against its enemies. The Jewish state murders people it merely worries about, even before they've done anything. These are usually people suspected of planning violence against the institutionalization of Israeli violence, a cycle that can only roll on into Infinity's Great Loop until all are dead or physically driven away on either side -- or both sides -- of the argument.

Israel has always had a policy of "preemptive targeting," one of its euphemisms for its long standing policy of assassinations. There is no trial for the murdered. They are suspected of plotting violent activity against the Jewish state, and they are murdered as quickly as possible. "Unnamed security personnel make a decision to kill a person, and the decision is carried out with no legal process whatsoever." Drastic mistakes are someteimes made (wrong person killed, innocent people killed around the "target," etc.), but Jewish lives are abstractly saved in the process. And that's all that matters, anywhere, always, isn't it?

Of course we live in a social world where to surface these verifiable truths is to court the defamatory charge of "anti-Semitism" and to thereby face marginalization in all walks of life as a moral lunatic. Such is the totalitarianism of our intellectual and ethical worlds. But what exactly IS the charge of anti-Semitism? How can it fairly be defined in today's political world if not now merely a manipulative political and social tool, as hypocritical as the rest of Jewish/Israeli moral baggage. The Jewish charge of "antisemitism" has been exploited so many times, and so indiscriminately, that its moral currency is quickly becoming exhausted. Thanks to Jewish self-obsessions lost in their propagandistic webs, it seems that the day is nearing when to call someone an "anti-Semite" for the atrocious behavior of the state of Israel will be tantamount to being awarded a badge of moral honor. "Righteous Gentile," indeed.

The most astounding example of such Jewish moral fraud may well be the Simon Wiesenthal's new "tolerance" center in Jerusalem. (The Wiesenthal Center is one of the two best known defenders of Jewish chauvinism, in the guise of fighting intolerance and "anti-Semitism." The other best-known "defense organization" is the Anti-Defamation League, which was caught spying on all sorts of political organizations across the political spectrum, paid off some lawsuits, and in more recent years lost a $10.5 million lawsuit against it by a Denver film producer, William Quigley, who was smeared by ADL as -- what else? -- an "anti-Semite." Both Jewish "anti-hate" monoliths are, meanwhile, emphatic defenders of racist, "hating," dual-moral-standard Israel.) Ostensibly built as a beacon to inter-ethnic "tolerance," the Jerusalem building is built on a Muslim cemetery. It cost millions of dollars to build, and -- despite this astounding embarrassment -- it won't be torn down in shame any time soon. Rather, the Muslim bones will just be swept under the Jewish Tolerant rug, so to speak. What this building symbolizes, then, is that the Jewish demand for "tolerance" is, at root among the broken Muslim spinal cords and femurs, fraud. Jewish and Israeli demand to be beyond the pale of criticism is actually an incessant push for "Tolerance's" opposite: popular passive acceptance of Jewish collective racism, dissimulation, manipulation, and hypocrisy.

The great United States has become Little Israel, a client state of the Jewish world network for Jewish international interests. Massive Jewish American social engineering, political intrigue, economic manipulation, and two-faced morality has carved the prospect of more Death from Life, and cast the future of the American people in the dim glow of Israel's world-hated image. Israel and America have become two heads of the same monster. David has now succeeded in slinging the drugged Goliath over his shoulder and wears G's great girth like an iron umbrella into every battle.

How bad is American morality tumbling down the Jewish/Israeli drain tunnels?

In June 2002, Nathan Lewin, "a prominent Washington attorney and Jewish communal leader" called "for the execution of family members of suicide bombers." This call came in an article Lewin wrote for a Jewish journal of ethics (!), Sh'ma. He wrote that the way for Israel to solve its "suicide bomber" problem is to start murdering everyone in the bomber's immediate family, whether they knew anything about their kin's bombing plans or not. This article shocks the moral reader for many reasons.

1) Lewin is not an obscure kook. He is a prominent Jewish American religious figure. And his championing of the killing of innocent people as institutionalized policy is based upon his learned interpretation of Jewish religious law, particularly with regard to the Israelites' Biblical nemesis, the Amelekites. He finds justification for his proposed policy of collective murder in Jewish religious lore.

2) Lewin was afforded forum for his suggestion to murder in a journal about Jewish ethics, Sh'ma. Although Lewin's suggestion is condemned in a follow-up article in the same journal by Arthur Green, the issue of collective punishment -- via summary execution of innocent people -- is given forum in the Jewish American community as a legitimate issue of discussion and debate.

3) Lewin's call to murder of family members is actually a call to genocide. Lewin's justification for such murder is based upon the story of the Amalekites -- an ancient, hated nemesis in Jewish religious lore. God, as written in the Old Testament/Torah, not only sanctions, but DEMANDS their complete extermination by the ancient Israelites.

4) In any other community, a discussion of the merits of institutionalizing the murdering of innocents would be condemned for what it is: civilized savagery, and its adherents punished (fired, fined, squeezed for a public apology, etc. -- Note, for example, the pressures Senator Paul Lott has recently faced to quit his Congress position for his comments in support of former Southern senator Strom Thurmond, comments which drastically pale in comparison to Lewin's public call to the murder of innocent people, expressly of another ethnicity.)

5) The call for systemic murder of innocents by a prominent member of the Jewish community is certainly newsworthy, but its propagation was very, very limited to a couple ethnic Jewish journals (including the Forward). If a prominent "white nationalist," or the likes of Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, made such a call against another people, rest assured it would appear in every major newspaper in America and the author of such a conviction would be driven from public forum forever. (Note, for example, the massive mass media attention afforded Farrakhan's out-of-context quip about Judaism being a "gutter religion" a few years ago).

6) Once one condones the murder of innocent "family" members, why not their friends, who could surely be suspect at the same level? Why not their neighbors? Why not their towns? And, of course, why not anyone who knew them at all, and -- really, this is the core of it -- why not whoever has sympathy with Palestinian resistance to Israeli domination -- violently or otherwise? That would be just about any Palestinian. But, hey. While we're at it, why not other Arabs? Most of them sympathize with Palestinians too, and their "guilt by association" is just as legitimate.

In essence, Lewin's call for murder is Adolf Hitler reborn. (Or, more correctly, the WORST of Judaism reborn, via Old Testament sanction for genocide, which precludes the birth of Aryan fascism). And an acceptance of Lewin's calling for collective death as punishment for individual acts could just as well be logically (?) stretched to pardon the mass murderers of Jews in Nazi Germany. The quintessential "collective punishment," which is military policy in today's Israel, was of course the foundation of German fascism's barbarities against Jews.

Do we teach our children on the playground "collective punishment?" Does any self-proclaimed "civilized" community institutionalize punishment of ALL for the sins of the minuscule few? (And please bear in mind that this call to Jewish murder is the direct opposite of our Jewish-lobbied "politically correct" culture which declares that even making a generalization about any group of people -- let alone killing them all! -- is immoral).

Lewin is not alone in his calls for the ripping away of Western civilization's principles of moral fabric. He has fellow Jewish champions for the moral slide of our New Jewish/Israeli America, which seeks to readjust public policy towards killing or maiming those we don't like. Alan Dershowitz, for example, famous Harvard "civil rights" and Judeo-centric activist, has publicly called for the institutionalization of torture as an option in law enforcement. This, long a taboo in America and other "civilized" countries, is another moral gift from the Jewish lobby and Israel: torture has been a tool for decades in the Jewish state against Palestinian prisoners, condemned by human rights organizations like Amnesty International.

In essence, what the likes of Dershowitz and Lewis suggest is the American emulation of Israel. It is the transporting, and imposing, of ruthless Jewish/Israeli survivalist values to be grafted -- like a thorn branch onto a peach tree -- onto distinctly American ethics. The threat to us all is that the thorn branch (call it Jewish, or if you are afraid to say that, call it Israeli) is taking over. And this is all, of course, declared to be in the Holy Name of fighting "terror," which -- whether you like to hear the truth or not -- is essentially the violent expression of a desperately exasperated Arab/Muslim liberation movement against Israel and Western imperialism. And, in support of the Israeli logic of brutality, insofar as the Jewish lobby has successfully swayed the American government to function as little more than a robotic apparatus of Israeli will, it is only NATURAL now that the American government (and American people) will follow Israeli policies because America has BECOME an appendange of Israeli lifesyle and policy.

Ultimately, to the degree the American government supports crimes against another people, we will be inevitably held to reasonable standards of condemnation by Palestinians, Arabs, and other Third World people.

So, let's review what Americans get for ignorantly surrendering themselves to Judeocentric interests. What has our 84 billion dollars to Israel provided American citizens over the years? And, like it or not, the classic "anti-Semitic" stereotype of the Jew as "parasite" upon the non-Jewish social body has been fulfilled in the grandest, nationalist terms: if there ever was a parasite on the American people, it is the little leech of Israel with the enormous mouth, and its yearly sucking of billions of dollars from American social, economic, and educational welfare. This is the world's greatest welfare state that would perish as it is presently (immorally) constituted without American charity.

The following eyebrow-raising facts about the wonderful Jewish state is just a sampling. So what do Americans get for our massive stuffing of billions into Israel, the Jewish "light unto the world?"

1) An undying -- and spreading -- hatred of America and Israel by untold millions of people throughout the world, largely from -- but not only -- Islamic countries who recognize only brutality and hypocrisy when it thinks of this Tweedle Dee-Tweedle Dum duo, a brutality that is systematically screened and qualified by America's Judeocentric mass media and political pundits.

2) The prospects of an American war on behalf of Israeli interests to remold an Arab regime as a client state to Jewish needs, at the cost of up to a trillion dollars to be borne by American citizens, and untold American and Iraqi lives and suffering while Israelis watch, protected by new forms of American defensive missiles. (Also, of course, is the prospect for extended world war and chaos of all varieties and in all places).

3) An American government swarming -- at all tiers -- with Jewish dual loyalists who harbor divided allegiance between Israel and the United States.

4) An open invitation (thanks to incessant Jewish American lobbying to brings masses of Russian Jews to our shores) for the notorious Russian Mafia (which is largely Jewish) to take hold in America. As an American state department official noted in the mid-1990s, ALL major Russian Mafia members in the U.S. had Israeli passports.

5) Support for a country, Israel, where "money laundering has reached colossal proportions in the last few years, fuelled by the rise of Russian organised-crime since the collapse of the Soviet Union."

6) A draining of American economic resources from crucial education and social problems to buttress an increasingly neo-fascistic military garrison across the world. Even as we prepare to go to war with Iraq on behalf of Israel at an ultimate cost of perhaps a trillion dollars, the American Congress had not bothered to extend unemployment benefits for the jobless into 2003.

7) Support for the international "sex slave" trade, of which Israel ranks near the top in the world (and, as addenda, the Jewish preeminence in the American pornography and smut worlds). "Israel does not yet meet the minimum standards for combating trafficking in persons, and has not yet made significant efforts to combat the problem," noted the U.S. State Department in 2001.

8) Support for a nation that has gone mad with violence, even within the intra-Jewish sphere. Over 11% of Israeli women have been assaulted by their husbands. In a country of about 4 million Jews, 142,000 women were beaten in the past year, 40,000 required medical treatment, and 15,000 were hospitalized. "146,000 women were raped at least once and 2 percent of these were threatened with murder ... Some 417,000 children up to the age of five (57 percent of the children this age) have suffered moderate corporal punishment such as being shaken, pushed or slapped ... Of the six to 18 year olds, more than 550,000 - 39 percent of all the children - suffered moderate violence in past year, while 115,000 (8 percent) suffered severe violence." The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz even declared "Something evidently is very wrong with our society. Lack of manners, rudeness, hot tempers, impatience, aggressive attitudes, and violence have become hallmarks of our behavior to each other, and the symptoms are getting worse by the day ... What, then, has happened to us? Why have the ugly features of our society become so predominant?"

9) Support for a nation that recently refused to join a new International Code of Conduct aimed at "blocking proliferation of ballistic missile technology."

10) Support for a country that was found in 1998 to be "an international center for pirate distribution - estimating that the extent of the forgery industry reached tens, maybe hundreds, of millions of dollars."

11) Support for Israel's severe lack of press freedom (i.e., media free speech). Of 139 countries, in 2002 Israel's press freedom was ranked 92nd by the Reporters Without Borders press organization. This number nestles among Third World potentates and dictatorial banana republics. Even Israel's immediate nemesis, the battered Palestinian Authority, ranked better than the Israeli state, ranked at number 82.

12) Support of Israel's preeminence in the world of the immoral and exploitative buying and selling body organs, largely cut out of the non-Jewish poor, throughout the Third World.

13) Support of an endemically corrupt, racketeering Jewish country the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz deplored as "Racketstan."

14) Support of an apartheid regime, a country that practices "ethnic cleansing" even upon its Christian members.

15) Support for a country that uses Lutheran schoolchildren as human shields.

16) Support of, arguably, the most obnoxious people in the world. The Israeli "sabra" national personality is renowned for its rudeness, lack of civility, arrogance, and "chutzpah," and is commented upon throughout the Jewish/Israeli community. In kind, in counterpoint, Palestinians/Arabs (long known for their generous hospitality) are rendered on the popular media stage to be virtually animals.

17) Support for a country that kills children "for sport," buries people alive, drops 1,000-pound bombs on schools for the blind, murders 95-year old women, and comes under condemnation by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch for "war crimes."

18) Support for a nation that imposes curfews on Palestinians and kills them if they violate it. In one four-month period 80% of those murdered this way were children.

19) Support for the Israeli military that routinely tortures people, sometimes including children.

20) Support for the legendary land of a people who perpetually whine and make more and more demands for reparations, and requisite homage, for past historical events including the "Holocaust" that happened during a World War across the Earth over half a century ago, as PART of a catastrophic World War that took between a forgotten 50-60 million lives. The socialization process of homage to Jewish victimhood and Jewish socio-political advantage -- as well as providing a "moral" undergirding for the outrages of modern racist Israel -- includes Jewish-dominated Hollywood's 170+ films about the Holocaust, enough to take up most of your time in between helping your kid study for his Holocaust Appreciation classes.

21) Support for the country awarded in 2002 the world's worst housing rights violator award by the Geneva-based Center on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE).

22) Support for Israel as the world's record holder in ignoring United Nations Security Council resolutions. (Disobeying such UN resolution is, of course, a major justification cited for U.S. plans to invade Israel's enemy, Iraq). Israel, through 2002, has violated UN Security Council resolutions 32 times.

23) Support for a country that is so dangerously oppressive to United Nations workers that they feel compelled to band together to write a formal petition against Israeli "harassment, beating and killing of United Nations staff."

24) Support for a country, Israel, which passes along American weapons technology to its nemesis: China.

25) Support for a country that gets billions of dollars to buy military equipment and then plans on parking some of its warplanes in the United States (support for a mainland U.S. Israeli military force if needed there?).

26) Support for a nation that, by May 2001, had shot 20 foreign journalists during their coverge of the Palestinian uprising against Israeli subjegation and oppression. "The Israeli government is refusing to deal with [this]," complained Howard Goller, chairman of the Foreign Press Association.

27) Support for a country that has been sued -- as a nation -- by another country (Thailand) for institutionalized exploitation and rip-offs of (of course non-Jewish) Thai workers in the Jewish state.

28) Increased corruption by an American government that is completely out of touch with its citizen constituents who ARE NOT Jewish, a government that refuses a foreign policy that would benefit those who make no Judeocentric demands. An example of this is the January request by the state of Israel for nearly $12 billion in charity (a sum larger than the U.S. aid given to ALL countries on the planet the prior year). This outrageous sum request was expected to be granted, even while the Bush administration refused American states a "$674 million economic stimulus package."

29) Increased repression of American citizens and the curtailing of traditional freedoms and privacy. This is in direct response to the threat of Muslim "terrorists," which is at root a last ditch attempt to throw out Jewish -- and Western imperialism -- from their lands. The very foundation of the "radical" Islamic complaint is even systematically and TOTALLY obscured in the Judeo-centric mass media. Bin Laden has expressly complained about Jewish oppression, and this is not allowed to become part of popular argument for debate in America.

30) Support for a country whose citizens dominate eveything from the illegal drug "ecstasy" distribution into the Western world to hashish monopolies in parts of India.

31) Support for "the world's best-known and most efficient 'secret' manufacturer of weapons of mass destruction [including a] nuclear, biological and chemical warfare programme that even the Israeli Knesset cannot get access to, let alone the United Nations." This includes Nazi-like Israeli research into an "ethnic bomb" wherein "deadly micro-organisms" attack only those with distinctive Arab genes. Science fiction? Horror movie? A joke? It's for real.

32) And, to top this all off with a nice black cherry, there are worries in Israel that organized crime and other assorted scoundrels are taking over the ruling political party, the Likud.

Please note that this mere sampling of corruption and immorality represents a country that has always been declared by American Jews to be EXEMPLARY of "Jewish values" in its "mission" to enlighten the world. These people obviously are living in chronic denial. Or they just don't care what Israel has become. Please also note that according to one recent study by Jewish organizations, over 90% of those who responded to a survey of American Jews declared that they at least "somewhat supported" the Jewish state.

We live in an American society where it is taboo to criticize the Jewish community. We live in a society where a profoundly Jewish prominence in the upper tiers of the mass media, government, the publishing world, the formal intelligentsia, the art world, and popular culture at-large ensure an iron bias towards Jewish ethnocentrism and support of the violent and corrupt Jewish state, aka "Racketstan."

Innocent Americans, subjected to pro-Israel Jewish dominance in government, mass media and lobbying efforts in every corner on behalf of Israel, overwhelmingly side with the Jewish state in their conflict with the Palestinians. In a 2002 poll of Americans by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, 41 percent of those surveyed sided with Israel to 13 percent for the Palestinians. In contrast, in Europe, where Jewish power is strong but not as strangling, in every country surveyed the public sided with the struggle for justice of the Palestinians: France 36 to 19 percent, Italy 30 to 14, Britain 28 to 17, and even Germany at 26-24. What do you think the percentage gaps would be in the Muslim world?

In another recent study in France, the French public even believed Israel to be one of the primary nations that threatens world peace, second only to Iraq.

Massive American support of the crimes of Israel by our Zionist puppet-masters is turning the United States INTO Israel. Massive support of the immoral foundation of the racist Jewish state has inevitably drawn justifiable international outrage against the endemic moral bankruptcy of the Israeli state to OUR door. As the New York Observer proclaimed in one of its articles, echoing the growing current of this throughout the world:

"We are all Jewish in our enemy's eyes."

I don't know about you, folks, but is it really too much to ask to divorce America's fate from self-destructive Jewish neurosis and its attendant VICTIMHOOD FIST FEAST that has forced us all to become honorary vengeful Jewish bullies in so much of the world's eyes?

So we're all Jews now? Can you believe it? It's the ultimate Jewish revenge against the rest of the humanity for whatever they feel like complaining about today: a world where even American "anti-Semites," are -- by AmeriIsraeli default -- wrestled down, tied up, and garnered with an honorary yarmulke (religious cap) glued to their heads.

Quick. Which way is the exit that says "Thanks, but no thanks?"

Or has that been stolen too?

When Victims Rule. A Critique of Jewish pre-eminence in America

2,000 page scholarly work featuring approximately 10,000 citations from about 4,000 bibliographic sources.
The most thorough investigation to this day on Jewish power and influence in the USA and the world.


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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Viva Palestina!

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