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By Dr. Bruno Chapski
November 2002

Bolshevik Jews Killing Goys

While I wait for the turkey, I'm thinking of my youth. I've got an hour to kill so enjoy these lines and welcome to "The Other Side."

I recollect reading in Prague that the nation is like an extended family. In Minsk scholars would ask if a nemesis of one's family should take care of the family's children? Well, it appears that some nations have plausible and verified enemies setting on their national progeny. In Poland, for example, there is the Instytut Pamieci Narodowej (The Institute of Remembrance for the Nation). It's director is a fellow by the name of Leon Kieresa. According to Mr. Kieresa, 95% of the time he is concerned with attacks on Poles. Reality, however, according to Prof. Bob Nowak, seems to indicate that his existence is intricate with alleged Polish/Slavic crimes against Jews and (2) no crimes committed by Bolshevik Jews against the majority (Recent issue of Przewodnik) . This short essay will amplify what is occurring in many countries. In other words, it is an example of the tail wagging the dog. Always remember, sometimes you can learn from those with the most experience. This will abet you in understanding anti-Euro-Am. propaganda.

You know, we of European heritage have seen obscure individuals, from tiny villages, make international news. Remember Father Jankowski? If you can recall, a few years ago, he was front page news. Jankowski, championed by New York, Chicago and Michigan Polonia, had made one major mistake. During a Gdansk church sermon he said that the Jews controlled Washington, London, Berlin, Paris and Warsaw. As a result, he was removed from his parish and officially ostracized. He did, however, become a pivotal feature of the New York and LA Times, Wash. Post ...

Before the Jankowski episode, Warsaw's Cardinal Glemp was vilified by transcontinental media. Glemp thought he had the freedom to indicate that Jews created the Bolshevik killing machine and (2) ran the Soviet satellite nations. Pope John Paul II put a damper on Glemp's aspirations of free expression.

Recently following, in the foot steps of numerous Zionistic and Ann Frankish-type myths, were the stories created about citizens in the little village of Jedwabnie. Of course, adequately proved facts, by hundreds of Slavic scholars, were not used by politicos, for defending the majority. Tales from most of the media on Jedwabnie were manufactured. It was all fabricated international 'news.' Perhaps it was all similar to the 170 Holocaust films of our contemporary era. What do you think? Read the recent Nov. Christian Science article on the nearly 200 recent holo-flicks. Then, try to correlate this with the media's number of our own American soldiers killed in WW II.

At any rate, getting back to our thread, often actual victims have evolved into perpetrators. Furthermore, publicly-made stats, that included the number six with zeros, were of course ludicrous. In addition to all of this, non-Slavic documentation was selectively used (and manipulated); research from the majority was not given international coverage; shabbes-goys, within majority ranks, obtained heed and were glorified. The anti-majority frosting on their Jedbawne-cake was when President Kwasniewski (Stoltzman), a former hard core commie apologized to Jews, saying he represented the Polish people. The whole affair, in a nut shell, resembled the Kurt Waldheim circus.

According to Prof. Nowak and Prof. Pajak, to put the Jedwabnie and/or other anti majority transcontinental propaganda in perspective, it is pertinent to remember just two points: (1) How many countless millions of Slavs and other majorities were killed by Jews (due to Zyd non-majority theories and philosophies); and (2) Why isn't Jew responsibility publicized when it comes to: (A) The millions of goys killed; (B) Forced population transfers and; (C) Siberian camp syndromes. Read Henry Pajak's "Jedwabne Gaszwfty" or "Lenin's Willing Executioners: Jews and Bolshevism," by Michael Jones.

In order to be fair we would like to mention that not only did large numbers of Jews furnish the Red Army with flowers during the Bolshevik and Soviet invasions of Poland (in 1919 and 1939); It is an absolute fact that Jews turned in -for execution- their capitalist neighbors (by the countless thousands). Please think about this. And, while you're at it, why not think about the uncountable numbers who were sent to Kazakhstan because of their J-neighbors. Lastly, although one could literally fill millions of pages by writing about the Jews killing majorities -and Zyds alleging victimhood, remember that the few lines of this paper - written before I consume my Thanksgiving Turkey - for now should suffice.

For not only it is a camouflaged fact that numerous Jewish activists killed Christians in Slavic seminaries, it is also a documented fact that they surrounded many scrawny villages such as Koniuchy where they shot women and children. It is a fact that Poles and Belarussians were so fearful of Jews that they had to organize self defence units when they lived in small settlements such as Derewno, Rubiescewice, Starynki, Michalowo... Actuality: Zydowski partysants massacred villagers (Koniuchy, 1944, etc., etc.,etc.).

Fifty Zydowski partysants in one instance alone, as recorded in several non-best selling books, surrounded houses and killed hundreds of Slavs and all their animals. They also burnt buildings down in undefendable sparsely settled villages. Maybe all the numerous massacres of Polish capitalists and the destruction of villages will never make American and European TV stations and/or get the same news coverage as Israeli settlers being killed on occupied Palestinian land. What do you think? Perhaps yesterday's Germania and Slavdom are similar to today's Arabia and Palestinians.

Maybe it will be a while before news about parasitological nations is presented in mass media. Maybe it will be a while before voters can decide if their billions of dollars should go to a nation that has taken and continues to take land from indigenous natives. Reward for the Polish nation that took in Jews -that were hated by all other nations, should be recompensed at least with love; not slandered in the manner of those suing the U.S. 'for not bombing the Auschwitz labor camp!.' If it were not for Polska, there would be no Jews today. If it were not for Amerika, Jews would not own the Hollywood propaganda machine, direct media and control La CessPool Grande's via Clintonite-type sahabbas goys...

In fact, perhaps most of the crimes against mankind could be eliminated if it were not for the shabbes-goy factor. Everyone knows about former NY senators D'Amato and Hillary. They are like Fr. Czajkowski. Recently, in Warsaw's Jewish 'Gazeta Wyborcza' newspaper, Czajkowski indicated, and let me emphasize this, that millions of Jews have been lost in countries all around the world due to anti-Semitism, but no Pole has been killed because of Jewish anti-Polonianism. Perhaps at this point nothing more needs to be said about good and bad, or about media.

Thank you for coming to 'The Other Side.' Have a great holiday.

Bruno Chapski is a pseudonym. He has a Ph.D, he has studied at both American and European universities, and he reads/writes several Slavic languages. His "The Other Side" column, of which this is a sample, is produced occasionally.


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