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Dear DMOZ/ Open Directory Project:

I notice that your search engine has categorized The Jewish Tribal Review as "hate," and "antisemitism."  Since you are part of the search apparatus, whenever the Jewish Tribal Review location information comes up at this search engine, these defamatory terms -- like toxic burrs -- define the site. Reviewing your explanation of the DMOZ system, I find you state the following:

"You Can Make a Difference Like any community, you get what you give. The Open Directory provides the opportunity for everyone to contribute. Signing up is easy: choose a topic you know something about and join. Editing categories is a snap. We have a comprehensive set of tools for adding, deleting, and updating links in seconds. For just a few minutes of your time you can help make the Web a better place, and be recognized as an expert on your chosen topic. Join the Open Directory Project Find a category that you would like to maintain. Follow the Become an Editor link at the top of the category page. Note that some categories do not have a Become an Editor link; you should find a more specific category which interests you, and apply there."

In other words, the people who become "editors" at your organization are merely "volunteers." You offer that any clown off the street can suddenly become "recognized as an expert on your chosen topic." There is apparantly no screening process of them. There is apparantly no background check. There are apparently really no qualifications whatsoever, except the willingness to do some work for free and assert a personal opinion. Nor is there any presumption that those who play Dictator have any sense of objectivity whatsoever in freezing web sites into iron-clad categories. Obviously, those with an activist political agenda would be the first in line to "categorize" (or, more correctly, pathologize) sites that are a political threat to them. The more activist an individual is, the more likely she or she would rush to offer their opinion about websites.

Of course, those who would most wish to screen Jewish identity and history, and the swirl of troubling issues surrounding racist Israel, from critical inquiry would be quick to seize the authority to stigmatize web sites as "hate" and "antisemitic." Hence, your self-proclaimed "open" system isn't that at all; it's really a scam, veiled in secretive shadows, and easy prey for the Judeo-centric Thought Police. No names are associated with your category selection process. Nor, of course, are any criteria posted whatsoever for "hate/antisemitism" inclusion (What's "hate?" What's "antisemitism?" How does one exactly qualify for such smears?)

In other words, the obvious reason the Jewish Tribal Review has been formally rendered "hate" and "antisemitic" at your organization is simply because it reflects someone's own political agenda about the subject at hand. More than likely, this person is Jewish. Maybe Israeli. Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon could have even been the "expert" in the field of his "chosen topic": Jewish and Israeli issues.The obvious criteria to become Resident Potentate in any given category at your organization is that he/she is the first to seize the reins.

In the Jewish Tribal Review's case such a "volunteer" has deemed our web site to be "hate" and "antisemitic." I'd like to know who this anonymous person is. Is he/she Jewish? Is he/she Israeli? What are his/her qualifications to make such a decision? How about a reasoned public debate with him/her? Why is your decision-making process made in secrecy? What is the exact criteria for placing web sites in in such defamatory categories? What, exactly, is "hate?" What is "antisemitism?" When, exactly, does legitimate criticism morph into either of these two terms? There is no public intellectual and moral exchange about DMOZ decision-making? Why not?

I note nothing at your site about an appeal process for those unjustly accused of the slander of "hate" and "antisemitism." In other words, it is simply by dictatorial authority that you (self-proclaimed as "open") condemn that which your biased decision-makers ("volunteering" ideologues) simply don't like.

In the spirit of your "open" organization, I hereby "volunteer" to legislate your "HATE>LIAR/FRAUD category (if you don't have one, why not start one?), and the first entry will, of course, be your organization. How would this be any different than the "open" process in which our web site has, in quite a parallel manner, been pathologized, and libeled, by a noble "volunteer?" Yes, I will have a strong opinion about your system as I categorize it. But, of course, so did your biased "volunteer" who despises the Jewish Tribal Review and dismisses its scholarly work with libel. I think it only fair that you be subjected to your own "open" process.

It seems that your categorization system is quite like starting a rumor. One person decides that our web site is "hate" and "antisemitism" and voila! Innocent readers will invariably presume a competent analysis and ethical foundation in your categorization process, and assume your libels to be facts. Yes, your system of categories could be accurately called an "open" conduit. But for maestros of propaganda.

Here's what your critics proclaim from the othe side of the political fence (of course we completely disagree with their assessment of where your prejudice lies, but what's important is that they too recognize the INTRINSIC BIAS in your categorization system):

Bias at DMOZ,
Jewish Internet Association, October 21, 2002
"Recently, the webmaster of one of our associated websites brought to our attention apparent bias in the DMOZ Open Directory Project owned and operated by Netscape, a subsidiary of AOL Time Warner, Inc. In certain categories of DMOZ, this bias is evident as a systematic minimization of information critical of Arabs, Muslims and Islam while maximizing antisemitic or anti-Israel material. Since DMOZ is widely used as a source of directory information on the Internet -- including use by market-share leaders such as Google and AOL -- this deeply embedded bias cannot be tolerated or taken lightly. Note: Those of you who are editors and writers for publications should consider a story on this subject. DMOZ is very widely used on the Internet and this discovery of significant bias is NEWS. Upon investigation we have determined that not only is the allegation of bias correct, but the situation at DMOZ is quite severe. Specifically, the nature of the Open Directory contents regarding terrorism, extremism, peace initiatives, and hate groups reflects a carefully screened minimization of Muslim/Islamic/Arab culpability. At the same time the selection process has greatly overstated Jewish/Israeli extremism and reflects the propaganda and outright lies of Palestinian Arab sympathizers and antisemites."

Then, on the reverse side of the political fence, here's another view of the bias intrinsic to the DMOZ - Google - Open Directory Project categorizations.

Perhaps you would be on far safer political ground to stick to categorizing mushrooms, South American insects, and Christmas recipes?


Yet more double standards from the "Open" Directory Project. Jewish power complains, and down comes the category "Jewish hate groups":

Netscape Heeds Jews' Gripes Over Web Directory,
[Jewish] Forward, November 22, 2002
"Internet giant Netscape has acknowledged anti-Israel bias in its massive Web cataloguing service and has taken several steps to correct the situation, including dismissing the volunteer editor Netscape says was responsible. Responding to a complaint by the Jewish Internet Association, an Internet watchdog group, Netscape's Robert Keating said the company would also eliminate a category that linked users to Jewish extremist groups such as Kahane Chai and would add a separate list of pro-Israel organizations under their own category ... The service, known as the Open Directory Project, is an effort to create a comprehensive catalog of the Internet, with millions of Web sites placed into categories and subcategories. Hosted and administered by Netscape, the directory is now featured by various search engines, including the popular Google. Tens of thousands of volunteer editors choose the Web sites, Web site descriptions and categories that will be placed in the directory, but Netscape 'sets the editorial policies and direction' of the project, according to the directory's own Web site. Netscape has said that the volunteers are chosen by unpaid senior editors, who are approved by Keating, the editor in chief of the project. Chriss said his organization discovered problems in the directory last month, and sent a letter with specific allegations of bias and distortions to Steve Case, chairman of Netscape's parent company, AOL Time Warner. [Chuck Chriss, president of the California-based Jewish Internet Agency] complained that the directory contained a link to 'Jewish Hate Groups,' including Kach and Kahane Chai, but did not contain a corresponding category for Islamic extremists, nor any sites describing antisemitism among Muslims ... Shortly afterwards, Chriss received a letter from Keating saying Netscape agreed that there was bias in the directory and that it had decided to dismiss the volunteer editor who they said was responsible. In addition, the company eliminated the 'Jewish Hate Group' section, added a separate list of pro-Israel organizations under their own category and included the Jewish Internet Association's own pro-Israel 'Palestine Facts' Web site. Chriss told the Forward last week that he did not blame Netscape for the initial bias, saying they had a small staff supervising tens of thousands of volunteer editors ... Derick Mains, a Netscape spokesman ... suggested that pro-Israel activists volunteer to be editors on the directory and correct some of the perceived bias."

March 26, 2003:
The Jewish Tribal Review is listed as the fifth ranked "anti-Semitic" web site by (which uses the above DMOZ categories, behind:

1. David Irving
2. John "Birdman" Bryant
3. Radio Islam
4. La Voz de Aztlan

Irving is famous for suing the Jewish Lobby in Great Britain. Bryant is a critical maverick, Radio Islam is a Muslim source, and La Voz de Aztlan is a Latino web site. Rather diverse. No stereotypical Nazis and Ku Klux Klan groups that make it easy for everyone to draw their lines of morality in caricature form. These sites don't really have that much in common -- except criticism -- from very different world views -- of the Jewish Lobby.


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