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Traditional Eastern European Jewish  joke:

"On a train in czarist Russia, a Jew is eating a whitefish, wrapped in paper. A Gentile, sitting across the aisle, begins to taunt him with various anti-Semitic epithets. Finally, he ask the Jew, 'What makes you Jews so smart?'

'All right,' replies the Jew, 'I guess I'll have to tell you. It's because we eat the head of the whitefish.'

'Well, if that's the secret,' says the Gentile, 'then I can be as smart as you are.'

'That's right,' says the Jew, 'And in fact, I happen to have an extra whitefish head with me. You can have it for five kopecks.'

The Gentile pays for the fish head and begins to eat. An hour later the train stops at a station for a few minutes. The Gentile leaves the train and comes back. 'Listen, Jew,' he says, 'You sold me that whitefish head for five kopecks. But I just saw a whole whitefish at the market for three kopecks.'

'See,' replies the Jew, 'You're getting smarter already.'"
The Big Book of Jewish Humor, HarperPerennial, 1989, p. 91

"Not surprisingly," note William Novak and Moshe Waldoks about the above joke, "anti-goyism is rarely stressed in public discussions of Judaism ... But centuries of hostility between Gentiles and Jews have led to a large body of aggressive and unpleasant feelings on both sides."
The Big Book of Jewish Humor,
HarperPerennial, 1981

"All kinds of deception and cunning, of fraud and trickery, devised and committed by Jews, either to get money or to avoid paying money, are exposed and candidly revealed by Jewish jokes."
Theodore Reik,
Jewish pyschoanalyst,
Jewish Wit,
Gamut Press, NY, 1962, p. 67

"American Jews do feel a strong attachment to the Land of our Fathers ... We [American Jews] look upon the Israelis as our spiritual brethren, as co-workers in the achievement of our spiritual mission, which is to spread enlightenment and happiness among all the peoples of the world, to help hasten the day when justice and freedom and peace will be the common possession of all mankind."
-- Rabbi David Max Eichhorn, Jewish Intermarriages: Fact and Fiction, Satellite Books, Satellite Beach, FL, 1974, p. 6

CDC Issues Warning to Jewish Doctors with Daughters
. National Lampoon, 2001.
"The Center for Disease Control issued a warning today to all physicians born of Jewish descent that their daughters could be 1000 times more likely than non-Jewish doctors' daughters to become slutty, sexually-charged adultering whores. The CDC has already identified what they refer to as a 'Major Slut-Whore Cluster' in Southern California. Tomorrow, they plan to obtain blood and semen samples from Jewish M.D.'s in the region including: Dr. Fleiss, father of Heidi Fleiss, Dr. Lewinsky, father of Monica Lewinsky and Dr. Levy, father of Chandra Levy. Researchers remain baffled as to why this strange disease: SDS (Slutty Daughter Syndrome) seems to afflict only the daughters of Jewish doctors."

Jewish Jokes and Anti-Semitism.
Australian Journal of Comedy
, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1995
"It is not an easy matter to locate that line between acceptability and nonacceptability. We might say that a Jewish joke is not anti-Semitic if it is conveyed by Jews, to Jews, about Jews, and neither explicitly asserts nor remotely implies disparagement of Jews as a group. It does appear to be anti-Semitic if it contains over-simplified and deprecating judgements and negative or inaccurate generalisations about Jews by non-Jews, and directly or indirectly furthers malignant stereotypes and/or leads to acts of intimidation, provocation, bigotry, prejudice,discrimination or physical aggression. In reality however, the distinctions are far more complicated and difficult to make, requiring a more careful, critical, and dispassionate evaluation of intention, purpose, and consequence, witting or unwitting."

Jewish Anti-Deprecation League Protests New Woody Allen Movie,
The Onion
"The Jewish Anti-Deprecation League picketed the New York premiere of Woody Allen's latest film, Waltzing With Schopenhauer, Monday, arguing that it 'perpetuates misleading stereotypes of Jewish self-deprecation that do not reflect the modern Jewish-American experience.' The JADL is decrying Allen's portrayal of the film's lead character, Reuben Hirschhorn, a Columbia University creative-writing professor who, despite achieving considerable personal and career success, is plagued by severe self-doubt, hypochondria, perceived sexual inadequacies, an inability to commit to long-term relationships, existential angst, an obsessive fear of death, and disturbing dreams involving his overbearing mother making chicken soup for Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels. 'Mr. Allen has made a career out of presenting his own foibles and insecurities as characteristic of all Jews,' JADL executive director Howard Klosterman said. 'Jews are tired of seeing themselves routinely represented as neurotics who can't enjoy their lives, no matter how successful, and Mr. Allen is one of the primary perpetrators of this offensive cliche.'"

'I Am Not an Anti-Semite!'
"'I am not an anti-Semite,' Hillary Clinton declared in a beer hall in a German blue-collar neighborhood outside of Buffalo, New York. She went on to explain, 'Die Rede ist von Miniatur-Lastwagen - bis aufs kleinste Detail den großen Originalen nachgebaut. Und das keineswegs nach Anleitung durch einen Bausatz, sondern der eigenen Kreativität entsprechend' to a chorus of thunderous applause."

Ali's Shocking Punch(line), Washington Post, December 18, 2001
"We have always admired Muhammad Ali, so we hoped our ears were deceiving us when we heard the 59-year-old former heavyweight champion of the world tell a couple of off-color jokes at the Washington premiere party for 'Ali,' the biopic starring Will Smith as the champ and Ron Silver as trainer Angelo Dundee. As Ali took the microphone at the Georgetown restaurant Cafe Milano – with Mayor Tony Williams standing behind him on the podium – Ali's fourth wife, Lonnie, could be heard advising him: 'No, no, no, don't.' But before a packed crowd that included Silver, Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe, former Republican party chairman Frank Fahrenkopf and plutocrat-philanthropists Jim Kimsey and Joe Robert – Ali let 'er rip. 'What's the difference between a Jew and a canoe?' the legendary boxer asked, his voice slightly muffled from the effects of Parkinson's disease. 'A canoe tips!' The crowd, which included more than a few Jewish folks, including Silver, reacted with laughter – some of it uncomfortable."

Angered by Snubbing, Libya, China, Syria Form Axis of Just as Evil,, February 2002
""In Speech, Bush Calls Iraq, Iran and North Korea 'Axis of Evil' -- N.Y. Times, 1/30/02 -- Bitter after being snubbed for membership in the 'Axis of Evil,' Libya, China, and Syria today announced they had formed the 'Axis of Just as Evil,' which they said would be way eviler than that stupid Iran-Iraq-North Korea axis President Bush warned of his State of the Union address ... While wondering if the other nations of the world weren't perhaps making fun of him, a cautious Bush granted approval for most axes, although he rejected the establishment of the Axis of Countries Whose Names End in 'Guay,' accusing one of its members of filing a false application. Officials from Paraguay, Uruguay, and Chadguay denied the charges. Israel, meanwhile, insisted it didn't want to join any Axis, but privately, world leaders said that's only because no one asked them."

Who Is a Comedian?, The Gantseh Megillah, Volume 3, Issue 3
"Listen to Jackie Mason: "A normal person wouldn't become a comedian. The egomania, the neurosis, the need to overcompensate, the feeling that life is meaningless without stardom - it's too much suffering." So who becomes a comedian? Groucho Marx, Jack Benny, Milton Berle, Lenny Bruce, Jerry Seinfeld, the list goes on and on. There must be a reason here as well to explain not only why there are so many Jewish comedians today, but also why Jews throughout the ages have been known for their humor." [Jewish comedians cited by this web site include: Bud Abbott (mother was Jewish, Abbott & Costello), Woody Allen (Born Konigsberg), Marty Allen, Jason Alexander (Greenspan), Tom Arnold (converted to Judaism, has some Jewish lineage), Joey Adams (born Abramowitz, converted to Christian Science), Bea Arthur (born Bernice Frankel, Golden Girls, Maud), Ed Asner (Lou Grant, Bronx Zoo), Hank Azaria, Roseanne Barr, Richard Belzer, Richard Benjamin, Jack Benny (Benjamin Kubelsky), Milton "Uncle Miltie" Berle (Berlinger), Sandra Bernhard, Joey Bishop (the only living member of the "Rat Pack"), Elayne Boosler, Victor Borge (Danish Jew, Rosenbaum), David Brenner, Fanny Brice (Borach), Matthew Broderick (mother is Jewish, same as wife, Sarah Jessica Parker), Albert Brooks (Einstein), Mel Brooks (Kaminsky), George Burns (Nathan Birnbaum), Red Buttons (Aaron Chwatt), Lenny Bruce (Born Leonard Alfred Schneider), Eddie Cantor (Iskowitch), Andrew Dice Clay (Silverstein), Sid Ceasar, Billy Crystal, Rodney Dangerfield (Jacob Cohen, later changed it to Jack), Larry David (seinfeld creator/producer, star of "Curb your enthusiasm"), Fran Drescher, Marty "googly eyes" Feldman, Fyvush Finkel, Al Franken, Mitchell Friedman (Voted #1 Jewish Comic by the Young Jewish Alliance in 1999), Jackie Gayle, Brad Garrott (Gerstenfeld, "Everybody Loves Raymond"), Larry Gelbart (M*A*S*H), Gilbert Gottfried, Elliott Gould, Ellen Greene (Little Shop Of Horrors), Shecky Greene, Steve Guttenberg, Buddy Hackett, Goldie Hawn, Buck Henry (Zuckerman), Michael J. Herman ("The Next Big Thing" according to the LA Times), Danny Hoch, Gabriel Kaplan, Jonathan Katz (Dr. Katz, comedy central), Andy Kaufman, Danny Kaye (Kaminsky), Richard Kind, Andy Kindler, Alan King, Robert Klein, Jack Klugman (Odd Couple), Lisa Kudrow, Carol Liefer, Jerry Lewis (Jerome Levitch), Richard Lewis, Shari Lewis (Hurwitz, "Lambchops"), Hal Linden (Barney Miller), Jon Lovitz, Mal Z. Lawrence, Norman Lear (creator of The Jeffersons, All In The Family, Good Times), Bill Maher (mother is Jewish), Howie Mandel, Sally Marr (Lenny Bruce's mother, Joan Rivers portrayed her on Broadway), Marc Marron, The Marx Brothers, Jackie Mason (Maza), Walter Matthau (Matuschanskayasky), Elaine May (May/Nichols), Anne Meara (Stiller/Meara, converted to Judaism), Lorne Michaels (Lipowitz), Marilyn Michaels, Larry Miller, Rick Moranis (Ghostbusters, Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, Little Shop of Horrors), Zero Mostel, Taylor Negron (mother is Jewish), Mike Nichols (filmmaker, The Graduate, The Bird Cage, born Peschwosky), Super Dave Osbourne (brother of Albert Brooks, born Einstein), Kevin Pollak, Sarah Jessica Parker (mother is Jewish, same as hubby, Matthew Broderick), Rhea Pearlman, Freddie Prinze Sr. (father was Hungarian Jew), Freddie Prinze Jr., Gilda Radner, Harold Ramis (actor/director, Ghostbusters, Caddyshack, Groundhog Day), Tony Randall (Rosenberg), Carl Reiner, Rob Reiner, Paul Reiser, Paul Reubens (born Rubenfeld, aka Pee Wee Herman), Don Rickles, The Ritz Brothers, Joan Rivers (Molinsky), Freddy Roman, Rita Rudner, Bob Saget, Mort Sahl, Soupy Sales (Supman), Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider (half-Jew), Sherwood Schwartz (Gilligan's Island, The Brady Bunch), Robert Schimmel, David Schwimmer, George Segal, Jerry Seinfeld, Harry Shearer, Sarah Silverman, Mitzi Shore (owner of The Comedy Store), Pauly Shore (son of Sammy & Mitzi), Sammy Shore, Gary Shandling, Bobby Slayton (father is Jewish), Barry Sobel, David Steinberg, Matt Stone (Southpark), Yakoff Smirnoff ("What a Country!"), Jerry Stiller (Stiller/Meara), Ben Stiller, Peter Sellers (mother was Jewish), Howard Stern (contrary to his popular "half-Jew" shtick, Howie is a full blooded Jew), Jon Stewart (Leibowitz), Teller ("Penn & Teller, born Raymond Teller, father is Jewish), Brother Theodore (Born Gottlieb, frequent favorite of David Letterman), The Three Stooges (Horowitz), Bruce Vilanch, Gene Wilder (Jerome Silberman), Billy Wilder (Some Like It Hot), Henry Winkler ("The Fonz" on Happy Days), Robert Wuhl, Henny Youngman.]

Queer Settlers Land on Berkeley Starbucks,
QUIT!, August 2002
"About 25 queer settlers descended on a downtown Berkeley Starbucks [the Starbucks chain is owned by Jewish Zionist activist Howard Schultz] on Saturday, August 17, claiming Berkeley as 'a city without people for people without a city.' The group, organized by Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism (QUIT!), posted a banner proclaiming the reclaimed café 'Queerkeley – A Prophecy Fulfilled.' They also erected homes (transformed 'Palestinian civilian homes reclaimed from another street theatre action'), lawn furniture, and signs reading, 'It Works In Palestine, Why Not Here?' and 'It’s Ours Because We Say So.' They erected plastic palm trees to 'make the concrete bloom,' and gave patrons a tract explaining their religious claim to the land ..."

Why Not Me?: The Inside Story of the Making and Unmaking of the Franken Presidency,
by Al Franken, Book Browse,
"From [Franken's] Book Jacket: First came Theodore White's The Making of the President, 1960. Then All the President's Men. Now the searing chronicle that will forever change the way we view the man and the office . . . The dramatic rise and dizzying fall of Al Franken, who would become the first Jewish president of the United States. Franken began his unique American journey in the small town of Christhaven, Minnesota ... Go behind the scenes and meet Team Franken, the candidate's brain trust. Including brother and deputy campaign manager Otto, a recovering sex addict and alcoholic ... Cheer as Franken stuns the pundits by defeating Al Gore for the Democratic nomination, then is swept into office with a landslide victory over Newt Gingrich. And he chooses an all-Jewish Cabinet because 'America doesn't want a Cabinet that looks like America, it wants a Cabinet the President is comfortable with.'"

Amy's Answering Machine,
Amy's Answering Machine
"If your mother's calls drive you crazy, just hear the messages Amy Borkowsky gets from her mom."

Grad Student Deconstructs Take-Out Menu,
The Onion,
"CAMBRIDGE, MA—Jon Rosenblatt, 27, a Harvard University English graduate student specializing in modern and postmodern critical theory, deconstructed the take-out menu of a local Mexican restaurant 'out of sheer force of habit' Monday. 'What's wrong with me?' Rosenblatt asked fellow graduate student Amanda Kiefer following the incident. 'Am I completely losing my mind? I just wanted to order some food from Burrito Bandito. Next thing I know, I'm analyzing the menu's content as a text, or 'text,' subjecting it to a rigorous critical reevaluation informed by Derrida, De Man, etc., as a construct, or 'construct,' made up of multi-varied and, in fact, often self-contradictory messages, or 'meanings,' derived from the cultural signifiers evoked by the menu, or 'menu,' and the resultant assumptions within not only the mind of the menu's 'authors' and 'readers,' but also within the larger context of our current postmodern media environment. Man, I've got to finish my dissertation before I end up in a rubber room.'"

Exerpts from "The Shikse's Guide to Jewish Men"

Is This a Joke? Jewish Humor Fails To Make List of Funniest Jests,
[Jewish] Forward, October 25, 2002
"Rabbi Moshe Waldoks recently left an angry message on the Forward's voicemail service. 'I'm curious to hear what someone has the nerve to call 'the funniest joke,'" growled the disgusted co-author of 'The Big Book of Jewish Humor.' 'What chutzpah!' The wise men of Chelm would be turning in their graves if they knew of the results of a study published earlier this month that named the most widely praised jokes throughout Europe and North America. While, according to Waldoks, 60% to 70% of people in the humor industry (writers, comedians, etc.) are Jews, there is not a single joke involving Jews in the survey's top tier. LaughLab, created by the University of Hertfordshire in England and the British Association for the Advancement of Science, conducted a yearlong survey via the Internet, in which more than 2 million people passed judgment on 40,000 jokes. 'There aren't 40,000 gentile jokes," huffed Alan King, the comic's comic and author of the brand-new 'Alan King's Great Jewish Joke Book' (Crown). 'If there are, they've been changed.' The British, King told the Forward, are 'carriers of bad humor. India wasn't funny, South Africa wasn't funny, so what do they know?' ... Waldoks says that he doubts that the absence of Jewish jokes indicates any overt antisemitism on behalf of the world at-large. 'I think it's an ignorance,' Waldoks said, not any lack of material."

It's good to be a Jew in Canada. Is this country anti-Semitic? Not compared to all the rest, says B'nai Brith counsel,
Toronto Globe and Mail, Marvin Kurz, January 8, 2003
"A joke is told about a rabbi asked to officiate over a funeral for Harry, a man he did not know. He gets to the podium and asks whether anyone who knew poor Harry could come forward to say a few kind words about the deceased. No one comes forward. He asks again, pointing to the men he is told were the poker buddies of the dear departed. Again, no response. Finally, he cries out in desperation: 'Can't anyone say anything good about Harry?' Finally, a shriveled man at the back of the room stands up and declares: 'His brother Morris was worse!'"

Lenny Bruce,
"Anyway, the whole of Lenny's performances were always packed with Yiddish words and phrases and to really get into him was an education in that pungent argot all by itself. Lenny used Yiddish as a symbol of the cumulative value of a culture in which chicken soup can be made into a delicacy and he used Goyishe ["non-Jewish"] to signify the culture of machine-made, cellophane-wrapped, least-common-denominator, mass-produced food."

Joseph Lieberman Campaign,
Joseph 2004

A Joke,
Poetry in Motion 4 All,
"An Englishman, an American, a Chinese, a Palestinian and an Israeli, are drinking a cup of coffee, when 5 individual flies appear and one each lands in one of their respective cups. - The Englishman pushes his cup away, and goes to get a new one. - The American pulls the fly out, tortures it a little [what the heck, just for the fun of it] throws it away, and drinks the coffee. - The Chinese man throws the coffee away and eats the fly. - The Palestinian [besieged and starving as he is] drinks the coffee, eats the fly and is on the look out for more. - The Israeli: sells his coffee to Englishman, claiming no fly has ever been in it, sells the fly to the Chinese man as a 'delicatessen' , demands that the Palestinian prevents any and all flying insects from landing in his coffee, shoots the Palestinian's son in retaliation for the terrorist attack launched by the fly, takes his coffee and his fly before the Palestinian succeeds in consuming them [and, of course, sells them as well] and then demands that the American gives him $60 billion to buy a new cup of coffee and 80% of the coffee-shop. The world in a nutshell."

[Apparently this depth of Jewish obsession about the Holocaust isn't a joke. Note the image and the Anti-Defamation's complaint about it at the link below.]
Cease & desist letter - ADL,, April 2000

"Because this picture reminds certain Jews of the Holocaust, they are demanding that we remove it. Suddenly anything that reminds Jews of the Holocaust, even things that have nothing to do with it, verboten? A high percentage of our staff is Jewish. After all is part of the media conspiracy that Marlon Brando was kind enough to inform us about."

From: Alan King's "Great Jewish Joke Book" (2002):
"Two beggars were sitting on a park bench in Mexico City. One held a crucifix and the other a Star of David. Both held hats to collect contributions. People walked by, lifted their noses at the man with the Star of David, and dropped money in the hat held by the man with the crucifix. Soon the hat of the man with the cross was filled to overflowing, while the hat of the man with the Star of David was completely empty. A priest walking by noticed the men and approached them. He said to the man with the Star of David, "Young man. Don't you realize that this is a Catholic country? You'll never get any contributions in this country holding a Star of David." The man with the Star of David turned to the beggar with the cross and said, "Moishe, can you imagine, this ditz is trying to tell us how to run our business?"

How to Create a Golem from the Comfort of Home,


Work Brings Freedom/War Brings Peace

Daily Cartoon, by M. Kahil, May 8, 2002
Arab News

When Jews Take Over America,
R. Crumb
Note: R. Crumb is the famous cartoonist who invented Zap Comics, Mr. Natural, Fritz the Cat, and so forth. His cartoons from a series entitled 'When Jews Take Over America' was published in Robert Crumb's America, Publisher: Last Gasp, 1993. [Here's another cartoon from the series] The book sleeve notes that the contents include "Vitriolic political and social satire on the values - or the lack thereof - in America's society by the world's greatest underground cartoonist." Excerpts from this cartoon series have apparently been posted online thus far only by "white nationalist" sites, which are linked above. "When Jews Take Over America" was part of a university class reading, here. ["In-class Reading: “When The Jews Take Over America,” by R. Crumb (6 pages)] ALSO, there's more information about Crumb and his other Jewish theme work at National Foundation for Jewish Culture: "Emanating from the Northern California countercultural movement of the late Sixties, a new 'underground' style of comics brought autobiography into the genre. The crudeness of Robert Crumb offended many, but he fostered a new confidence in self-expression and revelation. Aline Kominsky (who later married Crumb) and Diane Noomin collaborated on the comic 'Twisted Sisters,' recounting and critiquing their experiences of growing up in Jewish families in New York as a means of articulating a new form of feminist expression."

Radio Islam

The Adventures of Rabbi Rabbit ,
(The Jewish Tribal Review's own creation)

Anti-Semitic Cartoons in the Arab Media,
ADL (Anti-Defamation League)

Cartoons by Brazilian artist Carlos Latuff

Merry Christmas (Israeli Style),
by Latuff

Cartoon in UK paper draws Israeli protest,
Ha'aretz (Israel), January 28, 2003
"The Israeli Embassy in London has sent a strongly worded letter of protest to The Independent, following an editorial cartoon yesterday by Dave Brown, depicting Prime Minister Ariel Sharon biting the flesh of a Palestinian baby. In the cartoon, Sharon says: 'What's wrong? Have you never seen a politician kissing a baby?' The background shows Apache attack helicopters sending missiles from the cockpit with the message 'Vote Likud.' In her letter, Shuli Davidovich, the embassy's press secretary, writes: 'As Britain commemorates National Holocaust Day, I am shocked that The Independent has chosen to evoke an ancient Jewish stereotype which would not have looked out of place in `Der Sturmer', and which can unfortunately still be found in many Arabic newspapers' ... She adds: "One must be extremely careful to draw the line between legitimate criticism, and the anti-Semitism that often parades as such." A year ago, a furor broke out over a New Statesman cover picture showing a Magen David sticking into the Union Jack, portraying the effect of the Jewish lobby in Britain. At the time, the magazine apologized."

Satire or anti-Semitism? Looking at Goya 'Exactly as Goya does, Brown accuses a political leader of sacrificing his own children',
by Philip Hensher, The Independent (UK), January 31, 2003
"Amid the considerable volume of protest and complaint stirred up by Dave Brown's cartoon of Ariel Sharon, there may be discerned some genuine offence rather than lobbying, and it would be wrong to discount that. The image suggests that Sharon is murdering children as part of his election campaign, an accusation that is likely to awaken not just disagreement, but distress. Nevertheless, it may be worth trying to read the cartoon simply as an image, to see if its context and means provide any explanation of so gross an insult. The image is based on a painting by Goya, the late Saturn Devouring One of His Sons of 1819-23 ... I think we can start to see a real, substantial point to Brown's argument. The image refuses to accept, as many of the protesters assert, that the Palestinians are not Sharon's responsibility; he is Saturn, devouring his own children. It cuts across the idea of 'Sharon's people' against 'Arafat's people' and shockingly maintains that the Palestinians are not primarily Sharon's enemies, but his children. The central plank of the attack on the image is the accusation that it is actively anti-Semitic. That is a difficult question to address, because the history of the caricature of Jewish people is substantially one of anti-Semitism, but it should not, per se, be impossible to produce a caricature of any Jewish person without resorting to anti-Semitic stereotypes. The history of anti-Semitic caricature makes it improper, for instance, to exaggerate the size of a subject's nose, and yet that is one of the standard practices of caricature. What is apparent to me is that the accusation made by the cartoon, though severe, is one that ought to be within the means of graphic satire. Similar pictures were produced of Mrs Thatcher in her prime. Critics of the image should ask themselves, above all, not whether they agree with it, but how this accusation would be made, with the same legitimate force, by a cartoonist with no anti-Semitic prejudices; because, surely, everyone must concede that criticism of a specific policy of a specific Israeli government need not proceed from racial prejudice. I think the answer is that it would look very much as the cartoon actually does."

Dick Locher,

The Simon Weisenthal Center unveils new Missile of Tolerance,
"The Simon Weisenthal Center, a leading Jewish human rights organization, proudly announced their new Missile of Tolerance today. The Weisenthal 1, is an air-to-surface missile that will be used to teach Palestinian militants and any Palestinian civilians in the two hundred-yard radius a strong message of racial tolerance. The 750-pound blast fragmentation warhead is specially designed to improve tolerance in anyone killed, injured or burned beyond recognition by the powerful explosive. The missile performed well in an early morning Tolerance Education Mission on a suspected Palestinian militant, five of his neighbors and a six-year-old boy that happened to be playing in a burned out car by the compound. The attack resulted in seven more racially enlightened Palestinians who will be buried in a large funeral procession later in the week. In addition, the Weisenthal Center also released the New Lexicon of Hate. A pocket guide to help and to better equip families, clergy, law enforcement, the military, and the media to recognize today's symbols and symptoms of bigotry which have infected many Arabs and Palestinians. The lexicon documents the coded anti-Semitic hate speech that is common among Palestinians. Included in the book are coded phrases commonly used by Palestinians: “Please stop torturing me, I have no idea where he is”, “Can I have some clean water?” or “Didn’t the United Nations decide these settlements are illegal?” These are all revealed for their insidious anti-Semitic nature."


When Victims Rule. A Critique of Jewish pre-eminence in America

2,000 page scholarly work featuring approximately 10,000 citations from about 4,000 bibliographic sources.
The most thorough investigation to this day on Jewish power and influence in the USA and the world.


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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