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Israel is not worth one American life, Not one,
By James Sanchez
(Originally published online at the Palestine Chronicle, Tuesday, September 18, 2001)

I am not asking mainstream Arab-American and Muslim leaders to be as bold as Rep. Traficant, who publicly stated that the World Trade Center bombing was a product of American support for Israel. I am simply asking for a measure of the honorable conduct that is so characteristic of Muslims.


Racial incitement against Palestinians has been the mainstay of the American media in the days since the Dresden-like Holocaust at the World Trade Center. Simultaneously, the media has graciously allowed Arab-American and Muslim-Americans the opportunity to denounce the incurable racism of European-Americans, although there seems to be an understanding that the price of this media access is silence on Zionism.

Mainstream Arab-American and Muslim-American groups are now acting very much like Japanese-Americans acted a few months ago. Before the release of the foolish movie "Pearl Harbor", wild accusations of racism and pogroms and terrorism were hurled at European-Americans by Japanese-Americans racial entrepreneurs, and when the wave of wild hate-filled denunciations turned out to be unjustified, the Japanese-American hatemongers crept away, leaving only bitterness in their wake. Japanese-Americans did make one point: as an aggressive minority they have a racial privilege that enables them to make baseless, racist accusations against European-Americans, and no European-American is allowed to respond.

Now, the mainstream media has relentlessly made false accusations of Palestinian complicity in the attack, including CBS News, NBC News, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and National Public Radio. (I did not have the time to watch ABC News in this period). Writing from Seattle, both the Seattle Times and Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the two major local newspapers, have made false accusations against the Palestinian people and have happily engaged in racial incitement. All these media, again CBS News, NBC News, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, National Public Radio, Seattle Times and Seattle Post-Intelligencer link their racial incitement against Palestinians with uncritical support of Israel, the Jewish Racial State.

It has to be said that while the horrific attack on the World Trade Center now appears to have been done by Al-Qaeda, there is no reason to believe that there was any Palestinian role in the attack. No one demanding war on the Palestinians has offered a scintilla of evidence to support their naked racial incitement. (Probably the low point was reached when on September 14 Bill O'Reilly interviewed the discredited Laurie Mylorie, who, after admitting she had no evidence of any kind to support her accusations, shamelessly made a chain of increasingly outrageous accusations and demands for the extermination of tens of millions of Iraqis and other Arabs.)

While the 50-year long Holocaust of the Palestinians by the Jewish Racial State is the icon to Muslims of the race war being waged against them, there is no reason to believe Palestinians had any role in the attack. The American support for Israel may have made Americans into mere human shields for Israel, but the Jewish race war against the Palestinians is not America's fight. No American patriot, no true American wants to live in a house taken at bayonet-point from a Palestinian. However, the misguided and unlimited support for Israel by the United States has made us the target of all who cannot succeed in attacks against the heavily fortified, closed Jewish police state.

The Seattle Times condemns the acts a few fools who take the attitudes of the Seattle Times to heart, but a few pages away the Seattle Times engages in racial incitement up to a genocidal race war against the Palestinians in the name of Israel. Raised on a generation of Hollywood produced anti-Arab hate propaganda, and assured every day in every media outlet that Israel is a blameless and innocent victim of Palestinian monsters, the astonishing fact is that there is so little communal strife. When the Seattle Times runs columns by Cal Thomas and Charles Krauthammer vomiting forth their usual race hatred of Palestinians (always coupled with their slavish expressions of loyalty to Israel), everyone is shocked, shocked, when less than one person in 100,000 acts upon these commandments.

Apparently, it is a terrible hate crime for some clueless fool to punch an Arab-American after decades of being told by Hollywood that all Arabs are Nazi Jew-killers, but it is not a hate crime for the mass media of the United States to demand race wars to exterminate the enemies of the Jews.

We hear a great deal about European-American racism in these days, whether from Jesse Jackson who (returning from the World Conference Against Racism where he fought for Israel) warns against White racism in the wake of the terrorist attack, to spokesmen for Arab-American groups like James Zogby of the Arab American Institute and Hassan Ibish of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee who denounce the White racism of thugs who, for example, stage an unsuccessful attack on an Arab-American gas station attendant. Ibish, an articulate man, stridently and legitimately denounces the crimes of the White underclass against Arab-Americans (e.g., a broken window in a mosque in Chicago), but I was present at a conference where he fell silent when confronted by a Jewish activist who upheld the Jewish "right" to exterminate the Iraqis if that extermination was necessary to protect Israeli security. (Significantly, "White" here does not mean all Whites, since Jews are White, but Jews are never included in the group targeted when White racism is denounced: what is meant is European-Americans.)

But, of course, the real racism against Arabs and Muslims in the United States is not that of European-Americans, but rather that of Jews. However, even Arab-American groups refuse to condemn Jewish racism and instead attack the one population in America with no groups to defend their civil rights: European-Americans. But selecting powerless and silenced opponents, rather than real ones, is worse that a hate crime, it is a blunder. No one would dare to call for the destruction of the Jewish terror networks in the United States (including, for example, the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Defense League, Kach, Kach International, etc., and the Israeli intelligence networks that seem to be everywhere in the American government) or even finally punishing Israel for the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty. No one dares criticize Jewish hate groups in the United States for intimidation, beatings, bombings, blacklists, rape, bombings, and even murder, let alone the omnipresent corruption of the Free Press into a morass of hyper-Israelism and self-censorship. But Arab-Americans are always ready to denounce the racism of someone who writes an insult on a mosque wall with a magic marker.

Jewish hate groups of great power in the United States back the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, and have mobilized the mainstream American media to advocate as a response to the attack on the World Trade Center the use of Americans as human shields to protect Israel. Meanwhile, the Arab-American civil rights groups like the Arab American Institute and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee remain intensely focused on incidents such, in Texas, as a head-scarf being torn from a Muslim woman by a White lout.

When four hardline Zionists (Fred Barnes, Mort Kondracke, Jeffrey Birnbaum, "interviewed" by Brit Hume) on Fox News denounce Palestinians and Muslims in the crudest most hateful of terms, and proclaim their total loyalty to Israel, no one sees this as Jewish racism and treason, but this is what it is, and how it should be viewed. There is racism there, but no matter how strident the denunciation of European-Americans by Arab-American civil rights activists, the Jewish racist agenda in the United States and Israel will remain unaffected. (At the World Conference Against Racism in Durban, Jewish groups even helped orchestrate hatred of "Whites", that is, all the European peoples, all the while proclaiming the unique rights and privileges or Jews.)

And yet, any deviation from the hardline Jewish-Zionist racist agenda is denounced precisely and promptly by these Zionists. On the Brit Hume TV show on Fox News on September 14, Fred Barnes even accused Secretary of State Colin Powell for not being sufficiently loyal to Israel, somehow a kind of treason: in what must have been rather mysterious to most viewers, Barnes demanded that Powell must be re-educated by Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowicz. Wolfowicz is, of course, the highest ranking Jewish Zionist in the Bush Administration. And while no one dares to say it, no Zionist can have any higher loyalty that his loyalty to Israel and the "Jewish Race". Zionism is, of course, racism.


Unlike the days when almost every single member of the Clinton Administration foreign policy making apparatus was Jewish and openly Zionist, in the Bush Administration, the highest ranking Jewish and openly Zionist official is Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowicz. The low numbers of Jewish officials have led pro-Israeli newspapers like the New York Post to denounce the Bush Administration as "Judenrein" ["free of Jews"], even though to notice the complete domination of the Clinton Administration by Jews and Zionist Jews was denounced as anti-semitic. (Recall the old joke about bipartisanship in the Clinton Administration meaning Labor and Likud.)

So, why does Fred Barnes see the policies articulated by Secretary of State Powell as treason to Israel and demand his re-education by Wolfowicz? What is going on here?

Simply stated, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowicz has taken the sacred trust of his office in the American government as a platform for lobbying for the extermination of the Palestinians and Shiites. Wolfowicz makes no pretense that this broader war is related to any involvement with Al-Qaeda. Wolfowicz makes vague noises about targeting suicide bombing groups, uncaring that such groups are present worldwide, for example, in Canada: the Tamil Tigers in Canada are openly financed by glittering high society fundraisers attended by Federal Ministers who see their support of Tamil suicide bombers as proof of their multiculturalism!! On CBS News, in the first hours of September 14, news reader Melissa McDermott stated on the basis on an interview with Wolfowicz that the United States had decided to wage such a broader war not only on Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda, but also on Hamas and Hezbollah. An unidentified male voice over stated that it would also be necessary to destroy Iran and Iraq. However, this was not the policy of the Bush Administration: rather, Deputy Defense Secretary was mouthing the hateful goals of a foreign power: Israel.

The videotape of Wolfowicz was less explicit but clearly identified Hamas and Hezbollah as groups to be destroyed even if they had no involvement in the attack on the World Trade Center, but rather because these groups are enemies of Israel. Roughly speaking, Wolfowicz was calling, albeit in rather guarded terms, for the mass murder of perhaps 12 million people, and as clarified by CBS News, the mass murder of perhaps 100 million people.

Jewish calls for mass murder of Arab peoples in recent years are increasingly commonplace (even if no one would dare call it racism). So, in Canada recently a Canadian-Jew called for the extermination of Palestinians in "Auschwitz" style gas chambers: while Canada insisted at the World Conference Against Racism that it has criminalized all expressions of hatred, somehow, in Canada, a call for the extermination of all Palestinians in gas chambers is acceptable.

Similarly, the growing number of reports from the Occupied Territories of Jews calling for the extermination of Palestinians in "Auschwitz" style gas chambers has elicited, in the West, just a yawn. Similarly, the call by Wolfowicz for the extermination of the Palestinians and Shiites in order to defend Israel is an acceptable racism that passes not without comment, but rather is amplified and shouted with giddy enthusiasm by the media.

But the issue here is a rather different one. Jewish and Zionist demands for mass murder are simply part of the fabric of our time. Rather, I am concerned by the conduct of Paul Wolfowicz, who is acting as a foreign agent within the United States government, and who seems to not have registered as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agent Registration Act of 1935. Failure to register is a felony. More seriously, a person who is an American citizen who is using his high office as an unregistered foreign agent to advance policies that benefit a foreign state is a traitor to the United States. Treason.

Treason is a word that we have forgotten in the face of men like the Rev. Jerry Falwell who on Fox News defined America as having value to God only insofar as America loves Israel, or media pundits who race to compete in groveling before Israel (like Chris Matthews and Bill O'Reilly). Yet Paul Wolfowicz, who violates his trust as an official of the American government to distort American policy to advance Israel and Jewish "racial interests", is a traitor. Wolfowicz remains a traitor because he is an American official, despite the continuing competition to articulate ever more slavish expressions of devotion to Israel: By September 14 on Fox News' "America United" former Energy Secretary Bill Richardson would define the New World Order as the military alliance of the United States and Israel united against the Muslims.

Naturally, no one dares to characterize Wolfowicz as a traitor. No one questions the absolute right of American Jews to dedicate themselves to Israel, whether they are businessmen or professors or senators or government officials. No one questions the fact that hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of American Jews hold dual citizenship with Israel, a right to dual citizenship denied to all non-Jewish Americans, who are restrictly thusly to an inferior class of citizenship.

What has come under attack, rather, is the right of American to be patriots. For decades, Americans, in particular the European-American majority who remain completely without political organization or mobilization, have been attacked by Jewish hate groups (e.g., Anti-Defamation League), by Black hate mongers (Rev. Jesse Jackson), by fundamentalist Zionists (Rev. Jerry Falwell), and now by Arab-American civil rights groups like the Arab American Institute and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. Remarkably enough, no Arab-American group has yet realized that their logical allies might be European-Americans rather than the usual gaggle of Zionist rabbis they ally with in every city in America.

Nevertheless, and it might be really shocking for me to say so: European-Americans do have a right to exist, a right to political freedom and free speech, and a right to self-determination. European-Americans have the right to be free from foreign entanglements, their lobbies and agents, and their terrorist networks. But today, it is impossible for Americans to criticize a man like Wolfowicz who would make Americans into mere human shields to protect Israelis as they exterminate Palestinians. Anyone who would dare to criticize Wolfowicz for his unabashed allegiance to Israel would be relentlessly attacked by a host of hate groups that support Israel. And yet Wolfowicz is a traitor. It is even a crime, misprision of felony, to fail to report a felony, and it is misprision of treason, to fail to report treason: both failure to register as a foreign agent and treason are felonies. But no law enforcement agency in the United States would dare to challenge a Zionist traitor: even the FBI is terrified. The allegiances of Jewish-Americans (especially to Israel) remain sacred, all allegiances of European-Americans (except to Israel) are forbidden as racist.

So, as the Arab American Institute and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee lapse into the old Liberal game of mobilizing minorities against the disorganized and defenseless European-American communities, they ignore every major issue they claim to really care about. Arab-Americans, reasonably enough, see that they can gain political advantage by attacking the disorganized European-American majority, and therefore have, for example, long cultivated a grievance that they have been excluded from Affirmative Action. But the logical consequence of this tactic by Arab-Americans is that it reinforces the ability of Zionists to completely set the agenda in American foreign policy. With this strategy, every gain in power by Arab-Americans makes the European-American majority less able to regain its government from the tyranny of the best organized minority. For example, the typical Arab-American who becomes a professor feels obliged to advance the careers of younger Jewish colleagues and remain silent on Palestine as a sign of his good faith.

Any expression of American patriotism or identity is denounced as racism, often by Zionist groups or coalitions dominated by Zionist groups, and now just as frequently by Arab-American groups. After 50 years of relentless demonization, the European-American majority has lost political and cultural power, and has been displaced by self-absorbed elites and minorities who increasingly come to resemble elite castes. It is only such a process of political demobilization of the European-American majority that has allowed a minority to identify American interests with Israel, and to place Americans in harms way as a by-product of building the racially pure Jewish empire in the Middle East. Americans, duped by promises that these Jewish ambitions were cost-free (well, $20-25 billion a year), were shocked to realize Tuesday that there was a cost.

As Americans struggle to understand an event that belies everything the media and their government and Hollywood has told them about the world, Arab-American groups, Jewish groups and Black groups race to denounce European-Americans as racists, even as the media tells them that only by protecting Israel can Americans take vengeance on those who attacked New York. However, this is only a strategy that ensures the chains will stay in place. As European-Americans struggle to understand Middle Eastern politics, usually knowing only what Hollywood has told them, perhaps "enlightened" by TV harangues by hardline Zionist ideologues Steve Emerson and Fouad Ajami, they are confronted by a solid phalanx of Arab-Americans screaming that they are racists. Good plan.

In the coming months and years, some Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans will be the shock troops for delegitimizing any European-American attempts to articulate their opposition to foreign agents in the American government. Somehow, such Arab-Americans always forget that the present-day foreign agents are men like Wolfowicz. Arab-Americans are today the front line in fighting immigration controls, but if the Israeli Law of Return that is used to ensure that the Palestinian majority (albeit dispersed in refugee camps) remains broken is wrong, how can an immigration policy that ensures that the political power of the American majority remains broken be right? Arab-Americans have overwhelming joined the so-called Liberal agenda, and in modern America, Liberalism is now little more than the umbrella under which groups line up behind Israel. Each triumph of Arab-Americans (usually in alliance with local Zionist rabbis) against European-Americans, seals the fate of the Palestinians.

Sometimes I wonder if the growing racism of some Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans against European-Americans is not just an attempt to compensate for their own abandonment, their own implicit support of the broader hate agenda against Palestine. Sometimes old agendas simply intervene: on September 14 in Seattle, a "Moorish-American" Black militant who heads one local Islamic Center, speaking on a local PBS program on "tolerance" toward Muslims in the present crisis used the opportunity presented by the media attention to denounce Whites for 500 years of slavery and the genocide of Native Americans. Consider that by September 16, James Zogby, eager to curry favor with the pro-Israel news-talk shows, even began to claim on Fox News that the Hebron massacre by Kach gunman Baruch Goldstein was not even a Zionist crime.

The counterproductive agenda of some Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans seems very like the present denial by so many European-Americans that their enthusiastic (if manipulated) support for Israel could have a real price. A terrible price. An unacceptable price. I have to tell you that, for me, Israel is not worth one American life. And if that shocks you, why does it not shock you when the West Bank rabbis chant: "One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail."


It is hard to know how to begin from here, but it might start with this: Arab-American and Muslim-American leaders like James Zogby and Hassan Ibish should take a deep breathe and apologize. They should acknowledge that their rhetoric was unfair to European-Americans, who have proven in recent days a measure of self-restraint and tolerance beyond that of any society in history. Compare the conduct of my people to the Israeli slaughter of 20 civilians Palestinians today: are European-Americans truly deserving of your thoughtless contempt.

I am not asking mainstream Arab-American and Muslim leaders to be as bold as Rep. Traficant, who publicly stated that the World Trade Center bombing was a product of American support for Israel. I am simply asking for a measure of the honorable conduct that is so characteristic of Muslims. This year, the baseless hatred of Japanese-Americans against European-Americans has left them cloaked in shame. Let us begin again with honesty and truth: Arab-American and Muslim-American leaders like James Zogby and Hassan Ibish should take a deep breathe and apologize.

Next time Arab-Americans or Muslim-Americans participate in a local political coalition, include a European-American group in the coalition. You might have to coax them, because for 50 years they have been denounced as racist no matter what they have done. They might be suspicious of your Arab-American group, because you, too, have made a sport of hating them. Do not base your coalition on a multicultural generic Christian group with a minister who is a transsexual Buddhist with dreadlocks, because such groups have shallow roots, and probably is crypto-Zionist anyway. Instead seek out an Irish-American group, or an English-American group, or a German-American group, or a Russian-American group or a patriotic Pan-European group: respect our opinions and heritage.

When coalition spokespersons are selected, pass over that rabbi who always turns out to be a Zionist, and pick someone who is an American patriot. (Why does an "American patriot" frighten you more than a Zionist? In one memorable coalition meeting in Seattle to oppose the embargo on Iraq at St. Mark's Cathedral, representatives of a dozen churches and faiths on a dais with a rabbi never lost their happy smiles even as the "liberal" rabbi called for an air war to exterminate the Iraqis. That rabbi remains an honored local "peace" movement leader and now is a local leader in the Church Council of Greater Seattle campaign to exterminate "whiteness".)

There are a lot of us: European-Americans who care more about our own country and culture than we care about Israel. You should not discount us, if only because we do not seek to butcher hundreds of Palestinians so we can take another neighborhood in Hebron.

Nationally, it begins with the removal of men like Wolfowicz as traitors. Until Zionists who demand the mass murder of Palestinians are removed from the American government, nothing can change. But it says a great deal that the Arab American Institute and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee have no stomach for that real fight: today they are denouncing louts shouting anti-Arab "epithets" in Florida. How courageous!

It all begins with rolling up the foreign networks and removing real traitors. And with equal rights for Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans, and, yes, for my own people: European-Americans. Unlike the allies you so long for and who always betray you, we are Americans and will remain in America. Like 97% of Americans, I will never trade my home in Seattle for a home stolen from Palestinians in Hebron. And that is a place to start a real and enduring coalition. Israel is not worth one American life. Not one.


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The most thorough investigation to this day on Jewish power and influence in the USA and the world.


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