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(Note: The Jewish Tribal Review supports free speech in the forum of public discussion and debate about the subject of Jewish and Zionist influence and power, wherein assertions may be proven or disproven (on both moral and factual grounds) in open debate. We do not necessarily endorse ALL the theses raised in the following article (or some others at this web site), but this is the kind of material that needs public airing -- NOT categorical Thought Police censorship.)

The author of the following work, Winston Smith has his own web site, Feral News, and the original article is here, complete with links to bibliographic references. He describes himself like this:

"I'm a peace-loving, anti-racist environmentalist, with a background on the left of politics and a strong commitment to freedom of speech, who until 18 months ago would have thought that the author of your own site [Jewish Tribal Review] - or the author of my article 'Truth and Action' - was either a racist or rather loopy. One might say I've newly-awakened to a nightmare. - and invite readers to demonstrate that the thesis expounded in 'Truth and Action' is factually incorrect, so I can get back to normal life. I welcome feedback, critical and otherwise."


By Winston Smith

This is written on March 18th 2003, the day after the day George Bush II declared a 'Day of Truth', with all the chutzpah of the Devil declaring a 'Day of Virtue'.

Taking the President at his word (for who would declare himself as an opponent of this unstable bully without good reason?) here's one contribution to the cause of truth - followed by a few suggestions for action.

For clarity's sake, we've stripped down some of our 'core beliefs' to the barest essentials.

Both are grounded in that most potent of contemporary symbols, 9-1-1.

* First, 9/11 was a staged atrocity (1), planned by criminals who are edging closer to a monopoly of power on this planet. The same applies to many of the most memorable events of recent decades, such as the JFK assassination. 9/11 was a high-level conspiracy - not a cock-up. It was certainly not what it has been portrayed as - an attack by Moslem fanatics on America. That portrayal is a gigantic and very evil hoax.
* Second, 9/11 was a significant milestone in the emergence of a fascistic society (2). The wealth and military might of this monster is based in the USA. Ideologically, it is rooted in Zionism. Its reach and aspirations are increasingly global.

Newcomers to these ideas may find them fantastical, implausible and defamatory.

The last of these, of course, is a legal matter. One can only speculate whether and when these beliefs may become criminalized, akin to the criminalization of open discourse on topics such as 'The Holocaust'. Certainly, they are marginalized already - effectively embargoed by the mainstream media…

Yet, if one follows the trail of evidence (3), the case is strong. This website (Feral News) attempts to present some of the key evidence - and links to other cutting edge information available on the web. As always we invite critical response. Show us where we're wrong and we'll be delighted to correct the record. We don't hold these beliefs for fun. It was much, much nicer to inhabit the pre-9/11 world, before the scales dropped from the eyes of so many people around the world. It was a crazy and sad world, it's true, but not a world in which pure evil is so ascendant and organized as we discover it to be.

In recent weeks, it's become obvious that the drive to invade Iraq is a campaign led by Zionists (4). This theme, a relatively rare and highly risqué statement a few months ago, has become a chorus. It's not yet deafening, but taboo on discussing the 'elephant' of Zionist power has been well and truly broken.

A vigorous debate (5) is now underway on whether this analysis is sufficient. Should it be broadened to a critique and exposure of organized Jewry as a whole? This topic, once the lonely passion of right-wing 'white' racists and a handful of persecuted 'revisionist' historians, is now entering general discourse. The debate occurs only, of course, where it's allowed to take place. Beyond local and personal networks this means the Internet. But for the first time in recent decades, it is a debate involving significant numbers of people who identify with the democratic left and other sectors of society previously strongly averse to notions of 'Zionist' or 'Jewish' conspiracies. A talkboard (6) such as the Guardian's - Britain's left-of-center newspaper - is indicative. Its 'international' section now sports thread after thread on the topics of Zionist and Jewish power; they keep being pruned by the talkboard moderators, but pop up again and again like toadstools after an evening shower, linking better-informed leftish Britons - and others who use the bulletin board - to the plethora of independent websites addressing these matters. The word is well and truly out…

For this reason, even on the eve of the latest threatened invasion of Iraq (how often we overlook earlier invasions, and threats of invasions, by the Anglo-American military machine!), this is a time of great opportunity. That's scant comfort for the Iraqis in the immediate plight, but may yet lead to salvation for humanity. In going for broke, in reaching for full control, those whom Israel Shamir calls the 'masters of discourse' have been forced to reveal their visage - at least to an awaken minority. Most people, to date, continue to go about their normal lives as though nothing has changed. "Ho hum, ho hum, what elephant? What's happening in the baseball final? Who's winning the golf? Can I meet my mortgage payment? How hum, ho hum, what elephant?" But more and more of us are shouting 'elephant!' And of course, that spells danger for an animal which might be ejected to a more suitable location than the living room if only its slumbering roommates realize it is there.

But is the danger all on one side? Obviously not. Internet discussions, email exchanges - almost any use of globally networked computers - can be monitored and the identity of participants established (7). Those in charge of the emerging police state are unlikely to be discarding this information. Starved of an outlet in the mass media, the internet has become primary channel for critical discussion of issues such as the Mossad spy-ring in the USA, the existence of sayanim (8) in 'western' countries, the many anomalies of 9/11, the anthrax scam, the Bali bombings, etc, etc.

Should this stop us from our attempts to use the web, email and other telecommunications to learn, inform and organize? It's tempting to say 'no' and leave it at that. Surely this is no time for a faint-hearted approach? The anti-Zionist Jewish Canadian philosopher Michael Neumann exhorts American gentiles to "take a f****** risk" (9). Perhaps all informed anti-Zionists should follow his advice?

We don't presume to proffer advice on this topic, because we really don't know. It's no longer inconceivable that there will be amore or less rapid 'round up ' of dissenters, so easily identifiable through their internet use. The legal machinery to do so is now largely in place in each of the three main English-speaking aggressor nations - the USA, Britain and Australia. If Patriot Act Mark 2 is enacted in anything resembling it's current form, the USA will effectively have become a police state.

These are uncharted waters for humanity. Having just awoken to the existence of the enormous beast, which has perfected the art of hexing other slumbering animals in the living room of our Animal Farm and which, in Orwell's metaphor, turns out on closer inspection to be a giant-sized pig - it would be foolish to underestimate this monster, which is clearly very cunning, powerful and breathtakingly ruthless. Perhaps some folk should be well-informed but unwired and largely unidentified. We may need a mix of strategies. Everyone must make their own decision on this, based on circumstances and conscience.

But for those of us already effectively 'outed', there is no way back. We must push on and get better and more effective at communicating and organizing. This is a struggle more important than any before on planet earth. A planetary struggle, indeed, between good and evil, in true Hollywood style but with the usual Hollywood heroes and villains in reverse.

A few more reflections on the way forward, put forward as contributions to the debate, Proposals to consider and adopt if deemed useful and appropriate.

Establishing Anti-Zionist Political Parties

Activists in 'democratic' countries may need to establish explicitly anti-Zionist political parties.

There is precedent in US history; the third major political party to evolve and flourish briefly in the first quarter of US history was the 'Anti-Masonic Party' (10).

Globally-linked 'Anti-Zionist' parties, at first thought a very bizarre idea, might be a crucial tool for education and for wresting power from bought and corrupted politicians and existing major parties. Membership should be open to anti-racist anti-Zionists of all 'races' and religions. To state the obvious, an new initiative of this type should not be at the expense of attempting reform of existing parties.

Restoring Western Democracy

The USA, powerhouse of the real Evil Empire of our times, is the key.

Americans - the great majority of whom are decent people - can take democracy back from the criminals who have hijacked the nation. But as well as the unprecedented task of finding enough credible honest politicians to run in 2004, uncorrupted by the Zionist machine, and fighting the unprecedented battle of getting these enough votes in 2004 to expel the bulk of the criminals from Congress and next Administration, there is one niggling difficulty which will not go away of its own accord - and which can corrupt the election itself.

Remember the 2002 mid-term 'elections'? There was no exit polling and more than half of all votes counted were via 'no receipt' electronic voting machines, installed by private companies with connections so sinister that a science fiction author would have difficulty inventing the story (11).

All true democrats in the USA must give top priority to preventing recurrence of this travesty, with its obvious potential for untraceable corrupt practice. 'Count by hand in 2004!' must become a bumper sticker slogan now - not a week before the election. In itself, that campaign would have enormous educative value.

There has long been open season on proffering advice to the Palestinians in Palestine. Every man and his dog has a few tips for them, so if they fail to make the best of being on the receiving end of slow genocide, it won't be for lack of suggestions from outsiders. Some, who claim to be friends, say they should retain violence (12) as an option. Others claim they should adopt the strategy of nonviolence (13) . Israel and its American stooge tell them who is and isn't acceptable as their chief negotiator. Other nations tell them to hold elections, Israel makes that impossible - but still advises the subjects of its genocidal torture with scarcely-concealed malicious glee how to make the most of their underclass status. The onslaught of advice has become almost as frequent as the Israelis' acts of physical violence.

In these circumstances, the offer of yet more advice from afar may seem gratuitous. It may also seem flippant. But the following suggestions are well meant - and put forward to as debating points to help advance the Palestinian cause.

Growing a power-base for Palestine

One might say this is about leaning the fox's tricks and turning them against him. The State of Israel has always been open to offering citizenship to millions of people elsewhere in the world, as long as met various ideological, tribal and religious criteria. Why not the Palestinians?

Palestinians could declare a form of honorary citizenship, complimentary to holding other nationalities (that is, allowing for dual nationality). To become a Palestinian citizen of this kind, residence or place of origin, religion and 'race' would be irrelevant. Commitment to a free, demilitarized non-racist Palestine would be the sole criteria. Commitments to citizenship might include a form of a voluntary levy based on ability to pay. With these funds - and with tens, possibly hundreds of millions of Palestinian citizens - Palestine might start outgunning the Zionists in the court of world public opinion. Perhaps Palestine needs its own global TV network?

Ending Holy Land Apartheid

The boundaries of the new Palestine? Here again, Palestinians could take a tip from the pros. Israel has never enshrined its boundaries in any legislative or constitutional form. Back in the 1950s, in an unguarded moment, Israel's founding Prime Minister Ben Gurion explained the thinking behind that:

"We were told not to try to speak to Ben Gurion, but when I saw him, I asked why, since Israel is a democracy with a parliament, does it not have a constitution? Ben Gurion said, "Look, boy"-I was 24 at the time- "if we have a constitution, we have to write in it the border of our country. And this is not our border, my dear." I asked, "Then where is the border?" He said, "Wherever the Sahal will come, this is the border." Sahal is the Israeli army." - Naeim Giladi (14)

Palestinians might take a similar approach. Their Palestine will be non-racist, pluralistic, multicultural and demilitarized. They invite all Israeli to join on that basis.

We suspect not many years would elapse before Israel collapsed from within, as more and more ordinary decent Israelis became Palestinians, leaving the racist maniacs isolated and in charge of nothing but their own appalling failure.

The 'Violence' Question

I have a clear position on this, at least for people in 'western' democracies where there is still real potential for nonviolent activism. Just say NO!

We're not going to defeat this beast by making it stampede with rage, smashing all under its gigantic trotters. The Zionization of the world will not be undone by displaying its mirror image. It can only be overcome by its true opposites. Anti-Zionists should promote liberty, justice, mutual respect, mutual aid, nonviolence, honesty, decency and love. We should promote the pursuit, not of hate, but of happiness, truth and reconciliation.

These are ways to vanquish Zionism, the most evil movement on earth and the gravest threat humanity has ever faced.



(1) See this article by Professor A.K. Dewdney, for example.

(2) For a shocking recent confirmation of this thesis, see the interview with lawyer Stanley Hilton.

(3) Many places to pick up the trail; Feral News Home Page is one starting point.

(4) An accumulation of references on this topic is HERE.

(5) See this remarkable debate between authors of the Jewish Tribal Review and leading anti-Zionist Israel Shamir.

(6) Guardian Talkboard - check the 'International' section.

(7) There are many web references on this fast-evolving topic. Wired online magazine maintains a useful page on privacy issues. There is little doubt that most internet communications are not secure from the major 'western' surveillance agencies - or from anyone with a 'back door' into that monitoring such as the Israelis.

(8) See this extract from Victor Ostrovsky's expose on The Mossad, 'By Way of Deception'.

(9) 'Blame Yourself - American Power and Jewish Power' by Michael Neumann.

(10) See and Rothschilds Family Part Owner Largest Voting Machine Company for an introduction to this potentially decisive scandal

(11) See the entry in the Encyclopedia Americana on the anti-Masonic Party. "The Anti-Masonic Party was the first party to hold a nominating convention and the first to announce a platform."

(12) See 'Israelis and Indians' by Michael Neumann

(13) An example of the advocacy of a nonviolent approach to Palestinian resistance is 'A Nonviolent Intifada?' by Bassem Eid, Director of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group.

(14) The Iraqi Jew by Naeim Giladi brilliantly documents the subversive duplicity of Zionists and the UK towards the Iraqi people - of all religions - over many decades.



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