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The Jews and Denmark

Martin Krasnik Danmarks Radio
Martin Krasnik
Martin Krasnik

Grew up in Copenhagen and Jerusalem.
Speaks Hebrew.

Pro-Israel, pro-US, politics TV Host.

Can be quite aggressive to people who do not share his views. At DR TV it is not politically correct to openly defend Israeli aggression, which is obviously hard on Krasnik. Krasnik about this website after recent commotion and far fetched (nazi) allegations in the media: "There is nothing neo [nazi] about it. It's the genuine article.
Georg Metz
Georg Metz Left wing Jewish Journalist
Georg Metz

Left wing pro- immigration Jewish journalist.
Currently left wing newspaper "Information".

Fanatic Pro-immigration lobby.

Note that it is always about Pro-immigration to Europe/Denmark. No "open borders" for their beloved Israel, which instead should stay as an ethnoreligious homogenic, Jews-only, state.
Jewish Hypocricy!

Samuel Rachlin Religious Jew Zionist
Samuel Rachlin
Samuel Rachlin

Currently TV2.

Religious, Zionist from Russian origin.
Finance journalist, sometimes correspondent in Russia. Quite fanatic. In his spare time he writes letters of protest to newspapers which he deems "anti-Israel" and lectures in small local communities to country folks who merely come to "see a well known person", about "his life", WW2, holocaust, (though he wasn't born at that time) 9/11 and so on. Most likely the main aim of these efforts, beside making money is to generate sympathy for the Israeli cause. Member of the new ultra liberalistic think tank CEPOS.
Son Dan Rachlin also journalist.

Hanne Foighel Jewish Correspondent Tel Aviv
Hanne Foighel
Hanne Foighel

TV Journalist Correspondent in Tel Aviv.

Presumably related to former minister of taxation and judge of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, Isi Foighel, Now connected to the Danish Human Rights Institute as a senior researcher. 
CV Isi
Mette Fugl Correspondent Brussels
Mette Fugl
Mette Fugl

TV correspondent Brussels, fanatic EU and "multiculture" advocate.
So far no direct involvement in Zionist activities or special interest for Judaism or Israel detected.
Fair is fair. Although the whole European Project to which Miss Fugl is wholeheartedly dedicated of course is serving Jewish interests in many ways. E.G: EU promotion of anti-Semitism laws and furthering of the denationalization of European nation states.

Anders Jerichow Politiken
Anders Jerichow
Anders Jerichow

Blue eyed Jewish journalist "Politiken"
Also leading member of PEN Denmark.
"Multi-Culti" advocate. Invited on TV as a Middle East expert almost on a weekly basis.
Bent Blüdnikov Editor Berlingskeidende (Newspaper)
Bent Blüdnikov
Bent Blüdnikov

Editor of Copenhagen Conservative Newspaper Berlingske Tidende.
Absolutely fanatic Zionist. Member of the new ultra liberalistic think tank
Adam Holm Editor Politiken (newspaper)
Adam Holm
Adam Holm

Editor of pseudo-leftwing paper Politiken.

Fanatic Zionist.

Tøger Seidenfaden Politiken (newspaper) Non Jew
Tøger Seidenfaden
Not Jewish?*=yes, (k.e.2008)

Toger Seidenfaden

Editor in Chief of "Politiken".
Although not Jewish* he should not be missed in this gallery. Politiken which used to be "the Jewish newspaper" during the reign of Zionist editor (and Israeli citizen) Herbert Pundik. Lately the paper is being criticized by Jews for not being committed to the cause, of even for being anti Jewish. Seidenfaden is absolutely despised by nationalists. Pseudo-intellectual and arrogant. Bilderberg member.

* Knud B. Eriksen who took the trouble to investigate Seidenfaden's ancestry says his mother was Jewish. Many people assume he is Jewish anyway.
Herbert Pundik Politiken Zionist & Israeli Citizen
Herbert Pundik
Zionist, Jewish
Herbert Pundik

Was a dominating force in the Danish media for several decades.

Though being the Editor in Chief of one of the leading Danish Newspapers; Politiken he had the Israeli nationality, and resided in Tel Aviv.
He fought as a volunteer in the Zionist army, Haganah, in Palestine, 1948-1949.
He is still an influentual force behind the scenes at the newspaper Politiken. This paper was, and to a lesser degree still is, an outspoken advocate for "multiculturalism" and "Muslim immigration". At the same time the newspaper represented definite pro-Israeli viewpoints, as would be expected. Politiken was co-founded by the openly anti-Christian Jew 
Georg Cohen Brandes.
David Gress Neocon Jewish Professor with a position in the US
David Gress
Catholic - Jewish
David Gress
born 1953, son of locally famous female Danish philosopher Elsa Gress, converted to catholicism in 1975.

Spitting and stuttering speed talking to the extent that it is a pain to have to listen to him. Needs a speech therapist badly. Neoconservative Jewish Economy Professor who thinks (extreme) liberalism is the cure for the world.
Acknowleges the abuse of the holocaust in yet another creative way: It gives the left an excuse to criticize Israel.... Member of the new ultra liberalistic think tank 
Jan Leschly
Jan Leschly
Director of Care Capital, finance guru and Bilderberg (guest?) speaker. International Danish born Jew. Probably not known very much by the general public. Appeared in DR Deadline 17-08-04 in an interview conducted by Kurt Strand.

The Media

The number of Jews in Denmark is estimated at about 6,000, which is about 0.12 % of the 5 million population. An estimated 30 % are members of the religious organization Mosaisk Trossamfund, headed by sociologist Jacques Blum (married to holocaust industry professional Eva Boggild. (Eva Bøggild)
Despite their modest numbers, the Jews are extremely well represented in the media, as seems to be the case most places around the globe.

ההםתדרותהציונית בדנמרק 
Arne Notkin TV Editor DR former President of The Danish Zionist League
Arne Notkin
Zionist, Jewish
Arne Notkin

Editor of the most seen political TV program in Denmark: DR-Deadline.

The program is broadcast three times a day two short and a longer one in the evening 22:30, every day of the week!

The "man behind the scene", seems to be extremely camera shy. This was the only picture of him I was able to find.

And Arne Notkin has been a hotshot in the Danish media world for a very long time. He has been editor in chief of several newspapers, but we guess his current position is his so far most influential in the Danish media world.

He is also a former president of "The Danish Zionist League" (Dansk Zionistforbund) Who is president at this time, or who the board members are is hard to find out, since these people are only referred to by their initials on their strangely secretive homepage.

It is an insult to everybody's intelligence when Jews and their messenger boys keep on repeating that "Jewish (Zionist) media control is nothing but an anti-Semitic allegation"!
ההםתדרותהציונית בדנמרק

Danmarks Radio (DR) Denmarks oldest public service channel

Several editors-in-chief and numerous prominent journalists are of Jewish descent, e.g. Arne Notkin (former president of the Danish Zionist Union [Dansk Zionist forbund]) who is in charge of one of the most prominent political debate programs in Denmark "DR Deadline" (Public Service Channel Danmarks Radio.
Martin Krasnik,
 also Jewish, is one of the prominent hosts on this program for the time being, while Connie Hedegaard, (not Jewish) invited numerous Jews to the program on a regular basis.
The Jew Keld Koplev has had (and still has) his own radio show for decades in which Jews and their ideological allies.

The Danish public service channel »Danmark's Radio« is very much like the BBC an almost full time propaganda machine for the pseudo-"multicultural society" (with the Jews as unchallenged masters) - and so-called  "diversity" (see parallell example: CNN's Jewish version of "diversity").
Other Jewish names on DR TV are Hanne Foighel (Israel correspondent), Allan Silberbrandt (US correspondent), Hans Morten Rubin, Mogens Rubinstein (finance), Mette Fugl (EU) and new(?) and so far less visible Jacob Kofler.

TV2 Halfway Public Service half commercial. Weather man Peter Tanev, Lisbeth Davidsen, finance journalist, orthodox Jew and Zionist Samuel Rachlin (also former Soviet correspondent), his son Dan Rachlin teenage audience talkshow host, morning chit chat host Michael Meyerheim, and "Bubber" Niels Christian Meyer for the small kids. Steffen Jensen is the TV2's Jewish correspondent in Israel.

Futhermore a great number of Jews who appear here, there and everywhere, radio, TV, newspapers, shows: Leif Davidsen, Dan Tschernia (himself head of the TV-station 'TV Lorry'), Bengt Burg, Yigal Jacob Znaty, Dan Harder (cartoon artist and fanatic Zionist), David Munis Zeppernick, sociologist Mikael Rothstein, Monica Ritterband, earlier TV2, now gives holocaust lectures), Ebbe Klovedal Reich (died recently), Finn Abrahamoviz, Ben Weintraub, Tom Trier, Finn Schwartz, Jacques Blum, Morten Thing, writer Ulla Jessing, Maria Feldman, politician Finn Rudaizky, Israeli child psychiatrist Gideon Zlotnik, politician Erling Heyman Olsen, medical doctor Henri Goldstein, Jew chauvinistic Zionist, director of the Danish Theater School, Mogens Rukov, who is a very active propagandist for Israel and 'Jewishness', Lotte Heisse, speed rapping comedian, who also writes newpaper columns sometimes. Vibeke Sperling is a journalist who is often invited on TV as an expert on Eastern Europe, she is banned from entering Russia because of an alleged supportive attitute to the Chechens.

In the past leftwing extremist Jewish artists like Troels Trier, Rebecca Bruel, Thomas & Anisette Koppel (Duo "Savage Rose" - Idolized... Albania!!!) were at the grassroot Marxist political forefront. Film maker Lars von Trier once declared himself Jewish... and was hailed by film juries! Von Trier and his producer Peter Aalbek (Zentropa Entertainment) are supporters of Jewish-styled "multiculturalism". Von Triers Jewishness probably is another propaganda stunt as is his "Von". Victor Borge was a Jew born in Denmark, who made it in the US as an entertainer. 

Susanne Bier Film Producer
Susanne Bier
Jewish film maker
Susanne Bier
(born in Copenhagen 1960)

studied religion at the Hebrew University in Israel
Produced several films with Jewish themes. Among others "Freud leaving home" a movie which features a long list of Jewish actors, and plays in Jewish settings. For Danish speakers: Hør interview med Kjeld Koplev hvor de ælter rund i det jødiske. 
Susanne Bier is a Jewish film award winner. Jewish Peter Bastian is an extremely gifted musician both in the field of classical music, experimental as well as Balkan inspired music. He has found himself an American guru who also happens to be a Jew, (Andrew Cohen) which is about the only reason Peter is being mentioned on this page. I know nothing about his political viewpoints or possible Zionist attitudes. Knowing what we know about Jewish psychologists, psychiatrists and spirituality, we are cautious, and prepared for the worst. Let's observe.

Politiken, the newspaper that printed Torben Lund's alleged anti-semitic critism of Sharon, was led for many years by the self admitted Zionist and Israel-based Israeli citizen Herbert Pundik (now pulling threads from behind the scene as an advisor). Traditionally read by (left wing) schoolteachers and "intellectuals", people who put an emphasis on being trendy. This leftwing newspaper and it's now mainly neoconservative oriented politically opposed competitor, Jyllands-Posten, are now owned by the same company.

Politiken sprang from the second half of the 19 century radical movement where Jewish influence was represented by the brothers Edvard and (self declared Christianity hater) Georg Cohen Brandes.

Politiken was (and still is) for many years the most ardent defender of Kalergi Plan-styled "multiculturalism", now under the leadership of Toger Seidenfaden* (supervised by Zionist and Israeli citizen Herbert Pundik). Toger Seidenfaden is a Bilderberg member.

In recent years Politiken has propagated a less outspoken pro-Zionist attitude, and is being criticized for this by many Jews. Politiken still has many Jews on it's payroll, some of them unmistakably sympathetic towards Zionist and neo conservative ideas. Adam Holm guards over the direct interests of Jews and Zionists, Anders Jerichow is often invited in Danmarks Radios TV programs as an Middle East expert and is a leading member of the leftwing "free speech organization" PEN, extreme leftist the Jew Carsten Jensen, who is infamous for the foul language he uses against his political opponents, Mattias Seidelin and Marcus Rubin are other Politiken journalists of Jewish descent.

Flemming Rose Neoconservative Editor Jyllands Posten (Newspaper)
Flemming Rose
Flemming Rose

Editor of Jyllands Posten.

This Newspaper used to be a quite reliable conservative paper, but changed to more and more one-sided neoconservative opinions, fantically defending US policy in Iraq and Israel. This culminated lately with attacks at Israel critic, Social Democrat Torben Lund who was compared to Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher. more

It seems the newspaper Jyllands Posten, once a beacon of free speech and traditional conservatism in a jungle of politically correct parrots, now apparently has fallen into neoconservative hands, and again we see the tendency that anti immigration opinions are tolerated but exploited to boost neoconservative support for Israel and the US. The editor Flemming Rose  likes to stay in the background but probably is the man behind the aggressive anonymous editorials that defend Bush, Israel and neoconservative policies. Editorials in this newspaper are not signed, so nobody knows who wrote what. Letters from readers are printed in this paper only with full name and address.

Lately the Danish Social democrat member of the European Parliament, Torben Lund, was compared to Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher in a scandalous editorial in Jyllands Posten. You can read about the Torben Lund episode on this page, which also features a transcript of a broadcast of a TV interview featuring influential Danish Jews, European parliament member Torben Lund and Kenneth Jacobsen from the ADL (English).

Jyllands-Posten recently adopted the neoconservative collumnist Hans Hauge who professed his love for Jews, Zionism and Israel while speaking at a Zionist conference in Denmark. The paper also has an alliance with Jewish David Gress, a seemingly confused academic who fills a position in the US, and who would like to import American neoconservatism and unbridled liberalism to Denmark. Lars Hedegaard, a non-Jewish recently popular "Islam critic" has close ties to American Neoconservative Zionist Daniel Pipes, who also happens to be the leader of a Bush gov. think tank.

Information, a small newspaper on the left. Editor in chief David Trads (just quit his job), and features extremist anti nationalist Jew Georg Metz, as well as Nina Davidsen and Ivar Houlmark Andersen.

BT, a tabloid, has the Jew Erik Meier Carlsen (self declared Buddhist) is at this time one of the papers which seems to take the side of reason and the side of the Danish people on the immigration issue, but has David Jens Adler who more or less guards Jewish intrests. Sometimes less, as when he vaguely and casually suggested that DPP's Soren Krarup and Ulla Dahlerup were anti-Semites.

Mikael Rothstein Religion Sociologist
Mikael Rothstein
Mikael Rothstein

Jewish Sociologist and Historian (specialty: Religions), often consulted by TV media.

Brother Klaus Rothstein is journalist and editor at Weekend Avisen ("intellectual" newpaper).
And of course a dedicated pro-Multi-Culti Activist.

Berlingske Tidende, traditionally a conservative paper, employs the fanatical Zionist Bent Blüdnikov as it's main editor and Jewish journalists Jakob Levinsen and Miriam Katz.

Børsen (financial newspaper) features the Jew David Bentow who is the main source of finance news for TV2.

Weekendavisen Editor in Chief Klaus (Claus) Rothstein. Rothstein should probably be understood as one of the classical extreme left wing Jews. He mingles in countless national and international multiculti and anti-nationalist causes. Henrik Wivel is an editor as well. Peter Wivel is a former Editor in Chief of several major newspapers.
The Wivel family has many media members, exactly how they relate to each other I still have to find out. They are all anti-nationalist though. Klaus (Claus) Rothstein's brother Mikael Rothstein is a much used TV expert (sociologist/religious historian) who is always ready to cure people from religion and superstition, which to him means the same.

If this also applies to Judaism and Jewish Tribalism we do not know.
Like Freud, Adorno and the Jewish Bolscheviks, who all preached that religion was the basis of all evil, he might make an exception for Judaism.

Other Jews/Zionists who mingle in the Israel/Palestine debate or other matters related to Judaism and or "multiculturalism" are Mogens Rukov (claims to not be Jewish), director of the Copenhagen Film Acadamy who sends steaming red hot pro-Zionist letters to newspapers, and of course gets them printed. He felt very much offended when the Jewish Hungarian Nobelprize winner (literature) Imre Kertesz was referred to in Danish newspapers as a Hungarian. According to Mogens Rukov, Imre Kertesz was certainly not a Hungarian, but a Jew, and the anti-Semitic media just didn't want to credit him as a Jew... (It is obviously difficult to know how to satisfy the Jews for in many other cases they violently object to being referred to as Jews.).
Mikael Rothstein Religion Sociologist
Erik Meier Carlsen
Buddhist - Jewish
Erik Meier Carlsen

Buddhist Jew.
Chief Editor - Tabloid BT.

Meier Carlsen about the latest proposal of the DPP (aug 2004):
(Sending home refugees and others where possible)

"There can be many good reasons for repatriating refugees in case the situation in their homeland has changed. That it may be more comfortable for them to live in Denmark than in their country of origin is not enough reason for them to be allowed to stay here."
(But objects to DPP trying to make it into a larger project which might involve many immigrants)

From TV interview aug-8 2004

 Dan Tschernia, Jewish Zionist journalist, and film producer shows a similar behaviour, and went into a virtual tantrum when commenting on Social Democrat politician Torben Lund who called Ariel Sharon a war criminal. Of course he was given ample space; 1200 words, and who is going to say something to the contrary, when he knows they will have to do with a quarter of that space, if they are going to publish it at all.

We'd like to quote the recently anti-Semitism accused Social Democrat Torben Lund:

"...when I write "the Jewish community" I mean of course those who organize themselves and take part in the debate, and it was precisely Bent Melchior and his network I among other things was thinking about.

There are similar networks in many countries, and again in the USA there are very, very strong eh, organizations. That every time eh, one criticizes Sharon get involved, and the word anti-Semite lies lurking. Sometimes it is being said, sometimes it's not being said directly.
"There are scores of people who keep silent..., I have received many letters and mails from people who agree with me, but who don't hide that they eh, that it is difficult for them if they would join the debate, because ehm, they also will be crucified for being, eh one thing and the other... " [Anti-Semites! Upps]
Doesn't this sum it up? Mainstream politicians are now recognizing that something is dreadfully wrong...
In what kind of society are people affraid publicly to name powerful forces which play a part in politics?
This is the reason for the existence of this page.

Read the whole Torben Lund story here. If you don't care to read it all, just read the transcription of the interview with Lund and Kenneth Jacobson from the ADL. It is definitely amusing!

Congratulations to the producers of this program, who took great care not to appear biased, but still managed to expose the fanaticism of the Jews and Jewish organizations involved.
If things like this would happen more often, we would not feel the urge to make this page.
It's only here because the Media most of the time do not perform their duty of being objective and impartial.


Mogens Rubinstein
DR Finance

Steffen Jensen
TV2 Middle East

Lisbeth Davidsen

Samuel Rachlin TV2 Finance

TV2 finance
        Judging by appearences I'd take a bet on it. Notice the ad for Børsen (The Market) in the background. The main source of finance news comes from this magazine headed by the Jew David Bentow. TV2 has been subjected by criticizm because of this fact.  

Arne Melchior former MP Denmark - Jew
Arne Melchior
Arne Melchior 

former traffic minister
brother of rabbi Bent Melchior (the father of Israeli MP Michael Melchior) makes a habit of accusing people of anti-Semitism.
Rabbi Bent Melchior is also the leader of the Danish department of B'nai B'rith, and of course a member of the World Jewish Congress.

Bent Melchior former Chief Rabbi
Bent Melchior
Bent Melchior

Former Chief Rabbi of the Jews in Denmark. President of B'nai B'rith Denmark. Father of Michael Melchior. Bent Melchior appears often in Danish TV as a "humanist", "expert" or "wise old man". He is also an advocate of "minority rights" and immigration - to Denmark, not Israel!

Michaek Melchior Rabbi Member of Israeli Parliament Knesset
Michael Melchior
Michael Melchior

Chief Rabbi of Norway. Member of Israels Knesset born 1954 in Denmark. Son of Bent Melchior. Is or has been a deputy foreign minister.
Party: One Israel, Labor-Meimad who want a "Jewish Israel".

Bent Lexner Chief Rabbi Denmark
Bent Lexner
Bent Lexner

Current Chief Rabbi of Denmark (Orthodox).
Occupation: Butcher.

Lexner recently threatened to leave his post if children fathered by a Jew, but not born from by a Jewish woman were given Jewish status, as tradition forbids. On a website forum Lexner explained why it was an arduous process for a non Jewish born person to convert to Judaism, while anybody with a Jewish mother can receive Jewish status immediately, even if they haven't been raised in the Jewish tradition. Lexner seemed to think that Jewishness is "in the genes".

Arne Melchior, the Jewish former traffic minister, for many years was one of the most fanatic supporters of so-called "Muslim immigration" to Denmark, and fought the anti-immigration Danish Peoples Party (Dansk Folkeparti) with great zeal.

This not because of some humanitarian pathos on his behalf, but a typically Jewish calculated act to to assist Israel's plan of a population shift - from the Middle-East to Europe - a shift which in itself is the direct result of the Zionist Wars being waged (Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, Iran).

Arne Melchior was expelled from the very pro Jews/Israel/immigration/"human rights" party Centrum Demokraterne (CD) because of his support for Israel's use of torture and the Israeli ambassador in Denmark Carmi Gillon, who supposedly had practiced torture against Palestinian prisoners himself.

The only ethnic group which is under consequent attack from Mr. Melchior are native Danes.
Now the anti-immigration Danish Peoples Party is the number one pro Jewish party, and supports Israel, the multicultural propagandist USA and the Iraq war.

As a protest to (mainly left wing) voices demanding boycott of Israeli products, the party served Israeli wine, fruits and other products at their annual meeting.


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

Palestine banner
Viva Palestina!

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