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"It is disingenuous to pretend that since the end of the war there has not been a fundamental change in the status of Western Jewry ... Understandable reluctance to discuss Jewish socio-economic advantage in an explicit fasion has led to the neglect of an important trend -- the steady rise of Western Jewry into the upper-middle class, together with the broadening of Jewish membership in the institutional elites of most Western countries. The rise of Western Jewry to unparalleled affluence
and high status has led to the near-disappearance of a Jewish proletariat of any size: indeed, the Jews may become the first ethnic group in history without a working working class of any size."
W. D. Rubenstein,
The Left, the Right, and   the Jews, 1982, p. 51

"When I read through the Newsweek story of the 'Overclass 100,' I began counting the Jews, something I've done since childhood, but soon gave up, overwhelmed by my tribe's prevalence among the powerful, troubled by what this means in the new American class paradigm of haves and have-nots."
Philip Weiss,
New York magazine, 1-29-96, p. 27

"I wonder if any of our immigrant grandparents could  have imagined that on the eve of the 21st century, Jews would comprise 11 percent of the United States Senate, dominate the entertainment industry as never before, while at the same time boasting the most popular professional wrestler as well as the most notorious spy in the country?"
Jonathan Tobin,
Jewish Exponent, 1-4-99,
p. 5

"The list [of Jewish screenwriters in Hollywood] is long. A recent survey indicated that seventy to eighty per cent of the Screen Writers Guild was composed of Jews, a trend dating back to the 1930s."
Patricia Erens,
Between Two Worlds: Jewish Images in American film [in Miller, Randall M., The Kaliedescopic Lens], 1980, p.

"There are uncounted dozens of Jewish White House staffers," noted the Jewish Exponent (1-23-1997, p. 1).
There are so many that Ira Forman, director of the National Jewish Democratric organization, "tells of one Jewish staffer friend who balked at handling the White House Christmas decorations but was told he had to do it 'because, heck, everyone else here is Jewish too.'" [Jerusalem Report, 5-25-98, p. 30] "We've stopped counting the number of Jews in key places in the Clinton administration," noted Hyman Bookbinder, the former Washington representative of the American Jewish Committee," there are so many of them." [Washingtonian, May 2000, p. 79]

"I've never seen a President -- I don't care who he is -- stand up to [the Jews] ... They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wouldn't write anything down. If the American people understood what a grip these people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms."
Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
Richard H. Curtiss,
A Changing Image: American Perceptions of the Arab-Israeli Dispute. American Educational Trust, 1986, p. 267]

"[Bessarbian Jewish immigrant Sam] Zemurray had shaped United Fruit [known as 'The Octopus'] in the twenty years after his dramatic takeover and, further, ... his 'style' in establishing his own company earlier in the century involved bribery and the subsidizing of revolution to overthrow a legitimate government [in Honduras] in order to place someone more favorable to his interests in the executive office. Unarguably, he stands guilty of this charge -- as does the U.S. government in its dealings with the isthmian governments in this century."
The Banana Men. American Mercenaries and Entrepreneurs in Central America, 1880-1930, University of Kentucky Press, 1995

"The early SDS was heavily Jewish in both its leadership and its activist cadres. Key SDS leaders included
Richard Flacks, who played an important role in its formation and growth, as well Al Haber, Robb Ross, Steve Max, Mike Spiegel, Mike Klonsky, Todd Gitlin, Mark Rudd, and others. Indeed, for the first few years, SDS was largely funded by the League for Industrial Democracy, a heavily Jewish socialist (but anti-communist) organization. SDS's early successes were at elite universities containing substantial numbers of Jewish
students and sympathetic Jewish faculty, including the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Brandeis, Oberlin, and the University of California. At Berkeley SDS leaders were not unaware of their roots. As Rob Ross put it, describing the situation at the University of Wisconsin in the early 1960s, '... my impression is that the
left at Madison is not just a new left, but a revival of the old ... with all the problems that entails. I am struck by the lack of Wisconsin-born people [in the Madison-area left] and the massive preponderance of New York Jews. The situation at the University of
Minnesota is similar' ... [Researcher] Berns and his associates found that 83
percent of a small radical activist sample studied at the University of California in the early 1970s were of Jewish background."
Roots of Radicalism,
Oxford University Press,
1985, p. 61

"A survey identifying Britain's wealthiest family names by their postcard areas has produced a fascinating insight into the national makeup of the 50 surnames most common among the movers and shakers ... More than 20 are from Jewish families [although Jews make up only 1% of the British population] ... There are more Cohens in the top group than any other family name ... Just behind are Levy, Bloom and Wolf ... This [trend] is confirmed by other surveys."
The Daily Mail,
[London], July 17, 1999, p. 19

"Jews fill top positions in the U.S. intelligence community. In the CIA alone, intelligence sources say, Jews fill four of the CIA's seven directorates and the agency is headed by John Deutch, a director described by one Israeli intelligence source as being 'so traditional in his Jewish outlook that he practically wears a kippa [traditional Jewish skullcap]."
Dan Rodan,
Not Forgiven, Not Forgotten,
Jerusalem Post,
August 30, 1996, p. 2

"[Jewish billionaire George Soros] is often accused of masterminding some world conspiracy ... if the [economic]
global crisis keeps spreading -- as most experts expect -- you won't hear much more talk about blaming Soros and his Jewish cronies. Anger will probably focus increasingly on the leaders of the [International Monetary Fund] and the Washington policy makers who stand behind it. The bad news is that most of them are Jewish too. Israel's daily
Yediot Achronot recently published an unintentionally chilling list of senior economic policymakers known to be attending Kol Nidre services in Washington on the eve of the IMF summit. Among them: Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and his top deputy Lawrence Summers [who later succeeded Rubin as Treasury Secretary], World Bank Chairman James Wolfenson and his top deputy, Josef Stieglitz; Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, and IMF Director Stanley Fischer. That's scary. And it's only a partial list."
J.J. Goldberg,
Market Meltdown. As the World Economic Crisis Turns Scary, Scapegoating Looms. Watch Your Back. Jewish Week, October 16, 1998, p. 12

"When [Israeli public opinion survey company] Hanoch Smith asked his Israeli respondents whether the Jews of America have control of important branches of the American economy, 73 per cent replied in the affirmative ... In a non-Jewish society, this would have aroused suspicion of anti-Semitism, but emanating from a Jewish society, it seemed both a matter of pride and bewilderment."
Colin Shindler,
Ploughshares into Swords. Israelis and Jews in the Shadow of the Intifada, I. B. Tauris, London, 1991, p. 94-95

"Jews have situated themselves in the upper ranks of society in terms of income per capita, educational achievement, lifestyle, and political identification ... [RATTNER, p. 187] ... Based upon available data, we may conclude that about two-thirds of the Jewish community of Brazil belong (in terms of income, occupation, educational level, and consumptive patterns) to the upper strata of Brazil's stratification system. Studies of income distribution in Brazil show a clear trend toward the concentration of income in the hands of the upper 5% of the population [RATTNER, p. 193] ... It can be assumed that two-thirds of Brazilian Jews belong to the elite who control nearly half of the total personal income and of the country's wealth where nearly half of the population at-large live at a subsistence level."
Henrique Rattner,
Economic and Social Mobility of Jewish Brazil, in Elkin/Merkx, The Jewish Presence in Latin America, Allen & Unwine, 1987


"In a 1994 study of the Jewish community of Mexico, 52.6 percent of employed Jews identified themselves as 'directors, managers, or administrators,' while another 26.7 percent identified themselves as 'professionals.' The rate of upward social mobility was astonishing, considering that the community was barely 70 years old ... Professionalization demarcates the occupational pattern of male and female Jewish workers from that of the majority population."
Judith Elkin,
The Jews of Latin America, Holmes & Meier, NY, London, 1998, p. 154

In Canada, "the proportion of Jews earning over $75,000 [per year] in 1991 was close to four times that in the Canadian population as a whole." Singer/Seldin,
The American Jewish Yearbook, American Jewish Publication Society, 1995, p. 235

The Wall Street Journal noted in 1997 that a Jewish family originally from Baghdad, the Kadoories, "are the foundation of Hong Kong commerce." [John Kahn, Kadoorie Dynasty Watches British Rule End in Hong Kong, Wall Street Journal, June 27, 199., p. A1] Hong Kong, said the Jerusalem Post in 1998, is the place where the Jewish community (the relatively few who live there) is "arguably the wealthiest per capita in the world." [Arnold, Michael, Trouble in the Year of the Tiger, Jerusalem Post, February 13, 1998, p. 16]

As about 1% of the German population, by 1908 12 of the 20 richest people in Berlin were of Jewish ancestry, as were 11 of the 25 richest people in Prussia. [W. E. Mosse,
Jews in the German Economy. The German-Jewish Elite, 1820-1935, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1987, p. 208] Although Jews in 1903 were only 0.74% of the labor force in Prussia, 27% of all Prussian lawyers were Jews, as were 10% of apprenticed lawyers, 47% of magistrates, and 30% of all higher ranks of the judiciary. [Sarah Gordon, Hitler, Germany and the "Jewish Question," Princeton University Press, 1984, p. 13]

"Every year they are out there for all to see. There it is, in full salacious detail: the BRW Rich List, that quintessence of pennies envy, the vehicle of voyeurism that sums up the worst and most popular features of modern journalism. Each year, it parades the names of Australia's wealthiest, and the Jewish ones are always prominent. In fact, this year, their collective wealth totaled more than $23 billion, close to 40 percent of New Zealand's GDP. The names themselves are all too familiar. There's shopping centre king and former delivery truck driver Frank Lowy ($2.6 billion) and the cardboard magnate Richard Pratt. They are the second and third richest men in Australia." [Others noted include the Smorgon family, Scheinberg family, Harry Triguboff, Boris Lieberman, John Gandel, Solly Lew, Marc Besen, Nathan Werdiger, Joseph Gutnick, Ted Lustig, Max Moar, Eddie Kornhauser, Isador Magid, Barry and Norman Bloom, Chaim Liberman, Morry Fraid, Ruben Fried, Nathan Baron, Henry Krongold, Isi Liebler, Ervin Graf, Peter Joss, Henry Roth, Philip Wolanski, Rodney Adler (and sisters Kathy and Roxanne), Ruth Simon and David Herrman] ... "The Jews on the BRW list represent a group that accounts for a ridiculously small proportion of the general population -- only 0.4 percent in fact, according to the 1996 Census. So why the prominence?"
Leon Gettler,
Dollars and Sense, Generation. Jewish Life [Australia], May 2000,
p. 23

Mother Jones magazine's ranking of the the top 400 American political (Democratic and Republican) campaign funders for the year 2000. For starters, four of the first five listed are Jewish, of whom two are immigrants from Israel, and a third is an activist for Israeli causes. Despite the fact that Jews represent only 2.5% of the American population, of the first 100 economic string pullers, at least 42 are Jewish. [MOTHER JONES magazine]

Democratic Party Top 50 Career Patron List. The Center for Public Integrity
Of the top ten "patrons" ranked in this list, six are workers' organizations (American Federation of Teachers, etc.) The other four are private companies; all of them are headed by Jews: Seagram (Edgar Bronfman), Loral Space and Communications (Bernard Schwartz), Walt Disney Company (Michael Eisner), and the Shorenstein Company (Walter Shorenstein).

Global Media Moguls. The Nation, November 29, 1999
At least four of nine featured "Global Media Moguls" in The Nation magazine are Jewish: Michael Eisner (Disney-ABC), Edgar Bronfman, Jr. (Seagram), Gerald Levin (Time-Warner), and Sumner Redstone (Viacom-CBS).

Snyder and Seek.
Outline: the Voice of Chicago's Gay and Lesbian Community
, December 8, 1999
This web page, towards the bottom, lists the Gay Financial Network's [] "Power 25: The Most Influential Gay and Lesbian Corporate Executives." Among the first five, Jews were represented as the first, third, fourth and (tied) for fifth most important individuals in this ranking. 1) Kathy Levinson, president & COO of E*Trade; 3) David Geffen, president David Geffen Foundation/CEO DreamWorks SKG; 4) Barry Diller, CEO of USA Networks; and 5) Hilary Rosen, president and CEO of Recording Industry Assoc. of America.

Should We Leftists Be Forgiven? Front Page Magazine. June 5, 2001
"In elite institutions like the University of Chicago, a large 63 percent of student radicals were Jewish; Tom Hayden may have been the most famous name in the University of Michigan SDS, but '90 percent of the student left [in that school] came from Jewish backgrounds,' and nationally, 60 percent of SDS members were Jewish. As my once-friend Paul Breines wrote about my own alma mater the University of Wisconsin, 'the real yeast in the whole scene had been the New York Jewish students in Madison.' And he went on to note what he called the 'rootless cosmopolitanism' of the Wisconsin New Left."

Ferlinghetti Decries Latest Wave of Gentrification, Counterpunch,
[Letter to the Editor by famed San Francisco poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti], March 8, 2001
"A developer from Michigan, Scott Seligman, who runs Sterling Bank and Seligman Western Enterprises, wants to gentrify the [San Francisco] Mid-Market zone. Not to make the City a batter place but to make his bank account a little fatter. He wants a better class of tenant. No more photographers or poets or translators or editors or painters. No more small businesses serving the City."

Southern Poverty Law Center,
Guide Star Pages (The National Database of Nonprofit Organizations)
"Financial Info: Fiscal Year: 2000. Assets: $147,441,903. Income: $32,520,416 ... Chief Executive: Mr. Joseph J. Levin, Jr." (President and Chairman of the Board).
[What about the Southern Poverty Law Center, famed fighter for the impoverished and African-American rights, especially in the South? It is based in Montgomery, Alabama, and in 1996 the local Montgomery Advertiser printed an embarrassing expose about the Center. The salary, noted the paper, for SPLC president and CEO (as well as SPLC co-founder) Joseph Levin was $137,798 a year. Not bad for a fighter on behalf of those mired in poverty. The Center's Legal Director, Richard Cohen, made $151,420. But that's not all. The Advertiser further noted that "One thing remains a constant at the nation's wealthiest civil rights charity, the Montgomery-based Southern Poverty Law Center: All the top-paid, top-level management jobs are held by whites." [What percentage Jews?] [RICHARDSON, SANDEE. CIVIL RIGHTS CHARITY CONTINUES TO HAVE WHITES IN TOP-PAYING JOBS. ASHVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES/MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER, 8-29-96, p. D7] In SPLC's 25-year history "no black person has held a top-level management position, and only one black staffer has ever been among the top five paid positions." In SPLC's team of five lawyers, one was African-American. [RICHARDSON, S., 8-29-96, p. D7] The next year, an editorial writer, Rose Sanders, expressed outrage that the SPLC publicly condemned Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam (a hero in large parts of the Black community) as a racist. She pointed out the hypocrisy of the charge, noting that "Joseph Levin says he is not a bigot, but how does he explain the bigotry evidenced by the employment practices at the Poverty Law Center? An example of the Center's racial prejudice is illustrated by its racial tolerance program. The program did not have a single black employee. No black person helped shape or design the program." [SANDERS, ROSE. CENTER'S CONDEMNATION UNJUST, THE MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER., 9-22-97, p. 7A]

On the Jewish Question, by Karl Marx (1843/1844)
Karl Marx's infamous -- though little known today -- indictment of the Jewish community.

Was This Network Worth Saving? Pacifica Caves In To Smear Campaign,
Counterpunch, October 4, 2002
"On April 17, a program titled 'Jewish Voices' [JV] aired on KPFT, a Pacifica radio station in Houston, Texas. Just a few months into Pacifica's 'renaissance' after a California court victory had apparently returned the network into progressive, and thus safe, hands, KPFT had aired many shows that were absent in previous years. I myself had been on several times in the first months of 2002, interviewing Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Phyllis Bennis, Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez, Ed Herman, and Dan Coughlin (the Executive Director of Pacifica), to name a few. Before that, for two years I had been the co-host of 'Progressive Forum,' a weekly show hosted by Wally James and dedicated to covering world affairs and local politics. But the JV show was something quite different. Just moments after it began, it became apparent that this show was pressing an aggressive Zionist message. The guests included an official from the local Israeli consulate, a Rabbi, and the executive director of the local chapter of the American Jewish Committee, Donna de la Paz. The show was being produced by Stan Merriman, an operator in KPFT politics and a local activist in the Democratic Party. In the course of this program, it became clear that the hosts were strident apologists for the Sharon government. The worst part, however, was their treatment of callers. They cut off people trying to disagree with them and would not allow opposing viewpoints to be heard. I can't think of anything more antithetical to the Pacifica mission than censoring callers who challenged the type of Zionist propaganda that was being aired on that show ... Within hours, Merriman, Geiselman, and other Zionists, particularly Edwin Johnston and Dan Jones, political rivals and well-known disruptive elements in the KPFT community, had placed messages on every internet message board relating to Pacifica [and some that weren't even directly Pacifica-oriented] from New York to Los Angeles claiming that I had used a racial slur and that I was anti-semitic [a good chronicle of the whole episode and supporting documents can be found at]."

THE BIG CITY. When Tables Turn, Knives Come Out,
New York Times, June 17, 2000
"Michael Moore made a name for himself pointing cameras at cruel corporate executives and other enemies of the people. He stalked the chairman of General Motors, sent people in Puritan costumes to Ken Starr's home and set up a Web site with a camera trained on a window of Lucianne Goldberg's apartment. But Mr. Moore does not appreciate being bothered himself, as Alan Edelstein discovered. After he was fired by Mr. Moore, Mr. Edelstein tried borrowing the technique Mr. Moore had applied to G.M.'s Roger Smith in the film 'Roger & Me': showing up uninvited with a camera and trying to get an answer from a boss who has decided to downsize. Mr. Moore responded by filing a complaint with the New York police accusing Mr. Edelstein of aggravated harassment, menacing and criminal trespassing. As a result, Mr. Edelstein was arrested in March and spent nine hours in a cell at the Midtown North police station. The district attorney's office later dropped the case. Now Mr. Edelstein is suing Mr. Moore, alleging malicious prosecution. Mr. Edelstein, who is 39 and lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn, was hired in 1998 as a producer on 'The Awful Truth,' Mr. Moore's show on the Bravo network. He was fired by a subordinate of Mr. Moore's after seven weeks. 'I was told that there was a budget crunch," he said, "but I don't think that was true. I later learned there were questions about my competence, which no one had ever raised when I was there. So I was angry at the way I was dealt with.' He had another reason for pursuing Mr. Moore with a camera. Mr. Edelstein, who was nominated for an Academy Award in 1985 for a documentary about a musician, was making a documentary incorporating scenes from his own life. 'I thought footage with Michael explaining why I'd been fired would be useful for my own documentary,' he said."

The Jewish Establishment, by Joseph Sobran. [Also directly linked here]. Sobran is a syndicated newspaper columnist. This article doesn't appear at his own web site (it's linked to another site), and here he explains why. On this page one can also find links to other Sobran articles about Jews and Israel that syndicated news organizations don't want.
"It's permissible to discuss the power of every other group, from the Black Muslims to the Christian Right, but the much greater power of the Jewish Establishment is off-limits. That, in fact, is the chief measure of its power: its ability to impose its own taboos while tearing down the taboos of others - you might almost say its prerogative of offending. You can read articles in Jewish-controlled publications from the Times to Commentary blaming Christianity for the Holocaust or accusing Pope Pius XII of indifference to it, but don't look for articles in any major publication that wants to stay in business examining the Jewish role in Communism and liberalism, however temperately. Power openly acquired, openly exercised, and openly discussed is one thing. You may think organized labor or the Social Security lobby abuses its power, but you don't jeopardize your career by saying so. But a kind of power that forbids its own public mention, like the Holy Name in the Old Testament, is another matter entirely."

Forbes 400 Richest in America, Forbes magazine, [For the year 2000]
The yearly ranking of the wealthiest Americans. Jews represent 2.5% of the American population, yet are AT LEAST  33% of the richest 75 Americans. (Start 'nose-counting' after that yourself, because a high percentage continues). Among the richest 75 Americans are the following Jewish businessmen: 2) Lawrence Ellison, 5) Gordon Moore, 7) Steven Ballmer, 13) Michael Dell, 14) Sumner Redstone, 18) Harry Samueli, 41) Thomas Pritzker, 42) Robert Pritzker, 43) Eli Broad, 44) George Soros, 44) Samuel Newhouse, 44) Donald Newhouse, 51) Alfred Lerner, 53) Carl Icahn, 56) Maurice Greenberg, 59) Edgar Bronfman, 61) Marvin Davis, 61) Michael Bloomberg, 61) Walter Annenberg, 66) Leonard Lauder, 70) Ronald Perelman, 70) David Geffen, 73) Gary Winnick, 73) Bernard Marcus, 73) Ronald Lauder. (Jewish author Steve Silberger, in an overview of his book, The Phenomenon of the Jews (at, goes further: "My book is an in-depth look at the most successful ethnic group in America. While comprising only 2% of the US population, Jewish-Americans [in 1999] account for 23% of the Forbes 400 Wealthiest Americans, 45% of the top 40 people. It's a club that required a minimum net worth of $625 million in 1999. Sure, that's amazing wealth, but the real phenomena are the remarkable stories detailing major contributions to American prosperity, culture and society that lie behind each fortune." The Forbes 1999 "rich list's" Jewish component is listed here.

Raging Bulls. Los Angeles magazine. May 2000
This article features Los Angeles' top "attack dog" attorneys for the wealthy and powerful. The overwhelming majority are of Jewish heritage, including Martin 'Mad Dog' Singer, Don Marks, Peter Ostroff, Marshall Grossman, Philip Ganz Jr., Don Engel, and Stanton Stein.

The New Titans.
A documentary TV show about the "New Titans" of Canadian business and media. At least half of those named in this listing of principals in the film are of Jewish heritage: Gerald Schwartz, Heather Riesman, Peter Munk, Izzy Asper, Leonard Asper, Moses Znaimer, Robert Lantos, John Roth, Isadore Sharp, and Jozef Strauss. [Unmentioned here, in 1999 Jewish Canadian billionaires included Barry Sherman ($1.83 billion), Leslie Dan ($1.56 billion), and Saul Feldberg ($1 billion). Sherman is chairman and CEO of the Apotex pharmaceutical firm, and Dan heads rival Novopharm Ltd. "[These] two Toronto-based companies control about 90 percent of Canada's market for generic, low-cost drugs." [CANADIAN PRESS NEWSWIRE, 2-6-97] Sherman "donates heavily to Jewish causes and the state of Israel." [THOMPSON, A. Brash Upstart Builds Firm into Generic Drug Empire, Toronto Star, 2-11-92, p. C1] Dan funded a CD-Rom produced by Israel's Yad Vashem "to help teach the Holocaust." [CANADIAN JEWISH NEWS, 12-5-96] (From America, Harold Snyder founded Biocraft Laboratories, a manufacturer of drugs, in 1964. It was sold to the largest pharmaceutical company in Israel , Teva, in 1996, an organization where Snyder serves as a board member.) [MOTHER JONES, 5-3-01] The third Jewish Canadian billionaire, Feldberg, a Holocaust survivor, moved to Israel, and later to Canada. He heads the Global Group and the Teknion Corporation, two office furniture conglomerates. [GILBERT, N., Global Group Plans Expansion, Jerusalem Post, 7-2-98, p. 15

The New Portnoy's Complaint, by Israeli author Israel Shamir, Nilemedia, 2001
"Philip Weiss in the New York Observer noted that Jews are to politics what the blacks are to basketball ... He writes, 'I don't claim to know how Jewish the membership of the establishment is. Twenty percent, 50 percent? I'm guessing 30.' Even 30% would be sufficient to promote any idea if the other 70% have no interest in the subject ... The Economist, hardly a 'hate publication,' estimates that the Jews who constitute 0.03% of the population [of South Africa] own sixty percent of that rich country's market capitalization."

Counting Noses at the Harvard Crimson, by Justin Danilewitz. Commentary.
"For, as it turned out, Valerie MacMillan was not alone in her definition of the 'problem' at the Crimson [Harvard's student newspaper]; the same point was made explicitly in the statements of at least two undergraduates aiming for leadership positions on the editorial board, Geoffrey C. Upton and Daniel M. Suleiman. Both Upton and Suleiman had submitted 'shoot papers,' or platforms, in connection with their bids for office. When it came to how they would deal with the Crimson's 'diversity problem,' Upton's statement was the more succinct of the two. Ritualistically declaring his intention, if elected, to 'expose the staff to diverse viewpoints,' he then cut to the practical heart of the matter. As things stood, Upton noted, the paper's homogeneity was unfortunately self-evident, for 'eight of ten columnists are Jewish and just one is not white.' Hence, as he saw it, there was a palpable need to '[s]tep up efforts to diversify the staff' itself. For his part, Suleiman, reiterating that the 'lack of diverse voices plagues our newspaper,' showed himself to be an even more refined practitioner than Upton of the art of drawing distinctions by ethnic origin. Not only, he wrote, are 'nine out of ten Crimson column-ists . . . white,' but 'seven out of ten are white Jews'--and not just of the generic variety, but white Jews 'from the tri-state area' of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. (The discrepancy between Upton's eight Jewish columnists and Suleiman's seven may be put down to the vagaries of, shall we say, nose-counting.) In light of this situation, Suleiman boldly declared that, if elected to the editorial board, he would act 'to bring about rapid, substantive change.' In the fullness of time, Upton and Suleiman were in fact selected to be co-chairmen of the new editorial board. Several months into their tenures now, have they made good on their pledges? In at least one respect, they have certainly disappointed. Given their stated views, they, of all people, should have recognized the awkwardness of their own election. For Upton and Suleiman, it turns out, are not only white Jews themselves, but white Jews from that most dreadfully overrepresented tri-state area. In light of this embarrassing fact, how they could have considered themselves appropriate role models for a newly diverse paper remains a mystery."

Up to a Point,
by Israel Shamir., July 20, 2001
"In my opinion, the source of the media bias in covering the Palestinians is tremendously important. For it speaks volumes about the power structure of the US and Europe ... Too many of our media lords subscribe to the notion of Jewish supremacy, and they are spread around the globe ... In the US, there are too many of them to count. But allow us to mention Mortimer Zuckerman, a media lord and the current Head of the Presidents’ Conference of American Jewish Organizations, the big daddy of all Jewish groups in America ... On the other end of the planet, in Russia, the TV stations and newspapers also are under the ownership of Israeli citizens. One of them, Vladimir Gusinsky, was forced to part with his TV station. But his extremely pro-Israeli staff was quickly hired by another channel, belonging to another Israeli citizen, Mr Chernoi. In 1985, he was an accountant living on a salary of 100 dollars a month. Today he is worth 5 billion dollars, owns virtually all the aluminium plants in Russia, and lives in a nice suburb of Tel Aviv. Currently, he is under investigation for 34 murders, money laundering and membership in the Russian mafia. In a recent quip, he was quoted as saying that ‘the media is not business. the media is politics and influence’ ... The media of Gusinsky, Chernoi, and Berezovsky, that is three powerful media lords, all of them Israeli citizens, took care to cultivate his ignorance. Even in Sweden, traditionally supportive of the Palestinian cause, since the national newspapers were bought by Jewish entrepreneurs, the coverage of Palestine became more and more lopsided ... In my opinion, the case of Palestine is much more important for you, for Europeans and Americans, than just another case of injustice. Because it proves that this international group of Jewish media lords have become a mite too powerful."

Time Magazine Honors Survivor.
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California
, January 2, 1998
"Time magazine has named a Holocaust survivor its 1997 Man of the Year. The magazine honored Andrew Grove, chairman and CEO of Intel, which produces nearly 90 percent of the world's personal computer microprocessors. Grove was born Andras Grof in Hungary to a dairyman and a bookkeeper ... [Intel] is now worth $115 billion and earns $5.1 billion annually in profits, making it the seventh most profitable company in the world." [Other Jewish moguls in the computer world in recent years include Michael Dell, head of Dell Computers; Steve Ballmer, president of Microsoft; Nate Kantor, president of MCI International; Steven Kirsch, founder of Infoseek; Mark Goldston, CEO of NetZero; Mitchell Kapor, head of Lotus Development Corporation; Mark Cuban, head of and Audio.Net; Lawrence Perlman, head of Seagate; John Roth, CEO of Nortel Network; Benjamin Rosen, founder of Compaq computers; Beny Alagem, CEO, president, and chairman of Packard Bell NEC (Hewlett-Packard); Laurence Ellison, CEO of Oracle Systems; Sandy Lerner, founder of Cisco Systems; Irwin Jacobs, founder of Qualcomm Inc., Rob Glaser, CEO and Chairman of Real Networks; Monte Zweben, President and CEO of Blue Martini Software; Jerry Greenberg, co-founder of Sapient; Eric Greenberg, Chairman of Scient; Danny Lewin, founder of Akamai Technologies; and Dan Snyder, head of Snyder Communications.] The Jewish Exponent estimates that 10-15% of all Microsoft employees are Jewish. -- [Mono, Brian. Spiritual Wealth: The Economy Is Doing Just Fine, Jewish Exponent, 12-30-99, p. 9] Among the above, Lewin was killed in the World Trade Center terrorist attacks. As CNN noted: "Lewin was named one of the top 10 people of the Enterprise Systems Power 100, a list of industry leaders chosen for their effect on the IT (information technology) landscape and for their ability to influence the industry's direction ... Born in Denver, Colorado, and raised in Jerusalem, Lewin is an officer in the Israel Defense Forces, having served in the country's military for more than four years." [SIEBERG, D. Akamai: Co-Founder Dies in WTC Plane Crash, 9-11-01,]

We're in the Money
Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles
. August 17, 2001
"Despite a tough economic year that prompted more than $550 million in line-item vetoes by Governor Gray Davis, the new California state budget allocates almost $10 million dollars to Jewish organizations. With a range of programs from pediatric immunizations to materials for community colleges suffering last-minute cuts by the executive office, even political insiders say they are surprised by the success of Jewish-backed causes when it came to securing funds. 'I’m sort of amazed, frankly,' says Howard Welinsky, a board member of the Jewish Public Affairs Committee, the political affairs arm of The Jewish Federation. 'I’m amazed that the legislature and the governor allowed so many of these requests when so many other areas of funding got cut. The Jewish community did pretty well' ... The Jewish community’s biggest budget winner — as usual — was the Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance ... Other recipients of state funds include the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, which received $750,000 towards the $70 million dollar renovation of its Pacific Heights building. The Jewish Museum San Francisco also received $750,000, money — which will be used to finish a new facility near Yerba Buena Gardens in the downtown area. The Breed Street Shul, Los Angeles’ oldest synagogue and a historic landmark, received $500,000 for preservation and expansion of community services in its Boyle Heights neighborhood. The Skirball Cultural Center received $400,000 towards construction of a new exhibition hall. San Francisco Jewish Vocational Services (SFJVS), a Federation beneficiary agency, received $200,000 for a new training and employment center for émigrés in the downtown area. YouTHink, an educational program for public schools, scored $250,000 to expand its curriculum of arts projects that inspire discussions of current issues among children. Political insiders credit the Jewish community’s success to a combination of savvy political lobbying and a roster of projects with strong track records and broad social appeal.

Jewish Paradise in the Caribbean?
, August-September 2001
"In fact, after 350 years on the island [of Curacao, north of Venezuela, and once an important African slave site] —the community refers to itself as the oldest continuous Jewish community in the Americas—the Jews are quick to point out that on Curacao, they are the locals ... [There is] now fewer than 350 Jews on an island of about 125,000 ... As one rabbi told me, Curacaoan Jews have long been the 'Brahmins' of their little island. There is no 'community outside Israel where Jews [have] occupied that status in society,' the rabbi said ... the Jews are deeply entrenched in the island’s business elite. Jews own the island’s main bank, Maduro & Curiel’s. They own most of the car dealerships, the largest electrical appliance store, and many of the jewelry and clothing shops. Rabbi Michael Tayvah, a 39-year-old from Great Neck, N.Y., and spiritual leader at the Sephardic shul, says the Jews remain prominent in shipping—operating container freight companies."

Jews in Sports, by Lenny Silberman,
Ken Online
[a Jewish organization in San Diego; "Ken means yes"]
A listing of Jews of influence in the sports world; the list is not, of course, complete. Of particular interest is the fact that the commissioners of professional basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and hockey are ALL Jewish (David Stern, Bud Selig, Paul Tagliabue, Don Garber, and Gary Bettman)! (This noteworthy fact is NOT noted at this web site). This list also names about 20 Jewish owners of professional sports franchises, as well as a number of Jewish coaches, players, and sports journalists.

International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame
Page 3, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 29, 2001
"He's a super agent, a pioneer in his industry and one of the most influential men on the landscape of pro sports in the 21st century ... [Tom Reich is] the first agent to win a baseball player a contract worth $1 million a year, counting deferred payments: Reich with the Pirates' Dave Parker in the late 1970s. The first agent to win a hockey player a contract worth $2 million a year: Reich with the Penguins' Mario Lemieux in the late 1980s ... Tom Reich ... maintains he merely wants to preserve his slice of two-sport life: 70 Major Leaguers and roughly 100 minor leaguers; 40 NHL players and roughly 20 minor leaguers; a role in baseball; a role in hockey. 'Life is good,' Reich said two weeks ago, during a wide-ranging, 2 1/2-hour interview amid his lengthy Pittsburgh stay. 'Like the movie title says: As good as it gets' ... . He long ago set up shop in Los Angeles, Florida and New York, the first and last because of their market importance, the middle one because, well, doesn't every Jewish boy of his generation crave a Miami abode?"

Former Israeli Owns Retail Lease for World Trade Center,
Jerusalem Post, September 12, 2001
"Australian businessman Frank Lowy, who emigrated to Australia from Israel in 1952, owns the 99-year lease for the 425,000 square foot retail portion of the destroyed World Trade Center. Lowy is the chairman and founder of Westfield Holdings, the manager of Westfield America Trust, which has a 57 percent stake in Westfield America Inc ... Westfield said today that it has insurance cover against terrorist attacks and its earnings will not be materially affected. In a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange the retail chain said that 'investment in the retail component of the World Trade Center is fully insured for both capital and loss of income,' adding 'the insurance cover includes acts of terrorism' ... Today [Lowy] is the second wealthiest man in Australia and was recently ranked as the 209th wealthiest man in the world by Forbes magazine. Westfield is the fourth-largest shopping mall owner, with operations in Australia, the US, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Lowy is philanthropically involved in the Jewish community in Sydney as well as Israel, including sponsoring the Overseas Students School of Tel Aviv University which is endowed in his name and being associate international chairman of the Israel Democracy Institute." [The owner of a 99-year lease for the rest of the World Trade Center, costing $3.2 billion dollars, is Silverstein Properties (president: Larry Silverstein. The lease was purchased for New York's Port Authority (chairman: Lewis Eisenberg).] [SCT NEWSWIRE, 7-25-01]

The 30-Plus Most Influential Jews in America,
Cleveland Jewish News, December 28, 2001
"As Federal Reserve chairman, Alan Greenspan is, hands down, the most influential Jew in America. He is, some would argue, the most influential person in America ... The buck stops with [Supreme Court] Justice [Ruth Bader] Ginsburg. And so did the election. In Bush vs. Gore, Ginsburg helped shape the national agenda for the next four years ... Steve Ballmer took over as chief executive of Microsoft from Bill Gates six months before a federal court ordered the breakup of the company. Ballmer is guiding the software giant through one of its busiest and most challenging years ever. He's also the 13th richest person in the world with a net worth of $16.6 billion ... While Brad Turell was the head of communications for The WB television network, he began a religious odyssey that transformed him and his family into observant Jews. In April, he was promoted to the top communications slot for all of Turner Broadcasting, which includes CNN ... Mortimer Zuckerman brings clout and cachet to the chairmanship of one of America's most influential Jewish groups. In a staggering 46-6 vote, the media and real-estate baron was elected chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Zuckerman also received bipartisan support from Israel's two most recent prime ministers, Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu. In addition, he owns U.S. News & World Report and the New York Daily News and is presumed to have some degree of influence over those publications' news coverage and editorials ..."

Russian Jewish Elites and Antisemitism,
American Jewish Committee,
"The presence of Jews in the Russian elite is cause for concern among Jews themselves, who fear a backlash of anti-Semitism. As one Russian Jewish leader has explained, 'People here have quite bitter memories of the participation of Jews in the [Bolshevik] revolution.' 1 Yet Jews themselves sometimes contribute to the idea that Jews exert disproportionate influence in Russian society. In fall 1996, an influential Moscow business magazine asked a dozen politicians, 'Who runs the country?' Alexander Minkin, the most popular print journalist at the time and a Jew himself, gave the shortest answer: 'Jews.' 2 In an interview broadcast in October 1996 on Israeli TV, Vitaly Malkin, head of the Rossiyskiy Kredit Bank, said that '60 percent of Russian capital belongs to Jewish business' 3-surely a gross exaggeration. Some analysts say that the notion of Jewish prominence in the elites is nothing but a myth created and supported by both nationalists and Jews. Vladimir Gurevich, editor in chief of the Moscow daily newspaper Vremya-MN, is among those who share this view: 'At any given time, there have been many more non-Jews than Jews in business, government, parliament. To notice this prominence, one should have a desire to find it. More than other groups impressed by the Jewish presence in high echelons are Jews themselves.'”

Excerpts from Alfred Lilienthal's book, The Zionist Connection II, (selected by Peter Myers), 1983
"One-sided reportage on terrorism, in which cause was never related to effect, was assured because the most effective component of the Jewish connection is probably that of media control. It is well {p. 219} known that American public opinion molders have long been largely influenceed by a handful of powerful newspapers, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch - owned respectively by the Sulzbergers, Eugene Meyer and now his daughter Katharine Graham (half-Jewish, who also owns Newsweek), and the Pulitzers, a Hungarian Jewish family. The New York Post, until recently when it was sold to Rupert Murdoch, was in the capable hands of Dorothy Schiff, the granddaughter of banker Jacob Schiff. ... Other newspapers, not Jewish-owned, have top editors, directors, and advertising chiefs who are Jewish, such as the Los Angeles Times and the International Herald Tribune, an amalgam of the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the old New York Herald Tnbune. In 1978 the Washington Star's owner was Time Magazine and the publisher until June 1 was Joe L. Allbritton, but the views of the executive editor Sidney Epstein and associate editor Edwin Yoder, Jr. were clearly ref1ected in its editorials and articles during the critical Middle East developments. All of the leading magazines, ranging trom Commentary, Esquire, Ladies Home Journal, New York Review of Books, New Yorker, and U.S. News and World Report, have Jews in key positions as publishers, editors, or managing editors. These people, at the very least, have the veto power over whatatever appears in their publications. No one is about to criticize Jews - or even take Israel to task - for fear of being out of line with the boss, who is likely to fire him. The boss himself may not be a screaming Zionist, but scarcely ever will walk out of step with the overwhelming articulated opinion by expressing his own views on this subject, which in turn makes his Christian friends and contacts keep whatever criticism they may harbor under full wraps. There is also the constant overriding concern of the media about losing advertising, so vital to every publication, at times making a mockery of the vaunted 'freedom ot press.' Power is thus very otten exercised by default. ... {p. 220} It would be futile to list the number of top Jewish editors and writers across the courltry. Many of the largest book publishers, including Knopf, Random House, Holt, Liverwright, Viking Press, Simon and Schuster, Van Nostrand Reinhold, and Lyle Stewart are Jewish-owned, directly or by Jewish-controlled interests (including CBS, RCA, Music Corporation of America, Litton's, and Gulf and Western). In other firms such as Macmillan and Grosset & Dunlap, one will find editors-in-chief or presidents who are Jewish. ... In radio and television, again one finds almost an overwhelming presence of key Jews. Chairman of the Board of CBS until very recently was William Paley: RCA's David and Robert Sarnoff for a long time ran their subsidiary, the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) whose {p. 221} present chairman is Julian Goodman; and Leonard Goldenson headed the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) until succeeded by Fred Silverman. ... A few officials in three offices all located on the east side of Sixth Avenue in Manhattan between 49th and 54th streets select most of the ideas, experiences, and news reaching most of the American people. ... Virtually all national and international news is filtered, edited, and broadcast by these three corporations."

'Whenever the World Gets Crazy, the Jews Pay the Price,'
Haaretz [Israeli newspaper], February 21, 2002
"As if their origins were not causing them enough problems, along came the rumors about Jacques Attali's new book to raise the anxiety level of French Jews. This prolific author, who served as a close and all-powerful adviser to Francois Mitterrand, has written dozens of books. Most of them touch, to some extent, on Judaism, the Jewish religion and Jewish history. In all his writings, however universal they may be, Attali has always found an indirect or direct Jewish connection to the course of history. Yet no one before him has dared to make the connection between Jews and money, the way he has in his forthcoming book, 'The Jews, the World and Money.' For many years, those on the extreme right in France have been wondering how the Jews got rich so quickly. There are about 600,000 Jews in France, a bit more than 1 percent of the population. Many of them belong to the republic's prestigious elites. Jean Marie Le Pen, the leader of the National Front, has often spoken about the presence of so many Jews at key crossroads of the country. 'The Jews hold the most senior positions in print journalism,' he once said, 'in the electronic media, in academia and in the economy. How did they get so rich?' ... Now Attali's book has come along, proving the historical connection between Jews and money. The provocative title has led Denis Jeambar, editor of the weekly L'Express, to propose it be changed in order to avoid stirring up a storm. 'The Jews, the Christians and Money,' is blazoned across the front page of this week's edition '"

Perceptions about Influence of Jewish Executives on Network TV Programming, ADL (Anti-Defamation League), November 1998
"The presidents of the three national television networks, ABC, CBS and NBC, are Jewish. Some people have criticized them for allowing too much programming that features sex and violence. Do you think network executives who are Jewish tend to allow more sex and violence programming than non-Jewish executives allow OR do you think Jewish executives do not allow any more of this kind of programming than non-Jewish executives?" [80% of the respondents to this survey said no.]

The Jewish Tribe, Boston Magazine
"The Yiddish-Yiddish rally behind professional activists like Leonard Zakim and his staff at the Anti-Defamation League. Like the British-Yiddish, they serve on the boards of the city's hospitals, cultural institutions, and status charities, but they also support Combined Jewish Philanthropies (the Jewish United Way). Leading supporters include Phoenix Media Communications Group chairman/publisher Stephen Mindich, and the Krupp brothers, Philip and William, who made a killing in real estate ... A large middle-class Jewish population notwithstanding, being Jewish to many people today means being rich and successful. Think Steven Spielberg, Alan Greenspan, Billy Crystal, David Mamet ... The fact is, many Jews [in Boston] have made their marks as leaders of other tribes: medicine (Judah Folkman and Mitch Rabkin), intellectual (Robert Reich, Stephen Jay Gould, former Harvard dean Henry Rosovsky, literary power couple Anne Bernays and Justin Kaplan), culinary (Michael Schlow of Radius and investor Jack Sidell), and even the Irish (consultant and dealmaker Larry Rasky). Still, this is one tribe with lots of chiefs, and they operate in all arenas: from retail (Murray Pearlstein and Debra Greenberg of Louis Boston) to the arts (the American Repertory Theater's Robert Brustein, the ICA's Jill Medvedow) to finance (merger man Tom Lee and Putnam's Larry Lasser) to politics (former Democratic National Committee head Steven Grossman, fundraisers Alan Solomont and Elaine Shuster) to economics (MIT's Paul Samuelson, Harvard's Martin Feldstein and Jeffrey Sachs) to real estate (Stephen Karp, Julian Cohen, Bruce Beal, Jerome Rappaport, Steve Fishman, Ron Drucker, Dick Friedman, Alan Leventhal, and Edwin Sidman) to sports (Kraft and the legendary Red Auerbach)."

Carl Cameron Investigates, Part 2, Fox News, December 14, 2001
"Last time we reported on the approximately 60 Israelis who had been detained in connection with the Sept. 11 terrorism investigation. Carl Cameron reported that U.S. investigators suspect that some of these Israelis were spying on Arabs in this country, and may have turned up information on the planned terrorist attacks back in September that was not passed on. Tonight, in the second of four reports on spying by Israelis in the U.S., we learn about an Israeli-based private communications company, for whom a half-dozen of those 60 detained suspects worked. American investigators fear information generated by this firm may have fallen into the wrong hands and had the effect of impeded the Sept. 11 terror inquiry ... Most directory assistance calls, and virtually all call records and billing in the U.S. are done for the phone companies by Amdocs Ltd., an Israeli-based private elecommunications company. Amdocs has contracts with the 25 biggest phone companies in America, and more worldwide ... In recent years, the FBI and other government agencies have investigated Amdocs more than once. The firm has repeatedly and adamantly denied any security breaches or wrongdoing. But sources tell Fox News that in 1999, the super secret national security agency, headquartered in northern Maryland, issued what's called a Top Secret sensitive compartmentalized information report, TS/SCI, warning that records of calls in the United States were getting into foreign hands – in Israel, in particular." [Note: This article (and four others by Cameron) were censored from Fox News' web site within the week. See Justin Raimondo for an article, and links, about it all. In an Orwellian sentence, the link to Fox said "This story no longer exists" until that too was taken down.  See Israel National News' article about Cameron's story]

Carl Cameron Investigates, Part 3, Fox News, December 14, 2001
"BRIT HUME, HOST: Last time we reported on an Israeli-based company called Amdocs Ltd. that generates the computerized records and billing data for nearly every phone call made in America. As Carl Cameron reported, U.S. investigators digging into the 9/11 terrorist attacks fear that suspects may have been tipped off to what they were doing by information leaking out of Amdocs. In tonight's report, we learn that the concern about phone security extends to another company, founded in Israel, that provides the technology that the U.S. government uses for electronic eavesdropping. Here is Carl Cameron's third report. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) CARL CAMERON, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): The company is Comverse Infosys, a subsidiary of an Israeli-run private telecommunications firm, with offices throughout the U.S. It provides wiretapping equipment for law enforcement. Here's how wiretapping works in the U.S. Every time you make a call, it passes through the nation's elaborate network of switchers and routers run by the phone companies. Custom computers and software, made by companies like Comverse, are tied into that network to intercept, record and store the wiretapped calls, and at the same time transmit them to investigators ... Adding to the suspicions is the fact that in Israel, Comverse works closely with the Israeli government, and under special programs, gets reimbursed for up to 50 percent of its research and development costs by the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade. But investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying through Comverse is considered career suicide." [Note: This article (and four others by Cameron) were censored from Fox News' web site within the week. See Justin Raimondo for an article, and links, about it all. In an Orwellian sentence, the link to Fox said "This story no longer exists" til that too was taken down. See Israel National News' article about Cameon's censored pieces]

An Oligarch's U-Turn Toward Probity,
Los Angeles Times, December 26, 2001
"Russia's richest man is wearing new lenses. Once upon a time, Mikhail Khodorkovsky shielded his eyes behind chunky, tinted eyeglasses so thick they might have been bulletproof. These days, he meets the world's gaze through stylishly square frames with lenses that are--as Russians say--'clear as a baby's tears.' The change is metaphoric as well as optometric. Khodorkovsky once had a reputation as the dirtiest of Russia's 'oligarchs.' These days, the oil magnate insists, his empire's affairs are as transparent as his glasses ... Khodorkovsky's personal net worth topped $2.4 billion. Forbes magazine now ranks him as the richest man in Russia, and the 10th-richest in the world ... Even though the Soviet system made it difficult for Jews like him to advance, he was a model young Soviet bureaucrat, an officer in the Young Communist League, or Komsomol. In 1987, inspired by the liberalization under Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev, he founded a kind of economic collective called the Young Entrepreneurs Foundation, which started trading things such as computers."

The Jews of Kolkata, India Profile
"The arrival of two Jewish men [to India] in the second decade of the 19th century heralded a remarkable chapter in the history of Calcutta’s Jew[ish] community. Moses Duek Cohen and Joseph Ezra. Moses, remembered as the foretunner of Baghdad habitants in Calcutta, was later to transcreate his Calcutta experience in a well known Hebreq book titled Kaneh Muddah. What however appears to have transformed Jewish life in the city is the pervasive influence of the Ezra family. Joseph Ezra left for Baghdad soon after exploring business avenues in Calcutta. But it was not long before Joseph’s eldest son David Joseph Ezra returned to this city and set about creating what in time became the Ezra legend. David’s export, of indigo, silk and rice, spread to Baghdad, Aleppo, Damascus, Zanzibar and Muscat. David Joseph possessed an uncanny foresight. As his coffers swelled he invested a sizeable fortune in real estate. Many who imagined at the time that David was building castles in the air rued their luck as property values spiraled over the years. The Ezra business finally grew into a staggering industrial empire under Sir David Ezra (a great-grandson of Joseph Ezra and the last of the Ezra moghuls in Calcutta) by the third decade of the 20th century. Another man who turned big time amongst Jew entrepreneurs of mid 20th century Calcutta was Benjamin Nassim Elias. Elias had emerged from obscurity in Calcutta’s jute and gunny trade and ended up forming the giant B.N. Elias conglomerate of companies which made him one of the most powerful industrial magnets of the day. Interestingly, till Jewish dominance receded from this city, Sir David Ezra had remained the unrivalled monarch of real estate in Calcutta."

How a Billionare Clan Made Money in Biotech,
Forbes, March 25, 2002
"When Thomas J. Pritzker wanted to invest some of his estimated $5 billion in net worth in a drug company, he didn't buy into hot, flashy science. Instead, he spent a smidge of the family fortune to found a company that specialized not in developing drugs, like most biotech firms, but in marketing them. Last week, that sales company, Reliant Pharmaceuticals, was bought by Cambridge, Mass.-based Alkermes for $934 million in stock. Pritzker says that his group of investors had put a mere $150 million or so into Reliant. Now, they will own 31% of the combined company, which will be a marketing powerhouse with more than half of its over 1,300 employees in sales. Before the merger, Alkermes had a market value of nearly $2 billion. Not bad ... The Pritzkers might seem a surprising source of that know-how. "Our family is in a lot of businesses," says Tom Pritzker. His uncle, Robert Alan Pritzker, 75, is also a quintuple billionaire. The Pritzker clan's wealth came partly from the Hyatt and Royal Caribbean Cruise lines, businesses he says they built from the ground up."

The Idiot's Guide to Yiddish Supremacists,
Nile Media, April 7, 2002
"As [Ariel] Sharon's assault on the Palestinians intensifies, it is important to take account of the many American Jews who have used their 'media muscle' to support the adventures of Likudnik extremists. It is vital to record in our collective memory banks the men and women, our self-appointed 'intellectual class', who have endorsed every murderous Israeli policy, regardless of international law, human rights, American values and American interests. The following is just a partial list of American publishers and journalist who have dedicated a good part of their career to supporting the repression of the Palestinian people. We call it our 'Idiot's Guide to Yiddish Supremacists.' Note that this is just a partial list of the Yiddish cabal that represents the only American ethnic constituency that supports repression abroad. They stand by Israel, right wing or extreme right wing. These guys never miss a chance to glorify their favorite country, Israel, a racist apartheid land thieving repressive regime created by Yiddish supremacists for Yiddish supremacists against the native people of the Holy Land. On domestic issues, observe that some of these writers, like Ellen Goodman and Alan Dershowitz, pose as 'liberals' or even 'progressive'. Some pose as Democratic party loyalists (Thomas Friedman) while others like Charles Krauthammer (The Washington Post) pose as neo-conservatives."

The Last Emperor,
Bloomberg Markets, 2002
"[Michel] David-Weill doesn't have to sell if he doesn't want to. He directly controls 22.4 percent of the firm [Lazard LLC Parnters, an investment company] in league with three former partners--Antoine Bernheim, Andre Meyer, and Jean Guyot--and their families. This group also controls another 17 percent of Lazard through a cascade of closely held and publicly held holding companies. David-Weill, who has run Lazard since 1977, has struggled to keep the firm competitive since 1997, when star deal maker Felix Rohatyn left to become U.S. ambassador to France. Rohatyn, a 49-year veteran of Lazard, built his reputation advising Harold Geneen [one parent Jewish] on the acquisitions that built the ITT Corp. conglomerate in the 1960s. Rohatyn went on to advise Pfizer, RCA Corp., and Paramount Communications Inc. David-Weill inherited Rohatyn's seat on the board of ITT, which later sold off parts of the company--often with Lazard's advice again--and changed its name to ITT Industries Inc. Lazard has lost several other partners besides Rohatyn. David-Weill's son-in-law Edouard Stern, who was being groomed as a future CEO, quit in 1997 after David-Weill proved reluctant to give him control. Subsequently, Ira Harris, Lazard's Chicago rainmaker, and Michael Price, the firm's senior telecommunications banker, quit. Kendrick Wilson, who worked with bank clients and was once a CEO candidate, left in 1998 to join Goldman Sachs."

Benjamin Steinbruch. The Iron King How a Brazilian entrepreneur has become one of the most important businessmen in Latin America in just four years, Steel Profiles, 1997
"It is just over a year since Benjamin Steinbruch was crowned the new king of Brazilian industry. The 44-year-old entrepreneur had just put together the consortium that bought a controlling stake in Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (CVRD), the world's biggest iron ore company, in what was Latin America's largest privatisation. In a dramatic auction at the Rio de Janeiro stock exchange, he snatched the company from the clutches of the strong favourite, a consortium led by Antonio Ermirio de Moraes of the Votorantim group, the grand old man of Brazilian capitalism. It was the most audacious in a series of acquisitions of companies being privatised, that have catapulted Mr Steinbruch from being the unknown heir of a family textiles group to one of the most important businessmen in Latin America in the space of just four years ... In 1993 he persuaded Vicunha, the family business, to take a 9.3 per cent stake in CSN, Brazil's largest steel company. He later got Bamerindus, the retail bank, to sell him its 5 per cent stake and he became chairman ... In 1996 he talked the CSN board into taking a 7.25 per cent stake in Light, the Rio de Janeiro electricity distributor, with Mr Steinbruch collecting the chairmanship. His formidable powers of quiet persuasion were at work again last year when he pulled together an unlikely group of investors, including NationsBank of the US, to buy the controlling stake in CVRD for R$3.34bn ($2.9bn). The deal gave Mr Steinbruch control of a company that is the cornerstone of the Brazilian economy. His ambitions did not stop there. This year, through Vicunha, he has been in the winning consortium for two of the nine new cellular phone licences the government has sold ... The huge concentration of power in his hands is another habit he shares with more traditional Brazilian business leaders. He has so far resisted the appointment of a chief executive at CVRD, describing the idea as 'premature'". ALSO: Bigotry, Estadao (Brazil), June 6, 1997. "Eliane Alves da Silva, Geography teacher at the Federal University in Rio, has been accused of prejudice against jews and praising the holocaust. After having her class tape-recorded by one of her pupil and being denounced in a 200-student-signature petition, the teacher is on the verge of being sued for anti-semitism and ethnic defamation. Not only did she attack the jews as a whole, but even named some people. According to SBT TV news, one of the offended was Benjamin Steinbruch, the tycoon who has just bought the recently privatized Vale do Rio Doce (CVRD), one of the biggest mining companies in the world, few years after buying CSN, another former state company, the biggest in the iron and steel industry. President of Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistic (IBGE), Simao Schwartzman, was mentioned as 'scoundrel and rascal jew'. After the collective commotion, politicians, jewish associations and individual persons are considering legal actions against Eliane Alves. The university has already dismissed the teacher while set to an investigation. Since the teacher happens to be black, some black people institutions and minorities associations publicly apologized."

What Would Happen If Armenians Were Expelled From Krasnodar,
by Rouben Hayrapetian, Azg Armenian Daily (Armenia), May 31, 2002
"Russian nationalists admit their complete helplessness to fight against Jews. They know that out of 7 billionaires in Russia 5 are Jews. The wife of the sixth, Azeri Vagit Alekperov is said to be a Jew and all of them made their fortunes not by producing something, but taking hold of the Russian national wealth-crud[e] oil and non-ferrous metals and selling it to the West. Nothing is changed when they are called Jew mug, nothing. The point is that according to some sources the mother of governor Tkachov is also Jew, though I do not have enough grounds to insist on it, but many steps of the governor could be explained by this fact. Let us recall that the leaders of the October Revolution in 1917 were all Jews, who built a new Russia by ruthlessly destroying Russian nobility, professional military and Orthodox Christians. Now there are wonderful conditions in Russia to plunder the country making Armenians, Azeris, Kurds and other minorities the scapegoat. By the way, chief of migration department in the administration of governor Tkachov is a pureblooded Jew."

Diller family's $5 million will boost Jewish studies: Grant to level playing field for Israel,
Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, October 4, 2002
"Pro-Israel elements on the U.C. Berkeley campus have 5 million new reasons to believe the university is listening to them. A grant from the Helen Diller Family Fund -- at $5 million, far and away the largest donation ever received by the university's Jewish studies program -- will ensure a permanent Israeli presence on the U.C. Berkeley campus. Starting in the fall, the grant will be utilized to bring an Israeli professor to the university every year. The funding will also enhance graduate studies and research within the program. In addition to the grant to U.C. Berkeley, Diller gave a matching $5 million to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev toward a building to house its humanities departments. Diller felt compelled to make the grant to U.C. Berkeley because, as an alumna, she was disturbed that the campus has been the scene of some of the most fervent pro-Palestinian activism in the nation. She views the donation as a vehicle for change. 'You know what's going on over there. With the protesting and this and that, we need to get a real strong Jewish studies program in there,' said the Woodside philanthropist, who met her husband, Sanford, at U.C. Berkeley in the 1950s. 'Hopefully, it will be enlightening to have a visiting professor and it'll calm down over there more.'"

Secession Question,
Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, October 11, 2002
"Secession, in this instance, referred to the referendum calling for the San Fernando Valley to separate from Los Angeles and become an independent city of 1.35 million ... In an earlier day, everyone in the audience would have known why he wanted to slide away from the good-for-the-Jews question. It was not 'cool' to be public about Jewish interests or preferences. The non-Jews might hear, and who knew what consequences might follow. Certainly nothing good. But this is the 21st century and, for better or worse, the Jews are central players in Los Angeles. Jews are at the heart of the city’s cultural life. The garment industry is crowded with Latino workers, but many owners are Jewish businessmen. Real estate and development are identified with major Jewish entrepreneurs. Local politics has a strong Jewish presence, and in terms of fundraising for statewide and national political office, Los Angeles in particular and California in general are essential to the nation’s political life. I haven’t even mentioned Hollywood with its Jewish agents, corporate lawyers and moguls. If you start compiling names of L.A. influentials — Frank Gehry, Steven Spielberg, Eli Broad, Haim Saban, Bruce Ramer, Rob Reiner — it becomes evident that the Jews, on the basis of influence, per capita income and education, are the Brahmins of Los Angeles."

Risky trick for sultan of PR spin,
Guardian (UK), July 8, 2001
"Matthew Freud, matey Machiavelli of public relations, rejected 'hundreds' of requests for an interview last week. But like all the best PR gurus, he can make his presence felt even when fleeing calls. So when one newspaper profile ran a photo of a tired-looking, bloodshot-eyed Freud, it was not surprising to see the picture replaced in later editions. Freud has been in the news a lot recently. Last week he bought back Freud Communications, the celebrity and consumer PR firm he sold to Abbott Mead Vickers for a reported £10 million in 1994. He also told Vanity Fair about his apparently fraught relationship with Rupert Murdoch, Freud's soon to be father-in-law. His marriage to Elisabeth Murdoch will complete an eventful 12 months for the 37-year-old Freud ... Nobody can say that Freud, a great-grandson of Sigmund Freud, has not been entrepreneurial. He was 21 when he launched Freud Communications with two clients on his books: Clannad, the New Age Irish band, and celebrity spoon-bender [Israeli] Uri Geller ... Today, though, the bulk of Freud's business comes from promoting consumer products for the likes of Nescafé, Nike and Unilever."

Diamonds are a Jew's best friend,
Jewsweek, October 12, 2002
"Next to DeBeers, Lev Leviev is the second largest diamond merchant in the world. Could this Soviet Jew with humble beginnings be set to take down the DeBeers diamond giant? ... The [Chabad Lubavitcher] Rebbe blessed him and his ideas [about this business in Russia], adding that he should use the money he would earn and the power he would gain to build the Jewish community in general and Lubavitch in particular, in Russia and in the world ... Leviev was then a 36-year-old Israeli ... Leviev is single-handedly taking on the great DeBeers diamond cartel that has dominated the diamond industry for generations -– and by almost anyone's account, he's actually gaining ground on them. Leviev has parlayed his riches into political power and charitable contributions, touching the lives of countless Jews. The Lubavitcher Rebbe blessed Leviev for success in the diamond business, and he asked him to use the resulting power and wealth to build Judaism. Leviev has done exactly that. Diamonds have always been a Jewish business. One might even say that Jews created the industry ... Amsterdam is no longer the world diamond center it once was. That center is now a little less than two hours away by train in Antwerp, Belgium. The diamond business here is also heavily Jewish. Most of the dealers and workers are from the local Chassidic community, who live nearby and worship in the dozens of synagogues that dot the area ... Antwerp's diamond community established the Israeli diamond industry, which has the second-biggest center of diamonds in the world, located in a complex of buildings in a Tel Aviv suburb ... The diamond industry has been dominated by the DeBeers cartel since it was founded in 1888. The family that established it and in whose possession it remains today, the Oppenheimers, were German Jews living in London in the 19th century. Most diamonds mined and sold during the last century have passed through the cartel's hands."

Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of Mystery,
New York Magazine, October 28, 2002 issue
"He's pals with a passel of Nobel Prize–winning scientists, CEOs like [fellow Jew] Leslie Wexner of the Limited, socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, even Donald Trump. But it wasn't until he flew Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and Chris Tucker to Africa on his private Boeing 727 that the world began to wonder who he is. He comes with cash to burn, a fleet of airplanes, and a keen eye for the ladies -- to say nothing of a relentless brain that challenges Nobel Prize–winning scientists across the country -- and for financial markets around the world. Ever since the Post's 'Page Six' ran an item about the president's late-September visit to Africa with Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker -- on his new benefactor's customized Boeing 727 -- the question of the day has been: Who in the world is Jeffrey Epstein? It's a life full of question marks. Epstein is said to run $15 billion for wealthy clients, yet aside from Limited founder Leslie Wexner, his client list is a closely held secret. A former Dalton math teacher, he maintains a peripatetic salon of brilliant scientists yet possesses no bachelor's degree. For more than ten years, he's been linked to Manhattan-London society figure Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the mysteriously deceased [Jewish/Zionist] media titan Robert Maxwell, yet he lives the life of a bachelor, logging 600 hours a year in his various planes as he scours the world for investment opportunities. He owns what is said to be Manhattan's largest private house yet runs his business from a 100-acre private island in St. Thomas. Power on Wall Street has generally accrued to those who have made their open bids for it. Soros. Wasserstein. Kravis. Weill. [All Jewish moguls] The Sturm und Drang of their successes and failures has been played out in public. Epstein breaks the mold. Most everyone on the Street has heard of him, but nobody seems to know what the hell he is up to. Which is just the way he likes it."

GIL SHWED, Chairman and CEO Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.,
CIO Magazine, October 1, 2002
"You can forgive Gil Shwed for not wanting to discuss his age, which he reluctantly confirms is 34. He was just shy of 25 when he and two colleagues started Check Point Software. The company's rise thrust Shwed into a spotlight most executives don't see for decades. His appearance on Forbes' 2002 list of under-35 'billionaire babies' has led some wags back home to call him the 'Bill Gates of Israel.' All that attention comes thanks to Check Point FireWall-1, the first mass-market firewall that made its debut just as the Internet was taking off in 1993. That product and subsequent Check Point offerings are credited with helping define the nascent markets for network security and virtual private networks. It was during Shwed's four years in the Israeli Defense Forces that he first had the idea for stateful inspection—the network security standard for which he holds a patent."

Book Review. The Perils Of Greed, Mysteries Of The Market,
Forbes, November 5, 2002
"The beauty of The Mind of Wall Street, A Legendary Financier on the Perils of Greed and The Mysteries of the Market (Leon Levy with Eugene Linden, Public Affairs, $26) is that you can hear how my friend Leon Levy's mind works. That mind has made Levy an exceedingly wealthy man. Like Warren Buffett and other legendary investors of his generation, the now 77-year-old Levy began 'playing' the market at a young age. His first investments were made with the $200 received as bar mitzvah presents. 'I always believed I could make money with money,' he says. Levy rose from being research analyst with a small securities firm to senior partner of Oppenheimer & Co., founder of the Oppenheimer mutual fund empire, and finally founding partner in Odyssey Partners, a hugely successful private investment partnership. Today, Forbes ranks Levy the 313th richest American, with $750 million. He advises the Guggenheim Foundation, the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, N.J., and other charitable institutions on their investments."

Spielberg, Castro At Film Premiere; Randolph Lerner Replaces Father,
Forbes, November 5, 2002
"U.S. credit card company MBNA on Tuesday said it named Randolph Lerner chairman, replacing his father Alfred Lerner, who died last month. MBNA also appointed President Charles Cawley as chief executive and made the senior Lerner's widow Norma a director. Randolph, 40, is currently the chairman of MBNA's finance and loan committee and since 1993 has been a director of MBNA and its MBNA America bank unit. Cawley, 62, has been president of MBNA for 17 years, having founded the original company in 1982. Alfred Lerner, whose Cleveland Browns brought NFL glory back to pigskin-starved Ohio, led the No. 1 independent credit card issuer since 1991. He died at age 69 on Oct. 23."

Forward 50,
[Jewish] Forward, November 15, 2002
The 50 most influential Jews in America, as decided by this Jewish ethnic newspaper. Paul Wolfowitz (Deputy Secretary of Defense), Thomas Friedman (New York Times reporter), Andrea Levin (chief propandist at CAMERA ("Committee on Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America), Norm Coleman (new senator from Minnesota), Lois Frankel (Florida State House Minority Leader), Senators Frank Lautenberg, Joe Lieberman, and Cal Levin; Linda Lingle (new governor of Hawaii), Nita Lowey (head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee), lawyer Eliot Spitzer, Stanley Gold (Board Chairman of the University of Southern California), and on and on ...

US-based professor claims Jews want to control Arab world,
Daily Star (Lebanon), November 20, 2002
"The 'international Zionist movement' is leading the United States to wage war against the Arab world with the intentions of colonizing the region, according to a professor speaking here during a lecture Tuesday. Hisham Sharabi, a professor of Arab Culture at Georgetown University in Washington DC, told an audience of students and faculty at Balamand University, that the region is currently under 'a neocolonial attack' but insisted that the Arabs would not be vanquished. 'However, in the long run, neither the Jews nor Americans will be able to subdue us for we are not (Native Americans),' he said, adding that almost 280 million Arabs form a 'massive force' ... 'Jews are getting ready to take control of us and the Americans have entered the region to possess the oil resources and redraw the geopolitical map of the Arab world,' he added."

Russian billionaire behind worldwide trade in oil,
Times Online (UK), November 20, 2002
"The ownership of the heavy fuel oil fouling the beaches of northwest Spain can be traced back to Mikhail Fridman, one of the so-called Russian 'oligarchs' and the man at the helm of Alfa Group, a private conglomerate with interests in oil exploration, commodities trading, banking, telecommunications, food, vodka and supermarkets. One of Alfa Group’s many tentacles is Crown Resources, an oil-trading business set up by Alfa in Gibraltar in 1996. It was Crown that chartered the Prestige, a vessel that had previously been used as a floating storage tank, to hold deliveries of fuel from inland Russian refineries. Alfa Group’s myriad interests are impossible to value, but some estimate Mr Fridman’s personal fortune to be as much as $2 billion (£1.3 billion). He made his fortune in trading. In the 1980s, he was hustling everything from Siberian wool shawls and imported cigarettes to computers and photocopiers. It is said that he even bred mice for laboratories before setting up Alfa-Eco, a commodities trading business that formed the core of his financial and trading empire. Today, Alfa-Eco exports oil from Russia and imports sugar, tea and wine, and also owns Smirnov Trade House, a vodka producer. With its Russian commodities trading arm, Alfa-Eco, the Alfa Group has become a significant player in the oil-trading business. Last month, Alfa-Eco secured the largest Iraq oil deal in years, purchasing 20 million barrels of crude and helping to bring a flood of Iraqi crude on the market. The sudden surge in supply was a big factor in the recent fall in the oil price."

‘Beautiful Day’ For Bono Irish rocker gets Wiesenthal Center honor here for vision of tikkun olam,
Jewish Week, November 22, 2002
"What’s one of the world’s greatest rock stars doing at a Jewish benefit dinner? The answer came Monday night when Bono, the voice and wordsmith driving the fabulously popular band U2, became the first rock and roll personality to receive the Humanitarian Laureate Award from the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Bono, a 43-year-old native of Dublin, was honored for his international campaign to raise public awareness of the AIDS epidemic killing millions in Africa and forgive the crushing monetary debt of poverty-stricken Third World countries. Besides penning multimillion-selling, Grammy-winning albums, and fronting sold-out arena tours, Bono is busy lobbying world leaders to help Africa’s suffering and dying. 'He is fulfilling the prophetic vision of tikkun olam — to help repair the world and leave it in better condition than when we found it,' said Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the center named after the famous Nazi hunter whose mission is to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and promote tolerance ... Referring to himself as the new kid on the block in humanitarian work, he explained his new organization to help Africa called DATA (Debt, AIDS Emergency, Trade). 'We’re mishpacha now,' Bono told the audience, using the Hebrew word for family. 'Once I’m in, I don’t leave easily. I’m going to be calling on you' ... Tom Lantos, (D-Calif.), a Holocaust survivor, to liken the plight of Africans dying of AIDS as the world turns a blind eye, to Jews being forced into death camp-bound trains, while the world did nothing. 'Are we not watching them being put on trains again?' Bono said ... Wiesenthal Center officials also announced that its multimillion New York Tolerance Center will open on May 8 at the old New York Daily News building on 42nd Street. So far, $11 million has been raised for the project, announced dinner co-chairman Ira Lipman. The tolerance center will offer tolerance and training to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, teachers, community leaders and corporations." *

Few Jews in Spain, yet supposed ‘Jewish lobby’ still draws readers,
Jewish Telegraphic Agency, November 22, 2002
"A new book published in Spain seeks to put to rest the notion that a 'Jewish lobby' is influencing government and business in a country that has one of the smallest Jewish communities in Europe. But the book plays into some of the very stereotypes it seeks to deflate. In 'The Jewish Lobby: Power and Myths of Contemporary Spanish Jews,' Alfonso Torres, a Colombian-born journalist who has lived in Spain since 1977, calls on Spaniards to dispense with 'old cliches and historical prejudices' about Jews. Spaniards should know better, he says, because their country was “the cradle of Sephardic Judaism' ... Ironically, Torres’ book employs some of the very Jewish caricatures he condemns, especially in publicizing the work. The jacket lures the reader with enticing questions about the power Jews wield in Spain. 'It’s worth asking how much power contemporary Spanish Jews wield,' the blurb reads. 'Who are the wealthiest and most influential magnates? How have they amassed their fortunes? Which political and financial operations have they been involved in, and through which non-Jewish personalities move the invisible strings that connect them to the highest echelons of the state?' The author says the idea of a 'Jewish lobby' in Spain is 'one of the great lies” bandied about by the Spanish media, though he doesn’t give concrete examples. Much of the recent focus on the topic has been tied to the publication of the book. Along with an article on the book, the newspaper El Mundo published an 'ABC of Jewish Spain.' The list of famous Spanish Jews included movie star Cecilia Roth, who starred in Pedro Almodovar’s Oscar-winning 'All About My Mother,' and fur designer Elena Benarroch. Indeed, 'The Jewish Lobby' dwells on the wealthiest and scandal-ridden Spanish Jews, including Jews from abroad who have taken up residence in Spain, despite the author’s caveat that they are not representative of the Jewish community. The author goes into detail about financier Marc Rich, who received a controversial pardon from President Clinton for racketeering, illegal trading and tax evasion; and real estate magnate Jacques Hacheul, an associate of Mario Conde, a convict from the Banesto bank scandal. Torres notes Spain’s refusal to extradite Russian media tycoon Vladimir Gusinski to Moscow following appeals from American Jewish leaders to King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, who are said to be personally sympathetic toward Jews and the State of Israel. Spanish Jews did not react kindly to the book. ... 'If this journalist is our ‘friend,’ imagine our enemies' ... The authors of 'The Jewish Lobby' and 'Anti-Semitism in Spain' point out that derogatory terms still exist in Spanish dictionaries. “Sinagoga” not only means synagogue, but also 'a place where illicit schemes are hatched.' A 'Judiada' is an “action that is ill-meaning or unjustly undertaken against a person.'"

Epstein's promotion completes front-office overhaul,
ESPN, November 25, 2002
"The Boston Red Sox made 28-year-old Theo Epstein the youngest general manager in baseball history Monday, ending a long search for a front-office frontman by promoting one of their own."

Bobby Fischer's Pathetic Endgame Paranoia, hubris, and hatred—the unraveling of the greatest chess player ever,
The Atlantic Monthly, December 2002
"In exchange for these rare interviews (Fischer hasn't given a magazine or TV interview in thirty years), Sports Radio management has happily provided Fischer with hours of free airtime to spin his classic R&B records and to lash out at his enemies, both real and imagined. Fischer categorizes these enemies—including the former New York mayor Ed Koch, both Presidents Bush, and the Times Mirror Corporation—as 'Jews, secret Jews, or CIA rats who work for the Jews.' This radio broadcast was Fischer's seventeenth in the Philippines. The bizarre karaoke interlude was a departure of sorts, but otherwise the broadcast was no different from the previous sixteen. Fischer's talking points never vary. Bobby Fischer is being persecuted by world Jewry. The United States government is a 'brutal, evil dictatorship' that has falsely accused Bobby Fischer of a crime and forced him to live in exile. Bobby Fischer has been swindled out of a 'vast fortune' in royalties by book publishers, movie studios, and clock manufacturers (yes, clock manufacturers), who have brazenly pilfered his brand name, patents, and copyrights. The Jews are a 'filthy, lying bastard people' bent on world domination through such insidious schemes as the Holocaust ('a money-making invention'), the mass murder of Christian children ('their blood is used for black-magic ceremonies'), and junk food (William Rosenberg, the founder of Dunkin' Donuts, is singled out as a culprit). ... For the most part chess people have for years downplayed the importance of his outlandish outbursts, explaining that Fischer's raging anti-Semitism, acute paranoia, and tenuous grasp on reality are hyped by the media and misunderstood by the public... Another friend, asked how he could stand by someone so blatantly anti-Semitic, replies, 'A lot of people wouldn't care if Michael Jordan was an anti-Semite if they could play a game of Horse with him.' Many Fischer apologists argue that Bobby Fischer is in fact deranged, and that as such he deserves not public castigation but psychiatric help. They are quick to point out that he was raised in a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, has had close friends who were Jewish, and in fact had a Jewish mother (information he has gone to great lengths to deny)."

The Way We Live Now,
Jewish Chronicle [Great Britain], December 6, 2002, p. 31
"London Jews comprise 'a relatively affluent group of people with middle-class" lifestyles, according to a report published today by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research ["A Portrait of Jews in London and the South East: A Community Study," "the largest (survey) ever conducted of Jews in Britain," (2,965 people) ]. And, while details of their income are being kept under wraps, they are 'high on the socio-economic scale.' Around one-third describe themselves as employers in large organisations or in higher managerial and professional occupations, and another third in 'lower professional and higher technical and supervisiory' work. Only one per cent are engaged in 'routine' occupations ... 80 per cent had watched a programme of Jewish interest [in the past year], 53 per cent had read a book on a Jewish topic, while just 10 per cent had not participated in any kind Jewish cultural activity or bought a piece of Judaica of any kind. A third had attended a Jewish lecture, and one in five a synagogue adult-education programme; 24 per cent had been to a Jewish film, theatre or music event; and 24 per cent had visited a Jewish museum outside the UK. Around 60 per cent had been to at least one Jewish educational or cultural event ... More than half of those surveyed had done some type of voluntary work for their synagogue or another Jewish organisation in the past year ... As many as 13 per cent had served as a trustee on a Jewish charity ... Forty-six per cent attached highest priority to Jewish causes in the UK; 20 per cent to general British charities; 14 per cent to Israel; and 11 per cent equally to Jewish and Israeli charities ... 'What is absolutely apparent,' the report comments, 'is that London Jews have long sinced ceased to comprise a religious group. They are truly an ethnie (ethnic group) within British society, with shared historical memories, a myth of common ancestry ... and an overall sense of solidarity ... London Jews also like to be near other Jews. More than 97 per cent in North and North West London say they know of another Jewish resident in the same street, while more than half (two-thirds in the North West) have a next-door Jewish neighbor. More than 80 per cent in the North East, and more than 90 per cent in the North West, have a Jewish neighbour within three doors away. [Note: South London percentages are much, much smaller -- poorer part of town?] More than 90 per cent think it important for their children to mix with in Jewish social groups, and 89 per cent are willing to send their children on an Israel trip -- an 'amazingly high' figure, the report notes, given the conflict in the Middle East."

Liesel Pritzker, Meet Meadow Soprano
Forbes, December 11, 2002
"Is Liesel Pritzker getting advice from Meadow Soprano? The idea may seem far-fetched, but it's worth considering. Liesel Pritzker is an heir to the Chicago Pritzker family. She is also a movie actress and a freshman at Columbia University, where Meadow Soprano of the northern N.J. Sopranos is an upperclasswoman. Ms. Soprano is fictional, but seems real. Liesel Pritzker really exists, though she seems fictional. Still, it seems their paths may have crossed. The Pritzker family, according to press reports, is planning to break up its $15 billion real estate and hotel empire by liquidating many holdings, perhaps making the Hyatt hotel chain public in the process. The reason the famously private and tight-knit clan is breaking up is to appease a group of family cousins. Under the plan, the details of which are still secret, each of eleven cousins, third-generation heirs of family scion Jay Pritzker, who died in 1999, would receive fortunes in excess of $1 billion. Three cousins, Thomas, 52, Nicholas, 57 and Penny Pritzker, 43, would run the parts of the family business that are not sold off. It sounds like a fine arrangement, but Liesel Pritzker, 18, is not happy. She is suing her father, Robert Pritzker, 76, Jay's brother, and other family members, accusing them of mismanaging and diverting money from her trust, causing her damages of $1 billion. The suit, which was filed on Nov. 26, says she should be paid an additional $5 billion or more in punitive damages, evincing a nicely vindictive sentiment. She says she and her brother Matthew are not being treated on par with much older half-brother Thomas Pritzker ... For Liesel, whose stage name is Liesel Matthews, life seems to mirror fiction in more ways than one. She starred in the 1995 film adaptation of A Little Princess."

[NOTE: Why would it be NECESSARY that a small minority of Jewish professors keep a petition against Israel alive? Think about it.]
Jewish Professors Keep Divestment Drive Alive,
Common Dreams (from Boston Globe), Decmeber 21, 2002
"The national movement to pressure universities to pull their investments from Israel has been battered this year by critics who call it divisive and anti-Semitic. But it has shown remarkable staying power in large part because of an unusual group of supporters: Jewish professors. Hundreds of college professors nationwide have signed petitions calling for divestment from Israel, among them several dozen Jewish professors who call their signatures an act of political conscience ... Modeled on an anti-apartheid campaign that led campuses to divest from South Africa in the 1980s, the petition criticizes Israel's actions in the occupied territories and calls on universities to sell any investments in Israel, and in companies that do business there. It has circulated at more than 50 campuses, including Harvard, MIT, Yale, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Although most university presidents have repudiated or rejected its demands, the petition has had a powerful impact on campus. It has become a flashpoint for arguments among students - particularly Jews and Muslims - and triggered a far more popular counter-petition supporting Israel. Since they signed, Spelke and other Jewish professors have been bombarded with e-mail and letters accusing them of betraying fellow Jews and Israel, of self-loathing and anti-Semitism, and - most disturbing to some - of giving comfort to suicide bombers in Israel. Most prominently, Harvard president Lawrence H. Summers has publicly suggested that the divestment movement has anti-Semitic overtones. Spelke and others say they see it not as a matter of religion or psychology but of conscience, and their intensely personal responses to the charges of anti-Semitism have helped keep the divestment movement alive. ''The best way we as a society can debate this is not to poke fingers - `Oh, you're saying that because you're anti-Semitic' or `Oh, you're saying that because you're Jewish' - but rather to evaluate the arguments straight up,'' Spelke said ... Raw emotion has marked much of the debate, and Jewish supporters of Israel have not been shy about labeling the petition as anti-Semitic. ''I don't know if these people themselves are anti-Semitic, but Jews and non-Jews alike have a responsibility to get their facts right - Israel is under attack, and a petition that doesn't acknowledge this but only condemns Israel is anti-Semitic,' said Asher Schachter, a Harvard Medical School instructor who is one of 439 Harvard faculty to sign an anti-divestment petition - far more than the 75 faculty at Harvard who support divestment. ... Ken Olum, a member of the Tufts physics department who helped organize a divestment petition on campus, said he has wrestled so long with his frustrations with Israel, and with widespread Jewish support for the government there, that he has stopped identifying himself as a Jew when people discuss religion, the Middle East, or other subjects. 'The fact that a lot of people who count themselves as among the Jewish people are doing a great evil, an un-Jewish evil, has been overwhelming,' Olum said. 'The moral stakes here are too great to not take this stand.'''

Watchword is security for Guatemala’s Jews,
Jewish Telegraphic Agency, December 26, 2002
"Outside the high wall that surrounds Sharai Benjamin Synagogue, guards are checking visitors’ identification .... This Central American country has been called the kidnapping capital of the world, and prominent Jewish families have been among the victims. Security concerns occupy Joey Habie, originator of Har Carmel, a new 142-acre development that Habie hopes will unify and strengthen Guatemala’s Jewish community ... Like the Biblical mountain from which it gets its name, Har Carmel rises boldly, and on all sides reveals a dramatic vista. Thousands of lush green acres stretch out below, a pleasant reminder of why the Maya called this place Guatemala, or Land of the Trees. Har Carmel will have 200 homes, a community center, a sports complex, a synagogue and a school ... Guatemala has about 11 million inhabitants. More than half are direct descendants of the Maya, an ancient Indian civilization that flourished in Central America and Mexico. There are about 850 Jews from 310 families, according to a 2000 Consejo Central census ... Most of the country’s Jews make their homes here in the capital, living in secure apartment buildings and walled compounds. Some longtime residents are skeptical of the Har Carmel plan. Several say they fear Jews will be 'sitting ducks' for kidnappings or Al-Qaida style attacks. Habie rejects claims that he is building a ghetto ... Har Carmel will have a security gate with state-of-the-art electronic communications, including links to public and private law enforcement. Armed guards will patrol inside and outside the grounds 24 hours a day ... More than half of Har Carmel’s quarter-acre lots have been sold. The cost is $25,000 per lot, payable to an endowment fund that will help build the community center and school ... Some American Jews also have purchased lots, with the idea of building vacation homes ... There is wide disparity of income in Guatemala, which has virtually no middle class. For Jews who have been successful, security is important. Some employ bodyguards, euphemistically called 'drivers' or 'chauffeurs.' Others deflect unwanted attention by dressing modestly and driving older, nondescript cars. Still others use helicopters to avoid abductions and car-jackings. Enough Guatemalans pilot their own helicopters to make bird-like flocks of them a common sight in the rush-hour sky ... 'Jewish kidnap victims have been targeted because of their wealth,' and not as a result of anti-Semitism, says Uri Roitman, a security specialist."

Question 13.9: Who Are The Jews of India, And What Are Their Origins?
"India has a legacy of four distinct Jewish groups: the Bene Israel, the Cochin Jews, the Sephardic Jews from Europe, and the 'Baghdadis' from Iraq. Each group practiced important elements of Judaism and had active synagogues. The Sephardic rites predominate among Indian Jews ... Under British rule, the Jews of India achieved their maximum population and wealth, and the Calcutta community continued to grow and prosper and trade amongst all the cities of the far east and to the rest of the world ... Lastly, note that there were a number of European Jews who lived, or settled in India. Some examples: Lady Mountbatten, and Haffkine, after whom the famous Haffkine Institute in Bombay (Mumbai) has been named. The mother of one of India's most glamorous film actresses, Zeenat Aman is said to be Jewish. Many Indian Jews have reached great prominence. For example, the Sassons after whom the Sasson docks, the Sasson hospital, and two of Mumbais well known sites- the Jacob Circle, and Flora Fountain have been named. In the past years, there has been a Jewish mayor of Bombay (Dr. E. Moses), and a Jewish Chief of the Navy. In the Indian Army, Jews have reached very high posts. A General Jacobs, now the Governor of Goa, supervised the surrender of the Pakistani Army in the Liberation of Bangladesh in 1971. Maj. Gen. Samson who was awarded the Padma Bhushan, and a few other Jews reached prominence in the Indian Army. Two of India's leading literary personalities, poet Nissim Ezeickel, and cartoonist Abu Abraham are Jewish. Also the late famous Hindi film actor David, and the late 'Sulochana' the Queen of Indian Silent Films, and the actress/dancer Helen. A Dr. Erulkar was the personal physician/friend of Mahatma Gandhi. His father, also a Dr. Abraham Erulkar, donated land for the synagogue in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. Dr. Erulkar's daughter is currently the 1st lady of Cyprus, married to the President of Cyprus. Another prominent Indian Jew is Dr. Jerusha Jhirad, who was given the title of Padma Shri by the Government of India. "

The Money Changers, by Patrick S. J. Carmack
"Eventually, goldsmiths [in England] noticed that only a small fraction of depositors or bearers ever came in and demanded their gold at one time. Goldsmiths started cheating on the system. They begun secretly lending out some of the gold that had been given to them for safekeeping, and keeping the interest earned on lending. Then the goldsmiths discovered that they could issue more money (Ie. paper gold-deposit certificates) than they had gold, and usually no one would be any the wiser. Next, they discovered they could lend out this extra paper money and keep interest on it. This was the birth of fractional reserve lending - that is, lending out more money than you have reserves deposit. Obviously, it was fraud, often specifically outlawed when understood. The goldsmiths began with relatively modest cheating, lending out in gold deposit certificates only two or three times the amount of gold than they actually had in their safe rooms. But they soon grew more confident and greedy, lending out four, five and even ten times more gold certificates than they had gold on deposit. So, for example, if $l,000 in gold were deposited with them, they could lend out about $10,000 in paper money and charge interest on it, and no one would discover the deception. By this means, goldsmiths gradually accumulated more and more wealth and used this wealth to accumulate more and more gold. It was this abuse of trust-a fraud-which, after being accepted as standard practice, evolved into modern deposit banking. It is still a fraud, coupled with an unjust and unreasonable delegation of sovereign government function money creation-to private banks."

Of "Lungos" And "Senoritos" A Colombian View Of Venezuela,
by Hector Mondragon, ZNet, January 1, 2003
"At the petroleum refinery of Barrancabermeja the workers who are consigned to hard manual labour are called 'lungos'. There are a lot of them and they earn very little. They are almost all temporary labourers and they live in the poor neighbourhoods. When the 'lungos' go on strike, technology guarantees that production doesn't totally stop-so even when the majority of the workers are united in protest, if they can't actually stop the plant from functioning, the engineers, supervisors, and managers can keep the refinery going under 'contingency plans'. Right now the oil-workers union of Colombia, USO (Union Sindical Obrera), is getting ready to go on strike in response to the Uribe government's offensive. That offensive is headed by Isaac Yanovich, a businessman from the private banking sector who has been named president of the state oil company. The workers, who struggled and won the creation of a national oil company (Ecopetrol), have resisted its privatization for the past 25 years. They have paid a terrible price for their resistance: 100 union leaders and activists assassinated (4 during 2002, which saw 160 Colombian unionists killed), 2 disappeared, 10 kidnapped, 31 imprisoned (6 of whom are still in prison), and 250 fired (11 of whom were fired just a few days ago). It is in such difficult conditions that the Colombian oil-workers are preparing their strike for the beginning of 2003. The victory of their movement will depend on their ability to halt production."

Who'll Take Over from the Patriarchs?
Business Week, May 13, 2002
"Often called Italy's uncrowned king, Giovanni Agnelli, 82, has long presided over one of Europe's most powerful industrial dynasties. The Avvocato, or 'the Lawyer,' has mesmerized an entire nation with his wit, urbane style, and aristocratic demeanor. In his younger days, he lived a fantasy lifestyle, mingling easily with Hollywood celebrities and the political elite, from Ava Gardner to John F. Kennedy. He wielded autocratic control over the family's empire and exercised extensive influence over Italy Inc.'s feudal network of power. He even admonished prime ministers when he chose. Above all, 'Gianni' reigned supreme in the extended clan ... Yet a leader for the next generation is emerging. Last year, Gianni knighted his grandson John Philip Elkann, 26, managerial successor to the family empire. The son of Gianni's daughter Margherita and French-born writer Alain Elkann, John Philip has already cut his teeth on the Fiat-500 assembly line in Poland and in sales and marketing in France. He sits on the Fiat (FIA ) group board, which includes former General Electric Co. Chairman Jack Welch, who helped arrange a job for Elkann on GE's corporate audit staff. The choice of Elkann, who studied at Turin's Polytechnic University, skips a generation in the House of Agnelli." [NOTE ABOUT ELKANN FROM A JTR CONTRIBUTOR: "Margherita Agnelli converted to Judaism to marry Alain Elkann, a Jewish journalist ("liberal left") friend of Alberto Moravia, now a counsellor in the Italian ministry of culture after having worked for the French ministry of culture. They are now divorced. Their son, John Philip Elkann, was born in New York on April 1st, 1976. He studied in England, Brazil, France and got an engineer diploma from the Politecnico of Turin. His grand father, Jean-Paul Elkann (died in 1997), was a banker (Banque Jean-Paul Elkann, Compagnie financiere Jean-Paul Elkann, etc.), and has been CEO of Christian Dior and of Caron perfumes. He succeeded to Alain de Rothschild at the head of the "Consistoire central israelite of France and Algeria", and was président of the "Association for economic cooperation France-Israel", vice-president of the "Chamber of commerce France-Israel", governor of the Technion university of Haifa, etc."]

Exclusive Q & A With Steven Silbiger, Author Of The Jewish Phenomenon (Part I),
Black Electorate, January 29, 2003
"Steven Silbiger had already sold 200,000 copies of his classic, The Ten-Day MBA. But that success did not fully prepare him for the reaction he received for his follow-up effort, The Jewish Phenomenon, wherein he broached the 'taboo' subject of Jewish success and wealth, disproportionate in terms of the community's relatively small population size - in America and throughout the world. The back cover of The Jewish Phenomenon gets right to the heart of the matter promising to answer why : 1) Jews make up only 2% of the total U.S. population, yet 45% of the top 40 of the Forbes 400 richest Americans are Jewish 2) One-third of all American multimillionaires are Jewish 3) The percentage of Jewish households with income greater than $50,000 is double that of non-Jews while on the other hand, the percentage of Jewish households with income less than $20,000 is half that of non-Jews 4) 20% of professors at leading universities are Jewish 5) 40% of partners in leading New York and Washington D.C. law firms are Jewish and 25% percent of all American Nobel Prize winners are Jewish. The subject has been so 'off-limits' that Mr. Silbiger was greeted with scheduled media appearances cancelled; and journalists and editors who knew him from his first effort (which has now sold 300,000 copies) informing him that they could not write about his book or publicize it in reviews because it was just too controversial. National Public Radio (NPR) even canceled a scheduled show featuring Mr. Silbiger and Black conservative intellectual John McWhorter out of fear that a discussion involving The Jewish Phenomenon would alienate NPR's numerous Jewish benefactors ... Steven Silbiger: Sure, the people who have read the book enjoy the book, it is very useful but within the media there has been an almost silence about the book because they would rather the book not create any discussion. A lot of the book reviewers and people in the main press don't want to cover the book because the subject of Jewish success in America is more controversial than anything else. Because the idea is that if you publicize Jewish success and the reasons for it, then it will bring additional anti-Semitism to the Jewish community. I have spoken to Jewish groups, B'nai B'rith, Haddasah - many Jewish groups, and the book has been universally well-received when presented but book reviewers and other opinion leaders would rather not deal with the subject because their downside is much greater than the upside for covering the book. I wouldn't mind negative reviews. But they'd rather not review it at all because of how powerful the message is in this book. From people who have read it that aren't Jewish; African-Americans; Latinos and such; they find the book very enlightening - they didn't know Jews. They knew about anti-Semitism."

The Solution. A plan for Jewish and Asian world domination...and a response to ethnic cynics on college campuses,
By Geoff Chang (Princeton University), Student Discourse
"As I checked my email on a certain Wednesday during Spring Break last year, I came across a forwarded message entitled 'The Self-Hate'. Out of curiosity I opened it, and found none other than the now infamous 'Invasian' article from the Harvard Crimson's 'Fifteen Minutes' magazine. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, check out Basically it's a 1200-word-long Asian-bashing festival composed by a obviously disgruntled Asian male. Admittedly, I was quite taken aback by Mr. Justin Geoffrey Fong's self-hatred. I was not alone, as many collegiate Asians around the country have spoken out vehemently against Mr. Fong's views ... A month later, I received another interesting email. This one not only contained a facsimile of Mr. Fong's article, but also included a parody of 'The Invasian' by the Yale Daily News' Mr. Michael Horn, entitled, 'Confessions of a Jewish Asian Worshipper.' (you can find numerous posts reacting to the article at, but I wasn't able to retrieve the actual article) In it, Mr. Horn reiterates Mr. Fong's points but casts them in a different light. Mr. Horn agrees with Mr. Fong's assertion that Asian women are sluts, but disagrees that it's a bad thing: Asian females' promiscuity makes it easier for White (including Jewish, as Mr. Horn is, given the title of the article, Jewish) males with Asian fetishes to capitalize on the 'local piece of ass' ... Enough of this squabbling. I propose a solution that will render all this racial ruckus inconsequential. If you're not Jewish or Asian, please stop reading now, as the remainder of this article may contain confidential world-domination strategies for those of us lucky enough to have roots in the East. Jews and Asians should intermarry and interbreed into a new, all-powerful, elite human race…and here's why: Young Jews and Asians occupy an average combined 42% of all Ivy League enrollments, with the largest contingent at the University of Pennsylvania, with an unbelievable 61% of its population being Jewish and 22% being Asian. In a survey of the top 50 non-liberal arts colleges in the country (according to U.S. News and World Report), Jews and Asians were once again the largest minority groups, averaging in at a combined 35%, with whopping 48% Asian and 22% Jewish totals at the University of California, Berkeley *. Clearly, my fellow Asians and my Jewish friends, we are the future. Cooperation, not competition, will help us dominate the world. * There is absolutely no evidence that these numbers are correct. The author takes full credit for pulling them out of his ass, although he'd probably bet you money that he's not far off from the actual figures. Historically speaking, the Jewish-American and Asian-American experiences are not that different ... . The Jewasian Nation will become the preeminent group in America and eventually the world. Hints of the imminent cultural merger are already extant: where do Jews eat out on Christmas Eve? That's right, at Chinese restaurants. What do groups of older Jewish women do for fun? Mahjongg night! Behavioral evidence points undeniably to unification: both groups stress tradition (Hebrew school and Chinese school - French people don't go to French school), both value hard work and academic excellence (see statistical evidence above), both have a penchant for stringed instruments…all that good stuff…and then there's some of the bad-the two cheapest races on earth? Asians and Jews, of course. The Jews are God's chosen people, and Asians are by far the most populous people on the planet. Interbreeding the two would indeed be perfect: a union of God's agents on earth and Mother Nature's most fruitful homo sapien offspring."

U.S. Unions Bankroll Israeli Aggression,
Socialist Action, August 2002
"Labor voices are being raised against the AFL-CIO's collaboration with the U.S. government's backing of Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. Unionists are petitioning the labor federation's officers, stating that they 'deplore the fact that AFL-CIO President John Sweeney recently associated U.S. labor's name with support for the Israeli invasion of the West Bank, which has resulted in the widespread death and destruction of the Palestinian people and property.' The petitioners charge that 'all the world knows the murderous assault on the Palestinians with the most modern tanks, helicopters, and missiles is financed by our taxes.' But what the world and even most U.S. unionists may not know is that U.S. union dues monies and union pension funds are being used to buy Israeli government bonds, also helping to finance what the petitioners accurately term Israel's 'horrific aggression' ... The Jewish weekly Forward on March 22 quoted the National Committee for Labor Israel's director as estimating that 'the American labor community holds $5 billion in Israel bonds.' ... In1975, the Israeli Ambassador inducted the notorious Teamster official Jackie Presser [who was Jewish] into the 'Prime Minister's Club, a group made up of people who personally (or in Presser's case, through his union) bought more than $25,000 worth of bonds' (Steven Brill, "The Teamsters"). By 1977, Brill reported, the Teamsters 'had bought $26,000,000 worth [of Israeli bonds] out of total American union purchases of $100,000,000.' The Forward reported that recent honorees and speakers at a March Jewish Labor Committee dinner included Richard Trumka; Michael Monroe, general president of the Painters Union; Morton Bahr, head of the Communications Workers Union; Dennis Hughes, president of the AFL-CIO, New York State; and Mike Sacco, president of the Seafarers Union, who, when introduced, 'removed the napkin tucked into his collar and waved it in the air' ... Given the poor financial returns from buying Israeli bonds, and putting aside the anti-Palestinian aims some union officials undoubtedly share with the Israeli and Zionist establishment, why have so many unions (1500 labor organizations, reported Lee O'Brien in 'American Jewish Organizations and Israel,' and cited by Mokhiber) put their members' dues monies into Israeli bonds?"

[Yet another Jew who champions Israel in editorial power at a newspaper --this one is Germany, of all places -- notes the widespread international understanding of the foundation of modern America, that the United States has been usurped by Jewish/Zionists interests in its bid to fulfill all the old anti-Jewish stereotypes about dominating the world. America, subservient to Jewish power and influence, has BECOME Israel.]
Enemies, a post-national story,
By Yair Sheleg, Haaretz (Israel), March 7, 2003
Josef Joffe: "'Images that were in the past directed against the Jews are now aimed at the Americans: the desire to rule the world; the allegation that the Americans, like the Jews in the past, are interested only in money and have no real feeling for culture or social distress. There are also some people who connect the two and maintain that the Jewish desire to rule the world is being realized today, in the best possible way, by means of the `American conquest.' This is one of the ways in which Dr. Josef Joffe, editor of the German weekly Die Zeit, explains the link that certain circles in Europe, and even more in the Arab world, see between hatred of America and hatred of the Jews. Joffe spoke this week on the topic of 'anti-Americanism, anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism' at the Center for German Studies at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Be'er Sheva, inaugurating a two-year series of lectures on Jewish-German relations. Joffe, who is Jewish, is definitely an authority on this subject, both personally and professionally ... What happened, he said, is a complete transformation of American policy [since 9-11]. According to Joffe, Bush said to himself that for the past 50 years the West lived more or less reasonably with the pathology of the Middle East. As long as the pathology did not spread to the outside and did not endanger Israel's existence, the West could live with it and even forge alliances in the region to counterbalance the Soviet Union ... But there is also another factor, he notes: 'The Europeans know the U.S. guarantees Israel's security, so it is easy for them to play the `Arab game.' If it were not for that American guarantee, I think they would be far more cautious' ... Joffe, then, is the embodiment of a European Jewish conservative; pro-American and pro-Israeli, he is a modernist who believes in the advancement of democracy even at the price of American neo-colonialism. So cogent was this thrust in his talk [in Israel], that one of the students at the lecture told him that his comments on the 'Arab pathology' were tainted by racism, and Prof. Yitzhak Nevo, from BGU's psychology department, argued that he was being too easy on Israel. Offended, Joffe refused to allow the full text of his lecture to be published, for fear that what he said, with its reservations and emphases, had not been understood properly."

[If you believe that God has revealed Himself to Jews as a river bottom feeder then, yes, obviously you'll believe that the war against Iraq is NOT because of the Jewish Lobby.]
Word is made flesh as God reveals himself... as a fish,
Observer (UK), March 16, 2003
"An obscure Jewish sect in New York has been gripped in awe by what it believes to be a mystical visitation by a 20lb carp that was heard shouting in Hebrew, in what many Jews worldwide are hailing as a modern miracle. Many of the 7,000-member Skver sect of Hasidim in New Square, 30 miles north of Manhattan, believe God has revealed himself in fish form. According to two fish-cutters at the New Square Fish Market, the carp was about to be slaughtered and made into gefilte fish for Sabbath dinner when it suddenly began shouting apocalyptic warnings in Hebrew. Many believe the carp was channelling the troubled soul of a revered community elder who recently died; others say it was God. The only witnesses to the mystical show were Zalmen Rosen, a 57-year-old Hasid with 11 children, and his co-worker, Luis Nivelo. They say that on 28 January at 4pm they were about to club the carp on the head when it began yelling. Nivelo, a Gentile who does not understand Hebrew, was so shocked at the sight of a fish talking in any language that he fell over. He ran into the front of the store screaming: 'It's the Devil! The Devil is here!' Then the shop owner heard it shouting warnings and commands too. 'It said 'Tzaruch shemirah' and 'Hasof bah',' he told the New York Times, 'which essentially means that everyone needs to account for themselves because the end is near.' The animated carp commanded Rosen to pray and study the Torah. Rosen tried to kill the fish but injured himself. It was finally butchered by Nivelo and sold. [This apparently proves that Jews DID kill God, and even made a profit off it.] However, word spread far and wide and Nivelo complains he has been plagued by phone calls from as far away as London and Israel. The story has since been amplified by repetition and some now believe the fish's outburst was a warning about the dangers of the impending war in Iraq. Some say they fear the born-again President Bush believes he is preparing the world for the Second Coming of Christ, and war in Iraq is just the opening salvo in the battle of Armageddon. Local resident Abraham Spitz said: 'Two men do not dream the same dream. It is very rare that God reminds people he exists in this modern world. But when he does, you cannot ignore it.' Others in New Square discount the apocalyptic reading altogether and suggest the notion of a talking fish is as fictional as Tony Soprano's talking-fish dream in an episode of The Sopranos . Stand-up comedians have already incorporated the carp into their comedy routines at weddings. One gefilte company has considered changing it's slogan to: 'Our fish speaks for itself.' Still, the shouting carp corresponds with the belief of some Hasidic sects that righteous people can be reincarnated as fish. They say that Nivelo may have been selected because he is not Jewish, but a weary Nivelo told the New York Times : 'I wish I never said anything about it. I'm getting so many calls every day, I've stopped answering. Israel, London, Miami, Brooklyn. They all want to hear about the talking fish.' A devout Christian, he still thinks the carp was the Devil. 'I don't believe any of this Jewish stuff. But I heard that fish talk.'"

[It would seem that the ADL -- so very image-conscious in the name of Jews -- knows what it's doing. As the the war with Iraq begins, we get a clear symbolic hint at who's at the economic helms of the War Monster.]
The Anti-Defamation League Opened The NASDAQ Stock Market,
NASDAQ, March 19, 2003
"Pictured: Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) joins NASDAQ host David Weild, Vice Chairman, The NASDAQ Stock Market to preside over the Market Open. Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League opened The NASDAQ Stock Market Wednesday, March 19, 2003 at NASDAQ's MarketSite in New York. The NASDAQ Stock Market proudly welcomes Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League to the Market Open. Since 1987 Mr. Foxman has attained his role as a world-renowned leader in the fight against anti-Semitism, bigotry and discrimination. In the forefront of major issues of the day, Mr. Foxman speaks out against hatred and violence wherever they occur. About ADL The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world's leading organization fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry."

Zionism And The Art Of Humbuggery,
by Donald Cassidy,, March 23, 2003
"It is truly nauseating, the constant bombardment by the zionist media, decade after decade, of propaganda glorifying the Holocaust, Anne Frank, Klinghoffer, Schindler's List, etc. and their thousands of shrines, museums and memorials across America, costing US hundreds of millions. Meanwhile, America's Vietnam veterans had to pay for THEIR OWN memoria l... and there is no memorial at all for the tens of thousands of US dead in Korea's forgotten war. There is a reason. As a result of this endless propaganda, in the last fifty years, Washington has pressured Europe into paying over one hundred billion dollars to the survivors of the Holocaust. In addition, Washington also has paid over one hundred fifty billion dollars - and continues this vast charity - to this miniscule state every year. And, amazingly, after over fifty years the survivors - instead of dying off - have multiplied like rabbits. And now their HEIRS have joined in the tax-free collections. Why doesn't Washington tell them what it tells its own poor and disadvantaged: 'Get a Job? Now these despicable grubs have shown their true selves; it's our money they want - not our friendship. They are filled with venom. They have crushed under the treads of their American bulldozer an American girl, a pacifist and humanitarian, and have the chutzpah to say it was her own fault. And our current government - and our zionist media - obsessed with genocide and greed, are silent just like they were when israel attacked the USS Liberty years ago and murdered dozens of Americans. Israel has poisoned our government against US with our own money. American youth are dying for Israel right now just like the Americans in the Twin Towers. Did zionazis really murder their own people in the gas chambers, as Hollywood admitted? Are ethnic Jews their own people at all? There are many Jewish sites on the internet that are saying 'No'. Let Rachel Corrie be our Anne Frank. Let US 'two percenters' put signs everywhere especially cars, SUPPORT RACHEL CORRIE. Let laws be passed requiring that all such shrines, museums and memorials dedicate immediately substantial space for Rachel and her memorabilia, her baby shoes, letters to parents, photos of her young face before and after the Horror ... or lose their funding. Arlen Spector can lead the way as he did for Mr. Klinghoffer. Arlen can rage on the Senate floor for Rachel and demand that Israel deliver up the zionazi who killed her, or military forces will be sent into israel to arrest him and deliver him to an American court with broken wrists. How about it, Arlen? You're either with US or against US, remember? By the way, how many weapons factories are in israel? How many nuclear weapons? Tell us. May the God of all people vomit these barbarous flag-waving hypocrites out of His mouth and curse them forever! Soldiers, you fight an unholy war!"

Baghdad is only the first of the dominoes.'"

[Jew sues Jew.]
Anglo American hit by apartheid lawsuit,
Yahoo!News, April 4, 2003
"The world's second largest mining company, Anglo American Plc, and its diamond business De Beers were hit on Friday by a lawsuit seeking up to $6.1 billion in damages for victims of apartheid. The long-threatened case on behalf of hundreds of thousands of black people outraged some analysts who said it smacked of opportunism and could be a big blow to foreign investment in the country. Friday's filing by U.S. lawyer Ed Fagan is the first to target a big South African company for apartheid wrongs and sparked fear in the market of similar suits against other local firms. Shares in Anglo skidded nearly four percent, pulling the wider market down, even though Anglo rejected the law suits. Fagan is scheduled to announce details on Saturday of a class action against South African oil-from-coal producer Sasol and U.S. construction firm Fluor International ... 'Those companies (Anglo and De Beers) were engaged in some of the most horrific crimes against humanity,' the maverick lawyer told Reuters in South Africa. 'If they want to come to the table, tell them to bring $3.1-6.1 billion, and then there is something to talk about,' he added ... Fagan said the suits were being filed in New York and Nevada against the mining giant and its diamond business. Anglo owns 45 percent of the world's largest gem group. The Oppenheimer mining dynasty and the Botswana government own the rest of De Beers. Fagan made his name with a successful claim against Swiss banks that held onto deposits of Jews killed in the Holocaust. He has said the $100 billion paid to victims of Germany's World War Two operations should serve as a guideline for apartheid claims. He is seeking damages from Swiss and American banks, accusing them of propping up the sanctions-hit apartheid regime in the 1980s, by giving billions of dollars in loans ... At its height within South Africa, Anglo boasted holdings in about 600 companies and its founders, the Oppenheimers, became one of South Africa's wealthiest firms."

niently provided it."

Five Israeli VC funds make Forbes' list,
Haaretz (Israel), April 7, 2003
"Five Israeli firms made Forbes magazine's list of the 50 most active venture capital funds in the world - Jerusalem Venture Partners, Apax Israel, Vertex Israel, Benchmark Israel and Walden International. ... Vertex Israel is also the local arm of an international body, headquartered in Singapore. The global group has $1.1 billion in assets. Vertex Israel recently took over the management of Vertex Europe and today holds sway over $650 million for investment. Benchmark Israel represents Benchmark Capital, which handles $2 billion investments in the U.S., Europe and Israel ... Walden Israel's parent fund has $3 billion under management. Most of the group's activity is in the U.S. and in eastern Asia. Walden Israel, which is independently run, has almost $190 million under management."

Young love will cement marriage of Britain's top three dynasties,
by Ingrid Mansell, Times (UK), April 21, 2003
"The notice in the Forthcoming Marriages section of The Times looked much like any other. 'The engagement is announced between Benjamin, youngest son of the late Sir James Goldsmith and of Lady Annabel Goldsmith, and Kate, eldest daughter of the late the Hon Amschel Rothschild and of Mrs James Wigan,' it read. But while the notice's format was run-of-the-mill, the marriage that it heralds will be anything but ordinary. It represents not just a union between two of Britain's wealthiest youngsters, but also a merger of three of the country's most powerful dynasties: the Rothschilds, the Goldsmiths and the Guinnesses. Ben, 23, is the son of Sir James Goldsmith, the flamboyant financier who built up an estimated £1.2 billion fortune through his pharmaceutical and banking interests before his death in 1997. The father of Kate, 20, was Amschel Rothschild who, before his suicide in 1996, had been tipped to succeed Sir Evelyn de Rothschild as head of NM Rothschild in the City of London. Kate's mother is Anita Guinness, heiress to the brewing and banking dynasty. ... One snide observer, however, said that he hoped Ben and Kate's union would prove more successful than the last time a Goldsmith and a Rothschild teamed up. The comment was a reference to the unsuccessful attempt by Sir James and Lord (Jacob) Rothschild, Kate's uncle, to take over BAT, the tobacco company, along with Kerry Packer in the late 1980s. The marriage of Kate and Ben will provide a staggering joint bank account by any standards, but especially for such young newlyweds. Ben has an estimated personal fortune of £10 million to £20 million, while the family trust fund set up after his father's death is believed to be worth about £1.4 billion. Amschel Rothschild left £18 million to his wife and three children, and Kate stands to inherit even more millions from James Guinness, her merchant banker grandfather. Her share in the Rothschild bank, whose fortune runs into billions, is not known. In addition to their wealth, the affluent couple also share a similar history: both families have their roots in the Jewish ghettos of 18th-century Frankfurt."

Unconventional Wisdom. Student's lawsuit shows lack of class,
By Tanya Barrientos, Philadelphia Inquirer, May 3, 2003
"There's a saying that everything we need to know we learned in kindergarten. Blair Hornstine of Moorestown must not have been paying attention the day her class learned about playing well with others. Not that it kept her from doing well in school. On paper, the 18-year-old Moorestown High School senior looks like every parent's dream. Her grades are top-notch. Her SAT scores fall a few points short of perfection. She's won numerous national, city, county and school district accolades for her academic achievements. With her older brother, Adam, she founded a volunteer organization that helps the underprivileged. And she and Adam got a 2001 Presidential Service Award from the White House applauding their success. That same year, she was picked to carry the Olympic torch along Broad Street. On paper, Blair seems like the perfect antidote for the average underachieving, monosyllabic, television-loving, won't-even-make-the-bed teen. She has a medical condition that leaves her too fatigued to attend all her classes at school. And yet, she still got accepted to Harvard University. Yep - on paper, she's a darling. But, in the flesh, Little Miss Perfect is a petty crybaby. She and her legal-minded parents (her father is Camden County Judge Louis Hornstine) are spitting mad because Blair might have to share the valedictorian spotlight with some other student at graduation. The superintendent wants to name co-valedictorians, because he believes the school's weighted grading system (and a reduced class schedule) gave Blair an unfair advantage. Two other students with near-perfect grades were required to take on-campus classes such as physical education (which is weighted less in the grade-point-average calculations). And that made it impossible for them to achieve a GPA as high as Blair's, the superintendent claims. The Hornstines have made it into a federal case. Literally. They've filed a discrimination lawsuit asking for $2.7 million in damages. (Which these days is probably just enough to cover books and board and tuition at Harvard.) Can someone please explain what life lesson Blair's parents want her to learn from this? That the girl who already has everything should throw a temper tantrum when things don't go her way? That overcoming a disability and making it to the top is only worth celebrating if you're up there alone? That even though life isn't fair, hiring a slick lawyer is? ... Whatever happens now, Blair Hornstine of the graduating class of 2003 will not be remembered as the school valedictorian. Nor as the exceptionally smart, hard-working and talented girl that she undoubtedly is. She will be forever recalled as the sulky, churlish child who took her pomp and circumstance to court and ruined graduation day for everyone.

[Here we have the usual Jewish filtering tribunal of history. The Jewish community declares that it owns the deed to any public examination of Adolf Hitler. Why did Hitler have such outrage against Jews? By Jewish definition as it is so intricately entwined in modern Jewish identity, there is no reasonable (nor permissible) answer to this question.]
After revisions, Hitler miniseries gets thumbs-up from Jewish leaders,
By Tom Tugend, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, May 5, 2003
"There were nights, acknowledges Leslie Moonves, president and CEO of CBS Television, 'when I lay in bed, looking up at the ceiling and asking myself, ‘Is this the right thing to do? Will it open old wounds? Are we creating more anti-Semitism?’'Moonves had good cause for sleepless introspection. Since announcing last July that CBS would air a four-hour, prime time miniseries on the early life of Adolf Hitler, media critics and Jewish spokesmen had had a field day. They feared that the early Hitler would be 'humanized' into a sympathetic figure as an abused child and misunderstood artist or as a German Rocky who overcame tremendous odds. Some even feared the film might trigger pogrom-like outbursts. Moonves, who lost much of his grandparents’ family in Poland during the Holocaust, even took flak from his own relatives. Now, with 'Hitler: The Rise of Evil' broadcasting May 18 and May 20 during the ratings sweeps period, the CBS chief is breathing easier. After previewing tapes of the film, a half-dozen Holocaust scholars and prominent rabbis generally have given it their approval. Some of the turnaround can be credited to an entirely new script and complete revision of the original project, starting with the metamorphosis of the title from 'Young Hitler' to 'Hitler: The Early Years,' 'Hitler,' 'Hitler: The Origin of Evil' and finally to the present title. The earlier critical volleys, and advice from Jewish leaders consulted by the producers, apparently gave a substantial push to the revisions. In its final form, the film briefly touches on young Hitler’s brutal and domineering father, his troubled adolescence, his rootless existence in Vienna as a failed artist and his enthusiastic soldiering in World War I. But the vast bulk of the film deals with Hitler’s career from a Munich beer-hall orator in 1920, through his political machinations within the Nazi party and against the Weimar Republic, ending in 1934 with the consolidation of state power in his hands. An epilogue summarizes, in stark statistics and pictures, the utter devastation Hitler wrought on Europe and the Jewish people ... One of the aspects of Hitler that the film does not explain — that, indeed, may be beyond explanation — is what triggered his murderous hatred of Jews. Theories abound — a brighter Jewish classmate in school, a Jewish doctor who performed a mastectomy on Hitler’s beloved mother, the poisonous anti-Semitism of Vienna or simply the oratorical success of his anti-Jewish tirades — but a definitive answer may never be found. During the broadcast, there will be a number of public service announcements on tolerance with guidance from the Anti-Defamation League. CBS has said it will make donations to one or more Holocaust education funds."


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Jewish Religion"

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Encyclopedia of the
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