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On the silence and passivity of the Arabs...

By Desert Man


I doubt the total powerless and compliance these established "arab" organisations demonstrates at different arenas could be of any help against the systematic racism that the New World Order exercises toward the arab countries and in the western societies.

What's surprising is the silence and passivity of the arabs themself toward those organisations that claim to being their represents.

Maybe they beleive that by such appearance they can get a place at some low level of the NWO hierarchy.

The pour arabs seem not to realize that by demonstrating weakness they appeal to one of the most essential roots of the western racism, ie its hatered of weakness.

The more they show their weakness the more they will be suppressed and in future completely enslaved by the west. Some of them and some arab countries have already been through this process and blindly obey whatever their masters in Washington and Jerusalem commands.

Their actions (or lack of actions) and bullshit talking reflects what US/Israel demand from them.

These poor creatures only play a game with rules set by western metroploes.

Otherwise, they will be suspended and abonded from their jobs. Nowadays, they and the states of their home countries can hardly wait for the magic acts Albright is to offer to shake some life in the carcass of the peace process!

Of course, those who reject PLO's and arab states' peacefull surrunder process and still resist Israeli occupation and Apartheid policy (and do it successfully), are excluded from these kind of orgaisations.

I think the success of Hezbollah in eliminating Israeli commando soldiers sent for assassination aims bothers Arafat and conservative arabs more than Israelis and American politicians/media.

Organisations like Hamas/Hezbollah/Jihad have very clear demonstrated that they can anytime they regard it proper stop or seriously disturb any process or plan that is not in the interest of the people of the region.

Now, more and more Israelis are advocating retreat from southern Lebanon without gaining anything substantial.

US/Israel do anything to preserve their illegitimate interests, but it's upto the people to limit their domain of action.

Hopefully, the recent development demonstrates that it's the resistance acts of the people in the region that determine the future of the Mideast as well as the fate of the US NWO.

As we are living in a global village that everything concern (or at least should concern) everyone, the problems in the Mideast is a global concern.

Therfore, any effort in west that contribute to increased sence of justice and understanding of the legitimacy of the resistance against the occupation can hurry up the fading process of the U.S.

NWO and deliberation of the entire human race from its naked racism and doubble standards.



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