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Power and money talks

By Desert Man


After reading two previous postings I think the big picture is getting more clear about the dilemma both Israel and US politicians are facing.

The politicians can not and probably will not stop oil flow which american companies are heavily invested in for a longer time. We should not forget that democrats are traditionally representing the US oil interests, while the republicans represents Pentagon and the military industrial complex in the States.

And it's a well known fact that influence over the oil reserves and oil flow in the world has a top priority for american administrations, no matter who's in power. Don't even forget that the ultimate goal for Hitler's invasion of Russia was to take the control of the oil fields of Baku in Azerbajdan. If Hitler's generals avoided to attack and siege Moscow the ww2 would take another direction.

Now, themain problem that americans are facing is how to approach the new Iranian administration without too much noise and having to deal with the jewish propaganists and pressure groups.

I think the jewish lobby has not much to offer for stopping the strategic process that is to begin. Of cource, the fall of the Shah regime 1979 and the fall of Sovjet empire have changed much of game rules, which complicate the situation for the american policy makers.

Though, the traditional basic interests of Iran as well as Russia of political, economical and cultural influence are still the same. What unites Iran and Russia in this competition has traditionally been to hold out or hold the influence of the anglo-american interests to a minimum.

What concerns the stability and world peace, I personally believe that better relations between Iran and US can create good and healthy preconditions for a more 'civilized' and 'peaceful' competition in the near future and hopefully friendly co-operation in the future.

I think that even the most fanatic Zionist think tanks are perfectly aware of the new geo-economic realities emerging at the world scene. And I think they're also realizing that new full-scale war with Arab states or a joint American-Israeli-Turkish attack wouldn't not only solve any problem, but even worse the situation for future western presence in the area.

There's not much they can do about it. Natanyahu was in Baku for couple of days ago to discuss these issues with Geidar Alijev and there's not much publiced about it outcome. To this picture would be added a 'loose' co-operation between Iran- Armenia and Greece as a counterpart to Israeli-turkish allience, which limit Azerbajdan's monouver space.

The geo-political situation does not work for neither Israel nor the Turks. Iran growing power has even helped Syria to sustain its tough standpoints against Israel and the pro-iranian Hezbollah continues its hard resistance toward Israel's attacks and provocations. No wonder why Israel nowadays is talking about reopening of peace talks with Syria.

As it has showed before, Israel only understands the language of power and money. From my point of view, the power language does not need to be expressed with violence (if it could be expressed in peaceful ways).

Once again, what Israel needs most of all is to integrate into the region, not only economically and politically but most of all culturally. And as long as Iran is leading, inspiring and exercizing influence on (by this not saying controlling!) the mainstream islamic radicalization in the Mideast, the israelis have to realize to radical change their views as well, and try to adapt themselves to the value standards in the region and stop their efforts to impose western values or their own tribal values to the region.

If you follow the social development in Israel, there's clear signs of significant shifts in world views among the jews, causing very deep and

serious religious, racial and class conflicts in their society (the conflict between Ashkenazis and Sefards at different levels). What i think is the most important thing in the emerging scenario is that the future in middle east is not shaped in the west, but more and more by the power centres in region.

Therefore, even if the jewish lobby has a very damaging and suffocating role in US demostic and foreign policy, their role is becoming less significant as their influence is minimal in the power centres of the region.

And having allied like Arafat, king Hussein and Mubarak etc doesn't help that much. And finally, if Iran and US would start their dialogue I wonder if the american counterparts and negotiators will share every ideas exchanged for the 'free' media and 'democrat' politicians in the west.

Therefore, I think even the media and political exstablishment is facing new challenges, which make them to reassess their standpoints. And maybe, we will see less animosity against Iran, Islam and islamic revolutionary movements in the Zionist controlled media, even if Iran wouldn't moderate its policy toward Israel and keeping up its none-regocnition of a jewish state's right to exist on the palestinian soil. 


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