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Some views and news

By Desert Man


Before I send some news pieces, I just want to make a very short comment to Don.

I completely agree with you, about the US citizens (but also citizens of other nations Western or Non-western) to rise their voices and regain the freedom and right that has been handed over to alien powers and interests by those so called democratic elected creatures serving these interests. However I don't agree with the need of getting in a bidding race with Lobby groups and influencial states.

Like the Great Harlot in Babylon the US government, has become a place for ugly birds, and it's hard to expect anything good coming out of hanging around with it, except emty pockets.

The Saudis and rich arabs have during past decades spent a lot of money in political campaigns as well as casinos and borthels in west (I don't see any difference between them) primarily in order to serve US interests and not gaining political influence and power.

This policy is already proven with humiliating results we all know. I think the short resources of the islamic world are better to be used for increasing the people's welfare and not for feeding the infinite greed of those birds seaking their 'honour', 'fame' and 'richness' in current world order.

Neither I think empty Jihad slogans and seaking confrontation with those in US backing Zionitist is adequate.

Violence solves any problem. Look at Israel, what have they gained after a half decade of war and conspiration?

I think only a radical change in American minds, change in perspective and fight for genuin human values, human dignity and freedom can trigger changes in the american society.

The US society is after all in some cases during the history showed to be open for new ideas and new forms of freedom.

I think americans have to search for new forms of freedom, whereby one can be to advocating deliberation of citizens from many liberal dogmas which are used by the political and cultural establishment to enslave people.

That's a challenge primary for americans. Of cource, the radical changes taking place in Iran (politically, socially and cultural) and emergence of islamic movements in Middle East struggling and striving for those universal ideas can contribute.

As I've argued before (and could be observed in Reuter news below) the US-Israeli politics have come to an irreversible dead end and what they're trying to do is togaining time in order to save their faces and at best preserving their interests.

The so called moderate Arab states and Arafat's PA are simply waisting their time. At best they are serving as a buffert zone and moderating force against US-Israeli-Turkish aggression plans as part of the 'peace process' in Middle East.

That's not so bad either. Time is simply not working for current US policy or Israel.

I think as if Iran and other islamic movements and nations come together and get the momentum and manage to keep out Israel out of business in the region and engaging US oil companies in Iran and central Asia, those birds will change their perspective and behavior as well and fly away, with or withou Israeli permission.


TEHRAN (Reuter) - Iran on Tuesday dismissed U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's forthcoming visit to the Middle East and said her chances of success were very dim.

The Islamic republic's official news agency IRNA said that as the visit, due to begin next Tuesday, drew near, the enthusiasm of certain regional governments was diminishing with the fact that her objective was to preserve U.S. interests in the region.

Albright's first visit to the Middle East since taking office in January is due to include Israel, the Palestinian territories, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia. Her spokesman James Rubin said on Friday it was intended to bring Israeli-Palestinian peace talks "back from the abyss." IRNA, in a despatch datelined Beirut, said the opposition of most Arab governments to the economic conference of Middle Eastern and North African countries, due to be attended by Israel in Qatar in November, was in contradiction with U.S. interests.

It said escalation of unrest in the Palestinian territories and the spread of the conflict to other areas also threatened U.S. interests and the future of the peace talks.

"Meanwhile, the recent events in south Lebanon have not only disturbed calm in the region and in north Palestine, but also pushed the Zionist regime to a political and security dead end," IRNA said. "At the same time the rapprochement between Iran and Arab countries, especially Tehran and Riyadh, as well as the recent visit to Tehran of Syrian President Hafez al-Assad, have all prompted the U.S. secretary of state to embark on the visit.

"However, observers see no chance of success for Albright in her first Mideast visit on the grounds that her attempts centre around meeting Tel Aviv's demands and preserving Washington's interests."



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