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Gooood mourning Washington!

By Desert Man


The reaction of Israel, Arafat as well as the US and its media after the new bombings in Jerusalem is getting pathetic proportions.

The attack were carried out hours before represents of Shin bet, Arafat's PA and CIA were to meet. Both US and Israel acuse Arafat of being unable to 'deliver', eventhough the PA controlled territories has been blocked by Israel since more than five weeks and the fact that the bombings were carried out inside Israeli controlled area.

Not only Arafat but also Israeli government is simply is unable to defend Israeli occupied areas.

And now the poor Arafat acuse Iran and outsiders for the bombings, and thereby give Israel green light to go to attack against Lebanon, in order to divert the attention.

In an attempt to assasinate leaders of the resistance movments the Israeli Defence(!) Forces lost another dozen soldiers in southern Lebanon some 40 kilometers north of the Israeli border.

The proiranian Lebanesse resistance has demontrated that they can perfectly cope with the coward baby butcher IDF-soldiers. Salut to the free people of Lebanon! The frustration and desperation of Israelis know no limits and is rising to dangerous levels.

They are just obsessed by killing people, as a mean to solve their unsolvable problems.

The desperate western media is putting their hope to Madelaine Albraight to offer new solutions to Israel's security problems! What do they expect from her?

Magic acts? When does the US world order realize that their time is becoming to the end and when do the jews realize that they are living on occupied territories? When do they realize that, when the palestinians are not free and safe, nobody should feel free and safe?

When do they realize that there's no future for a western backed jewish slaughter machine called Israel in West Asia? When do they realize that the existence of this creature called Israel is not even in the interest of the jews?

The only way for jewish salvation is to rescue themselve from the colonial role the west has created for them, shift their perspective and minds and come under the Iranian command. Afterall, from a Biblical perspective Israel should be created by the command of Persian leaders and not by the Babylon or Rome?

Instead of thinking on pushing the bottoms to nuke Iran (as AIPAC advocates) the people of Israel should hard reset their minds by pushing Ctrl-Alt-Delete and get the rubbish the gudless Zionists fed them with from their hard disks. Good night Israel.


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