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How the Jews
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In this page:

  • Water Issues
  • Israel: a Polluter
  • Israel and Jordan
  • Historical Documents
  • Terrorism against the U.S.
  • Pope Pius XII and the Jews
  • Israel and money laudering
  • Israel a haven for criminals?
  • Israel, Iran, Kurds and Turkey
  • Miscellaneous interesting issues
  • Israel's Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Fundamentalist Christians, the Bible and Israel
  • United Nations, the U.S. and Israel: U.S. Hegemony
  • Israel, Drugs, CIA and Dictators (Mobutu, Hassan II...)

  Israel, a Haven for Criminals?
Israeli law forbids the extradition of its citizens, (some other countries have similar laws). Theoretically, hence, any Israeli citizen around the world can commit a crime, run to Israel, then (maybe) stand trial there, far away from the scene of his crime, where witnesses and evidence are way beyond the horizon. Note: Israel HAS in the past extradited Israeli citizens to stand trial elsewhere, but the inconsistencies in implementing this gives the worng message to Israeli citizens/Jews living abroad. (Would, say, Israel be willing to extradite Israeli/Jewish terrorists who committed crimes against the Palestinians, to the Palestinian Authority?)

In Sep 1997 when a Jewish Maryland teenager, Samuel Sheinbein was accused of killing and mutilating another teenager, fled to Israel. Israel first refused to extradite Sheinbein, then agreed, when the U.S. (Robert Livingston, R-LA) threatened to halt the next installment of the Billions of Dollars of aid the U.S. hands to Israel yearly. Israel said its consent to the extradition of Sheinbein is based on a technicality of Israel's citizenship law as Sheinbein's father left Israel before 1950. This is, possibly, an attempt by Israel to save face, so as not to show that it gave in to American financial pressure. Finally, on February 25th, 1999, Israeli courts decided against extraditing Sheinbein.

"We're not pleased with the result, because it's still a very short sentence in terms of what he would have gotten here." - Maryland prosecutor Douglas Gansler in response to Maryland teenager Samuel Sheinbein's sentence to 24 years imprisonment when he enters a plea in the Tel Aviv District Court, adding that Sheinbein would probably have received a life sentence had he been tried in the US. (from Jerusalem Post 08/25/1999) 

  Israel and Money Laudering

  Miscellaneous Issues

  Fundamentalist Christians, the Bible and Israel
Based on their interpretation of the Bible and its prophecies, fundamentalist Christians see the Holocaust and Israel as fulfillments of these prophecies, equate today's Israel, with Biblical Israel, and that today's Jews as the descendents of Abraham. As a result, fundamentalist Christians face the same dilemma that faces Israel today, namely, who fits the definition of a "Jews". This also ignores the Jews' assimilations throughout the centuries and the claim that many Ashkenazi Jews are Caucasian (descendents of the Khazar), i.e., non-Semitic. Fundamentalist Christian supporters of Israel include renouned evangelists Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. Thus, fundamentalist Christians shy away from criticizing Israel, while blaming the Palestinians and Arabs for the problems in the Middle East, often using distorted, out-of-context facts to support their claims. At the same time, they ignore Israel's sins, especially the original sin against the Palestinians that started the conflict.

"In the former days God did separate Israel for Himself and give her the land promised to Abraham. Israel was special among all the nations of the earth (Deut. 7). But ultimately the blessing upon Abraham was to be given to all the nations (Matt. 28:19-20). With the coming of Christ God fulfilled all the promises to the fathers (Rom. 15:8). In this age, "God does not show favoritism, but accepts people from every nation who fear Him and do what is right" (Acts 10:34).

All of Israel's institutions were fulfilled in Christ -- including the land concept (Heb. 3-4). The Old Testament clearly states that God kept His work and gave the land to Israel. The notion that God had to give the land "again" is without Biblical foundation.

There is nothing wrong with Jews living in a certain land, but to claim a "divine right" to it and to employ this claim as a basis for disrupting, hurting, and killing others is wrong. God is not with people when they manipulate and intimidate others. God uses the wicked actions of people in His purposes, but He does not sanction them. "

-- Jon Zens from an article (included below) "Today's Israel: Is God on her Side?

  Are European Jews Caucasian, i.e., non-Semitic?
  • Israel Can't Hide From Its History Forever by Greg Felton (Vancouver Courier 05/11/1997). In the old Testament God promised the holy land to the descendants of Abraham (Genesis XV: 18-21). The Khazar heritage of Ashkenazi Jews is a historical fact, and hence forfeits their Biblical Right to Palestine, which is often cited by Israeli leaders and their fundamental Christian supporters. Famous Ashkenazi Jews include Ben-Gurion, Sharon, Shamir, Weizmann, Meir and majority of Jews today.
  • European-Descended Jews (Ashkenazi) Have No Blood Line to Abraham (New York Times 10/29/1996).
  • The Jews are Not a Race.The following excerpt from Alfred Lilienthal's What Price Israel? (1953)
  • See a famous book on the topic The Thirteenth Tribe The Khazar Empire and its Heritage (1976) by Arthur Koestler (himself an Ashkenazi Jew). See also the site: The Khazaria Information Center
  • A Review of Arthur Koestler's book by Grace Halsell (Washington Report 06/1991)
  • The Jews of Khazaria A book table of contents by Kevin Alan Brook
  • Leap ahead in treatment for Jews' genetic disease by Charlotte Halle (Ha'aretz 09/08/2000)

  Israel vis-a-vis Jordan, Iran, Morocco, Kurds and Turkey
"King Hussein of Jordan was on the [CIA] payroll from 1957 to 1977"
-- p.100 of Dangerous Liaison by A&L Cockburn (1991)

In the 1950's, after the CIA helped overthrow the Iranian government of Mossadegh and install in its place the puppet Shah government, Israel's Mossad helped the CIA create and train the Iranian secret police: SAVAK. The SAVAK became known for its savagery and repression of the people who opposed the Shah's rule and his diversion of the country's resources (oil) to the west. According to their officials, the CIA left the "hard stuff" (e.g. torture methods), for the Israelis to teach the Iraninans. In addition, in 1977 minister of defense Shimon Peres signed an agreement for Iranian cooperation with Israel's ballistic nuclear program called Project Flower. Also, with the help of the Shah Israel transferred weapons and military expertise to the Kurds to undermine the Iraqi regime during the 1960s-70s. The value of Israel to the Shah was "the pervasive influence of the Jews in the U.S. and indeed the world over." (See A Cockburn's Dangerous Liaison, 1991 pp.102-105, and 107.)

  United Nations, the U.S. and Israel: U.S. Foreign Policy

"We love your adherence to democratic principles."

-- Vice President George Bush to Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos

"Throughout the world, on any given day, a man, woman or child is likely to be displaced, tortured, killed or 'disappeared', at the hands of governments or armed political groups. More often than not, the United States shares the blame. "

-- Amnesty International, 1996 (Quoted by Author William Blum on his webpage)

" I want to scare the hell out of the rest of the world."

-- US General Colin Powell talking about US military power prior to the Gulf War in 1991

When it suits its interests, the United States waves the U.N. flag high calling for the "implementation of the security council resolutions." When it's opposite to its interests, such as in the case of Israel, no mention of the U.N. resolution violation by the latter. Furthermore, the US often undermines the U.N. by vetoing, threatening to cut funding, and other means to protect its interests. In addition, when a dictator serves the interests of the U.S., e.g. the Shah of Iran or the monarchs of the Persian Gulf, then rewards will be showered on them by the U.S., conveniently ignoring the plight of the people whose voice is repressed by the dictator. Consequences, in the case of the dictator's disobeying the U.S., can be extremely severe. In the case of Iraq, the response was several orders of magnitude of the dictator's crimes against his people. A slow and merciless death of the population by ostensibly legitimate sanctions killing thus far 1.5 Million Iraqis, mostly children under 5. All done while chanting pro-democracy and human rights slogan, waving the flag of "making the world a safer place," ... etc, pointing a finger at the dictator, not the U.S., as the cause of genocide.
  Terrorism against the U.S.
  Israel's Weapons of Mass Destruction

"I can tell you clearly that we will not introduce nuclear weapons
into the region; certainly we will not be the first to do so.

-- Shimon Peres.

".. the Israelis ... saw that if we were going to offer them arms to go
easy on the bomb
[building], once they had it, we were going to send them a lot more, for fear that they would use it.

-- Former CIA Tel Aviv station
chief. (Dangerous Liaison, 1991)

Since obtaining the nuclear bomb, sometimes in the 1960s, Israel has, at least implicitly, threatened the U.S. to use it as a mean to pressure the latter to allow Israel a FULL access to its arsenal of legal and illegal conventional weapons.

President Johnson (in addition to evading opening an investigation on the USS Liberty incident), may have concealed the theft of American enriched uranium for use in the construction of nuclear weapons in Israel. (-- See Dangerous Liaison by A&L Cockburn, 1991)

  Historical Documents and Chronologies
 Water: Israel's Real Interest in the Occupied Land?

"Of the 601 million cubic meters [of water] produced annually by the three aquifers in the West Bank, 56.6 percent (340 million cm) is earmarked for Israeli citizens, 23.8 percent (143 million cm) for the 170,000 settlers in the West Bank and 19.6 percent (118 million cm) for 1.2 million Palestinians. The West Bank water crisis is a direct result of this unequal distribution."

-- From a 08/26/1998 Ha'aretz Op'Ed by Amira Hass titled The Settlers are Not to Blame.

Israel's Ministry of Agriculture has admitted that relinquishing control of the West Bank would have "an immediate and significantly detrimental effect on the Israeli water supply." In a full-page advertisement in the Aug. 18, 1990 international edition of the Jerusalem Post, the ministry admits that giving up Palestinian water would constitute "mortal dangers" for Israel and "would, in a most tangible way, endanger her continued existence."
(from Kathryn Casa, Washington Report article, 07/1991, listed below)

In Defense of WWII Pope Pius XII

"With special gratitude we remember all he has done for the persecuted Jews during one of the darkest periods in their entire history."
-- Dr. Nahum Goldmann, president of the World Jewish Congress, wrote in his letter of condolence on Pope Pius' death.


  • The "Silence" of Pius XII by Joseph Sobran (03/19/1998) If the U.S. mainline media is our resource for news then Pope Pius XII is an evil person who turned a blind eye to the Holocaust. However, facts show that not only this is untrue, but that Pius XII helped save hundreds of thousands of lives, Jews and others. Pointing a finger at Pius XII is one of many smoke screens Zionists spray in front of anyone who might find out about the Zionists' silence to the Holocaust.
  • Pope Pius XII: Victim of the Christian Bashers by William Hughes (Washington Report 05/1998)
  • The Vatican Statement on the Holocaust, "We Remember: a Reflection on the Shoah" by Alfred Lilienthal (Washington Report 05/1998)
  • New York Times Promotes Religious Hatred by Patrick Buchanan (04/04/1998)
  • Pius XII and the Holocaust by James Bogle and others (Catholic League). "Oskar Schindler, a Roman Catholic, is regarded as a 'righteous gentile' by many Jews for saving the lives of some 3,000 - 4,000 Jews in his factories. Why then is Pope Pius XII so unjustly criticized, despite saving 800,000 Jewish lives?"
  • Pius XII's 1943 letter against Jewish statehood revealed by Elli Wohlgelernter (Jerusalem Post 07/02/1999). In other words Pius was an anti-Zionist, which might explain why many of Israel's supporters have long tried to defame him using the he-didn't-do-enough-to-stop-the-Holocaust weapon.
  • Vatican Official Miffed at Israel by Sari Bashi (Associated Press 07/19/1999)
  • A little modesty wouldn't hurt by Gideon Samet (Ha'aretz 03/15/2000)
  • Ask forgiveness? Who, us? by Gideon Levy (Ha'aretz 03/26/2000)

Israel: a Polluter


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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