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Activism - Join the struggle!


Radio Islam has shown that it is possible to wage war on the propaganda of The Enemy and inflict serious damage with very limited resources. Since the establishment of Radio Islam in 1987 and of this website in 1996 literally millions of documents that are compromizing to Jewry, Zionism and Israel have been downloaded from all over the world, and most important of all - the leaders of the world Jewish mafia have repeatedly attacked us as a prime foe - which of course is a top grade (the day they don't complain, you have to check what you're doing wrong in your effort).

Over the years Radio Islam has caused a lot of headache for the enemy, forcing them to create special organizations, to re-edit their webpages, to rechannel vast (and not un-limited) resources towards propaganda efforts. Propaganda efforts that in many cases only have been counterproductive and just leading to even more people getting up their eyes for The Jewish Question.

You can join us in the struggle and become a Freedom Fighter!


Whenever engaging in this struggle one should remember; the lies of the enemy are extremely badly founded, the only reason for the hegemony of these lies is due to Jewish media influence and censorship. The lies are very easy to puncture and destroy, just as the expanded ballon - regardless of its size - will inflate when it touches a needle, even a small one. So our mission is to be that needle puncturing the Jewish balloon of lies that today causes war, mayhem and tries to create a Third World War between the West and the Islamic/Arab world - a war from which Jewry and Israel is the sole beneficiary. Actually it's a mission against hate, for global peace and justice.

The motto in this battle should be:

ALWAYS do what you believe the enemy never wants you to do and NEVER do something that you may anticipate that the enemy want´s you to do.

So analyse the enemy's weaknesses in their arguments, their weak spots that reveals their hypocrisy, racism and lies - and target them.


Another important point is here to be made: Know your enemy!

Many in the Islamic/Arab sphere have a faulty analysis of the enemy, just taking them for some modern version of the Crusader's invading forces they got to know in Medieval times, or that the Jewish onslaught is something resembling for instance British and French colonialism in the last century. But that is a wrong conclusion. This enemy is unique; it knows no limits in its warfare (see their Torah and Talmud and their genocidal teachings) - and the conflict between the non-Jewish world against the adherents of this racist sect called "Judaism" is several millennia old. Even the ancient Romans, Egyptians and Persians had their battles with this sect! This enemy is unique in his rudeness, brutality, the use of lies - even blatant such (i.e. chutzpah) and also unique in his capacity to use others for his needs, by infiltration of governments in non-Jewish majority countries and taking over their centers of information. This enemy should not be underestimated! But one should also not be paralyzed by the power of their might, Radio Islam's struggle has shown that they can be seriously hurt.

Knowledge is power. We have on our site published thousands of documents, below we list some of the more important of those that also will prove useful in your struggle and activism.

- Material to study and spread.

- Activism information.

- Boycott. Israel exists due to economic extorsion of Germany and economic transactions from the West (by trade, by rich Jews sending their bucks, by manipulation of U.S. aid). In this section we give more information on how to wage a Boycott War (also includes more tips on local activism, letterwriting, picketing).

Material to study:

Check the links to material in the right sidebar of the RI-web pages (and our Latest Additions); some are short documents that well summarize the problems, others are packed with facts and quotes.

First we give links to four books that contain more or less everything that there is on the subject: 


Other important sections:

Judaism - Learn the basic facts about the ideology of the enemy.

Massmedia power - Get to know the most efficient weapon of the enemy - its strength and weaknesses.


1. The Jews are waging a war on the Internet trying to surpress sites like Radio Islam because we hurt their propaganda. During the years we have been subjected to several dirty operations that so far have failed. Even Jewish-run Google is waging censorship against us not giving us our deserved top positions in that global search engine. So one easy way to assist the struggle is to spread knowledge of this site by giving away our web address to friends and posting it in different forums. Also giving links to what you consider the best documents on the RI site is a great method. That's how we have received many of ours friends of today - friends from all over the world, from Brazil, U.S.A.and Argentina in the West to Malaysia and Japan in the East.

Also start up mirrorlike sites yourselves for this kind of information, either in the form of a Homepage, a Blog, Twitter, in Facebook or MySpace. The Jews fear dissimination of the sources of information. For them it is better if it is just contained to a few sites that they can attack and who they try to stigmatize. "You are using material from the Radio Islam site, they are evil", is their usual argument in different Internet debates.

But if everybody is carrying the same information it is harder to surpress and acceptance also comes along. Remember that the Jews´ resources are limited and the more sites they have to combat the weaker their effort becomes.

This brave little kid dares resist the Jewish Occupation...
But the question remains: Do You?


Whether you live in North America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, or Europe, there are number of things that you can do to counteract Zionist propaganda and censorship. You do not need large budgets to try the following: 

2. Write a letter to your local newspaper expressing your disdain for Israeli attacks on Palestinians and your disgust with the traitorous Israel-firsters in your government. When you see an article smearing peace, free speech, or reporting lies, call the paper immediately and complain, in a calm and responsible manner. You can also organize protests and sit-ins at your local newspaper editorial offices.

Local Newspapers - USA
Newspaper List - USA
World newspapers in English
World newspapers Online

You can often find tips on contacting your representatives and current legislature relating to Middle-Eastern issues, on Zionist websites:

Current Legislation
Department/Agency Search

3. Write a letter to your local paper expressing your views on Hate crime legislation and Zionism.

In the U.S.: Call your Congressmen and Senators and urge them to reject "Hate laws". See list of your Congressmen. You can find the text a the proposed bill at:


4. Object to racist, hatemongering Jewish-produced films shown in movie theaters by protesting and educating filmgoers about the racism of these movies. This criticizm should also be directed against people responsible for running the same kind of material on TV channels, state-run or private. Let them hear that they are being watched, let them understand that there is an opposition to the material they are divulging. If you are quiet, they will just keep on sending these racist items, and indoctrinating more and more unsuspecting consumers, recruiting them for their holy war for Israel and Jewish hegemony.

5. Use the following websites to research your Government Representatives, find their contact information, see the latest legislation and recent votes:
US State and Local Governments
List of World Governments
World Governments
International Governmental Organizations

Write letters to your representatives and government officials expressing your feelings about anti-American as well as anti-Muslim and anti-Arab policies. Don't forget to write thank you letters to the government officials who dare to stand up against the pro-Israel lobby.

6. Create your own media. Get out your video camera and use it creatively. Film your protests and demonstrations, conduct interviews, create documentaries or feature films. Check out these videos:

Confronting the Christian Zionists
Is Israel Worth It
We Have a Solution for You
Anti-Zionist Jewish Protestors

7. Go to your local library, or e-mail the library, and ask them to balance their collection and add books which explore the dark side of Zionism. There are lists of libraries available on the internet:

Ask your libraries to add rare and effectively censored books and movies. Movies, such as Checkpoint (2005) make a positive contribution to our public libraries. Most libraries will add specific books and movies if their patrons request them.

8. Use your local library not just as a resource center for reading, but also as a center for group meetings and lectures. Organize a movie screening for your local community at the library and announce the movie screening in your local newspaper. Organize a movie screening at the campus of a local college or university.

9. Call radio stations and TV networks with prepared questions and ideas. If you support your local public radio and public television, demand that they broadcast more balanced programs. Write, call, and e-mail telling them what programs you would like to see. Demand that news programs cool their Zionist warmongering and show Zionist atrocities. Demand that they provide Muslims, and in particular Palestinians, equal time to Zionists. Ask them to hire reporters and editors with a fair-minded approach to the Middle East, and voice your objections when you find their programming biased.

Radio Station World
PBS Station Finder
TV Stations by state - USA
FAIR's Media Contact List


10. Monitor the websites of pro-Zionist, pro-Israel organizations. There, you will find good tips as well as the latest proposed legislation in the House and Senate legislation relating to our freedoms, and Israel and the Middle East.

11. Calmly and objectively come to the defense of people who are attacked for telling the truth. It is sometimes enough to just say "I agree with so and so about this and that" when they are telling the truth. It is important that people who tell the truth receive your support. You do not need to argue for them. Simply expressing your agreement with their view on a specific point, without necessarily agreeing with them about everything, is enough to encourage others that they are right if they also agree, and to encourage them to also tell the truth.

12.  Do not become discouraged, and do not waste time trying to persuade close minded people. Human behavior is often a statistical matter. There will always be a certain percentage of people who will approve of what you are doing, and another percentage who will not, no matter what position you take. Remember that, and do not become overly enthusiastic with a victory, nor despondent when you are criticized. Instead, move forward and you will eventually reach people who are receptive. In addition, do not be stubborn to the point of refusing to learn. If you have made a mistake in an argument, admit it, forgive yourself and continue to fight, all the better equipped in your new knowledge. Never give up. The only way they can silence you is if you give up.

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

Palestine banner
Viva Palestina!

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Activism! - Join the Fight!