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"I don't want my children to be
slaves of the Jews

Radio Islam's founder Ahmed Rami interviews Yevgeny Shchekatikhin, editor of the St. Petersburg-based patriotic weekly "Nashe Otechestvo" (Our Fatherland)

Published in
Nashe Otechestvo

Translated from Russian


Webmaster-editor's note: Yevgeny Shchekatikhin is the founder-editor of the Petersburg-based political weekly "Nashe Otechestvo" (Our Fatherland). This publication has acquired legendary status all over Russia for its fearless mockery of the regime currently in power in Russia, corrupt to the core and totally subservient to US and Jewish interests. Shchekatikhin is noted for his uncompromising anti-Zionist position and idiosyncratic excursions into world history. Like another contemporary (and equally idiosyncratic) investigator of the Jewish question, Grigory Klimov, he adheres to the position that Adolf Hitler was a Zionist marionette -- an idea not so far-fetched as it seems if we consider the direct consequences of the rise and fall of the Third Reich: namely, 45 million dead Poles, Russians, Germans and other Aryans -- the bravest and brightest of their nations, the creation of the 'Holocaust' legend (the necessary precondition for the creation of the state of Israel), and the de-facto annexation of Western Europe (and Germany in particular) by Judeo-American interests. There's also much evidence that not only Hitler but most of his inner circle were hiding something important from the German people, namely their Jewish ancestry. That Hitler's paternal grandfather was a Jew, for example, is now universally known. For more on this topic, read Hennecke Kardel's "Hitler, Founder of Israel." (Incidentally, is 'nationalist' politician Zhirinovsky (whose real surname is Edelstein) being groomed as a 'Russian Hitler' by the Zionists, in order to repeat their 'failed' National Socialist experiment in our country? This is an interesting, and frightening, possibility to ponder. Consider the fact that Zhirinovsky is held up by the Jewish-controlled Western press as a bogeyman, while being portrayed as a harmless and lovable clown by the very same Jewish-controlled media in Russia herself.)

The following interview is notable in that it was taken by the well-known Moroccan-Swedish activist Ahmed Rami, founder of "Radio Islam", who came to St. Petersburg especially for the purpose. (Rami returned to Russia for a revisionist conference held last month.) The article begins with an introduction by Shchekatikhin himself.


* * *


On the 7th of December, 2001 the legendary Moroccan patriot Ahmed Rami, who for many years has been broadcasting on "Radio Islam" in Stockholm in Arabic, English, Swedish and Spanish, paid a visit to our offices. We've maintained contacts for a long time: Two years ago a worker from "Radio Islam" made an interview of me, in which I urged Muslims to unite with Orthodox Christians in a joint struggle against World Zionism.

Of course the Jews couldn't leave a well-known fighter against Jewry in peace and organized a legal persecution of the patriot in Stockholm for "inflaming religious and national hatred" on the pages of the Internet. The pro-Jewish judge in the Swedish capital sentenced Ahmed to a fine of $600 thousand. Naturally, that was more money than the middle-school teacher of Spanish had at his disposal and the "soft-hearted" judges replaced the fine with six months' incarceration (one month for each $100 thousand). After serving his sentence the patriot found himself out of a job and was forced to make ends meet giving private lessons. However that didn't break his will and he continues to unmask Zionists on the air and on the Internet. Now, after a three-year correspondence acquaintanceship we finally met face-to-face. Rami has come to St. Petersburg. In front of me sits a handsome, well-built, swarthy man of medium height, somewhat reminiscent of a Spanish toreador. He looks at his interlocutor with intelligent eyes, listening attentively to the answers to his questions. (Rami speaks English, and we communicate through an interpreter, a member of the St. Petersburg chapter of RNE fluent in English.) [RNE: Russian National Unity , Russia's most well-known nationalist organization. -- Webmaster]

I think it would be useful to pass on to the readers of "NO" a few excerpts from our two-hour chat.

. Could you briefly introduce yourself and say who you are, what you are engaged in and where you work?

Answer: I am Yevgeniy Artemyevich Shchekatikhin. On 13 February 1934, 1 was born into a family of office workers in the village of Kosaya Gora in the Tula region. Artemiy Mikhaylovich Shchekatikhin, my father, who was a Ukrainian, died on the battle front on 15 June 1942. Yelena Sergeyevna Konkova, my mother, a Russian, died of cancer in 1970. In my education, I completed 7 years at the Kosaya Gora school in 1948, and 10 years at the specialist air force college in Kursk in 1951. In 19551 finished my studies at the Borisoglebsk Red Flag military college for fighter fliers. That college was awarded the Order of Lenin and is named after V.P. Chkalov. In 1965 I completed my studies at the Military Command Academy of Anti-Aircraft Defence, named after G.K. Zhukov, Marshal of the Soviet Union. From 1955 to 1984 I served in the units of the USSR Armed Forces in the following posts: chief of the air squadron staff; officer in the operational intelligence department of the air division staff; senior officer in the operational intelligence department of the anti-aircraft division staff; senior officer in the operational department of the anti-aircraft independent army staff; chief of staff of the fighter air regiment; deputy head of the operational department of the anti-aircraft corps staff; head of the operational department of the anti-aircraft corps staff; head of the anti-aircraft division staff; head of the operational department of the anti-aircraft independent army staff; head of the operational command of the anti-aircraft district staff; deputy head of the air force staff of the military district; head of staff of the air force fighter air corps of the group of Soviet troops in Germany. After being pensioned I was in charge of a laboratory at the Institute of Information Technology and Automation of the USSR Academy of Sciences, and after that I worked as departmental editor on the magazine "Leningradskaya panorama" ("Leningrad Panorama"), and as correspondent and writer for the newspaper "Na strazhe Rodiny" ("Guarding the Homeland"). Since October 1991 I have been the founder, publisher and editor in chief of the patriotic Russian opposition newspaper "Nashe Otechestvo" ("Our Fatherland"). I have received 16 governmental awards. I am married and have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. I am not a member of any political parties.


A.R. What got you into the struggle against Zionism?

Y.S. The destructive work of the Zionists, who've seized power in our country.


A.R. But it must be dangerous and require a lot of courage. Where do you get it from?

Y.S. Well, for one thing, someone has to do battle against this infection. Why not me?

Secondly, I don't want my children and grandchildren (and I have four children and four grandchildren) to be Jewish slaves.

Thirdly, as a military man I swore an oath of loyalty to my people and my Fatherland. Not to Stalin, or Khrushchev, or Brezhnev, and of course not to the Zionist marionettes Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin, but to my folk and homeland. And I remain true to that oath.

Fourthly, every citizen is obligated to defend his country from enemies. Today that defense is necessary as never before.


A.R. I know fom my own experience that the Zionists will stop at nothing to stop the activities of people like you. Aren't you afraid of radical measures on their part?

Y.S. Without question, that's a possibility and wouldn't be a problem for them. But after I won a lawsuit in 1993 against the Regional Directorate of the Press for its attempt to close down my newspaper, and the case turned into a anti-Zionist political event, the Zionists have avoided open court cases involving me. Twice, in 1998 and 1999, accusations of "inflaming racial and religious hatred" against Jews were fabricated against me, but I was amnestied. What's more, in 1998 I insisted that the Prosecutor bring the case to court, but the judge told me that under no circumstances would a trial take place. So I signed an agreement for amnesty, with the formula: "I agree to amnesty, but I don't consider myself guilty."

In 1999 the Prosecutor once again accused me and once again offered me to sign an amnesty agreement. And again I demanded a trial. "You want to become a martyr?", asked the investigator. "Well, you've been making a martyr out of me for the past 10 years, without any effort on my part, persecuting me for the exercise of free speech, even resorting to the criminal code as if I were a dangerous criminal outlaw. What I want is to dress up in my Soviet officer's parade uniform and put on white gloves and let them put me in the defendant's cage in the courtroom, with handcuffs on those white gloves, and I'll hire a lawyer, I'll defend myself even, and demonstrate those handcuffs to the people in the courtroom as a symbol of free speech in today's Russia." "I repeat:" said the investigator insistently, "There will be no trial!!!" It was then that I understood that it had gotten through to the Jews that any court case would be good advertisement for the newspaper. That's why they're always ready to frighten me with imprisonment, but they're afraid of any public legal action, understanding perfectly well that it won't be easy to prove their accusations of "inflaming national hatred".

Of course they could kill me. But here they're faced with the "Talkov phenomenon", when a murder gave birth to the image of a "patriot martyr" and increased hatred toward the Jews tenfold. [Popular singer/songwriter Igor Talkov, whose repertoire ranged from patriotic to romantic songs, was killed backstage during a performance in St. Petersburg in 1991. His murderer, a certain Schliafman, avoided prosecution by boarding a plane to Israel, where he lives to this day. -- Webmaster]

And finally, for those who've embarked on the path of struggle with the Jewish occupation of our country death isn't frightening: The Lord will take us as martyrs for a just cause, while our murderers will be consigned to the eternal flames of Hell.


A.R. But the Zionists' power in Russia is virtually limitless. Where do you get your optimism and faith in victory?

Y.S. From world history. Remember the Persian Empire. The Jews were celebrating in triumph, praising Mordechai and Esther... After destroying the Roman Empire they thought they were close to world dominion... The revolution in Russia in 1917 once again gave them hope of the irreversibility of Jewish power... Alas, nothing came of it. They killed off each other in internecine struggles called "purges". After the Second World War they began to undermine the country from within, returning to power under Khrushchev. After 20 years of undermining they hit us with Gorbachev's betrayal... But the thing is that the Jews can never divide up money and power among themselves! And today they continue to gnaw at each other to possess the beachheads from which to continue the rape and despoilment of our great country. It's these internecine conflicts which will help us to cast off the Jewish yoke in Russia. And just take a look at Russian history: Is this the first "time of troubles" we've experienced? Have enemies never occupied the Kremlin before? Where are those enemies now? And these will meet the same fate!

The international position of Zion is getting worse from day to day. The whole world is mobilizing in the war with Jewish globalization and the "New World Order". According to the Zionist plan, China and Japan are next in line for enslavement after Russia. And if communist/Masonic China is unconcerned at present by the Jewish question, the Japanese are busy publishing anti-Zionist literature such as "Mein Kampf", the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and so forth, insisting that all government officials read this literature and prevent the Jews from gaining control over politics, finance, the mass-media and other government infrastructure.

So the expulsion of the Jews from Russia is inevitable -- It's historically predestined. And they'll have to celebrate their "Purims" and "Great October Revolutions" somewhere in Australia or New Zealand (those 'emergency airfields' of Zion) in remembrance of past Jewish triumphs, and once again start hatching their destructive plans to rule the world. But the peoples of the Earth are getting progressively wiser to the vile intrigues of the Zionists and there'll be a worldwide explosion of indignation so mighty that a real, not imagined, holocaust will erupt on the heads of the Jews, beating the taste for world domination out of them for a long time to come.


A.R.  In your opinion, is it true that historical revisionism as a method of studying history can be applied solely to the events of World War 2, or is revisionism also applicable to the history of the events surrounding the Palestine question and conflict?

Y.S.: No, that is not true, because the question is not correct. Many facts of world history have been distorted by Jewish revisionists, especially the facts of the national history of countries. The actual reasons for, and the identity of the persons guilty of, the unleashing of both World Wars have been distorted, as have the reasons for all revolutions and military conflicts. It was precisely Jewish revisionists who distorted them. As regards the revisionists of our time, who reveal the Jewish historical lie, I would refer to them not as revisionists, but as restorers of the truth. The restoration of the truth must triumph in the history of wars, revolutions, and military conflicts, including the Palestine conflict. I consider that we are not revising history, but exposing the Jewish revisionists and restoring the truth!


A.R.  Why, in your view, did the British Government sign the Balfour Declaration? Who and what were behind that Declaration?

Y.S.:  The English politician Arthur James Balfour (1848-1930) was a Jew and was operating in the interests of the Zionists when, in 1917, he inconspicuously pushed through the Declaration on the creation of a Jewish "national home" in Palestine. This document may rightly be called the first document of Jewish fascism.


A.R.  Radio Islam considers that the foundation of the Jewish State known as Israel is not entirely legal. In your view, what are the particular reasons and considerations which mean that the creation of Israel may be regarded as illegal from the historical point of view, and why can that creation not be supported by international legislation?

Y.S.:  The State of Israel was created on the basis of Jews illegally immigrating into Palestine. That immigration was particularly intense during the years of World War 2, when the governments and nations did not feel like putting up with them, but this immigration was also furthered by both Hitler and Churchill. In 1948 the Zionists in the governments of the major countries won the countries' leaders over to the idea of signing an agreement to the creation of the State of Israel. This was not some diplomatic document, but was a piece of paper produced at the level of a reprehensible deal. These signatures guaranteed that the major countries would not raise an uproar regarding this illegal way of forming a State. Specifically, in 1948, Beriya and Kaganovich, who were two Jews in the USSR, talked Stalin into signing this agreement It is said that, having put his signature on the document, Stalin said: "Bear in mind that you are organizing a hotbed of war." However, the abovementioned Zionists claimed that Israel was going to create socialism, and for the purpose of creating it they even sent Golda Meir, who had completed her studies at the University of Kiev, and Moshe Dayan, who had completed his education at the Academy of the USSR Armed Forces General Staff in Moscow. Israel unleashed a war in the Middle East immediately after Stalin's death, and has not calmed down since that time. Apart from the pseudo historical references to the "right" to own this land, supposedly at God's command, there were, and still are, no legal or diplomatic grounds for creating a Jewish State on Palestinian land seized by Jews.


A.R.  The Jewish lobby accuses revisionists of "racism". Where, in your view, are the more significant examples of the practical application of racism to be found? In the West, or in the Jewish State of Israel?

Y.S.:  That is a rhetorical question. Everyone knows that only a citizen belonging to the Jewish ethnic group, which is determined by his mother being Jewish, can immigrate to Israel from another country. It is at least necessary to be the husband of a Jewish woman (but not the wife of a Jewish man). Everyone knows that Nazi type work on determining whether someone has Jewish blood has been going on in Israel for a long time. Everyone knows that Judaism occupies a dominant position in Israel and that all other religions are persecuted there. Everyone knows that rabbis in the USA launder money obtained from drugs trafficking and that Israel harbours criminals from all over the world and does not extradite them to the countries in which these scoundrels committed their crimes. It is enough here to remember Igor Talkov, the popular Russian poet killed by a Jew named Shlyafman who escaped to Israel. There are no bigger racists in the world than the Jews. Along with this, they think they have the right to settle in any countries, take hold of the power, the banks and the media in those countries, and implant Jewish fascism there!


A.R.  Which country represents the greatest threat to peace at the present time? Please give reasons for your answer.

Y.S.:  Israel is undoubtedly the leader among the aggressor countries. But, through the powerful Jewish lobby, it ensures that such major countries as the USA and Great Britain remain politically dependent on it. Those countries, acting upon Israel's instructions, attack oil rich countries, declaring that the latter are aggressors, are part of certain concocted "axes of evil", and so on. These acts of aggression are unfortunately very often supported by such countries as France, Germany, Russia and a number of others, all having powerful Jewish lobbies in their governments. It is sufficient to enumerate all the wars unleashed by Israel, the USA and Britain since World War 2 if one wants to understand the following: the chief threat to peace proceeds from the USA, from Britain and from the despicable Zionist government of Israel. That government is the leader of the USA and Britain and disguises itself as a small country, but does exert a powerful influence upon the governments of those two countries. Thus it is Israel that represents the greatest threat to peace. It is precisely from Israel that all the accusations proceed that are levelled against countries which dare to oppose Zionism. It is precisely Israel that gives the puppet pro Zionist governments headed by Bush and Blair instructions on which States they must attack.


A.R.  Today there are in the world some "hot spots" where armed conflicts are taking place. In your view, which of these conflicts poses the greatest threat of World War 3 coming about?

Y.S.:  The most dangerous area in the world is the Balkans, where the ethnic conflicts fuelled by the USA and NATO are not abating. Another explosive region is the Israel Lebanon Syria triangle, where Israel is stirring the USA up against Syria. The international kahal's endeavours to make Russia and the Ukraine, and Russia and China, clash with one another must also be considered. It is important to understand that the outbreak of World War 3, like that of World Wars 2 and 1, will be provoked by Zion.


A.R.  In the current campaign against the so called possession by Iran and North Korea of nuclear weapons, the main argument is that these countries are allegedly undemocratic and irresponsible. What would you say about the fact that it is precisely the "democratic" USA that is the only country in the world to have used those weapons and that it is threatening to use them again? Israel, being a country of occupation, is the most aggressive, expansionist and irresponsible country: is it not a real danger to its neighbours and the whole of the rest of the world, when one considers that it has 200 atomic bombs at its disposal?

Y.S.:  Your question contains its own answer. Wailing about limiting the spread of nuclear weapons, accusing other countries of having them, and hushing up the fact that Israel has them, constitute the most impertinent and brazen behaviour on the part of Zion. The factor of restraint is entirely ignored. It is due to that factor that countries which do not wish to subject themselves to world wide Zionism are compelled to acquire or develop such weapons for purposes of self defence. An unusually provocative impertinence in matters of global politics is characteristic of all Zionist governments, the chief among which are the governments of the USA and Israel. They ignore all the standards of international agreements and all the UN resolutions, but they demand that other countries should carry out those agreements and resolutions in impeccable fashion. The impertinent aggressive governments of those countries have established for themselves a policy of permissiveness in international relations. This impertinence was manifested in a particularly aggravated way after the balance of the bipolar world was disturbed and the USSR collapsed. The USA turned into an international policeman, who felt that he could, with impunity, do anything he liked.


A.R.  Do you consider that Iran, as Jewish propaganda alleges, is a threat to the USA, Europe and the whole of the rest of the world?

Y.S.:  Of course I do not. It is mainly Israel that is afraid of Iran. This is why Zionist propaganda is stirring the world up against Iran. Iran's threat to the world is a standard Zionist myth, like the myth about the "eternally hunted Jewish people", about the Holocaust, about "antisemitism", and about the idea that today's Jews are Semites.


A.R.  The Israeli militaries are not hiding their intentions of attacking Iran. How, in your view, must Iran act in order to guarantee its safety?

Y.S.:  Israel is accustomed to goading the USA and the USA's satellites into wishing to take action against major countries. Israel on its own will scarcely dare to attack Iran. Such statements are made for the particular purpose of provoking Iran and then raising an uproar throughout the world and giving the United States, which are Israel's chief watchdog, the command: "Go and grab them!" Iran, on the other hand, must not give in to the provocation, but must create a system of retaliatory rocket strikes against administrative, political, economic and military centres in Israel, must put its rockets on permanent military standby, and must tell the world's public that if Israel attempts to attack Iran, this rocket defence system will go into action.


A.R.  Israel is not merely a threat to its neighbours. In the course of some tens of years, Israel has occupied all of Palestine, part of Syria and part of Lebanon, and is resorting to practising aggressive domination against its neighbours and every other country in the world How, on a legal basis, is it possible to organize an effective worldwide resistance movement directed against this domination?

Y.S.:  After the United Nations abolished the resolution which condemned Zionism, the UN turned into a pro Zionist bureau incapable of curbing the Israeli aggressor. What then became imminent was a pressing need either to close down the UN altogether because it did not represent worldwide interests and to create instead a new Organization for the Safeguarding of Peace (OSP), or else, in parallel with the UN, to unite into a single organization all the anti-Zionist countries, anti-Zionist organizations and societies, and all the anti-Zionist agents from all countries including those occupied by Zionists, such as the USA, Britain and Russia, to call this organization the Single Anti-Zionist Community of Peace Loving Mankind (SAZCPLM), with its centre being located in one of the Muslim countries (why not Iran?), and in this way to re establish a bipolar world with which to counterbalance that single pole world of Zionist domination which has been created and exists to the present day.


A.R.  Is the Palestine conflict only an inter-ethnic conflict between Palestinians and Jews, or is it a conflict of good against evil, of justice against the law of the jungle?

Y.S.:  No, it is not merely an inter ethnic conflict. It is a conflict firstly between the Jews who lay claim to world domination and the Palestinians who oppose them, secondly between Judaism and the religions of all the other confessions, especially Russian Orthodoxy and Islam, thirdly between the adherents of globalization and the adherents of nation states, and fourthly between Jesus Christ and Satan, between Allah and the devil, that is to say between the forces of good and evil. We will not drag animals from the jungle into this matter their behaviour is much more morally acceptable than that of the Jews!


A.R.  Do you consider that Israel is laying claim to domination only in Palestine, or that the Zionist State is also striving to achieve control and domination over other countries and regions, even including those outside the Middle East? What can be done to liberate America and Russia from Israel?

Y.S.:  Israel is laying claim to world domination in exact accordance with the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This is why Israel's task includes eliminating everyone who is hindering this global task of theirs: the Palestinians, the Slavs and the Arabs. After that it will be the turn of the Chinese and Japanese. To liberate America and Russia from Israel, it will be necessary to eliminate the Jews who are part of the power structures of these countries, and then to remove the Jews from the media, the banks, the public prosecution offices and the power structures generally.


A.R.  In order to support the Jewish occupation of Palestine, the Jewish organizations are making aggressive use of their dominant position in politics, the economy and the media. Do you think that your country is aware of this fact? Is there any organized resistance to this?

Y.S.:   A large and increasing number of citizens in Russia are becoming aware of Jewish domination in their country. That domination has been turned into a regime of Jewish occupation, where Jewish fascism is being established. There exists organized resistance, consisting of numerous patriotic organizations, both legal and illegal, whose unification is constantly being hindered by provocateurs being introduced into them and by the creation of fictitious, pseudo patriotic organizations headed by Jews and Gentile stooges. Nevertheless, the genuine patriotic organizations are publishing their newspapers and magazines which as yet still have a low circulation but of which there about 400 throughout the country , are introducing their people into the media and the power structures and are carrying out acts of retribution.


A.R.  If the Palestinian question were to be resolved justly, what in your view would that resolution have to consist of?

Y.S.:  The best way of resolving the question would be completely to liquidate the State of Israel, as having being created illegally. In the present circumstances in which Jewish influence in the world has grown colossally, it would at the outset be necessary to curb Israel's territorial claims and to hand back the territories seized from Palestine, Syria and Lebanon, and the Israeli. government would have to sign an international commitment not to lay claim to its neighbours' territories. After this the borders of the Palestinian State, Israel, Syria and Lebanon would have to be strictly designated.


A.R.  Anti-Zionism, revisionism and revolutionary nationalism in the West and in Russia are dissident movements today. Do you think that the negative attitude towards them, and the fact that they are being suppressed, proceed from the actual peoples of the Western countries and of Russia, or do you think that they result from the activities of an alien Jewish lobby which has made public opinion pro Jew and pro Israel?

Y.S.:  From the Jewish lobby, of course! At the same time, they do not acknowledge that these phenomena amount to dissension. The term "anti-terrorism" has been invented for the purpose of combating all anti-Zionist movements. In order to create this term, the Jewish lobby in the USA carried out the operation of 11 September and the Jewish lobby in Russia is conducting a series of operations: blowing up houses, vehicles and railway trains, urging on the activities of the Chechen fighters whom the Russian "oligarchs" are feeding up to fatten them, and doing much else which is still waiting to be revealed at a later date. The terms "antisemitism" (a concept which is unjustifiably being intentionally substituted for "anti-Zionism") and "terrorism" are becoming synonyms. Unfortunately, not all the people in our country understand this, although I repeat that people's insight into Russian Jewish relations is taking place at a colossal rate.


A.R.  In what way and to what extent is Israel a threat to freedom of expression in your country?

Y.S.:  The extent of its influence is 100%! This is because all the key positions which influence the public mood in Russia are in the hands of Jews, a considerable number of whom have dual citizenship: both Israeli and Russian. This is why any anti-Zionist statements are being suppressed legally, economically, morally and physically.


A.R.  Do you think that anti-Zionists in their respective countries are being persecuted by intellectual terror which is organized by Israel?

Y.S.:  Undoubtedly! And it is not merely intellectual terror but also, as I noted above, legal, economic and physical terror. I will tell you below about how this happened to me personally.


A.R.  If you yourself are a victim of intellectual terror organized by Israel, could you give an example of how your freedom of expression was suppressed?

Y.S.:  Over the 12 years for which I have been publishing the patriotic Russian opposition newspaper "Nashe Otechestvo", which has a markedly anti-Zionist tendency, that terror has not stopped for one minute. In the first few years, Gentile stooges belonging to pseudo patriotic organizations conducted terror over the telephone: they rang up night and day, they insulted me, they used foul language, and if the children they were little girls of an early school age picked up the phone, they were told: "Tell your daddy that he is only going to live until the New Year (23 February, 1 May, and so on)." The children of course would take this seriously and start crying, and the commie Jew at the other end of the line would laugh loudly. This went on until I installed a telephone with a device which records the telephone number from which a call is coming. In this way I discovered that this terror by telephone was organized by Yu. Belyaev, who is a false patriot, a Jew and a homosexual.

At 11 p.m. on I October 1994, while I was attending the conference of the Russian National Council in the town of Bryansk, I. Chibisov, an assistant of the KGB general A. Sterligov, burst into my hotel room. Chibisov was a young bull of a chap who went in for boxing, and I was 60 years old at the time. He began beating me up brutally, landing blows on my heart and my head. My heart withstood this, but I lost my right eye and have been putting out the newspaper with only one eye for 9 years now.

The postal service has been mightily exploited. The postal wrappers containing newspapers being sent to other cities for distribution tended to disappear, and this induced us to send out the newspapers in registered postal packets stating the value of the contents (this was more expensive, but provided a better guarantee that the consignment would reach the addressee). The remittances and letters (especially those containing the subscribers' envelopes) were stolen out of the P.O. box, and this compelled us to take direct delivery of the mail in the delivery department. The tax inspectors carried out additional checks, looking for any possibilities of imposing fines, although all the taxes were being paid correctly and on time.

Jews, including members of the Russian State Duma, are constantly writing to the public prosecution offices of various levels of authority from district offices right up to the chief public prosecution office both self addressed and anonymous complaints demanding that the newspaper be closed down, that the editor be imprisoned, and so on. On the basis of these complaints I am summoned to these public prosecution offices, with different investigators each time, and every time I have to start afresh and prove my constitutional and international right to collect and disseminate information, including anti-Zionist information. I have to make copies of the newspaper's registration certificate and the private company certificate. The private company was only set up in order to acquire the status of a legal person through whom the financial accounts for the production and distribution of the newspaper are conducted. I also have to make copies of other accompanying documents. The aim of all this is clear: it is to prevent me from working and to wear me out physically and from the point of view of morale.

No one has ever once said anywhere that criticism of Zionism is not allowed. Such a ban does not appear in any legislative document. But the Jewish lobby has installed an Article (originally Article 72, now 282) in the Criminal Code: "The incitement of ethnic, racial or religious enmity". I have been called to account more than 10 times under that Article, and was accused of instigating hatred towards Jews. In more than 8 cases there was a refusal to institute criminal proceedings, and the public prosecution office issued me with warnings. Proceedings were instituted on two occasions, the years 2001 and 2002. What is characteristic of this is that the case was always investigated at the department "for the investigation of particularly important political offences", and that I am a Russian officer who continued for 33 years to guard the pure sky of the Homeland, but during the periods of all 10 investigations was reckoned to be "a particularly dangerous political offender". On the two occasions on which proceedings were instituted, I was found guilty of "instigation". In order that the further course of events can be understood, I must inform you that in 1996 the regional authority which registered my newspaper brought a court action against me, requesting that the newspaper be closed down. The court session turned into a nationwide meeting and was conducted entirely by the plaintiffs. Thus the case was not passed on to the court in 2001, and the public prosecutor conducting the investigation demanded that I sign an amnesty agreement; he stated that the case would not be passed on to the court. I signed the amnesty agreement with the following words: "I agree to the amnesty, but I do not acknowledge that I am guilty." In 2002 I nonetheless succeeded in having the case passed on to the court. But the judge, who had invited me into his office, said: "Yevgeniy Artemyevich! Do you really not understand that there will not be a court hearing? After you won the case in 1996, no one will permit you again to hold a nationwide meeting in the court room. Sign the document, otherwise I shall pester you with summonses." I had to work, and not run around complying with summonses. And I signed the document with the same wording as in 2001.

The acts of victimization by the public prosecution office are continuing to the present day, and in the brief period from October to November 2003 1 gave explanations to two different investigators from the public prosecution office of the Petrogradskiy district of St. Petersburg. The printing house that prints my newspaper is located in that district. Then an inspector came and, acting upon the demand of the public prosecution office of the Moskovskiy district of St. Petersburg, the district where I live, interrogated me on the subject of the reason why I was putting out an antisemitic (?) newspaper. I had to explain to this senior lieutenant that there are no Semites in Russia, but that there are the former Khazars. Then, once again (for the 3rd time in 3 weeks!) I had to make copies of all the documents which gave me permission.

But there was also the pressure exercised by Jews upon the staff at the printing house which prints the newspaper. Thus in 2003 I had to complain to the female director of the printing house. Acting out of her own volition, she had, contrary to all the existing laws, refused to print my newspaper, citing some "high up authorities". Of course, no one left any written instructions, and the method employed was purely Zionist: freedom of _expression was being suppressed by other people, and the Zionists smirked when they observed the Gentiles oppressing one another. For this purpose human Zionist scumbags take root in the printing houses and censor the materials which are going to press. When they discover any anti-Zionist lines of type in them, they inform the synagogue of this. The synagogue organizes a psychological attack which its agents in the power structures conduct by telephone against the management of the printing house, intimidating the management by threatening it not only with the sack, but also with physical pressures up to and including destruction.


A.R.  The Zionist lobby operates all over the world, in all the countries of the West and in Russia. How is it possible to arrange for cooperation between the resistance movements in your country on the one hand, and the freedom fighters in the Islamic and Arab countries on the other these people are historians, writers, thinkers and politicians; so that the Zionist strategy of isolating from one another the resistance movements in the different countries can be frustrated?

Y.S.:  By continuing and intensifying what we are already doing, namely the many years of cooperation between the newspaper editor's office and Radio Islam. This cooperation takes place at the level of Ye. A. Shchekatikhin who is the newspaper's editor in chief, and Ahmed Rami who is the director of Radio Islam. They maintain personal contacts, assisting one another with information (the newspaper prints Radio Islam's material, and Radio Islam broadcasts material from the newspaper and posts the "Nashe Otechestvo" newspaper on its website). In addition, the newspaper is sent out to subscribers in the USA, Venezuela, Argentina, Austria, France, Germany, Britain, Australia and the former Soviet republics, and regularly prints material by authors from those countries. The contacts between all those taking part in resistance to Zionism must be developed and intensified by post, telephone, the Internet and personal meetings. A United International Front of Anti-Zionist Struggle (UIFAZS) must be created. Means must be sought for giving material support to anti-Zionist publications and organizations.


A.R.  Do you think that you have as many rights as do the Jews in your own country?

Y.S.:  This "equality" is of a purely formal nature, because it is not written anywhere that Jews have any exclusive rights or privileges. But the fact is that the Jews have certain exclusive rights to hold highly paid positions which do not involve physical work: look at the television announcers, at the presenters of lucrative TV programmes, at the Russian variety theatre, at the editors of newspapers and magazines owned by the government and by political parties, and look finally at the Russian government, at the Russian banks, at the scientific institutions, and at leading posts in institutions across the country's whole infrastructure, and what you will see is firstly the clout of the Jews, diluted by ethnic minorities, and secondly an almost complete absence of Russian specialist groups. What kind of equal rights are these if, when the first results of the population census were published, the number of Jews living in Russia was kept concealed from the public?


A.R.  What are the mechanisms of Jewish power in Russia? In what way can it be said that Israel, being a foreign country, controls Russia? How did a situation become possible in which the national property and the largest enterprises in Russia are under Jewish Israeli control?

Y.S.:  The mechanisms are the same as in other countries: working one's way into power (by means of bribery, blackmail, slander, intimidation, the use of threats, etc.), seizing the mass media and the banks, and setting off the machinery which makes fools of the masses of the people and turns them into zombies. Power in Russia was seized by the Zionists as long ago as 1917 as a result of World War 1, which was unleashed by Zionists. Their total victory was thwarted by Stalin in 1937. World War 2 was required in order to split the world into two camps, drive the socialist camp into the arms race, discredit the socialist system, replace the governments by renegades and Zionist Freemasonic agents, create fifth columns in the socialist countries, and put new governments in place by using the fifth columns and by destroying those States which were allied together. It is through these Zionist-Freemasonic agents who have seized power in Russia that Israel controls Russia. The communist masses in their many millions permitted this because the rank and file communists were educated in submitting unreservedly to their leadership, and the party leadership gradually disintegrated, being drawn into corruption and the Western way of thinking. When the national property was divided up, the party leadership received sops and small pieces of this property in exchange for being silent. The leaders of the security organs were also male to shut their mouths. Later, during the course of so called "perestroika", these sops were taken away from the Russian secretaries of the district committees and from the KGM members, and given to the "God chosen" tribe. In this way all the national property turned out to be in the hands of the Jews.


A.R. What does public opinion in Russia make of the fact that the so called oligarchs possess Israeli nationality and are in fact Israeli proteges?

Y.S.:  Public opinion in Russia is formed only in patriotic publications. But they have small print runs and their voice is not heard. The pro Zionist voice of the newspapers owned by the government and by the parties is passed off as constituting "public opinion". The Russian people, and the representatives of the indigenous peoples of Russia who have lived in the territory of Russia from the earliest times, understood all this long ago and can see everything. But some of them are afraid when they remember the persecutions to which, under Soviet power, people were previously subjected for being hostile towards Jews, while others, who grew up under the power of the fifth column, have lost any patriotism and merely think about how to adapt to living under the conditions which have been created. And here there is again a division into two sub groups: some people silently grit their teeth and search for ways of maintaining their families, and others go into the service of the regime and become Gentile stooges of the Jews. The more durable the occupational Jewish power in the country becomes, the greater the number of Gentile stooges appearing throughout the expanses of the country. That is why they are silent. That is why they tolerate all this.


A.R.  Why, when these people are mentioned, is the word "oligarch" used and not simply, in Russian, the word "yevrey" ("Jew")? Who are they really when they are not hiding it?

Y.S.:  This is because the number of Jews is not published. This term "yevrey" [that is the Russian word just used in the Russian text, meaning "Jew" Translator's Note] will soon become disparaging, in the same way as the Jews now regard the word "zhid" ["zhid" is another Russian word meaning "Jew" Translator's Note] as disparaging. They now want rid themselves of the word "yevrey" too. The Russian word "yevropeyets", meaning "European", has now been put into computerized dictionaries instead of the word "yevrey". The Jews are afraid of the people's anger and therefore try in every way possible to conceal their ethnicity. (It was not for nothing that, thousands of Jews, in the census, called themselves "Goblin", "Elf', "Polovets" and "Pecheneg". These names are meant to look unJewish. With the semiliteracy of the census takers being taken into account, that is how they wrote the names down.)


A.R. How did it happen that the media in Russia came under Jewish influence and control? Although Gusinskiy retired from the media and left the country, the media are nevertheless controlled by Jews That is to say, the presenters of the most influential political TV programmes, and the political commentators, are Jews.

Y.S.:  The media are not merely under the control and influence of the Jews. They are simply in the Jews' hands. After Gorbachov, a Jew, came to power, the first thing he did was to replace with Jews the editors of all the major newspapers and magazines. The process was completed by Yeltsin the alcoholic. Gusinskiy was one of those Jews. It is not just the political commentators. The football commentators and weather reporters are Jews too!


A.R.  When a Jew resigns from his post or is compelled to resign from it, he is replaced in it by another Jew. Why is that so?

Y.S.:  Because the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion say so. They require that if there is no Jew to replace someone who has departed, a member of an ethnic minority must be appointed - "they have their scores to settle with the Russians"-, but a Russian must not be appointed in any circumstances!


A.R.  Does this state of affairs reflect an internal struggle within Jewish power itself?

Y.S.:  Undoubtedly! I refer to these phenomena as "Jewish internal strife". The Jews are never satisfied with what they have. They always want more. The chief stimulus is money. But in order to obtain money more conveniently, power is required. That explains the constant struggle. That is why Berezovskiy and Gusinskiy ran away, and it is why Khodorkovskiy, whose company Abramovich is trying to take over, was jailed. And so on. This is one reason for my firm conviction that the anti-Zionist forces will be victorious: the Jews will never share out their power and money, and this is why they are doomed to defeat!


A.R.  Does Russian society understand and see what is happening in their country?

Y.S.:  The intellectual sector of society undoubtedly sees and understands. But it should be remembered that the intellectuals were being crushed by the Jews during the entire period of Soviet power: after the Revolution, during the years of the Civil War, the best scholars, men of letters, clergymen, officers, workers, and hardworking farmers the flower of the nation! were being destroyed, or at best left the country. This process was continued by the agents of the Cheka (the Soviet state security system) under Stalin, Brezhnev, Khrushchov and Yeltsin. It has not ceased today. Those who understand and speak about this are badgered and crushed. A considerable section of the population has been degraded and turned into zombies by the television, and has been taken in by Jewish propaganda.


A.R.  What role is played by Jews from Russia who have settled in occupied Palestine, in Israel? What influence do they, being part of Israel, exert upon Russia?

Y.S.:  I am simply obliged to set forth here my personal point of view about Jews as politicians. Jews, irrespective of their level of education and their social position, are robots. They behave in politics in the way in which their secular rabbi instructs them to behave: today they will praise communism and Stalin, tomorrow, in another country, they will create a Hitler cult and go into raptures over Nazism, and the day after that they will admire the Queen and capitalism They do just as they are instructed. This is because the main point is to do everything for the sake of Jewish world domination. That is the whole of their role for you! They have to take root in the ranks of the patriots, and then a Jew will deny the Holocaust and the gas chambers in Auschwitz. They have to penetrate the Russian State Duma, where a Jew will shout about defending the rights of the Russian people. There is one thing that a Jew will never let slip: his personal profit. For the sake of that profit he will sell not only Israel, but his own mother too! Thus their influence in Israel and Russia can be put in a simple formula: "We will exert influence as we are instructed to do."


A.R.  Is it true that these Jews from Russia have succeeded in the strategy of creating public opinion in Russia, and that the struggle of the Palestinians is the same as the conflict in Chechnya?

Y.S.:  Of course not! That is an impertinent Jewish lie, which the Jews propagate among the Palestinians in order to undermine the Palestinians' trust in Russian people. If, in the eyes of Russian people, there can be any comparison between the events in Palestine and those in Chechnya, it lies only in making a comparison between the brutalities perpetrated by the Chechen and the Jewish bandits when practising violence against the peaceful population.


A.R. In this internal power struggle in Russia, does President Putin represent Russian people, or only some Jewish grouping or clan?

Y.S.:  1) President Putin himself has some Jewish blood on his mother's side. Our newspaper has provided proof of this. 2) Putin is a member of Yeltsin's Jewish Mafia "family". This is why he was appointed as successor. 3) Putin's sympathies with the Jewish clans are dictated by his personal interest, and may change in the course of an "internal strife".


A.R.  Is there really at the present time an alliance between Jewish oligarchs and the Russian Communist Party?

Y.S.:  You probably mean the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF). Yes, there really is such an alliance. It is caused by the, unprincipled behaviour of G. Zyuganov, who is the current leader of the CPRF, and by the oligarchs' fear that sooner or later Jewish dominion will collapse in Russia, as has happened several times already, and that then it will be better to cede power to the communists with their Judaized theories of Marxism Leninism than to cede it to the Russian nationalists. This is how they place straw under their own backside in order not to hurt themselves.


A.R.  Why do the oligarchs support the Communist Party?

Y.S.:  I have already partially answered that in my reply to the previous question, but I will add that the oligarchs do this for the purpose of establishing their people within the communist parties and not permitting any national Russian influence in the leadership of those parties. The point is that I am firmly convinced that national Russian power in Russia, irrespective of the State system under which it is exercised, will set Russia on the right path and place it among the Great Powers.


A.R. If the Communist Party returns to power, will it start putting into effect a political programme of nationalization and reconsidering the question not only of property and the fact that the national assets (heavy industry, aircraft, natural resources) are owned by the oligarchs, but also of giving control back to the Russian people?

Y.S.:  The current communists are the ones who should be asked about this first and foremost. I was in the Communist Party of the Soviet Union for 33 years, and did not leave the party, but was "dismissed" from it in 1986. After this, having studied the Russian Jewish question in detail, I understood that this property never belonged to the people and that the Party bosses had it at their disposal and handed out only a minimum of benefits to the people. That is why the words "giving control back to the Russian people" are not correct. The Russian people never had that control. It was always the pro Jewish Soviet power that had it. The masses of the Russian people understood this in the main. It is therefore doubtful whether the Communist Party can come to power. This was shown in the most recent elections to the State Duma. As regards questions of nationalization, if a government which proportionally represents the indigenous peoples of Russia (the Jews not being included) comes to power, I do not rule out the possibility that the mineral wealth, natural resources, defence industry, heavy industry, railways, postal system and other important State run sectors will be nationalized.


A.R.. Does this incomprehensible alliance between the oligarchs and the Communist Party mean that the Jews now control that party and that it is dead as an opponent of the Jews and as an obstacle on their path to power in Russia?

Y.S.:  The Jews have controlled the Communist Party ever since it appeared in Russia in 1898. And in all the 105 years of history in Russia since that time the Communist Party WAS NEVER an obstacle to the Jews on their path to power in Russia!


A.R.  In the Russian army, in the Russian Federal Security Service, and in other influential circles in Russia, is there a unity of opinions and is there support for the actions of President Putin, or are those bodies divided into pro Jewish and anti-Jewish sections which are at enmity with one another?

Y.S.:  Nothing of the kind is the case! The Russian patriots and the patriots of other indigenous ethnic groups were removed from the army and the power structures long ago and replaced by Jews or time servers, so that there is no such struggle in those structures. There are no anti-Jewish forces in the State run structures.


A.R. More than 20 million Muslims live in Russia. Why do they have no political influence as compared with the 2 million Jews?

Y.S.:  Because the l50 million Russians also have no political influence in Russia. They are not only not permitted to come close to power in the country, but have also been deprived of the right to state in their passports the ethnic group to which they belong.


A.R. President Putin took part in an Islamic conference in Malaysia in October Was this because he wishes to lend an ear to the opinion of the Muslim countries and bring Russia and the Muslim world together, or does he just want to exert influence on the Muslim countries in order to prevent them from supporting the resistance in Chechnya?

Y.S.:  It is neither of those things. It is merely a populist trick ahead of the presidential elections to be held on 14 March 2004. Putin could have broken the  "resistance" in Chechnya long ago if he had wanted to. By means of this "resistance" he is supporting that myth about "international terrorism" which was brought into being by the Americans.


A.R.  Ariel Sharon has met President Patin several times. Do these meetings take place on the basis of friendship and equal rights, or are they the occasions on which Sharon dictates the will of Israel and exerts influence on Russia's foreign and domestic politics?

Y.S.:  If, when receiving rabbis at the Kremlin, Putin gives up to the chief rabbi his chairman's seat at the table and himself huddles on the edge of his chair, then what is to be said about Sharon? Do you not see those lackey like, servile smiles which Putin puts on and which cannot be compared with his cold, precise, laconic smiles at meetings with Chinese or Korean leaders? Yes, Sharon is indeed dictating his will, as can be seen from Putin's actions and words after the Jewish leader has departed.


A.R. Are there any other important questions which we have omitted?

Y.S.:  I would like to say that I have set forth solely my personal opinion, and not the opinion of some patriotic organization. And in conclusion I want to emphasize that no Jew will depart peacefully from power in Russia. He has to be hunted out of power with the aid of a Kalashnikov, but for this purpose the Russian people and the indigenous peoples of Russia, including the Muslims, must develop until they have reached the stage of an armed uprising. Let us carry out this task jointly, otherwise your children and ours will become Jewish slaves.



Ahmed Rami thanked me for our chat, took out a subscription for the newspaper "Nashe Otechestvo".

Then the Islamic patriot set out to meet with German nationalists. Such international meetings are the pledge of future defeat for the Zionists!

The enemy will be beaten! Victory will be ours! 

Nashe Otechestvo is a Russian patriotic weekly published in St. Petersburg, Russia.


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