By Robert Muhammad


In the last few months three major rap artists have been in the news concerning their use of what can only be described as extremely negative and offensive lyrics in their songs.

Rapper Lil Wayne was widely criticized by leaders and activists in the Black community for words he used in a song called “Karate Chop,” which was a duet with another rapper known as Future. In the song Lil Wayne is heard rapping about beating a woman’s private parts like Emmett Till while engaging in a sex act.

Another popular rapper known as ‘Rick Ross’ was heard in one of his recent songs rapping about slipping a girl ‘Molly’ which is the street name for the ecstasy drug, as a prelude to a date rape. These lyrics where viewed as so reprehensible that they caused Reebok to cancel an endorsement contract with the rapper.

And just recently the Chicago-based rapper known as ‘Chief Keef’ has been criticized for lyrics in a song where he threatens a girl with murder if she does not perform a sex act on him.

A youth organization called ‘The Girls Like Me Project’ has recently started a petition drive to ban the playing of Chief Keef songs at Chicago Public School functions.

There is one thing besides disrespectful and reprehensible lyrics that these three popular rap artists have in common; they are all signed to, and on the payroll of, the same Jewish run entertainment conglomerate known as the Universal Music Group, a company which seems to have no problem with artists on their label projecting some of the vilest and most uncivilized lyrics and images of Black people to the entire world.

The Universal Music Group as of this writing has control of the contracts of most of the biggest and most popular rap and hip-hop artists in the industry. Their roster has included Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Drake, Tyga, Jay Sean, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Rihanna, and Young Jeezy, just to name a few.

Many of the rap artists on the Universal label have projected themselves as big ballers and shot-callers in their rap lyrics. But a quick reality check shows these lyrics to be all false bravado and fantasy; if we follow the money into the executive suites and boardrooms of the multinational corporations that actually control the rap game, we will come face-to-face with the real ballers and shot-callers.

By following the money up the corporate food chain, we find one recurring reality at every level, and that reality is Jewish control.

Now before someone screams that this is anti-Semitism, consider the fact that I will document 5 levels of control along this chain, and at each level a person of Jewish descent is in charge; simple mathematics should tell us that with all the different races and nationalities on our planet, this is a statistical improbability minus some type of planned arrangement.

If we look at Chief Keef, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne as examples, we will find that Chief Keef is signed to Interscope Records, a subsidiary of the Universal Music Group which is controlled by Jimmy Iovine, CEO (Jewish).

Both Rick Ross and Lil Wayne are signed to Universal Republic Records another subsidiary of the Universal Music Group, with is controlled by Barry Weiss , CEO (Jewish).

Further up the chain we find that the parent company Universal Music Group is controlled by Lucian Grainge, CEO (Jewish) and Zach Horowitz, President and COO (Jewish). So does this represent the end of the corporate food chain? By no means; in the year 2000 the Universal Music Group was purchased by the French multinational entertainment conglomerate Vivendi, which became Vivendi Universal SA.

Vivendi Universal SA is an enormous media company which holds at least $58 billion worth of assets globally, Vivendi Universal was up until June of 2012 run by CEO Jean Bernard Levy (Jewish). He has since been replaced by Jean Rene Fourtou.

So does the chain go any higher? Yes, it most certainly does; and this is where it really gets interesting.

According to the ‘Reference for Business’ website, Vivendi Universal was founded in 1852 under the name ‘Compagnie Generale des Eaux’ during the reign of Napoleon III, and is often described as France’s first capitalist venture. In the historical profile on that website it states, “The list of founders included the Rothschild family, a Fould, a Lafitte, the Duc de Morny—the emperor’s half brother—and a large proportion of the imperial nobility”.

The website goes on to state that James de Rothschild who controlled the French branch of the Rothschild banking dynasty was the single largest initial shareholder in the company!

This is the same James de Rothschild who a few years earlier (1839) spearheaded the French Rothschild family investment in the tobacco plantation industry that occupied 60 percent of all Black slaves in America. This is documented in the Rothschild Family Archive as quoted on page 300 of ‘The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Vol. 2.

According to a report on the China Communication Network webpage known as ‘C114’ the French bank of Rothschild known as ‘Rothschild & Cie Banque’ and Vivendi Universal, still operates as a single economic entity to this day.

The Chinese webpage reported that in 2010, Rothschild & Cie Banque agreed to pay $294,898 to settle an investigation that it acted illegally by buying controlling shares in a Brazilian telecommunications company on behalf of Vivendi SA., without disclosing to securities regulators that Vivendi was the actual beneficiary of the share purchase.

This appears to indicate that at the very top of the financial food chain the Rothschild bankers, through Vivendi Universal, own and control the negative rap music outlets that are helping to destroy the moral fabric of the Black community in America. This is the same Jewish banking dynasty that invested in, and perpetuated the enslavement of Black people on tobacco and cotton plantations in the American south. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

It is past time for those who are in leadership positions in the Black community to follow the lead of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in calling out these satanic minds that are skillfully socially engineering our youth towards death and the prison industrial complex.

We can no longer afford to be fearful of being called anti-Semitic; the lives of our children are now at stake, it is time to tell it like it is.  

(Robert Muhammad is a Chicago-based freelance writer, who can be reached at