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Eduard Hodos: The Jewish Syndrome

The Jewish Syndrome-3

The Three Khazarias -- the three main components of Judeo-Nazism

Translated from the Russian


I've always intuitively felt a special, significant, even mystical meaning contained in the number "3". I spoke of this in the afterword to my book The Jewish Syndrome, based on three independent works written over the course of three years:

This book is a trilogy written at the turning point of the millennium.

  • The first part - "1999. My Struggle" - is red, the Color of the Blood the struggle cost me.

  • The second part - "2000. The Coming of Judas" - is black, the color of the terrible Evil which threatens us all.

  • The third part - "2001. Christ Is My Brother" - is white, the color of the Light at the end of the tunnel.

Each of these works was originally published separately in the years corresponding to their names.

The trilogy form was dictated by the deep meaning contained in the number "Three".

We're entering the Third Millennium.

The first year of the new epoch, 2001, in the Year of Our Lord, contains the numerological sum: Three.

And here's the main thing: According to the laws of astrology, Three symbolizes harmony, stability, and self-sufficiency....

As events which have happened since then show, the symbolism of the "Year of Three" (2001) - harmony, stability, and self-sufficiency - remained just that: a symbol. Nonetheless, I'm absolutely confident that the situation can be remedied. I hope that my book The Jewish Syndrome-3 will be able to inspire that same confidence in my readers.

It's worth noting that after the publication of The Jewish Syndrome I felt at once that this "little" trilogy would give rise to a larger one. And I wasn't mistaken. Within six months The Jewish Syndrome-2 made its appearance, followed in yet another few months by The Jewish Syndrome 2-1/2, that very same "bomb" which gave my neighbors cause to call me a "terrorist".

A few words about the history of The Jewish Syndrome-2-1/2:

I must say at once that its appearance was unexpected even to me, to a certain degree. Life, as is its wont, introduced its little corrections, and after the well-known events of September 11, 2001 there appeared a series of additions to The Jewish Syndrome-2 which were significant enough to transform it into The Jewish Syndrome-2-1/2.

Jumping ahead, I'll say that the book which you're now holding in your hands also came out quite differently than it was originally conceived. No, you will find everything that I wanted to write in the third of my "Syndromes". But the course of historical events once again intervened, and now along with an analysis of the "Three Main Components of Judeo-Nazism" you'll become acquainted with its "sources", the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", which have breathed new life into the the "Great Project" of the XXI Century: the building of the Third Khazaria.

But let's take everything in order.

I touched upon the subject of Khazaria for the first time in one of the chapters of The Jewish Syndrome, "The Coming of Judas". What prompted me to bring up this topic?

First of all, the fact that we live on a land which was once part of the "great and mighty" Khazar Empire.

Secondly, "Khazarian" traits are becoming more and more visible in the socio-political landscape of today's Ukraine.

And, finally, we're seeing an astonishingly rapid progression of "Khazarian Syndrome" in the upper echelons of the regime, accompanied by a corresponding rapid reduction in "head count" of the native population.

By subjecting the processes and phenomena defined in these three points to careful analysis, I've developed the theory of the "Three Khazarias", with whose principles, and the proofs of its validity, you're about to become acquainted.

The Theory of the "Three Khazarias"

I'm sure that the vast majority of my readers are familiar with the fundamental work of V.I. Lenin The Three Sources and the Tree Main Components of Marxism. Well, if not with the work itself, then at least with its title. What's more, we can say, paraphrasing the words of a revolutionary hymn: "We've all come out of 'Marxism', children of the working class...". The time has come to explain the new "philosophy" which we may in the near future be required to "enter into" -- that is if we don't acquaint ourselves in time with its "sources" and "main components". I hope that my theory of the "Three Khazarias" will show and prove the true grimness of the future which is being prepared for us.

And so, I submit that in different times on the same territory three Khazarias have been built:

  • The First Khazaria: The Great Khazar Empire (VII-X Centuries);
  • The Second Khazaria: Bolshevik Rule (1917-end of the 1920's);
  • The Third Khazaria: The C.I.S. (1991-?)

Along with a whole series of unifying factors (territory, multi-ethnic makeup, economic "accent" on the development of trade, overwhelming dominance of Jews in the higher organs of state, etc.) these three "empires" all had very different ideological foundations, namely:

  • The First Khazaria was built on the ideology of Judaism;
  • The Second -- on the ideology of atheism;
  • The Third -- on "desert ideology".

Well, that's the whole theory of the "Three Khazarias" in a nutshell.

Now in more detail.

The First Khazaria

Just what was the mighty political entity of the middle ages which has gone down in history as the "Great Khazar Empire"?

I'll cite a passage from The Jewish Syndrome (Part 2, "The Coming of Judas"), in which I already prepared a short historical reference on this topic:

The history of the emergence and founding of Kievan Rus is known by all, to a greater or lesser degree (depending on level of education). But when you begin to ponder what happened on the enormous territory stretching from the Volga to the Dnieper before the creation of the great Slavic state, a sensation of complete historic vacuum arises. Let's turn to the "legends of deep antiquity" for help. It turns out that in the first millennium of our era, in other words right after the biblical period, along with Orthodox Byzantium and the Arab Caliphate there thrived a Third Power, the Judaic Khazar Empire! It's amazing, but the native population -- nomadic Khazar tribes -- seemed to have no idea at what moment they wound up in the Great Judaic Khazar Empire.

For centuries the Khazars lived, minding their own business, migrated about, shamanized a bit, and, inasmuch as they were marked by rare hospitality they watched indifferently as new peoples began to settle on their limitless "virgin" lands. Like all migrant peoples, the Khazars were open to refugees and newcomers from other countries. Artisans, tradesmen, and "bookish people" were held in especial regard.

Jews were accepted into Khazaria with open arms. Enterprising Jews quickly founded a flourishing market in Itili (today's Astrakhan), becoming "middlemen" between Western and Eastern traders, between Asia and Europe, between the Caliphate and Byzantium, between Ancient Rus (whose rise was just beginning), India and China. One particular type of merchandise which Jewish tradesmen quickly monopolized, and which gave them hundredfold profits, was "live goods", slaves. These slaves were even given a special name: "sakalaby", which translates as "slavs". Many authoritative researchers consider that Khazarian tradesmen's main "startup capital" was made on just such "live goods".

It needs to be noted that "Khazar" is not the self-definition of a people with a self-conscious history, but simply a word signifying "nomads". Naturally, the Jews, thanks to their greater organization, energy, entrepreneurship, artisans' skills and, above all, trade capital, rose quickly, Judaized the local ruling class and became the factual rulers of Khazaria, that is, "Nomadia". Before long, Judaism became the the state religion of the Khazars. On an island across from the capital, not far from modern Astrakhan, a White Temple was built ("Bielaya Viezha" in the ancient Russian chronicles).

The Great Khazarian Empire existed for several centuries, until the Russian Prince Svyatoslav, "in the 965th year", according to the ancient Russian chronicles, "took both their City and their White Temple". The Third Power was wiped off the face of the earth, its population scattered in all directions. Most asked for Svyatoslav's protection, while the Jewish elite moved to the Khazar District in Kiev....

So there's a brief history of the First Khazar Empire, as I see it.

It needs to be noted that the history of Khazaria was until recently a forbidden topic, one of history's "blank spots", notwithstanding the existence of a collection of around 20 000 Jewish and Arabo-Jewish documents in libraries in Moscow and St. Petersburg. According to researchers, the main part of this collection -- the largest of its type in the world -- contains materials directly relating to the Khazar Empire.

Today the situation has changed radically: The subject of Khazaria has suddenly popped up in a range of scientific and popular-scientific publications; on the territory of Slobozhanshchina -- the very heart of the Great Khazar Empire -- archeological digs have begun with the "blessing" of the local authorities; at the Kharkov branch of International Solomon University (Israel) a special course of study of the history and legacy of this "Third World Empire", whose "greatness" and "unique culture" are now boasted of rapturously by contemporary researchers, has been introduced.

Here's a typical recent publication on the subject (cited in abridged form):

The problem of the Khazar Empire is key to understanding the history of the peoples of the Ukraine and Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Western Siberia.

...The Khazar Empire, the mightiest state in Eastern Europe existing from the 7th to the 10th Centuries A.D., had no analogue in the early Middle Ages for the rapidity of its rise onto the geopolitical scene. It participated in many wars, engaged in external trade, conquered territory, developed its own conception of state organization, created supra-tribal cultural-ethnic paradigms with mighty Byzantium, and the dynamic Arab Caliphate.

The territorial position of the empire has been well-defined in ancient documents of the Khazar Empire, by Arab travelers and numerous historians from the 7th to the 20th Centuries, and also (beginning with the 19th Century) by archaeologists, numismatists, heraldic specialists, archaeotoponomists, linguists and others.

...The steppes and forests of the Don Basin from the 7th to the 10th Centuries were occupied by a population which created the Saltov-Mayak Culture. Along the main three rivers which crossed this territory from North to South (Don, Northern Don, Oskol), and also on the banks of their navigable tributaries the remains of hundreds of their settlements can still be seen. Forts were located from 10 to 20 km. apart, creating what was in effect an unbroken line of military fortifications along the border of modern Ukraine and Russia: Voronezh - Stary Oskol - Belgorod - Kharkov. Further, from the southwest of Kharkov: Krasnograd - Dnepropetrovsk - Krivoj Rog. To the northwest: Kiev - Chernigov.

On the Don and Volga Basins enormous fortifications were erected, including the capital of the Khazar Empire at the mouth of the Volga, Itil, the powerful fort of Sarkel at the bend of the Lower Don, through which the trade route from the ports of the Black Sea to the Volga and also to population centers in the Caucasus and the Crimea, passed.

...The high level of inner organization of Khazar society is visible in the scale of construction work of the white stone fortifications: On the walls of Verkhnesaltov 7 000 cubic meters of stone were used, at Mayak 10 000 cubic meters, at Mokhnachev 14 000 cubic meters (this is just on the territory of modern Kharkov Oblast).

...One needs to take into consideration the conditions and results of external trade of the Khazar Empire, which was one of the main sources of the state economy, and which supported its military might.

Trade levies (desyatina), together with tribute from conquered peoples were the most important sources of income of the Khazar state. The Empire tightly controlled the river arteries of the Don and the Volga, which led to the north, from Eastern Europe to the Black and Caspian Seas and to Byzantium and the Near East, and controlled (up until the 10th Century) the branch of the Silk Road which led from China through the Northern Caucasus to the cities on the north Black Sea coast.

Studying carefully the influence of the Khazar Empire on early Slavic state formations, one can conclude that the Empire was, in the 9th and 10th Centuries, a state in possession of enormous "civilizing potential"...

The Khazar Empire had: 1) its own written language; 2) a monotheistic religion (Judaism); 3) highly organized government and a liberal administration; 4) thriving trade; and 5) a disciplined army.

...The process of founding of the Khazar Empire and the adoption of Judaism by its leaders is treated by nearly all authors of fundamental works on its history...

...The conclusion to which experts have come is the following: The Khazars, a people living under the rule of a kagan from the line of Ashin, and Jewish refugees, who fled in various historical periods from the terror of the rulers of the countries where they lived, united to form a political entity, the Khazar Empire.

What followed was a period of inter-penetration of the various ethnic groups making up the empire and a closening co-existence between Judaism and local traditions. Former refugees became military leaders. In the end, the creation of the Khazar Empire was connected with the conversion of the Khazars to Judaism.

By the 7th Century Judaism was already a prestigious religion. Its authority rested, in part, on highly-developed Jewish Law, its system of moral and ethical norms, and the result of the experience of many generations living in diaspora who were able, while relying on their religious-national traditions, to absorb the best from the societies and peoples among which they lived.

Jewish Law created a system of fixed judicial solutions to the most varied real-life problems which included approximately 300 000 questions and answers.

Judaism developed a legal codex containing 613 provisions especially for those who considered themselves Jews.

This formed a judicial basis for diasporas in the early Middle Ages, which were scattered throughout the whole world, and could have provided a powerful stimulus for the Khazar kagans to ideologically defend an independent position in the geopolitical context of the conflict between the Islamic World and Byzantium.

By the time of the conversion of the kagans to Judaism the process of codification of Jewish Law had been finished. Converting to Judaism in the early Middle Ages meant entering a sphere of highly-developed jurisprudence and the re-ordering of many aspects of social, familial, ethnic, economic and political relations...

("Personal", No. 22, 2002).

So Judaism was the the main, or rather the only, ideological foundation upon which the First Khazaria was built and prospered. As you've just seen, I'm not the only one who says so.

You've doubtless noticed the difference between my assessment and the one I've just cited of one and the same historical period. I'm referring to the dithyrambs sung by the author of the above article to the might and greatness of the First Khazaria and her "prestigious religion". Unfortunately, I'm not able to share the author's enthusiasm. Why? You'll understand once you've studied my theory of the "Three Khazarias" to the end.


Bold emphasis is the author's. Colored highlighting provided by

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