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Islam, Algeria, Bosnia, Afghanistan,

In the Jewish " western" medias

By Desert Man



Everyday in this holy month we hear sad news about horrible massacres in Algeria. The western media insists on reflecting the versions spread by the propaganda machine of the still illegal military backed government in Algeria.

According to them the slaughter of innocent people (mostly women and children) are carried out by islamic extremists. But alarming and disclosing reports indicates clearly that these massacres are carried out by death squadrons and special units belonging to and commandered by the Algerian army.

It's also interesting that the massacres are mostly carried out in the areas that showed most sympathy to the islamic salvation front (F.I.S) and voted for them in the parlamentary election in 1991, which was cancelled by the militaries. Nobody asks who's ruling the country? Where's the security forces?

Why are they absent particularily in the areas the massacres take place? There's no need of answer. The reason of these horrible terror is obviously to destroy the image of islamic movements and partis, take revenge on those who voted 'wrong' (according to western democaratic standard) and statue example (demonstrating to people what happens if you don't think, speak and act as we and our western masters wish), and finally use the terror as a mean to justify military ruling of the country.



If the Bosnians were killed because of having wrong religion, the algerians are now killed because of having voted on wrong ideology.

Like in Bosnia, now a former communist and at the same time western backed regime (interesting hu?) is destroying, slaughtering, burning and raping a country in order to protect the western democracy and lifestyle from the islamic threat!

And as in the case of Bosnia, the western media share the guilt of dictatorship, oppression and terror 'equally' between the butchers and the victims.

Remember how the western media tried to make the victims and also the butchers anonymous, by telling we don't know or it's unclear who's behind this 'humanistic nightmare'.

In many cases they went so far to acussing the moslem government for being behind the massacre and bombardment of its own people specially in Sarajevo in order to attract the attention and also give the serbs bad image! As the case of Bosnia, the outside world and the so called world opinion has closed its eyes, ears and mouth. The silence is total.

The reason is clear, as the politicians and media have stated before, they want to protect the democracy from islamic influence (by terror) and prevent emergence of a new Iran, then in the heart of Europe and now in the back yard of it in Northern Africa! The dear country of Algeria is simply paying the prise of advocating islamic revolution and striving for a free independent islamic state. Everything is so clear.

The rivalry between the imperialists in west on influence in Algeria shows its ugly face again. The French government insists of backing up the terror regime (status qou) and the US is seeking for weakening of that corrupt government and deterioration of the country.

The US want simply to take over all the old french colonies throughout the francophone world, specially in Africa.

Look at Ruwanda, Haiti, Zaire, Congo etc. I want to add even Saddam Hussein's Iraq to the list that the US want to deteriorate so that it can take it over by itself and lock out France and Russia from that country.

Look at how the permanent members of the security cons. in the UN vote when dealing with the embargo on Iraq. The french knows it both is completely unable to do anything about it because its commitments with its old styled client dicatators.

Of course, as in the case of Bosnia, they are waiting for even more deterioration of the sitaution in Algeria, so that US navy rushes in and take over the country and its rich natural resources in an act of humanitarian rescue operation.

They simply repeat the same scenario and playing the same game with Algeria as they did with Bosnia. And as in tyhe case of Bosnia, the US regards the iranian presence (which saved it from a certain annihilation) in the country as the most important strategic problem for the americans for the US presence in the Balkans.



"5 January 1998 KABUL, Afghanistan (Reuters): - Afghanistan's Taliban Islamic militia urged neighboring Iran on Sunday to extradite an opposition general it wants to try for an alleged massacre of Taliban prisoners.

The Taliban, which controls two-thirds of the country, warned Iran of "grave consequences" if it failed to do so. The militia accuses Gen.

Abdul Malik of killing about 2,000 Taliban fighters after they were captured in fighting in the north last May.

"The Islamic Emirate strongly appeals to Iran to extradite General Malik for trial and punishment," Taliban Information and Culture Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi told reporters. "He has committed a big crime and his hands are stained with the blood of thousands of people."

Malik invited the Taliban last May to the north after rebelling against northern opposition commander Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, who was forced to flee to Turkey.

But the Malik-Taliban alliance lasted only four days, after which Malik's forces battled the Taliban in the streets of the northern town of Mazar-i-Sharif.

About 400 Pushtoon Taliban fighters were killed and several thousand of them fell as prisoners in the hands of the different factions belonging to ethnic minorities.

In September, Dostum returned to Afghanistan amid heavy fighting on the outskirts of Mazar-i-Sharif.

Both Dostum and Malik said they had buried their hatchet and were fighting against the Taliban, but things changed once Taliban were pushed back from the area.

Dostum then started cleaning up the north from the forces of Malik, who fled in November to Iran, which still recognises the opposition government of ousted President Burhanuddin Rabbani, who was driven from Kabul by the Taliban in September 1996.

Dostum recently showed reporters and United Nations officials mass graves outside the northern town of Shiberghan containing bodies of some Taliban prisoners who he said were killed on Malik's orders.

Mutaqqi said the killings were carried out in an obscene way that "broke the hearts of Afghans."

He warned Iran of "grave consequences" if it failed to extradite Malik and said: "The responsibility of anything happening to Iran if it did not soon deliver Malik to us will lie on itself."

Mutaqqi said the Taliban could create problems for Tehran and had the possibility to do so.

"It is clear that we are Iran's neighbors. Iran has its opposition and we can interfere in their affairs by supporting its opponents as it does in ours," he said.

"And there is a probability on the part of martyrs' relatives living outside Afghanistan, not the Taliban, who can create problems for Iranians abroad.

" Malik denies having ordered the massacre of Taliban prisoners and says those found buried were killed in fighting at the hands of commanders now in Dostum's camp.

The anti-Taliban alliance accuses the Taliban militia of massacring civilians in the north when it was defeated in September, a charge Muttaqi denied."

// End of the news.//

Of course, no body specially those peace lover secualr states advocating fight against 'international terrorism' and 'islamic fundamentalism' have no reason to protest agaist the taliban's terror threat.

Certainly, terrorism is justified accroding to the western standards if it serve the interests of imperialism, zionism and reactionary.

For some six months ago, Shimon Peres urged the followers of all religions, jews, christians, and moslems to unite themselve against what he called 'the fundamentalism coming from Iran'.

The only serious Ally Shimon Peres can find in the islamic world for this 'holy' sake is Talibans. Both Israel and Talibans are turned out to be the Great losers of the Great Game of Oil going on in the Central Asia.

After the US-Saudi-Pakistan-Taliban debacle in Afghanistan and in the middle east so called peace process and the triumph of Iran in the Islamic Summit and certain gains in its effot to unite the islamic states, It seems to me that the camp of imperialism-zionsim is very eager to destabilize and even start new wars in the Middle East and Central Asia in order to destroy the islamic states and sustain its illegal interests in the moslem world.

The savage CIA backed Talibans can not even manage to win over the Afghan opposition. To handle them should be a piece of cake for Iran and the Afghan mojahed people.

But what's worrying in this case is that the US and Israelis want to extend their fight against Iran and islamist revolutionaries to a religeous war between moslems.

Therefore, it's of crucial importance for the moslems of the world to condemn and isolate the reactionary elements who in the name of Islam want to destroy Islam and the Islamic nations. This old tactic has been applied and is going to be practiced by the imperialists and colonialists.

Today, if US and its clients throughout the world want to destroy any nation, they use abuses agaisnt concepts as 'democracy', 'freedom' and 'human rights' as excuses as a mean to destroy opponent states and expand imperialism dictatorial control spann.

So by using 'democracy', 'freedom' and 'human rights' as slogans the bad losers in the Global Arrogance in the west world seek to destroy (you guessed it right) 'democracy', 'freedom' and 'human rights' in the rest world.


Desert Man

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