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British PM Gordon Brown - supported with Jewish funds - hails Israel


Here follows a couple of articles that illustrate how British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, whose very career depends on his good connections to the Jewish money men financing him, kisses Zionist ass. He completely aligns Britain´s foreign policies with the aims of World Jewry, Zionism and the state of Israel.

Sampled quotes from articles below:

"Britain will continue to be a true and constant friend of Israel in good times and in bad. We will never reduce our efforts to secure for Israel..."

"Britain Premier Vows 'Unbreakable' Support to Israel"

"British PM: Israel`s creation one of the 20th century`s 'greatest achievements' "

"...a signal that Britain could be prepared to support a military strike against Iran if all other diplomatic routes fail, including a tightening of sanctions."

"Israeli MPs heard a personal account from Brown of how he has been a passionate supporter of their country from when he was growing up in the 1950..."

" I am proud to say that for the whole of my life I have counted myself a friend of Israel."


Britain celebrates Israel

By Ben Simons, 08/05/2008


As Israel celebrates its 60th anniversary, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has paid tribute to the Jewish state as part of a gala event celebration at Finchley United Synagogue in north west London.

Addressing an audience of over 1000, the Prime Minister said: "I was brought up, inspired and moved by the courage and resilience of the Jewish people. Israel became and it remains a pluralistic society where politics are hard fought and democracy never abandoned. It is a country that has become, even facing difficulty and struggle, a world leader in science and innovation and is developing a thriving global economy."

Brown used his speech and the evening to confirm support for Israel. "Britain will continue to be a true and constant friend of Israel in good times and in bad. We will never reduce our efforts to secure for Israel, a future free from terror, a future where alongside a viable Palestinian state, children and the children of all your neighbours can believe in a brighter future."

Other dignitaries at the event including Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks and Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor.

“Israel has turned centuries of grief for the Jewish people into gladness and song. When the State of Israel was proclaimed, it was the end of the nightmare and the fulfilment of our most ancient dream. We thank you Prime Minister for being a true friend of the Jewish people and to the people in the State of Israel," added Sir Jonathan.

Adding his voice to the night, Proser said: "Our soldiers did not die in vain, they died to protect the State of Israel, a country that goes from strength to strength and a country that every Jew in the world has the right to call home. Tonight we celebrate life and the fulfilment of the dream, some 2000 years in the making."




Britain Premier Vows 'Unbreakable' Support to Israel

By Melissa Kite

The Daily Telegraph | July 21, 2008


JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Brown will pledge "unbreakable" support to Israel today while launching his strongest attack yet on Iran.

Mr. Brown will send a tough message to President Ahmadinejad of Iran, warning of imminent sanctions on oil and gas if he does not abandon his nuclear ambitions.

In a speech to the Israeli parliament, Mr. Brown will say that Mr. Ahmadinejad's denial of Israel's right to exist is "totally abhorrent."

The European Union has already said it stands ready to push for a block on foreign investment in new Iranian oil and gas projects along with sanctions on the financial sector if it does not comply with requests to suspend its uranium enrichment program.

British officials hinted yesterday that sanctions could extend to all parts of the oil industry in an attempt to disrupt production by Iran, which exports some 2.5 million barrels a day.

In his speech to the Knesset, the first by a British prime minister, Mr. Brown will voice determination to block the Iranian nuclear program.

He will say that Iran has a clear choice to make: "Suspend its nuclear program and accept our offer of negotiations or face growing isolation and the collective response not of one nation but of many nations."




British PM: Israel's creation one of the 20th century's 'greatest achievements'

By DPA and Haaretz Service, 08/05/2008


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Monday congratulated Israel on its 60th anniversary of independence, calling the state's creation of of the "greatest achievements" of the 20th Century.

During an event marking the anniversary at a London synagogue, the British leader said that Israel has faced "immense threats" since its creation and called for a future where the "children of Abraham" would live together in peace as part of the same extended family.

He also said that the British government was ready to support the Middle East peace process by contributing funds to aid Palestinian infrastructure.

The European Union on Thursday also congratulated Israel on the 60th anniversary, with officials vowing to forge even closer ties with the Middle Eastern state.

The head of the bloc's executive, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, said Israel's significance for Europeans went "beyond normal forms of cooperation with a close neighbour."

"Both the European Union and the state of Israel were born out of the same great convulsion of the Second World War and the Shoah," Barroso said in a message.

"In its 60 years as an independent state, Israel has had to contend with many challenges. Yet through it all it has continued to adapt, develop and prosper.

"We now take almost for granted impressive Israeli achievements in fields such as science and technology, industry, agriculture, education and the arts. In retrospect, we can only wonder at how all this was achieved under such difficult circumstances," Barroso added.

The commission chief noted that the EU and Israel were already cooperating on a range of issues such as climate change, counter-terrorism "and the fight against racism and anti-Semitism".

The EU is Israel's main trading partner and Israel is the only non-European country to participate in the EU's Research and Development programme, noted External Affairs Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner.

"Hundreds of project proposals by Israeli researchers have received EU funding, for example developing innovative cancer diagnostic techniques, hydrogen cars, machine translation techniques. Also, Israeli students are benefiting from scholarships under the EU's Erasmus Mundus exchange programme," Ferrero-Waldner told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

And Israel is now close to being granted "special status" within the EU's neighbourhood policy, officials in Brussels said.

Such a special status might include deals in the area of air transport, higher education, trade in agricultural products and services, social security, customs, information society, environment as well as consumer protection.

"The EU and Israel are closer now than they were ever before," the commissioner said.

Other European dignitaries on Thursday also sent their well wishes to Israeli President Shimon Peres.

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom wrote to Peres "It gives me particular pleasure to send Your Excellency my congratulations on the celebration of your National Day, on the sixtieth anniversary of your Independence. I extend my best wishes for the happiness and prosperity of the Government and people of Israel in the coming year."

French President Nicolas Sarkozy wrote: "As you know, France has always been committed to Israel's security and to the quest for a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East, to which the peoples of the region aspire. As in the past, France will continue to stand by you and to work together with you toward this goal, in order to end the suffering of the Israelis and the Palestinians, which has been going on far too long."

Sarkozy explained that Peres' last visit to Paris was an important one even in the development of the relations between the two states, and voiced hope that this close relationship will deepen when he comes to visit Israel in June.

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano also sent his congratulations, as did Irish President Mary McAleese, Austrian President Heinz Fischer and many more.




Gordon Brown promises backing for Israel in face of Iran nuclear threat

By Nicholas Watt in Jerusalem and Julian Borger, Monday July 21 2008


Gordon Brown today recalled the Holocaust in a blunt warning to Iran to end its "totally abhorrent" threat to destroy Israel and abandon plans to develop nuclear weapons.

In the first speech by a British prime minister to the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, Brown declared Britain would stand by the country when its "very right to exist" was under threat.

Brown's remarks will be seen as a signal that Britain could be prepared to support a military strike against Iran if all other diplomatic routes fail, including a tightening of sanctions.

In a speech marking the 60th anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel, the prime minister told Israeli MPs: "Britain is your true friend. A friend in difficult times as well as in good times, a friend who will stand beside you whenever your peace, your stability and your existence are under threat."

Brown singled out Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, who has said Israel should be wiped from the map.

"To those who question Israel's right to exist, and threaten the lives of its citizens through terror, we say: the people of Israel have a right to live here, to live freely and to live in security," Brown said. "And to those who believe that threatening statements fall upon indifferent ears, we say in one voice that it is totally abhorrent for the president of Iran to call for Israel to be wiped from the map of the world."

Brown stopped short of endorsing the comparisons made by Israeli politicians between Ahmadinejad and Adolf Hitler. The prime minister's speech, his toughest to date on Iran, follows an inconclusive meeting with Iran's negotiators on Saturday in Geneva.

Javier Solana, the EU foreign policy chief, has given Iran two weeks to sign up to a package of economic and political support in return for halting the enrichment of uranium.

Brown made clear today the EU will intensify sanctions if Iran does not comply. "Iran now has a clear choice to make: suspend its nuclear programme and accept our offer of negotiations or face growing isolation and the collective response not of one nation but of many nations," he said, to applause from the Knesset members.

Brown's speech marked the end of a two-day visit to Israel and the West Bank, following a one-day visit to Iraq that was carefully balanced to appeal to both sides in the conflict.

In a visit to Bethlehem, which he reached by passing through Israel's controversial separation barrier, Brown announced an extra $60m (£30m) emergency funding to the Palestinian Authority. This is on top of $500m pledged by Britain over three years until 2011.

Speaking at a press conference with the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, Brown said: "While security is key, Palestinians also need to see real change in their daily lives and that means jobs, housing and basic services."

Brown chose his language with care as he said Palestinians needed to do more to ensure Israel could live in peace. But he indicated the Israeli security barrier was depriving Palestinians of human rights and called on Israel to stop building settlements in the occupied West Bank, which breaks international law. Brown urged Israel to help ease obstacles to economic development among Palestinians.

Brown said: "As a child, I learned about Bethlehem from the Bible as a symbol of peace and a symbol of hope. But today the wall here is graphic evidence of the urgent need for justice for the Palestinian people, the end to the occupation and the need for a viable Palestinian state. There are undoubted problems, the freezing of settlements, stopping of the violence."

The prime minister balanced his visit to the West Bank by symbolically starting the day with a visit to Yad Vashem, Israel's official Holocaust memorial museum. He spent an hour with his wife, Sarah, touring the museum, which chronicles the Nazi extermination programme.

Brown put on a skull cap to rekindle the eternal flame in the Hall of Remembrance and to lay a wreath over the ashes of victims of the six Nazi extermination camps.

He wrote in the visitors' book: "Nothing prepares one for the story that is told here - of the atrocities that should never have happened and the truth that everyone who loves humanity should know."

Israeli MPs heard a personal account from Brown of how he has been a passionate supporter of their country from when he was growing up in the 1950s. Brown told the Knesset he was inspired by his father, John. He used to visit Israel every year in the 1950s and 1960s as a chairman of the Church of Scotland's church and Israel committee and show slides of the building of the new state to his family.

Brown said: "I will never forget those early images of your home and the stories my father would tell. There was never a time that I did not hear about the struggles, sacrifices, tribulation and triumphs as the Israeli people built their new state. I am proud to say that for the whole of my life I have counted myself a friend of Israel."



"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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