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La conférence internationale révisionniste de Trieste


An international Revisionist Conference was held by the cultural association Nuovo Ordine Nazionale , on the 6th and 7th of October 2001 in Trieste Italy. Amongst the participants: Mr Jean-Louis Berger (France), Professor Robert Countess (United States), Mr Russ Granata (United States), Mr Ahmed Rami (Morocco), Mr Vincent Reynouard (France), Dr Fredrick Töben (Australia), Jürgen Graf (Switzerland)...


 International Revisionist Conference on:
Revisionism and Dignity of the Defeated Countries
(At Trieste, Italy, 6-7 October) 
Translation by
Guillaume Fabien
of a French text: Israël et CIA étaient-ils au courant?
A public meeting was held at “La Fiera” conference centre in Trieste at the weekend of 6-7 October 2001 on the theme “Revisionism and Dignity of the Defeated Countries”, in which speakers of various nationalities took part. The event was organised by the local cultural association Nuovo Ordine Nazionale.

Jean-Louis Berger

Vincent Reynouard

Russ Granata

Robert Countess

Jürgen Graf

Fredrick Toben

Ahmed Rami


Saturday, 6 October
Jean-Louis Berger - France
Vincent Reynouard - France
Russ Granata - USA

Sunday, 7 October
Ahmed Rami - Morocco
Guillaume Fabien - France
(presented Prof Robert Countess' (USA) paper.
Jürgen Graf - Switzerland
Fredrick Töben - Australia

Jean-Louis Berger

The two-day gathering, scheduled on the initiative of Mr Angelo Cauter, head of Nuovo Ordine Nazionale, began with a presentation by Mr Jean-Louis Berger, former history teacher at a secondary school in France, convicted in court and expelled from the state education system for having told his pupils that the wartime camp of Nordhausen in Germany had been a concentration camp, not an “extermination” camp, and that the corpses seen in a photograph presented in a French news weekly in such a way as to suggest that they were those of “victims of Nazism” were in fact the bodies of victims of an American air-raid. “And it’s not just I who say so”, he specified, “but other historians, people above all suspicion of ‘anti-semitism’, say so as well.” While a teacher, Mr Berger had not hidden his affiliation with the Front National, a political party unjustly accused of harbouring such opinions.

J.-L. Berger also explained that the Jewish problem was only one of many with which Germany had had to deal after the First World War.

According to the professor, his case was staged and exploited for political ends he had made himself known as a Front National candidate in local elections with the help of a law on the “freedom of the press” which forbids the spreading of information contrary to “facts” set down more than 50 years ago by the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. “But the Norhausen camp”, he pointed out, “was never mentioned at Nuremberg as one of ‘extermination’. To say nothing of the fact that my statements were not made in a public place or expressed in print, or that the trial itself was held in conditions violating all procedural rules. Words that I had never spoken were ascribed to me (it was said that I’d stated ‘Hitler never existed’!); the barrister for the plaintiffs maintained that I wanted to exterminate the Jews, and a newspaper even went so far as to accuse me of pædophilia. Moreover, at the time of the lesson in question I was no longer with the Front National.”

“Here we have a case of a new witch hunt leading to clearly prejudiced legal proceedings, all in a country, France, that claims to be the homeland of freedom and which, nonetheless, prosecutes anyone who dares to express non-conformist thoughts on certain topics.”

Vincent Reynouard

The young French historian Vincent Reynouard (32) was himself ousted from his job in a technical school and banished from the state school system for having made known, outside of his teaching work, some of his points of view in 20th century historiography. In his talk he underlined French and British responsibility for the famine inflicted upon Germany after the 1918 armistice, in the developments leading to German rearmament in the 1930s and in the outbreak of the Second World War.

“Adolf Hitler,” he explained, “did not take power but became Chancellor as a result of free elections. If it’s true that afterwards he succeeded in having the government give him full powers, so had the Social-Democrat Friedrich Ebert before him, in 1923, under the rules laid down by the Weimar constitution. As for the assassination of Dolfuss, it must also be said that the latter had himself used quite violent methods against the Austrian Nazis. In regard to the Anschluss, it’s generally forgotten that the constitution of the Austrian republic itself demanded union with the German Reich.”

The historian, of scientific background he holds degrees in mathematics, physics, and chemistry was keen to mark the anniversary of Hitler’s peace proposals of 6 October 1939 (that is, eight days after the collapse of Poland), giving a detailed description of those ideas, which were met with ridicule and rejected out of hand by Britain and France. The attitude thus shown by the latter two states leads one clearly to believe, according to Reynouard, that unlike Germany they had the desire to see a pan-European war, if not a new world war, erupt whereas, for the moment, it was a matter of a local conflict in which, moreover, hostilities had ceased.

“The attempts by Benito Mussolini to bring the European powers to candid negotiation in August 1939, as he had done at Munich in September of the previous year, had also been systematically frustrated by a British Foreign Office practising an indescribable cynicism, and the French government’s decision to declare war on Germany was taken with such contempt for its own laws and parliamentary procedures that one may rightly speak of a coup d’état.”

Russ Granata

The American Russ Granata considered it impossible that the Israeli and US secret services could have been unaware of the attacks which were to be carried out on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on 11 September.

Furthermore, “In the eighteen minutes between the first strike and the second, the second plane could have been brought down and the tragedy stopped.” Furthermore, according to Granata, the climate brought on by the attacks was beneficial solely for Israel, whilst it threatened ill for the Palestinian cause. He also raised the possibility that small explosive devices might have been planted in several nerve centres of the two New York buildings, and cited remarks of the head of an American engineering firm according to whom the collapses seemed, from a technical point of view, unlikely to have been caused by the crashes alone.

“If the United States,” the researcher stated, “were not the friend of Israel, the innocent people killed that day would probably still be alive. Israel wants total war; it has always got what it wants, thanks to the blind support of my country which, in my opinion, would do well to return to the original non-interventionist foreign policy which the first president, George Washington, so clearly advocated.”

Ahmed Rami

According to Ahmed Rami, a Moroccan Army officer residing in Sweden where he directs the activities of ‘Radio Islam’: “There will be no ‘war of civilisations’ of which the Jews currently dream aloud, for there is but ONE human civilisation whose centre has shifted through the ages and to which all peoples have contributed in a constructive manner, whilst the Zionists by domination, exploitation and corruption have always played the destructive role of a virus!”

“The Jews today dominate particularly by means of corruption the entire world, above all the USA: economically, culturally, and media-wise. If the Jews claimed merely Palestine, then a compromise could be reached with sacrifices on either side, but such is not the case: they have transformed the whole world into one big occupied ‘Palestine’ and effectively exercise or demand domination over all the countries of the globe!”

Rami accused the Jewish power of a “large-scale intellectual terrorism which it practises in politics, in the media and in education, with a view towards disseminating and entrenching the myths arising from its propaganda. Instead of an open debate within a context of freedom of historical research, the lie-ridden Jewish version of history nowadays needs the protection of the law and the police, in order forcibly to impose itself!”

“The Jews enjoy without restraint, in our countries, rights of which they want to deprive non-Jews. A Frenchman or a Swiss doesn’t have, today, the same rights in his own land as the Jews.” Rami added: “The Jews believe themselves to be the ‘chosen people’ who have received from their ‘God’ the right to seize the land belonging to the Palestinian people, and the right to exterminate them.”

“The Jews consider according to their ‘religion’ that they alone are human beings, whereas all others are mere ‘Goyim’ (animals). All their religious festivals (such as Purim and Passover) celebrate barbarous massacres perpetrated by the Jews against other peoples. The New Testament is supposed to have annulled the Old Testament but the Zionists today want to judaise Christianity and do away with the New Testament.”

“Islam and Christianity are universal religions founded upon the same principles of love, justice and equality, thus two religions allied against Jewish racism and against Israel whose first victims are the Palestinian Christians. But Israel’s 200 atomic bombs are certainly not trained on Palestine. Those bombs are meant to be used as arms of blackmail against all of humanity and against Europe first and foremost!”

Rami continued: “The Jewish power is essentially based on a ‘legalised’ intellectual swindle and on the gigantic bluff of the ‘Holocaust’, which all of us together can and must debunk. It’s for this reason that the Zionists now fear the freedom of speech and freedom in research which might ‘risk’ distinguishing Jewish propaganda-born legend from veritable history, founded on scientific research.”

As concerns immigration into Europe, Rami had this word for his fellow Muslims: “In the face of the hatred stirred up by the Jewish-controlled media in the West against Islam and Muslims, alone today in resisting Jewish domination I urge the Muslim immigrants in Europe to return to their homelands and to liberate, develop and democratise them. It’s a matter of Islamic and Muslim dignity. Hospitality is not a duty. The Muslim peoples must bring order to their countries by removing the dictatorships from power and then resolving their enormous problems, amongst which that of unemployment, rather than exporting their jobless to the West.”

“Apart from the Jewish problem, it seems that all problems in the world find a solution. The Jewish occupation in Palestine is today and has been for over fifty years the concrete expression of the only colonialist ideology (one of racist apartheid) still in force, offering no prospect of a just solution and, furthermore, gravely threatening peace on a world scale.”

“With the disappearance of European colonialism there is no longer any reason for conflict between the Muslim world and the West or between the Muslim world and Christendom. Now we are, all of us, dominated by the Jewish mafia which brings to bear a ‘chemical’ occupation in the West and a ‘mechanical’ occupation in Palestine. I can even state without exaggeration that the liberation of Palestine must begin with the liberation of the USA and of Europe!”

“In the bullfight now being staged under the auspices of world Zionism, the Jewish media-master and toreador is busy waving the red cloth of the ‘Islamic danger’ before the Western bull! Thus it us that we are led to spot a false enemy.”

The Moroccan Islamist officer then addressed his European audience in these terms: “If the Jews want to create in a land that they’ve stolen a Jewish nationalist state, exclusively for Jews, then the Italians and the Germans and the French must also have the legitimate right to establish, in their countries, an exclusively Christian nationalist state. In this regard, and to respond to Jewish impudence, if I were Italian I would be like you a Christian, nationalist and Fascist, and if you were Moroccan you would certainly be like me Islamists!”

“Quite simply, if the Zionists have established a JEWISH state (in occupied Palestine), what right have they to deny us a Christian state in Europe or an Islamic state in the Muslim world?”

“In my view, today, the only valid criterion to distinguish between friend and foe must be one’s position on the Palestinian question and one’s position in the face of the Jewish problem. If Jesus himself returned to this world, the only question I would have for him would be: ‘Are you for or against the Jewish occupation of Palestine?’”

“Whoever has understood the Jewish problem has understood all. Whoever hasn’t understood it has understood nothing. Adolf Hitler understood this problem perfectly. For us Muslims, the Second World War was not a conflict between good and evil, but a war against Jewish occupation, the German people’s Intifada. A war between Hitler and the racists who were colonising us, or aspiring to colonise us. If there is an absolute evil in the world it is indeed the Jewish racist colonial project. In any event, good was not represented at that time by the Jewish colonialist occupying forces or the Jewish colonialist ideology that Hitler fought! The enemies of the Jews are not necessarily our enemies. On the contrary…”

He concluded: “Allow me to repeat and to emphasise: their great and sinister power is built upon a lie, that of the ‘Holocaust’, which together we can easily destroy, just as one bursts a big balloon with a tiny pin.”

Robert Countess

American professor Robert Countess’s paper, which he had written for the big revisionist conference scheduled in Beirut in March but prohibited by the Lebanese government under Zionist and American pressure, was presented by this author. The professor denied the existence of any evidence worthy of the name with which to prove the reality of Nazi gas chambers; he asked his historian colleagues to be more rigorous in their research on this matter and more scrupulous in their interpretation of data.

“No state must be allowed to carry out the genocide of a people and to expand its territory albeit called ‘Israel’ on the strength of such a forgery as the ‘Shoah.’ The Palestinians, in waging their insurrection against a deceitful and criminal occupying power, are acting fully within their rights. That said, all terrorism must be condemned, including Palestinian terrorism: there can be no valid excuse for the murder of innocents. But where is the ‘Nuremberg’ trial for the Zionist killers, so constantly active since the 1940s? They all deserve hanging.”

Countess stressed that the time had come for the leaders of the Arabo-Muslim countries to extend a broad welcome to revisionist work within their universities and to promote its development there, in order that national education programmes might subsequently be unburdened of the Allied propaganda of the last war which still passes for ‘history.’ As his talk ended up being delivered in Italy, he also addressed this advice to the Italian university, the only large one in Europe still free to follow it.

Jürgen Graf

The Swiss scholar Jürgen Graf, without denying the wartime persecution of the Jews, rectified the number of victims: approximately 300,000, not 6 million. The main causes of mortality were the epidemics within the concentration and labour camps, food shortages and ill treatment. In his view, nonetheless, there existed neither any sure material evidence, nor reliable documents, nor sufficiently serious testimony on the basis of which to prove the existence of gas chambers used for killing human beings in the camps; in this regard he quoted a French historian, Jacques Baynac (himself nonetheless hostile to revisionism and to revisionists), for the latter, in an article published in Switzerland in September 1996, had felt obliged to acknowledge the absence of any such proof.

The existing testimonies, according to Graf, contradicted both themselves and one another. “In 1941,” he stated, “Jewish organisations and the Polish resistance movement began spreading propaganda rumours about the camps, telling of ‘steam chambers’ and of relatively small installations into which thousands of persons were crammed and whose floors were then lowered, leaving the detainees standing waist-deep in water, whereupon an electric shock was sent through the water, killing all at once. Yet, after the war there was no more talk of this system: for the past fifty-six years we have been hearing only of gas chambers.” In Graf’s view, it is a matter of lies that are typical in time of war. “Thus it is that the world was made to believe that the Iraqis in Kuwait had killed newborn babies in their incubators and that the Serbs in Kossovo had carried out great massacres which, in fact, never took place. Once the wars against the Iraqis and the Serbs were over, these lies were exposed as such; however, the lies attached to the ‘Holocaust’ still persist today. This is to say nothing of the fact that no word is ever spoken of the 15 million Germans expelled from their homelands of East and West Prussia, Silesia and Pomerania, a barbaric deportation in the course of which two million of them perished, nor we are today in Trieste of the foibe istriane [the trench-like crevasses in the province of Istria, annexed by Yugoslavia after the war, into which thousands of soldiers and partisans of the Italian Social Republic were thrown, often whilst still alive, by Italian and Slav communists forces in 1945]. The myth of the ‘Shoah’ serves above all to instil a deep feeling of guilt in the German people, and to ensure that any criticism anywhere of the Jews will be attacked as an expression of ‘anti-semitism’.”

Replying to a lady in the audience who had asked why, over the years, all the various ministers of state of the Federal Republic of Germany, beginning with Konrad Adenauer, showed such assiduous respect for the lie that slandered their people, Graf said that the German state put in place by the Anglo-Americans was far from apt to defend the country’s honour: if ever the revisionist message were to spread effectively throughout Germany, it would immediately trigger a revolution sweeping away that contemptible state and its crew made up very largely of traitors to their nation.

Fredrick Toben

Last to speak was the Australian Fredrick Töben, director of Adelaide Institute, who in Mannheim, Germany in 1999 was himself imprisoned awaiting trial for nearly a year. On 10 November of that year he was eventually tried, found guilty, sentenced provisionally to time served and granted conditional bail. His conviction was for having posted a letter with revisionist content to an address in Germany, and having published material illicit in Germany on Adelaide Institute's Internet website ( The Mannheim judges saw the material as defamatory but did not consider it appropriate to rule that the website texts fell within the scope of Paragraph 130 of the constitution against Volksverhetzung (“inciting the people to violence”). On 12 December 2000, the Bundesgerichtshof (constitutional court) in Karlsruhe ordered a retrial, noting that the judges in the lower court had failed to take account of Töben's Internet activities. Thus the German courts assume effective jurisdiction over Internet content originating in Australia.

"If I am here today I made the journey all the way from Adelaide in South Australia expressly to participate in this conference it's because I am persuaded that your group, with its revisionist vocation, constitutes a life-giving force in opposition to the many tremendously powerful bodies and state institutions that are leading our world to ruin. I salute your courage and your initiative, which in this public and most significant lawful gathering has realised an unquestionable success: you deserve all possible support. I am able to state quite legally in Italy, on the European continent, that the allegation according to which the Germans systematically murdered European Jewry in homicidal gas chambers, in particular at Auschwitz concentration camp, is a lie! I could not, for example, do the same in Austria, France, Germany or Switzerland."

Linking that lie to recent events, he continued: "Osama Bin Laden is a creation of Washington, of the CIA; the tragedy of September 11th was clearly a result of American foreign policy which, effectively, claims justification in the false history of the 'Holocaust,' that ghastly force for death. It must be hoped that the Americans, now that death has struck in their own country, will soon manage to understand this, instead of absurdly carrying on with their new war against an abstraction called 'terrorism'."

Toben concluded by noting the absence of the eminent Italian revisionist Carlo Mattogno, saying that it was a disgrace on the latter's part not to have come to speak.



In a message sent by fax to Angelo Cauter on the previous day, the Bologna barrister Marcantonio Bezichieri, a member of the central committee of the political party Movimento Sociale - Fiamma Tricolore and several times a candidate in Trieste, saluted all those in attendance at the conference; he praised the courageous historians participating and declared his intention to join Nuovo Ordine Nazionale.

Note: The foregoing is a slightly modified translation of a French text essentially identical to that posted on the ‘Radio Islam’ Internet site at under the title “Israël et CIA étaient-ils au courant? Un congrès révisionniste a soulevé à Trieste de nombreuses questions sur le 11 septembre et sur l'Holocauste ; les services secrets américains et israéliens étaient-ils au courant des attentats?”, an article based on the account of the conference by the Trieste journalist Paolo Radivo. The latter’s original Italian text appeared in the daily Trieste Oggi of 9 October 2001, page 3. The present, extended article is, like its French version, more than twice the length of Mr Radivo’s piece.


"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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