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Accused of Thought Crimes - Ernst Zundel deported from Canada to Jewish Prison

The West, War, and Islam


 A message to the Islamic World:

The Battle for Freedom Is Won Only in the Minds of Men: The West's distorted viewpoint of what is loosely called "the Arab world" is Danger Nr.1 for all the Islamic Nation

If the typical Islamic person could perceive what the typical Westerner thinks about him - his traditions, culture and religion - he would be amused, shocked or perhaps even frightened. To the Western mind, the Islamic world is inscrutably bemusing - an exotic enigma, part fairy tale, part attitudes formed in colonial times in which, frequently, perfectly normal and logical acts are construed with misunderstandings and misgivings.

To the Westerner, the Islamic world is a lurid hodge-podge of exotic imagery - a myth adapted from 1001 Nights - comprised of huge harems, wild sex orgies, opulent palaces, flying carpets, incredible wealth, fierce warriors, hordes of thieves, shrewd and dishonest traders, cruelty and religious fanaticism.

Take away the flying carpets, and the West could be described in similar terms - but neither description would be accurate.

Not only do we need to consider this distorted Western viewpoint - which by itself, and minus its negative aspects, would be mere ignorance and relatively harmless - but we all must consider that these distorted viewpoints are deliberately being used and often magnified to goad the West into a future criminal war against the Islamic world. These unjust views, already previously held and reinforced since the Gulf War, are now the standard thinking by many Westerners - and are being used to JUSTIFY such wars!

The West has at its disposal tremendous media facilities for the education of the public, but until now, these facilities of information, education and entertainment have been largely used purposely to misinform, to miseducate, and to instill hatred against the Islamic peoples. Just as certainly, this situation has not come about by accident.

The West's mainstream media are controlled by a small group of unscrupulous men who know exactly what they are doing, and who will stop at nothing in order to attain their often criminal and murderous ends. This same group of media manipulators and its predecessors broadcast and published anti-German propaganda in both world wars and included the Japanese as victims and targets of their hate campaigns in the Second World War. These men are brainwashing experts. On their account, millions of Westerners, who had never met a German or Japanese, were inflamed with murderous hatred - sufficiently so that they killed millions of persons who might otherwise have been their customers and friends.

If it can be done against Germans and Japanese, it can be done against the Islamic peoples - and it is being done since 1947 against the Palestinians and Israel's neighbors.

We Germans have learned through our own sad experience since World War I and II that a nation's salvation lies in its reputation, and a nation's reputation depends upon truthful, unbiased information - not deliberate misinformation and misrepresentation! The same principle is true for the Islamic nations.

Let us now look upon the face of the enemy - your enemy and ours - who is responsible for endangering world peace, international understanding and, in consequence, your lives and ours.



The leadership of the West is heavily influenced and often dominated by a small minority of this alien political persuasion. Political and religious Zionism plays a disproportionately large role in the West because of the Zionists' domination of the mass media of information, education and entertainment, the banking system, the secret societies and a globalist One World conspiracy by an out-of-touch financial and political, societal oligarchy of accumulated wealth and power.

Worse yet, these Zionist elements are aided and abetted by millions of brainwashed Christians and non-Christians who suffer from the previously mentioned media-created distortions about the Islamic world and its peoples, whom they believe mistakenly to be "bad", based on the stereotypical propaganda image.

Just as mistakenly, the brainwashed Christians of the West have been led to believe that some of these frequently quite vicious, greedy and often militant people who call themselves "Jews" are "good" - simply because the Christian Bible mentions "Jews" as "God's Chosen People". Ever since the beginning of World War II, the Zionists and their dupes and hirelings have used this self-serving myth as a tool for the deception of the Western Christian masses.

I as a German should know, for in Germany a person who questions any aspect of the Zionist version of history as expressed in the so-called "Holocaust" faces prison for up to five years! In Germany alone, over 5,800 people have been prosecuted and fined in the last few years. Hundreds have been jailed for expressing doubt about what even Jewish Professor Norman correctly refers to as "…this Zionist version of the history of World War II"!

We see the results of this massive deceit - that is, that Zionist interests are identical to Western interests - in the many publications and pronouncements of organizations such as the "Councils of Christians and Jews", so-called "Brotherhood Weeks", "Interfaith Services", conventions, ecumenical workshops, and the like. Western Christians have become circumcised mentally by this incessant yet false propaganda!

Many Western people, and unfortunately even leaders of governments, have come to falsely identify "Jewish" - that is, frequently Zionist - interests with their own country's interests, which is exactly like a hypnotized person mistaking a deadly poison for nourishing food. We have even heard the famous singer and media personality, Pat Boone, a Christian, say that there are really only three kinds of Judaism: Orthodox, Reformed, and Christian - saying that Christianity is just another form of Judaism!



Unknown to most people of the Islamic world is the tremendous power and influence exercised in the Western world by some branches of a politicized Freemasonry and all its cover organizations, such as the Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, etc. Many important Western decision makers, politicians, economists, and military officers are either members of a secret society or are influenced and often dominated by such members. Any educated Muslim can recognize immediately the identity of Freemasonry with that of its secretive organizational predecessors in Arabic history. This is the same globalist satanic structure which we detect in some lodges of Freemasonry, such as the PII Lodge involved in the Calvi Affair in Italy in the early seventies - secrecy, duplicity, the exercise of undue influence, infiltration, corruption of officials and, where necessary, it seems, even assassination. That most Freemasons are often unaware of the directors and real directions of their secret organization or brotherhood does not, it seems, preclude their blind, uncritical support of this organization and their obedience to its directives.

The orientation and many of the rituals, emblems and graphic images of these secret societies of the West came directly from the Kabbala of the Babylonian Talmud. Their content is of allegedly ancient Egyptian-Jewish origin; many of their goals today are serving Jewish ends; and many of their lodge members and high-ranking Masons have been, and are, Jewish. This explains the consistent support of Freemasonry for the goals and machinations of International Zionism in its many forms. It also explains the politically involved Freemasons' consistent role in directing the advance of world crime, corruption, vice, poverty, war, revolution, collapse and chaos. All this is frequently directed from their high-ranking positions in the Western political, economic and, unfortunately, law enforcement and military establishments.

On behalf of the Zionists, the Gentile members of these secret societies have spread these plagues not only in the West, but throughout the entire world in which Western influence today has become all-pervasive. Many members, who become aware of their organizations' role in causing world suffering, leave disenchanted. Others obviously rationalize these horrors as mere desirable "change" and as necessary steps in the creation of a utopian world government, thus helping to fulfill their Zionist masters' messianic dreams.

President John F. Kennedy stated before his assassination that there were 17 million members of various quasi-Freemasonic secret societies in the U.S. alone. The most famous one of recent times is George Bush, who was a member of "Skulls and Bones" - some weird occult outfit. Most U.S. Presidents have been members of such secret societies - two notable exceptions being John F. Kennedy, who was removed from office by assassination, and, apparently, the non-Mason Nixon, who was replaced by 33rd degree Freemason, Gerald Ford.

In one's travels through America and other "Anglo-Saxon" countries, one frequently notices that the local Freemasonic temple is usually in close proximity to the seat of federal, state or local government - usually within easy walking distance of the various state capitals. So deeply accustomed are Westerners to the acceptance of these secret societies in their midst that they have no misgivings in electing or appointing known Freemasons to public office, even clearly though it will not always be in the public interest how these public officials act. Their acts will, of necessity, sometimes be in the interest of their secret society - otherwise, why become a member? And why all the secrecy - the secret passwords, the secret handshakes etc., which in itself makes the institution anti-democratic in that it gives its members a secret edge or "in"?

One has a right to suspect that such public officials' public policies will not be made in the broad, open, well-lit public offices, but often in the narrow, smoke-filled confines of secret conclaves in the company of their equally secret "lodge brothers". No wonder U.S. policy always differs in practice from the public pre-election promises made by many of these hypocrites!

Even a child could readily perceive the simple and obvious truth: no organization which claims to do only good, as claim the various Freemasonic organizations, need be secret. But brainwashed children become brainwashed adults, and the thorough Zionist brainwashing has made the Western majority blind to the enemy of Western traditions that works in their very midst. America as a nation is thoroughly brainwashed. But Americans are slowly waking up, thanks to the as yet uncensored information previously suppressed, but now ever more widely available - on the Internet!

But if many Westerners are blind to the dangers of secret societies, there is no need for the Islamic peoples to be equally blind!



These men are the focal point for the dark forces arrayed against all mankind, for their control of the world's wealth directs and determines largely what is done or not done in the real world of commerce, industry and government, or whether what is done is for the greater public good or will produce evil for those who engage in evil schemes.

While the world bankers, it seems, act in perfect harmony with the Talmud, they act in perfect defiance of the Koran, for their wealth is based on the evil and sin of usury and thereby their wealth is acquired without honest, productive work. Judging from the state of the world today and the fruits of the bankers' policies, there can be no doubt about what these evil men are doing with the vast wealth we in America and Germany and the Arab nations have put at their disposal!

It is rarely, in the end, to our benefit. More often than not, it has led to hardships, wars, and the destruction of morals and ethics in our societies.

The Islamic nations are vulnerable to blackmail by the bankers of the world who can devalue the currencies of the Arab countries and thus, with the stroke of a pen, debauch their money derived from oil earnings. They can bribe and browbeat Western governments into freezing or seizing Islamic assets - as has happened to Iran, Iraq, and Libya, just to name a few.

But the foremost evil concocted and directed by the International Bankers was, and to some degree still is, International Communism!



It is fashionable to say that "Communism is dead!" Nothing could be farther from the truth! Communism is not dead in the heads of tens of millions of brainwashed individual intellectuals, teachers, professors, influential individuals in the media and in education, both in the East and West. Communism has merely been repackaged and recycled - Red China is still Communist with its 1 billion people. Although the "threat of Communism" has been removed from Western thinking, the fear of Communism is deep. That's why it is still being used to smear the image of some of the Arab countries.

We of the West are constantly exposed to Zionist propaganda which claims that most Islamic peoples are pro-Communist, and that "little Israel" is our only "democratic", anti-Communist ally and bastion in the Middle East. This is an outright deception. The Laws of Islam forbid atheism!

Much is made by Zionist propagandists of the Islamic world's supposed connections with the former Soviet Union, and unfortunately all too little is known about the Islamic people's constant antagonism and often heroic resistance against the dark forces of atheistic, Soviet-style Communism. Few Westerners are aware of the contradictions in terms of a so-called "Islamic-Communist Revolution" - for that would be as absurd as to believe in "idealistic materialism" or "divine godlessness".

Even though "official Communism" is now supposedly dead, Communists of greater or lesser degrees still permeate the entire Western political, economic, industrial, mass media, and educational establishments. So "Red" have many Western government policies become that their own people no longer discern them as objectives of a Communist world domination by convinced Marxists who pursue their goals as ever. Its ways and means still are class struggle and revolution - by more clever means! That is the reason why we see crippling, politically motivated, recurring waves of strikes, inflation, deflation, and more strikes, combined with the systematic de-capitalization of the Western industrial economies.

Communism has always fed off and continues to feed off crisis situations - therefore, its agents of every hue from pallid pink to flaming red ACT to create as many crises as possible within the economic, cultural and social fabric of the West - in order to divide, conquer and yet rule the world. Their tactics have changed - not their goals! There has only been a change in the tactical applications.

The degree to which the West has been infiltrated and dominated and largely destroyed by Communists and their sympathizers for about 100 years is often unknown even to Westerners and most definitely to non-Westerners alike. What remains of the West is the glittering facade of an internally dilapidated edifice which has been so weakened and robbed of spirit by the many internal parasites and traitors, who have worked as diligently as termites, that the entire structure of the West is threatened with a Soviet Union-like collapse or implosion.

It has happened before to great nations. If it could happen to ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia and Rome, it certainly can also happen to the West, which each day more resembles these ancient civilizations in its abundance of material possessions and in its poverty of spirit, courage, and wisdom - especially in its will to defend itself in order to survive.

What can be done to arrest and, finally, to reverse this dangerous decline? How and when can we begin to save ourselves from the international destroyers and enslavers of mankind?



 The ancient writings of many peoples have noted the fundamental importance of information in statements such as: "The Truth Shall Make You Free" and "Our people are destroyed for lack of knowledge". Resolute human action has always depended upon sound, solid information, and the best way of bringing truthful information to the people who need it is via the mass media of the press, radio, television, educational material, motion pictures, mainstream novels - and now the globe-girdling Internet!

The Islamic world has the financial means to publish, broadcast or otherwise disseminate the historical, factual data leading to the truth - which alone can halt the Zionist drive to new wars and more chaos - but because this information would come from and by means of "foreign sources", it would be subject to disbelief, censorship, interception, jamming and/or outright confiscation. Open or outright Arab ownership, like Iranian- or Syrian-owned newspapers or TV stations of any major Western newspaper, magazine, radio or TV station would also face swift government sanctions, including censorship and seizure.

A practical alternative would be the establishment of independently owned and operating channels of communication and information within the countries of the West, staffed by more fair-minded native Westerners. There are still many independent, well-informed, courageous and talented people with organizational ability here in the West. Even at this late hour, not all Western men of worth, intelligence and courage have sold themselves into Zionist control or mental slavery. Many are alert and wise to what has happened to Western society - and why.

Many more are waking up daily! Many millions are now ready to listen.

There are at this moment already in existence organizations which, if properly funded, could become the nucleus of an independent, worldwide information network capable of countering the now virtually unopposed Zionist disinformation and hate propaganda networks. One such example is the Zundelsite, a United States based website that has exposed the so-called "Holocaust" as an extortion tool used systematically against the two most ardent supporters of Israel - Germany and the United States.

No Internet website has been so attacked by German and Canadian government and private censorship forces as has the Zundelsite. This California-based website has, so far, withstood all attacks because it operates under the umbrella protection of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech, and it is flush with information supplied by independent Western thinkers who call the Zionists' bluff and the so-called "Holocaust" the "Hoax of the Century" that yields Israel the money, power and excuse to occupy the Palestinians and to intimidate its neighbors such as Syria, Lebanon, Iran and other Arab nations. Since its brief existence, more than 2.5 million Holocaust-related documents have been accessed by people the world over.

Take the Holocaust away, and you will have severed the financial water well that feeds an evil oligarchy and repressive system!

That is what we CAN do with carefully packaged and tailored information. We have already done some of this work in a limited fashion, but we lack the money to do so much more. The Nations of Islam are entitled to an adequate informational defense. Many people of the West are growing wary and weary of Zionists and their criminal claims and aims.


  • If the necessary funds were available to us and to our organization, we could begin such a public truth-in-history information campaign immediately. Please consider seriously what we are proposing:For the cost of one airplane, a whole nation could be informed about the true aims of one or more Islamic countries.

  • For the cost of one tank, a public information film could be produced and shown, over and over again, on Satellite television covering all of North America, to audiences eager to be informed.

  • For the cost of a missile, a book could be published and sent free of charge to all the news media representatives of the West

  • For the cost of one artillery shell, a well-trained speaker could present the Islamic cause at a university symposium or international gathering.

  • For the cost of a few rifles, 500 information-packed video or audio tape cassettes could be sent to radio stations around the world.

  • For the cost of one rifle bullet, stamps could be bought for 10 letters bearing the message of inter-ethnic harmony through truth and understanding to the remotest corners of the world.

Are expensive and rapidly obsolescent military weapons preferable to information about the harmful nature of the "Holocaust" - information which can bring better understanding and thus more balanced policies which will achieve lasting peace? Are weapons purchases preferable to the word of God? Are we just going to continue to enrich the capitalist and Zionist warmongers of East and West by continuing to buy their killing machines so as to destroy ourselves all the more efficiently? The Gulf War should have been a wake-up call for us all - East and West, North and South! First World, Second World, or Third World!

Surely, none of us want this! Not Muslims, not Westerners!

There is a better way - the way of truthful information. Our way.

Roger Garaudy, the French Revisionist and convert to Islam has already taken the Arab countries by storm. And why? It's very simple: The key is in the exposure of the so-called Holocaust or alleged genocide of the Jews. This evil hoax has made two of the richest Western nations mentally subservient to the Zionists, helped them spread their misinformation, and is giving them practically unlimited financial means for their repressive and destructive policies and ends.

We are ready to help you today. Do you understand us? If yes, are you ready to help us? Tomorrow may be too late for both of us.



Ernst Zundel,
Samisdat Publishers - 06 Carlton Street - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - M5A 2L1.
Telephone: (1) 416-922-9850 - Fax: (1) 416-922-6814
URL: - E-mail:

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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